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  2. I didn't want to offend you. I just searched for all *.cfg files in my install and CONTARES is the only mod with this behaviour. Do you really want to remove TAC-LS support because of this? Consider that Mechjeb and TAC-LS are two totally different approaches: for TAC-LS it's common that other mods provide patches for MechJeb it's not common because the user should choose the way Mechjeb is embedded instead of being forced to a specific way Of course this is only an issue for ppl who use the MechJebEmbedded.cfg - there are three variants btw. "All techs enabled at start": @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore MechJebLocalSettings { MechJebModuleCustomWindowEditor { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleSmartASS { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleNodeEditor { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleTranslatron { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleWarpHelper { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleAttitudeAdjustment { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleThrustWindow { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleRCSBalancerWindow { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleRoverWindow { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleAscentGuidance { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleLandingGuidance { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleDockingGuidance { unlockTechs = advUnmanned } MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow { unlockTechs = start } MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance { unlockTechs = start } } } } "Career mode": @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore MechJebLocalSettings { MechJebModuleCustomWindowEditor { unlockTechs = flightControl } MechJebModuleSmartASS { unlockTechs = flightControl } MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleNodeEditor { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleTranslatron { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleWarpHelper { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleAttitudeAdjustment { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleThrustWindow { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleRCSBalancerWindow { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleRoverWindow { unlockTechs = fieldScience } MechJebModuleAscentGuidance { unlockTechs = unmannedTech } MechJebModuleLandingGuidance { unlockTechs = unmannedTech } MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance { unlockTechs = unmannedTech } MechJebModuleDockingGuidance { unlockTechs = advUnmanned } MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow { unlockTechs = advUnmanned } MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance { unlockTechs = advUnmanned } } } } "It's Free!": @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore } } You added the third variant to the pods, which gives them the core without settings, which is likely nearly the same as adding the career mode variant. People who also use the career mode variant don't recognize it. Only ppl like me who use the "All techs enabled at start" variant see this as an issue.
  3. I bet it is blue, black, and white.
  4. It's easy to be generous with other people's money and, more importantly, time. Art for art's sake is a noble sentiment but it doesn't help pay the rent. And presumably cared enough about us to sell the rights in that game to Take 2? Not that I have a problem with that decision personally - it was Squad's game to do with as they saw fit. I just don't quite follow your reasoning.
  5. @Kirfelow Здорово слышать, что у Вас получилось! Я помещу Ваше решение в шапку тут и на международном форуме, если Вы не против. Приятной игры!
  6. My GPO save file has been corrupted so maybe I could join. Maybe.
  7. My save file has just been corrupted, how I do not know.
  8. Lift is a function of both wing area and velocity. A Cessna needs to go supersonic. Something built like a U2 would not.
  9. Missed it, i was asleep. ):<
  10. Not sure, but you can find more information on the KSPedia @DoctorDavinci did a great job doing it. Maybe @SpannerMonkey(smce) can give you a quick answer about it.
  11. Thanks Also, I always make sure the target is locked but I use the FLIR targeting ball instead of the targeting pod Could that be an issue?
  12. Not for 400 tonnes. My plan is to hover from the launch pad. Figured that arresting your horizontal velocity is the hardest part, so I'm going to set down sliding sideways and using the breaks to stop. 2nd attempt: plane (spoiler: bad Idea)
  13. Thanks for the review, it's really well done ! We modified our plane to fix the problems; the steering system has been disabled and we added some flaps to have more drag and lift during landing. The landing procedure has also been improved and thrust reversal can be used to slow down the aircraft before touch-down (with the Brake action group). Pizio & Hartmann Co. presents its new Small Regional Jet family, Bluebell Technical Specifications for the Bluebell A+ : 1 pilot and 32 passengers Weight of 14.12 tons Length of 18.26m; Width of 20.92m; Height of 4.76m Range of 2200km Cruise altitude at 8000m (or 26000 feet) Cruise speed at 860km/h (or 239m/s) Take-off speed at 55m/s Price of 21,122,000$ Technical Specifications for the Bluebell B : 1 pilot and 40 passengers Weight of 16.16 tons Length of 20.14m; Width of 20.92m; Height of 4.82m Range of 2300km Cruise altitude at 9300m (or 30500 feet) Cruise speed at 900km/h (or 250m/s) Take-off speed at 65m/s Price of 22,891,000$ Files on KerbalX : and With two bigger, but still efficient, engines provided by our partner Rigau-Ros S.A., the Bluebell B is a jack-of-all-trades to bring your clients faster and further away. With its low stall speed at around 140km/h (or 40m/s) and thrust reversal engines, it's capable of landing on most airports or airstrips all around Kerbin.
  14. In my case I used a jet plane to test your missile (I like your design btw!). You need the targeting pod for laser guidance. If you are not using guard mode you need to ensure that the target is properly locked before firing the missile, otherwise the missile will fly straight or looping..
  15. Last night I launched three consecutive flights, with three consecutive failures. At 1% failure rate. Something is not working as intended or I need to buy a lottery ticket!
  16. BLAST EVERYTHING! My save file has been corrupted and some how, everything is lost. This is what I think killed my save file: NOOOOOO!
  17. @Physics Student use parachutes, it's easier.
  18. Thanks for the feedback, Would you mind opening an issue here . I will try to reproduce it. BTW you don't need to delete the mod, the mod has a button to disable/enable or changing the ranges.
  19. Я разобрался, как сделать так, чтобы запускался не сам ксп, а стим его запускал. Нужно вместо пути к файлу KSP.exe указать URL-адрес, чтобы найти его нужно ПКМ на ярлык, который создал стим, чтобы запускать ксп и там просто скопировать этот URL-адрес. Затем его вставить вместо пути в этой строчке: start "KSP" "X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe" %1 Вот, как должно получится: start "KSP" "steam://rungameid/220200" %1
  20. Today
  21. My piloting isn't good enough for this challenge!
  22. A. I have implemented the changes B. I always attach the missile to a decoupler C. I have not tested the missile using guard mode on AI autopilot P.S. Testing jet fighter?
  23. You'll need a bit of space. I recall Bill Nye the Science Guy did something similar with our system. He needed a car. at 1/4000000 Eeloo is two and a quarter kilometres out,and Kerbol is still 13 meters across... a bit big for a 3d printer.
  24. Thanks! perhaps you're not that far in your current career game, but you did make an awesome 300 seat space plane. That stuff is just crazy
  25. There did used to be, but it was so wildly inaccurate that I pulled it - things kike some of teh changes never fired. It worked out better in testing with some people that the auto-SOI one woudl create the alarms as you changed vessels and catch you pretty well
  26. It is so cute to think Squad did not go after the money.
  27. Don't rush yourself. I just noticed yesterday, that wouldn't be working, even if it did work in the first place.
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