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  2. That craft is too small for whackjob. I do not believe you built that. --- The division by zero question is easily answered by just plotting a 1/x graph: As you can see, when you are approaching from the positive side, y becomes +infinity, and from the negative side, it becomes -infinity. And since at x=0, y cannot be both positive infinity and negative infinity at the same time, it's undefined, not infinity.
  3. Media = appeal to most people = gets more ad revenue Most people aren't interested in getting a 20 minute long discussion on scientific topics, they want something they can relate to: Oscars and social stuff is the one that appeals to most. You want political news? Go to a news site dedicated to that. Want science news? Go to a site dedicated to that. News that aren't dedicated to a single topic will try to appeal to the masses.
  4. I shouldn't have clicked on this...
  5. I thought I noticed this earlier but I didn't really pay attention until now - asteroids are definitely no longer being spun up when I visit them for the first time from the Tracking Station Oh, right - I noticed this after the 1.8.3 update but then saw 1.8.4 was out so waited until I was able to snag that before reporting the issue then forgot to check afterwards
  6. Não é um motor, é um sistema de primeira ordem simples, implementado para suavizar o movimento da câmera que é utilizada no jogo que estou desenvolvendo. Essa parte foi feita há bastante tempo, mas agora estou fazendo um post no meu blog sobre ela. O sistema de layers também é suavizado seguindo este mesmo princípio.
  7. Man, that thread title is such click bait. So disappointed.
  8. I've always wondered, if you went through your life entering every single "FREE PRIZE DRAW!" and scratching every free scratch card, filling in every survey and evetering every competition, lottery or otherwise competetive or probabilistic challange or marketing campaign thaht comes through your door, falls out of your magazine or appears in the back of your local paper. Everything, all of them. Taking into account how many are scams, how many offer worthless prizes but also taking into account the sheer volume that you are exposed to - could you make a decent living? Im talking every single £5 off voucher, every single nigerian prince, every competition, every write-in, phone-in, text-in, every pub quiz. Not buying lottery tickets or other paid gambles. Its seems a long shot, but you'd only have to hit big a few times, and all of the hundreds of tiny prizes would stack up. And like you say, you never know how many of these pass you by. It would only take one member of african royalty to make an ill-advised offer to a stranger to set them up for life... Theres gotta be one or two mega rich people with questionable sense out there, right? *** Related anecdote - I did read an article once about a mathematician, who spotted a trend on a particular brand of lottery scratchcard, it was one with a sort of number game on it, and he found out how to predict which ones would win, without scratching them, by examining the numbers involved in the game board. He also found that you can buy them in bulk, and that the manufacturer would buy back unscratched cards at cost price. He worked it all up, and found that if he devoted 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to analysing cards and scratching only winners, and sending the rest back for refund, that he could break about $40k a year. Not bad for a guaranteed income, though scratching lottery cards full-time would be pretty awful after a while, but he got paid more in his current job. Before you start wondering, he reported the phenomenon and the scratchcard company fixed them up.
  9. I fixed the Lunar Lander from Back To The Moon a bit (I bet an oxygen molecule nobody remembers that). It now has a smaller tin can landing section, instead of a longer cylinder on its side, giving it more Delta-V for landing, the previous version did not have enough fuel to succesfully rendez-vous with the CSM (to the right). Also, i drew a cubesat and a banana for scale
  10. I'm wondering how long I can keep this locked while simultaneously aggravating users, not drawing the other mod's attention, and having people think it's still Dma- Oh, crap, did I say that out loud? Attention drawn
  11. Autostruts are your friend.
  12. @Beale, down the long road here, is it a possibility to get standalone single engine parts (NK-33/NK-15) from the N1?
  13. Well, I tested. Going at 2km/s it exploded at 23km. Periapsis set at 20km from 80km orbit. Enough to convince me that a safe trajectory is very narrow if possible at all.
  14. そうなんですよね。違和感がある文字が散見されるんですが、中国と日本の両方の漢字に対応するフォント?とか何とかで、変えられないみたいです。 お力になれず、申し訳もござらん。
  15. What are the best mods that add star systems? I want something that adds a reason for KSPI-E. I finally have a new computer that can handle all the mods I want to play with, but I've been out of a loop for a while. (I eventually got tired of the 15 minute+ load times I had before with my old potato). The last time I played KSP seriously, new star systems were a way to frustrate yourself with a bug riddled game. Do these actually work now? (Are they stable? What bugs should I expect?
  16. I have a spent 30-06 casing from an unknown year, but most likely before 1998.
  17. I made some small patches. I changed the sizes of the LH2 and LOx tanks. I also made some parts with dimensions in imperial units. I don't know whether I'll continue their development. What do you think about the texture of the tanks? Which is better?
  18. I get exactly what you mean. I guess then you haven't ever watched Priscilla, then? As for complaining, my vacation from work is almost over, yet one of the crucial electronics I've ordered for my cockpit 4 months ago still hasn't arrived, and my project advanced nothing I planned for this free month
  19. Lol... but @Deddly hid that post.
  20. The bionicle references are on point
  21. So, I've been devising some craft based on the game's stock "Kerbal X" rocket. Here's 5 builds I've uploaded thus-far. 3 are stock, 2 use NecroBones' "FuelTanksPlus" mod. I'll start with the Kerbal X' (pronounced Kerbal X Prime), a version that sacrifices the landing-legs on the upper-stage in exchange for a docking-port, RCS thrusters, and a Launch Escape System. I also made the Kerbal X Slim, a version of the stock Kerbal X replacing the core booster's upper two X200-32 fuel-tanks with a single Jumbo-64, and replacing each asparagus booster's upper two FL-T400 fuel-tanks with a single FL-T800 fuel-tank to reduce part-count. Combining the above twain yields the Kerbal X' Slim. The above 3 use only stock parts. The next two use NecroBones' "FuelTanksPlus" mod. Continuing on the Slim's notion of reducing part-count, I built the Kerbal X+ next. And combining that with the Prime yields the Kerbal X'+. Admittedly, these aren't exactly the most innovative craft, but they're not meant to be. Although I suspect many have built them before me, nobody, to my knowledge, has bothered to name or upload them yet. I'm eager to hear thoughts on them, though.
  22. Hi, just a heads up on the above subject, discussion of or role playing on the forum is banned, . Also the mod idea and the possibilities, have you considered the difficulties of traveling 993380000000000000 KM, sounds a bit dubious . Given that most of the time would be spent a maximum timewarp, unless you really want to grow old and die before being half way there, it seems to make little sense , unless of course you enjoy spending hours warping.
  23. But here's the thing... it is his opinion, and whether we like it or not, he is entitled to share it. Just as you are entitled to rant. Why not have some fun and post his post about dumb stuff on the internet on that thread... Learn to take adversity and make it into a joke.
  24. now i´m joining the launch providing business i present to you: the TSG Telesto by TSG Aerospace launcher division! 1.25m in diameter, don´t let the fairing fool you, it´s 15.7m tall (4.3 m of efective payload size (including the fairing)) 1.6 t to LKO (biggest tested) cost to build: 9340 , launch cost: 10274 , for the buyer: 12500, clean profit: 2226 expendable fueled mass: 19.890 t
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