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I am really excited for Colonies and multiplayer i have been waiting for ksp to years now even since i got ksp 1 in 2013 now its only a few days out i cant wait to get my hands on it and start playing being able to make bigger space stations i am also really excited for ive always loved making space stations and now i can make bigger and better ones thats going to really fun. also the graphics look insane compered to ksp 1 and going be really cool to see having all these graphics and flying though them i am also really excited to see what the community  does with ksp 2 what mods they make and how they reply to the release over all i am excited for every single thing in ksp 2 and i cant wait to try it.

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Hello World!

Let me tell you something...

The millisecond that colonies are implemented...

I'm going to the highest peak of Eve and building a launch pad.

Then I'm going to pay my respects to the dozens of lost kerbals who almost made it out of the atmosphere and bravely watched their last stage run dry and slowly fall back down to be consumed by the purple beast.

The first 5000m will always be free after that.  Mua ha ha!

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