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Favorite Non Orange Suit Kerbal?


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So, my favorite Kerbal (custom named Kalos Kerman) died today after the staging screwed up during reentry... the other two crew members survived.

This made me wonder, what's your favorite Kerbal? Non Orange Suit, otherwise everyone would say Jebediah.


I put a flag at Kalos' place of death as a grave marker. The two other crew are standing there now as I'm typing this about five minutes after death.

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Jebton Kerman.

I rescued him from what was supposed to be a fairly easy rescue from Kerbin's orbit but after accepting the mission I didn't get around to actually attempting it for some time, in that time; unbeknownst to me he had encountered the Mun at some point and been thrown quite a ways out into the solar system. Needless to say it was an extremely difficult rescue that involved moving a 300 plus part space station in order to "catch" the rescue vehicle which had run out of fuel on it's way back.

Now he holds a place of pride in my space program, being second only to Jeb. He generally flies missions as the pilot whenever Jeb is busy.

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17 minutes ago, adsii1970 said:

Kerny, Ralph, and Thompberry... the last one is from Emiko Station, of course! (And that's written by @Just Jim

Hmm, "Thompberry".

I must have annoyed the (almost) random generator since I now have a lab occupied by Thomlorf and Thomplorf Kerman ...

To which I giggled and was reminded of the clueless detectives Dupond&Dupont (as they where named in the Swedish translation) from the Tintin albums.

As I write this I checked my childhood memories by googling them and realise that they where named Thomson and Thompson in english ...

Doh! :wink:

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1 hour ago, Corona688 said:

Tomlock Kerman is the pilot who seems to end up everywhere Val and Jeb aren't in this save.  That's a quality, hard-edged pilot name.

By any chance related to a certain Thomlock Kerman, the first kerbal in space?

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Orfen Kerman... o.O

Despite his unfortuanate name, he was a true hero, that I classified as bada55 as Jebediah. I had him land on the Mun in episode 8 of my youtube series (sometime like a year and a half ago. wow) but he didn't have enough fuel to return. as he was approaching the Muns surface, I got him to get out and slow himself down with the EVA pack. With a remaining 0.50 units of EVA fuel, he managed to survive. He was the second Kerbal to touch the Mun. :D

2 months later, I sent him (and the Kerbal who was first to land on the Mun, Rodmon) and Sherbles off on a grand adventure to Laythe. The goal was to land on Laythe and live there as an experiment on how life gets on there. But, we ran out of fuel, and poor Orfen, and his crew plummeted towards the gaseous clouds of Jool, and died... All the KSC crew had a funeral that day, and that was probably the saddest episode of Astro Space Program ever. I will always remember Orfen Kerman. :(

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Pallian, though only by virtue of having survived the most missions (thus far) in my science save. She seems to express constant resentment for her job, though I like to headcanon that she's actually wary and has a knack for not being where the disasters are. I like her name too; sounds like a classical deity. Close behind are Wensei and Gweny. My top pilots are all female, as it happens. Sometimes I intentionally pick a male though since their chatterer voicesets have more variety.

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23 hours ago, MaxwellsDemon said:

Last campaign game, there was a "Kimmie Kerman" stranded in orbit, and since that's the name of our second daughter, of course I had to take that rescue contract!   (The IRL one was pleased that the Kerbal one was a scientist.)

You named your daughter kerman? :P what a dedicated KSP player!

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I've been renaming my rescuees to resemble real life CSA astronauts. Out of those folks, I have two favourites: Chris Kerman, former KF-18 pilot and KSS commander, and Roberta Lynn Kerman, space doctor extraordinaire. Chris' moustache is the source of his badS-ery. And Roberta qualifies by being not a nut job.

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Comder Dilsby Kerman, pilot. Career highlights:

  • Rescued from LKO, entered Kerbfleet academy
  • Failed Kerbahashi Maru test (just like everyone else who didn't cheat), commissioned Enzin in Command Pilot program.
  • Promoted to Junior Looty. Performed several LKO rescues and Munar research missions.
  • Promoted to Looty and assigned command of fueling station Minmus Outbound. Serviced spaceplane Hummlebee en route to Duna. Present when Bill Kerman first used an ISRU to synthesize intoxicating beverages.
  • Assigned command of first mission to Eve.
  • Ordered Tedus Kerman to abort to surface when research plane Dipperkraft began breaking up in Eve atmosphere, stranding both Tedus and science officer Bob Kerman.
  • Organized rescue preparations in Eve system, then led surface operations under command of Comder Valentina Kerman. Promoted to Looty Comder.
  • Promoted to Comder, made First Officer of KSS Intrepid. Presently aboard same, exploring the Jool system.
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Mike Kerman. He is a good pilot, and he is going through a lot lately. A while ago I built Space Taxi 1! This was meant to carry 13 Kerbals to Mun's orbit and back safely. On its maiden run though, it never left the  atmosphere. 1000m up, it lost control and crashed straight into the ground 1k south of the runway. Out of all 13 Kerbals, Mike was the only one to walk away from that crash alive, thanks to a fast EVA on impact.


R.I.P Space Taxi 1 crew.

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