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  1. Also keep in mind that these 3, unlike Scatterer which does its own thing, need EVE to work. And there's a fourth alternative, also for EVE, which I'm using: It's is very RAM-friendly, tho obviously not as rich in detail. But, if, like me, you're running your game on this: ...then you'll appreciate it
  2. *sigh*

    Well, my grandmother passed, today.

    It's a really strange feeling. There's grief, obviously, but relief, too. She hadn't been well for a few years, already.

    I think the most important person to worry about now is my granddad, and he's keeping strong. Hell of a man, that one. Always an example.

    I might be on lurk mode these days. Or I may be talkative. Or I may not even be online at all. I don't really know yet. But I'm here, keeping my head up.

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    2. Dman979


      Monstah, I'm so sorry for your loss. Believe me when I say I know how hard it is.

      I wish the best to you and your family. Please tell your family that your friends (at least, I hope I'm your friend) sends his condolences.

    3. Vanamonde


      I'm sorry. 

    4. Urses


      Sorry for your loss friend. I hope she is gone softly. Stay strong and hung to your granddad, he will maybe not will talk about but company from his family will help him and your self to come over...

  3. I don't have multiple launch sites, so I'm not sure this is what you want, but I use KCT in the "Upgrade free" default setting. It doesn't require any further actions other than the upgrades you'd already do.
  4. Hi, and welcome! Glad to have people joining in wanting to contribute! if your parts are just tanks, engines, pods, and other parts with funcitionality that already exists in the game, then it's very easy. Parts have a .cfg file that is just a very human-readable collection of parameters, like the file name of the mesh, and game stuff like mass, amount of resources, etc. You can copy the file of an existing Mk2 part and start modifying, for example.
  5. Pô galera, até me sinto culpado assim... nunca socializei direito online, mas é, tamo aí. E sim, eu tinha enjoado bastante de jogar. Mas sabe o quê? Foi só não jogar um tempo e a saudade bateu, e tô jogando de novo de boa, felizão. Fiz até um Challenge da Squad, uma semana atrasado! *ANOMALIA DIMENSIONAL DETECTADA*
  6. I'm also not one of the tech guys, but there's a few things I know about this: Your post count isn't actually a count of anything in the database, it's a just number that's increased when you post. It never goes down, regardless of any moderation action or accident or whatever, unless someone bothers to go in the database to actually change it. I remember there was another problem with hard-deleted content once, before I was a moderator, and what they told us was that, while, yes, the deleted content was backed up, reverting it would mean deleting everything else that had been posted since the backup. If you've worked with snapshots rather than live databases, you'll get the idea. The "report as spam" button (which is close to other moderation controls) was deliberately made to ban but also hard-delete content, since there's no point keeping the history of what are essentially chatter bots... until an accident happens. The button doesn't do that anymore, at least not until someone else has verified that it wasn't clicked on by accident. I think point #3 also answers the question in the title. Action has been taken so it doesn't happen again. But still, I'm sorry your content had to go Also, totally understandable
  7. A couple attempts later... The Elder God has been appeased.
  8. I've just found out this very moment that two beloved games of my childhood, that I thought were made by the same guy, were actually designed by two different game designers who have the same name, one American and one British. Mind blown!
  9. Representin' (edit: uh, what happened to my upload?)
  10. Last weekend became Wednesday night, which became last night, which became a friend's surprise music gig mid-mission (walking distance from my house, and it takes years to get to Jool anyway, and you know what Rock'n'roll takes precedence), which then became a failed orbital injection at 1 a.m. ... Here it is, in a flyby with the stages intended to land, spent trying to inject (edit: just realized the screenshot is from just before the attempted injection, but anyway, it failed) Well, badge or not, must try again. Cthulhu is unhappy.
  11. Now, admittedly the game doesn't give you much use for stations apart from fuel depots or processing labs, but part of this game is coming up with your own objectives. Besides, a fuel depot in Mun orbit makes for good landing, launching and rendezvous practice
  12. There isn't a special part meant to be a station core. Do you have a laboratory? A hitchhiker can? A Mk-II Lander can? A fuel tank? Any of those can be your core!
  13. Hi there, welcome! It seems you're asking for suggestions, not making suggestions (for the game, that is), so I'm moving this to KSP Discussion sub forum, OK? Why can't you build stations? You seem to have a lot of parts available already. Lack the ability? Then practice it! I think you'll feel very proud of yourself when you get the first modules clicking together
  14. Lost my wallet yesterday. Apart from spare change and bank cards, ID, driver's license, etc, which are already a major pain to replace, I've lost some ID-sized pictures of some friends back from late 90's, early 00's, as well as a little card my wife had drawn and written to me back when we started dating. I'm seriously aggravated by this
  15. As a side note, Funds are probably coined from ore