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Returning from map view


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I'm having an issue with the map view, or rather returning from the map to normal view. I don't seem to recall this being the case with previous versions, or have I forgotten that much?; Out in space, viewing my ship, press the map key... then immediately return to the ship view again and find myself out of view range (typically 8 mouse wheel scrolls back in to the previous viewpoint). Doesn't matter what view mode (chase, free, orbit, etc), the result is the same. It's..... annoying. :/

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Just throwing in my two bits, it seems to always happen to me. I do have a modded game so I assumed some sort of fluke. Its been common for me since v1.10 but I don't remember it prior.


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Now that I've been mulling it over over the last 24 hours - I vaguely remember something about going to ship view, being way zoomed out, going BACK to map view, then BACK to ship view.


It's extra steps but, I kinda remember it working.


I played most of the day yesterday and it never happened - of course. :(

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