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[WIP] Universal Fleet Solutions - A Modular FTL Spaceship Project


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Kerwis Team Presents (work in progress)


I'm always interested in futuristic battles in science fiction, which could be really fantastic. Giant warships jump into a battle straight from lightyears away in a glimpse of eye, laser beams and shells fill the screen with death and destruction, and pilots firing all missiles at enemy flagship... That's always romantic.

But there's much more behind it. Cargo ships carrying goods and materials across vast space and colonies, through high speed stargate networks; civilian FTL spacecrafts travel into the furthest unknown where nobody has ever set foot on; civilizations spread into universe and build megacities on planets they just discovered a few years ago...


We are speaking here to announce a brand new project, by which we are trying to set a standard for future KSP FTL crafts. Modular starship parts (which would be compatible to well-known mods like B9 HX and USI MKS Kontainers), multiple FTL methods, futuristic power sources, and so many more in our plan that I can't cover them all here.

We would do it step by step, it may take a bit of time to realize and polish, and we hope you guys would like it when things become true and solid.


TO-DO LIST (DEC. 24/2018)

Basic FTL (faster than light) method and parts

 - Wideband Anomaly Redirect Propulsion (W.A.R.P.) Core (Warp Drive Core) (done)

 - Emergency Vessel Anti-Defunctionalization Engine (E.V.A.D.E) (Emergency Jump Engine) (done)

 - General Arriving Terminal Equipments (G.A.T.E.) (Star Gate Parts)

Modular ship parts (at least in 2 styles Type-A done)

 - Command pods and control parts (SAS/RCS) (done)

 - Structural parts (done)

 - Switchable resource containers (done)

 - Armor panels and shield generator (done)

Weapons (based on BDArmory Continued)

 - Kinetic Weapons

  -- Electromagnetic Guns (AP)

  -- Plasma Guns (HE)

  -- Point Defense Guns (CIWS)

 - Energy Weapons

  -- Laser Main Guns

  -- Laser Point Defense (CIWS)

 - Missiles and Torpedoes

  -- Small/Medium Tactical Missiles

  -- Large Strategic Missiles

  -- Space Torpedoes


There might be more added to this list, I would provide information about our progress now and then. You're also welcomed to provide suggestions and new part concepts here. Looking forward to more ideas to make this project great.

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Updated Aug. 10th
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11 hours ago, ssd21345 said:

sounds cool. Can you give some hint on the scale of the ship? Is it Similar sized like below mod?

 Banana/Kerbal for scale?

Standard scales would be 5 m, 10 m and 20 m. Will be compatible with 5 m Kontainers too of course.

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Oct. 13 Update:


W.A.R.P Core

Wideband Anomaly Redirect Propulsion Core, or W.A.R.P. Core, was the first product fully independantly developed by Universal Fleet Solutions. Using subspace wave created by vibrating Subspace-Master™ system, we can now arrange natural subspaces, which are usually in chaos, into a "tunnel" through which a spaceship could travel faster than light... well that's the simplest way to explain it at least. The full version caused 8 heart attacks during the 42-hour long lecture by our lead scientist at a new product conference, you wouldn't want to know more details.


Rendered image: (might be different with actual part)


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Oct. 28 Update:



Specialized Harmonic Inertial Ejection/Laser Deflecting System,  or S.H.I.E.L.D.S.,  is based on a patent inherited from a closed individual studio. Though we know nothing about how it works, this device, when put together like this and powered up, could generate a specialized force field, which seems immune to high speed incoming objects and even laser beams, and "bounce" them off like a thick wall does. Although it consumes so much energy that we spent quite some time to pay all our electricity bills in the following months, it'd be quite useful to those who always face a risk of something hitting them.

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7 hours ago, FreeThinker said:

@Acea  I realy love the inside outside style, which allows you to look inside of the part. Notice you might make it even look better using


Yeah we're considering to make two versions, stock shaders and Textures Unlimited. Depends on how we could handle the new stock highlight shader though, I'd prefer a better performance rather than lagging while looking awesome.

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Nov. 7 Update:








Emergency Vessel Anti-Defunctionalization Engine, a.k.a. E.V.A.D.E., was a design recovered from the ruins of our former lead engineer's home, after a "suspicious explosion" and his disappearance. This device, as far as we know, could build up an extremely strong unmodulated subspace field, so strong that it would drag anything attached to it into a hidden dimension, through which everything gets thrown into a random point in universe, in infinite void or in the core of a dying star. We've done some necessary calibrations to make it safer, but be careful anyway. Warranty void if anyone hits anything upon arrival.

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1 hour ago, daniel l. said:

I should say though, the shields are a little too bright. Perhaps make them invisible when not being fired upon.

That's because of the bloom option from KS3P. It should look like this when you don't have KS3P or that option on:




(flash when being fired upon)

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