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Orbit Portal Showroom [Show me your OPT Spaceplanes!]


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I'd like to call myself a very big fan of OPT Spaceplane Parts and give much thanks to @K.Yeon for starting this mod, @stali79 for maintaining it, and @Mycroft for confirming that there are others who really, really love this mod.

Your ship doesn't have to be built entirely using this mod, just most of it or the most important parts. :wink:

Come on then, show us your stuff.

Spoiler contains old OP content.


My crafts here were all created before KSP 1.2.0 and the OPT 1.8.5 update which unfortunately breaks crafts so mention that version if you're using it.

I have more crafts than shown below but I've taken no screenshots for them yet, like the:

  • Duna Luxury Coupe featuring the J Linear Aerospike,
  • Heavy Breath Figurehead SSTO (no OPT engines atm),
  • B Mini-cruiser low-altitude plane (B form factor, no OPT engines),

AirBus Intercontinental transport VTOL equipped with two J-92 2.5m J-61 Mk2 Turboramjets for main propulsion. K form factor. In a test flight it comfortably lifted over 100 tons?


7Cjcw2u.jpg  5vFaqxv.jpg

K SSTO Not a particularly unique craft but a "What if AirBus could make orbit?" Features the J-60 Turboramjets with built-in LF tank.




(NOX) Nosebleed Shuttle Lightweight crew transport with two J-61 Mk2 turboramjets. Its TWR reaches 10! Making plenty time for orbital insertion with the atomic engine...and for crew to catch up on sleep they didn't know they needed. :wink:


NOX Crown SSTO Whose J-92 Advanced Scramjets are the mains in atmosphere. This spaceplane is all about scramming, and makes Mach 8 before leaving atmosphere, and then it makes Minmus.


l5bPMn2.jpg  v0sJiNs.jpg 

Lithia L Deep Space Explorer, J form factor. Launched from Minmus as it will be horrible in atmo and is not designed to easily attach an LV around it. But it might be the most gorgeous thing ever built with OPT hull pieces and stock radiators.


vD6gM9H.jpg  z2mpTww.jpg 

Fae Little SSTO It's evil, I say. Its launch TWR is epic, it makes orbit with a good bit of dV to spare and in this picture it decided to refuse to pull up???


MunEx Uber Shuttle SSTO. Currently still a WIP it intends to be able to carry crew and < 15 tons to Mun orbit without refueling in Kerbin orbit. It'll get pretty close if I forget about the 15 tons, or if I make the 15 tons --MORE FUEL.


Codename Giantess The OPT spaceplane seaboat project. it's currently not something to be proud about (and not giant enough) but it's there.



And with this I held a semi-major axis of 637km. :wink: Around the world at Mach 6+.





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Uh nice! Thanks for sharing! Well I definitely need to join the OPT fan club, considering I learnt KSP modding just to completely overhaul it, for the upcoming 1.2 release :D Seriously I can't play KSP without this mod :P

Just going to post my most favorite creations for now. They might not look like much and seem fairly simple, but they are honed in every detail for best as possible performance (and looks, but nobody needs to know):

Valkyr Mk II S Voyager   (completely rebuilt in v1.8.6)

The Valkyr class is a SSTO delivered in C (for cargo) or S (for science) configurations. The former boosts a double sized cargo compartment while the latter has a mobile lab and a single cargo compartment. The Mk II is a major overhaul of the previous line of designs, while it only has small visual changes, the performance changed fairly drastically. The Voyager configuration is completely self sufficient and contains everything you need to explore distant worlds including relay systems for control of drones. It is meant as permanent mobile base on alien planets.


DAT *insert 3-letter profanity here* :D 


I really love the silhouette and sleek shape of it. Also handles like it looks. Like a very nimble and quick fighter.


Strong independent plane. Complete with drill and ore converter, all the science and scanner you could ever need and multiple communications and relay solutions. Also able to dock to pretty much everything sporting a docking port.



Pegasus Carrier II   (built with v1.7)

A drone SSTO carrying the (currently outdated) Valkyr III S. Able to transport any fully fueled Valkyr Class SSTO into orbit with enough fuel left to easily make it back to the KSC and then some. While attached, it functions as part of the Valkyr, being controlled form its pilot and supplying the engines of both planes for maximum efficiency. Once detached it is controlled from the KSC to ensure a safe return.


While a total of 26 wheels are ensuring a stable takeoff, it's smooth sailing once the 250t combination reaches liftoff speed.


It has 4 sets of wings with the two most rear ones being in a twin configuration to ensure proper control and lift while carrying the big amount of fuel and hardware.


Once its cargo has been dropped off in orbit, it still handles perfectly and even glides with its weight dropped well below 50t.


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added some more descriptions
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@Spanksh Dat SAS! :D Your Voyager reminds me: I had a grand time designing things with Stail class parts in v1.6. There was a humble, stubby and effective science drone plane meant to operate at Duna (before I was even able to leave Kerbin SOI I think), and an almost-Mun-and-back crew shuttle. It did need to top up at a station.

This was my ultimate ship back then. Just one Dark Drive to do nearly all of the pushing. No actual landing or decent carrier abilities yet. The design eventually evolved. It got landing legs and drills powered by Infernal Robotics, Stail inline docking ports on the four arms there, and a (Mk3) cargo bay to store a tug or other utilities. T'was later rebuilt and given even more features with the shiny new J & K series in @K.Yeon's last update before going away. I'd share the screenshots but I lost them when purging files to clean my PC.



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Here ya go: 



Cruiser that can carry upto 4 of my OPT space planes.

Its also made out of OPT parts.


I could never put K size parts to use until i built this guy.

K series aren't good for atmosphere.

J series are the best for atmosphere but suck in space.


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@Mycroft That image where the whole head and neck of your Avatar shuttle are about to pop like a zit due to overheating is why all my main spaceplanes have a heatshield on their noses. Otherwise, that's how it's done: making a fabulous OPT thing and coasting at Mach 6 while under 32km. :D *2 thumbs up* Your third-to-last plane reminds me of a Kerbin-Mun VTOL carrier I made once. I think it got the job done but had poor SAS and it might have been the last craft I designed for serious use that involved one or two Dark Drives. I abstain from the Dark Drive for story reasons because of its sheer awesome. :P And have made no ship worthy to carry it since. I envy love your use of Mk3 to Mk2 adapaters. Also I dub your ship with the epic wings, "The Bald Eagle."

@Gryphorim I salute at the sight of that fleet. :) Your pic is "a little old" you say but I say it's timeless. I can't say I like any particular design more than the other. All are so awesome. The K-size plane on far left. Is that a freight? I assume it's made with hollow fuselages and the cargo tail is the only way to (un)load something.

@Andrew2070 Your ship must be Legion. For it is many. :P I've been plotting a multi-ship somewhat like this for a while. But the idea didn't involve OPT parts as the minor ships need to be less than J-size. That idea might change now. Their carrier might become J-size. And I'll keep that last part in mind: J good for atmo, K good for deep space.

I have no likes to give right now so I must show my appreciation through extra writing. :)

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@JadeOfMaar The two on the right are crew transports, and borrowed designs, heavily modified. the center J model and the K model on the left are both freight, at 2m and 2x 2m cargo sizes respectively, with the L? size up the back being 3m cargo. Also, I was trying to make the K and L transports VTOL capable as well for Duna work.

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@JadeOfMaar, thank you for your appreciation! I really loved the L-size parts for deep space stuff in general and was extremely sad to see them go. Now I just use the Avatar class, since it is big enough to need the dark drives. And now especially that I've seen the movie Avatar. The one with the big wings... I absolutely love your name for it! What'd you cross it out for? I don't go to any effort for nice names for my planes unless they go up on KerbalX, so it currently has a name like: "Ultra large cargo ssto" or something like that. I may use your name if I post it on KerbalX, with your permission, of course. Funny thing, that actually has some vertical engines on the nose to help it take off. If not gotten off the runway as soon as possible, it invariably destroys it. The reason the wings are so far back is that it has cargo holds up front to hold as much as possible. All my OPT spaceplanes are designed to take on cargo, and tons of it, once in orbit, to any body you want. For example, the Dark Drive's efficiency allows the Lone Wolf (the L-sized one) to reach orbit with 13,000 m/s of Delta-v. Lone Wolf has been put on KerbalX, as you can probably guess from the fact that it has a name. It was designed to accompany my Jool mission, to land on moons with no atmosphere. However, the official formation of CMAU Incorporated put my career save on long term pause, and now my laptop tanking put a pause on CMAU Incorporated. My KSP activity has been low recently. My computer now lags over simple rockets :( so I can't even design the big stuff. ;.;

:confused: Ooh... just saw the new icons! Love em! I'm so glad they got rid of the idiotic non-kerbal smileys. Oh, those made me shiver! And the navball icons?! Oooooooohh!

Anyway, CMAU business will resume like normal when I get a new computer.

P.S. For those wondering, my computer is nothing fancy. It's just an older MacBook Pro. Almost five years old!

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I was kidding when I chose the name "Bald Eagle" but if you really think it fits, use it. I don't mind. :D ...Are the L-size parts really going? Are you sure you don't have them confused? Apparently for me they were renamed to the Humpback series. It's way past my bedtime... I'll answer the rest, later.

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@Mycroft That's an awesome specialty you have: making super-heavy freights. The specialty I'm developing is hypersonic travel and ballistic launches to the target body. No Kerbin orbital insertion phase. Fort NOX is the brand behind most of it, but can't have their stamp on everything. Fort NOX is all about doing everything that needs to be done but without Oxidizer. And practically everyone's favorite engine is an LFO engine. And every conventional or otherwise effective heavy lifter vehicle runs on LFO. I have another company coming that isn't restricted by fuel type, but it's not intended to start out/have its HQ on Kerbin.

I know the trouble of the PC itself becoming an obstacle to gaming. My main PC now easily trips over itself and instant-offs at some uncertain threshold when I have the game open, even just lounging in the SPH with a ship near my personal part count limit (200). Your Macbook has served you very well, all things considered. :wink:

I'm pretty happy about the smileys update but I wonder now if there's a limit to how many smilies can be installed at once.

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@JadeOfMaar, cool! I might run a certain orbital defense system in the works by you at some point, but I have to get it to a more viable place, which means a new laptop, and bleh. But about the L-size parts, @stali79 told me he was getting rid of them, but there is the hope that K. Yeon will re-introduce them. I don't have much time, so I'll do a more detailed response later, but now to the important part: 



Nope, no limits. I think. Well if there are, then that's enough emojis for me! :D 



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Lol @ spoiler. But really, the L-size parts are going? Well there goes my flagship with them. ;.; Or I'd have to keep them separately curated to remain usable. And that I have some experience doing.

So...tell me more about this orbital defense. :P When you have time, of course.

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Here is my OPT SSTO Tanker, 277T on take off, "Liquid fuel only" engines: 4 J61 Starwaster and 1 Nuclear engine AT 80 Hades from M3 expansion mod

On 600kms orbit, 7500DV left and 66.5% fuel left which is 24875L, that's more than 8 Jumbo Rockomax.

2 vernors over and under cockpit to help keeping "Cobra" position to avoid overheating during re-entry.

1 docking port at COG under belly : 2 Cargo holds that hold fuel tanks. 

2 drag chutes to assist breaking after landing.

This version is only Liquid fuel tanker and i got the same plane with Mix (Oxydizer and liquid fuel)




Atmospheric version, 4 star waster engines, with fuel plugs, ladders and repackable chutes

Speed brakes from atom version have been added to SSTO to help for re entry.



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I designed a something similar to what you might find in Star Wars.

A galactic transport ring that utilizes dark matter engines, thus allowing it to move docked crafts far.

It currently ships my SSTO's from one planet to the next when solo missions are required.

(I need a better processor to use my larger carrier class capital ships with multiple craft)

(Solo reduces part count from 756 to 245, thus reducing lag by 2/3s)

As promised, better pictures of my carrier: http://imgur.com/a/guMGL

I'll upload the ones of my ring soon:

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Made some crafts while waiting for 1.2 to come out, think they turned out pretty neat.


Juno class crew transfer, 2 pilots + 12 passengers

Gets to 90x90km orbit with ~8k dV left.

Two engine nacelles and two scramjets to help, gets to nearly 6kkN around the 15km mark and can climb vertical very shortly after takeoff :D



Juno class fuel hauler
Pretty much same craft as the crew shuttle, but 1 extra cargo bay.




Avatar class super tanker

Gets a ton of fuel into orbit with ~4k dV left, can easily be refueled with a small amount and the dark drive engines will take you anywhere!
Flies like tank until you reach ~10km and it starts to pick up speed, smooth sailing after that all the way to orbit.
And the 336 tons are sent into space using four engine nacelles and two dark drives, all of which run at full power all the way to orbit (even the dark drives).



Kraken class cargo ssto

My personal favorite, flies like a dream and is way overpowered in atmo...
Boasts 1 K class cargo bay, built to haul station tugs around kerbin and its moons (I think I have the kerbal world record for destroying station tugs), but can easily be refitted to carry some ~50 tons of fuel instead.
Gets to orbit with ~15k dV left when bringing the tug up which is around 10 tons.






Now off to test these out in 1.2, wish me luck :blush:

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Ooh man, I've literally been sooooo busy the last week or so, what with joining a new sound tech team, and school, and tons of other stuff! Gees, I barely touched KSP today! I did have some time to try out 1.2, and loved it, but most of my KSP stuff is woefully neglected!

 I'm swamped.

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23 hours ago, degenerate said:

Made some crafts while waiting for 1.2 to come out, think they turned out pretty neat.




Now off to test these out in 1.2, wish me luck :blush:

I wish you the best of luck. :P Lol. I'm sure enough that your planes will work as they are, man.


On 10/7/2016 at 3:29 PM, njmksr said:

I have screenshots of some of my newer OPT vehicles...



That's another fabulous piece of machinery. And I happen to have a fort for it to attack or defend if I ever need a defense vessel, lol. Now I'm tempted again to knuckle up.

What's that lower third / title mod you have installed? I've wanted a long time now to see a screenshot with it and ask the poster what it is.

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1 hour ago, JadeOfMaar said:

I wish you the best of luck. :P Lol. I'm sure enough that your planes will work as they are, man.


That's another fabulous piece of machinery. And I happen to have a fort for it to attack or defend if I ever need a defense vessel, lol. Now I'm tempted again to knuckle up.

What's that lower third / title mod you have installed? I've wanted a long time now to see a screenshot with it and ask the poster what it is.

Historian. It's wonderful.

And the Freedomizer is a bit of a handful. It needs KJR and TCA to fly.

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Im currently looking for alternate means of launching my Longsword, maybe a larger OPT atmospheric launcher? (747 type).

I mean my ssto requires 137 m/s of speed to take off, but by the time its at 100000 altitude, it wastes 15% of liquid fuel.

So when i decide to circularize my orbit, I have about 200+ oxidizer left over to burn, but no LF to burn it with.

I had an interesting journey to laythe, in my Mark 3 LongSword (Basically has better engines and part efficiency).

Where I discovered that the one way mission, was in fact able to become a round trip.

Laythe has an atmosphere similar to kerbin's and has oxygen present to be used in combustion.

Anyhow, Here is my Mark 3 Longsword:

Changes include: 2 New Engines, 6 New Intakes, Robotic Arm, More Struts.

Additional Changes: Less RTG (from 20 - 8), better lights, re-positioned tanks for better CoM/CoL.S

Overall Status: Flies far better than Mark 1 and 2, and is able to get to 120,000m altitude with Airbreathers. (kerbin).

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/tvVqY








Enjoy! :)


Note: I avoid dark matter engines on normal aircraft because of the insane technology behind it.

Basically, they are reasonable and logically realistic on freight ships like cruisers, but not SSTO's.

Thus I prefer keeping things simple with them.

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