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Found 83 results

  1. whats your lighest vessel to go to the mun and bring crew back safely? my entry 2.498 Tons i spent quite while shaving 10kg's here 20kg's there for the past day or two, so i hope there isnt an obvious way to go any lighter without ladder exploits, best of luck
  2. In an exercise in precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, I go to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods! A lot of testing and work went into this video so I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Well, title says it all. Picture is linked below. I'm getting the message that I'm entering the zone in question and the message that I'm exiting the zone, but I can't seem to get the little checkmark telling me "hey you measured the temperature there good job". So far I've tried measuring it and storing the information and measuring and transmitting the science back to Ground Control; neither seems to have worked. My altitude at both attempts was below 9 km. Could someone please help with this?
  4. Hi, I recently began the project of creating a mining station in one of the craters of the Mun. a complete one, with mining modules, tank modules, and power modules. Of course, I had to launch each part separately and assemble them on the Mun. and there comes the trouble: when I asemble more than a few parts (mining, tank and power), as soon as the last part is docked, the entire outpost starts twisting and wiggling and jumping and then of course... exploding... I still don't understand why, I turned off every SAS, it still behaves completely randomly, so I end up with no mining station Any suggestion welcome ! Thanks in advance
  5. 1. Building a rocket. a.) First stage must give a lot of speed to your rocket. Very good choice is four Twin Boar liquid fuel boosters on radial decouplers mounted on fuel tank with Mainsail engine. This parts can give about 1450m/s to your rocket. You can use also a few Rockomax X-32 + X-8( or X-16 ) tanks with Mainsail or Skipper engines. b.) Second stage is an orbiter. Good chooce for this stage is Poodle or, if you use this to complete the orbit, Skipper engine. If you mount larger engines, you may attach three or four FL(FT?)- 400 or -800 fuel tanks on side decouplers. c.) Lander is the most important and difficuilt part of the rocket. Mun landers can't be too powerful - four Twitch engines can make lander fast going up - I can't reach less than 236m/s with -teen tons lander! But if you use this for few seconds (Z - few seconds - X), you may be able to land. I used four Spark engines and pressing Z - 1 to 2 seconds of waiting - X. I landed with this at less than 11 m/s, so i think that's good engines for Mun lander. But if you want to return you must attach more powerful engine and activate it ONLY when you want to go home. ( this may be a Poodle or Terrier with a few Spider, Twitch or RCS/Puff to help. 2. Flight a.) First you must get to Kerbin's orbit. Press ,,Z'' on your keyboard and activate the lowest stage. If you can't reach orbit: about 3km start turning east (,, D on keyboard). Higher attidute - less angle between the rocket's top and Kerbin's surface. You must control the map when you flying. When you have Periapsis about 73km or higher, stop burning fuel- press X on keyboard. Remember about SAS and RCS during the flight. b.) This is the easiest and most enjoyable part : RELAX. You should drink sth and put a glass of some drink on your desk. c.) On Periapsis set SAS at Prograde, enter the map view and press Z. Press X when you have Apoapsis about 11,380-420,000m. d.) Orbit :P. When you rendezvous, warp a few minutes BEFORE Mun Periapsis, turn the rocket' s top to Kerbin and activate engines. Mun's escape speed is about 892m/s. e.) Landind is VEEEEEEEERY difficuilt. First brake with engines lower than 100m/s. If you burned off orbiter's fuel, instantly decouple the second ( or third ) stage and activate lander's engines. About 4000-3500m start burning fuel in few second impulses (Z-X-Z-X). You should fly with average speed about 12m/s. Do this to time, whem your lander stand on Mun's surface. Congratulations! You made it! REMEMBER: landing site is very important. At example: craters' sides is veeeery bad place to land. I crashed on them more than seven times with really stable lander. f.) ( optional) Returning is easy: activate engines at 2/3 of power and turn rocket about 30 deegres to Mun and fly. When you get orbit don't shut down the engines. When you have Kerbins orbit, wait to Apoapsis, set SAS at Retrograde and activate engines at full power. ( Periapsis is always lower than Apoapsis. You must burn less fuel with lowering Pe.) Decouple the lander stage when Pe is lower than 50km. Activate parachutes when it'll be save. Congratulations! Your first Mun mission is done! 3. Rocket plans: I orbited mun and returned with this: Mk.1 lander can with radial parachutes. TR-18 stack decoupler. Adv. SAS. FL(FT) - 400 fuel tank. Four radial mount Twitch engines. Four radial decouplers. Four FL - 400 fuel tanks. Four Terrier engines. TR-18 stack decoupler. I landed with about 13t base + 12 oscar- b fuel tanks and 4 Spark engines on radial decouplers. Rockomax X-32 fuel tank. Rockomax X-16 fuel tank. Three/ four radial decouplers. Three/ Four FL- 800 fuel tanks on radial decouplers. Skipper engine under X-16. Rockomax brand decoupler. X-32. X-64. Mainsail. Four large radial decouplers. Four Twin boar engines on large radial decouplers. And a lot of struts. It's my first tutorial, so please, write in replies what i wrote wrong. I want to do it better in next topics. PS: if you want more my tutorials, wait a few weeks to give me a time to fly somewhere. And also look for tutorials from my other account, XPrimental_Rabbit_2016. THANKS FOR READING! Write if this tutorial is helpful!
  6. This new spacecraft is capable of taking astronauts to the moon and back perfectly. I find it easy to fly and use. Use it and please distribute it among your friends. [Edit: contents moved to spoiler section by Snark]
  7. I watched a great movie called MOON (which i heartly recomend you) So the mission is simple : You build your moon base and find the very good place to mine ore. you're supposed to collect ore with a rover (How?-Just use MechJeb set up coordinates and let youre rover(s) move .when finally obtain a 9 large cannisters of ore the real challenge begins!You're supposed to take all of the ore and return it back to kerbin but not converted.Dont use cheats but youre still alowed to use mods instead. If you manage to obtain more ore and make video /footage of it send it somewhere...i dont know ...just leave a link to your mission And i will appreciate that (meme intended)
  8. This is my SSTO, the Neophron VI (named after a genus of vulture), capable of going to the Mun and back. Specifications: Part Count: 88 Mass: 72.560t Height: 4.6m Width: 22.8m Length: 20m Here it is on the Mun. It can make the trip no problem. Here it is after a successful Mun trip, back on the runway. Here it is in the SPH. Here you can really get an idea of its shape. This flies nice and stable, and I really like the wing shape, it might be my new favorite craft.
  9. So I joined this forum out of boredness and to solve the issue of over shooting the mun and orbiting the Kerbol with a bigger radius than the Kerbin Orbit, I play on Xbox, I have played for a week on science mode with great progress on rockets, but not trajectory and science in general. And my rockets are out of fuel.
  10. I'm constantly hearing people's stories about how people launched missions to the Mun that left their Kerbals stranded, either with a damaged craft or without enough fuel to take off or return to Kerbin. However, I always felt left out as my first Mun mission (which was my only land-and-return mission to the Mun; the next ship brought the first parts of a space station with it which became my base for Munar operations from then on) went fairly smoothly and its pilot made it back home without issue and didn't need a rescue. I got a taste of what those other players went through today, though, as I accepted a "Rescue Kerbal and recover craft" mission, got my Claw ready, picked up the Kerbal in her derelict lander can and then discovered that I was almost completely out of fuel. I had enough to reach a safe orbit, but not nearly enough to reach my station. Luckily I had a Nuke-tug docked at the station so I got it fuelled up and ready to rescue the rescue mission (although the actual rescue will have to wait for another day,) so there's no major crisis, but there's an odd sense of satisfaction in being able to cross the "bungle a Mun mission leaving a Kerbal stranded" checkbox off my list.
  11. I think I explain everything adequately in the videos, but I'll just put down a couple stats here. 35 Pit Stops 1 Lander/Return Vehicle Valentina Kerman and one long walk of 1,256 KM total. This will take a little while. Please don't expect daily updates. Apologizes for part one having gotten messed up. I think I must have accidentally hit my recording hotkey twice instead of once at some point.
  12. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a little SSTO I made for fun, I call it the Banana Twins. It has two separate landers that can independently land on Mun/Minmus and return to the main craft. So really, this is 3 separate craft in 1. All 3 craft contain a probe core so they can be controlled remotely. 100% reusable design, nothing is lost except fuel. If you can manage to land it at KSC, it's even possible to refuel and do more missions. It's a bit tricky to fly, but it's perfectly balanced and provides just enough punch to get into orbit. The trick is activating the NERVs at 15,000m (while going close to 1,400m/s) and then switching RAPIER modes at around 20,000m. The Whiplash engines provide nice economy for transport and landings. The landers throw the main craft off balance when they deplete their mono-propellant, so there is extra mono-propellant to top off the landers when they return to the craft. It's capable of unpowered landings as well. 100% stock, v1.2.2. Enjoy! Image 1 Image 2 Craft File
  13. (Not sure if this should go in Fan Works or Mission Reports...) Thought this image coming in for a Mun landing approach wasn't halfway bad. My three transfer stage parallel boosters staged off into a nice clover (klover?) as I was preparing for my landing approach, with Kerbin rising on the horizon. And the landing burn! I was rather proud of this mission, as I managed to pull it off in just three burns out of LKO: transfer to a Munar periapse just touching surface at the equator, simultaneous capture and landing burn, and ascent burn directly into Kerbin aerocapture. Timed the last burn off the Munar equator to bring me precisely to the KSC, too! Completed burn off the Munar equator into an aerocapture. Coming in hot, lined up for a descent right on top of the KSC, once drag slows me down. High approach, fingers crossed... Oddly, re-entry seemed to pull me south from this point, even though I was lined up symmetrically. Still haven't touched my engines. If I had another 500 attempts, maybe I could land ON TOP of the VAB? I'll settle for the grassy knoll, though. Calculating suicide burn in my head.... Final ignition! To downthrottle or not to downthrottle: that is the question. Talk about timing! The smoke cleareth.... Home!
  14. I've been doing some roleplaying recently, and having sent a probe to Mun, my next target became to put there a little rover. My experience with landing such vehicles on celestial bodies without atmosphere is very small, so I kinda overbuilt my rocket, but it worked fine afterall.
  15. Welcome to the MCP 101! This is the Mun colony program that has craft files in CurseForge! Search in CurseFprge MCP and you will find craft files in an ZIP that has all craft files... Well the craft files are these! The first is an Space station useful for had an connection with the Mun base and all the SpaceShips in the Mun, even some spaceships on Minmus, the second is an basic lander that can get to Mun, but you need to rescue the Kerbal , then we go more up, the third is the core of the Mun base, it has science instruments and just an MK1-2 Command pod but it's cool! And finally we go a lot of advance... the finally fourth that is very cool and is an mining rig that has two drills but here is an problem... You need to download the Tweakscale mod, here it's an link for you download TweakScale Download on Curseforge: and also there's one thing finally the download file of the MCP 101 including all the craft files: the file that says correct file is because before I upload an screenshot! Always an person does an error...
  16. Presenting the Private Mun challenge A.K.A. "Muncheap" So by now I am sure almost everyone has landed on the Mun (If not then welcome new kerbal player) So let's make a special challenge so we can have fun. You are tasked with creating a cheap Mun lander for private use. Due to it being a private lander some rules are in place 1. You do not have access to docking technology, you may use docking ports for staging in place of separators as long as you don't redock 2. Due to being privately funded you only have access to one meter command pods. 3. Parts that can be re-used (such as landing stages like Space X) will not help your score, however feel free to use them since they look cool. 4. due to being privately funded you are limited to only ONE, two meter engine you may use as many 1 meter engines as you like 5. You cannot user any three meter parts aside from the three meter fairing and heat shield 6. You cannot use Vector, Atomic Engines, or Rapiers 7. you must land at least one Kerbal on the Mun or planet of your choice (see categories below) 8. Your craft must have at least two command pods, one for the landing and space travel, one for the re-entry. you can use any combination of probes, chairs and piloted pieces you want. 9. If you are using the allowed mods posted be sure to mention them so I can put them into the proper category The person with the cheapest option wins in their "category" MODS ALLOWED: KW Rocketry (as long as your engines follow the rules stated) Tweakscale Firespitter HL Airships (can not use the cirrus part, real lift cirrus part is allowed) Any atheistic mods such as scatterer Mech Jeb for info ONLY Categories: Easy- Land and return from mun Medium- Land and return from mun and drop off a rover Hard- Land on the Mun, and Minmus drop off a rover on both, then return Super hard- Land and return from Duna Now you're just showing off- Land and return from Eve How did you?!?!- Land on Moho, drop off rover, then go to Eeloo, drop of rover, then return Hope to see some fun designs.
  17. Hey everyone! What is your best craft (that you made) for going to the mun?
  18. The Great Thread of Mun & Minmus Landers In this thread you can post pictures or videos of Mun and/or Minmus landers, bases, satellites or space stations. You are also allowed to post pictures of you doing a fly-by of the Mun and/or Minmus. Hope to see them!
  19. I'm a rather new player and I accepted a mission to put a satellite into a designated orbit around the Mun. So I built the sat and put it into orbit and all mission critical circumstances were fulfilled except the: Reach the designated equatorial orbit around the Mun with reasonable deviation. The Periapsis is supposed to be 241,665m and the sat. is at 241,653m, and the Apoapsis is supposed to be 252,929m and my sats is 252,958. In my book that is a reasonable deviation. Especially since in all the videos I watched on youtube they usualy had far greater deviations. The orbit is pretty much spot on with only a few dozen meters difference, yet it won't let me accomplish the mission. Is that a bug? or is there something I'm doing wrong?
  20. Greetings. Firstly let me just explain that I am quite new to the game as I have only been playing for a week or so. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my Mun lander into orbit of Kerbin, let alone to the Mun. My main issue is loss of control - the rocket spins, flips and does whatever it wants, even with SAS enabled, whenever I engage the main liquid engine. It's fairly stable whilst using the initial boosters to get off the ground though...until I fire up the main engine that is... I have tried many different setups using my brain to design them but to no avail, so I thought i'd ask you guys for some help. I'm not asking for someone to design a rocket for me (i'm not that lazy), however if what I am doing needs to be binned, then I will happily accept any help that is offered. My lander and command module is 13T in mass...which might be my first problem. Here is a screenshot (not including AE-FF1 protective shell - is this needed?) without any of the many rocket designs I have tried below it. I have tried both slim and fat launch vehicles, usually with 2/4 boosters at the bottom. I have tried attaching some boosters further up near my payload to "tug" it unto orbit and that also doesn't work. Perhaps I need to learn more about launch profiles, perhaps just rocket design. Either way, I have been trying all day to launch this to no avail. I can get to 80km+ but when I try to round off my orbit, the rocket spins out of control even on quite a low throttle. Redesigning my lander isn't out of the question either. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or help please? Many thanks in advance.
  21. My first 10-ish hours in Kerbal Space Program have been an absolute blast. Since I'm not the biggest fan of simulators I didn't expect to be drawn in this fast and deeply, but lo and behold if I didn't have last year of vocational school and other social responsibilities, I'd be playing it non-stop. My 10 hours have passed as such: First 2 hours spent flying one engine rockets and or blowing up the faculty buildings (sorry scientists and engineers). Then for 3 hours collecting data and unlocking new parts to toy with, also made my first airplane and took it for a joyride (landing is okay except the tail is too long and always breaks on touchdown). Around my 6th or 7th hour I achieved orbit and started setting up a satellite network, gotta get paid yo. With the new dosh I upgraded most of the faculty buildings. Now with second level tracking and administration building I can set maneuvers and I've spent the rest of the time flying towards the Mun, by the Mun and once even into the Mun. Just 15~ mins ago I managed my first Mun landing, it involved a lot of bouncing and non-important parts exploding since I ran out of fuel when it came time to break. Now Jeb is stuck there with the remnants of his rocket and our company flag. Pictures of Jeb on the Mun -> And I already have ideas on what to do next (set up a satellite network on the moon so Jeb can talk to his wife, get a rover somehow on the Mun and if there's time, get him home). Also to those wondering, the amount of dead Kerbans (Kerbals? Kerbins? Kerbonauts??) is: yes
  22. So ive been working on a mun base recently. ive designed the modules and did the maths. but i still have a problem: resupply missions. i have usi life support installed and crew cant just stay there forever (ive made it self suffiecent using planetary base systems, but usi ls also includes hab and home, so u need to change the crew every now and then). thing is, that im not the best with accuracy landings. i also know that mechjeb can do it for u but im a type of guy that enjoys lko station resupply missions. so, how do i transport kerbals and supplies from lander to base? are there any tools to show you more accurate landing predictions? should i move that to another thread? tnx for reading and (hopefully) responding.
  23. ola pessoal. eu não consigo chegar um mun. mas eu uso hyperedit é melhor bem pessoal nos eu uso mod hyperedit é melhor de mod
  24. Hello, fellows! Today I share my trip to Minmus, it was kinda risky and fun. My Rocket: (It is my Mun lander) Engineer's report: totally overengineered. The Lower Stage: It's a Mainsail with 3 Skipper Liquid Fuel Boosters, which are connected to the main part. On top of that, there are 3 Thumpers. The Upper Stage: It's the mighty Poodle Engine(!!!!) with 2-and-a-half X200-16 Fuel Tanks. The Lander: It's a Mk1 Command Pod with some Material Bays, 16 (Yes, I said 16) Mystery Goo Containers, an Inline Stabilizer, parachutes, moar science stuff etc. aaaaaand the Terrier with a flat Rockomax Tank (Patent Pending). The album: ( I forgot to take the pictures before the landing, basically the Liquid fuel Boosters ran out in the high atmosphere and I had an AP of 100km. With the full main part, I orbited, changed Inclination and did 3/4 of the burn to Minmus.) Hope you liked my first report of a mission. Let's hope for me (13,from Germany) that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. (I know that I can't reveal my age if I'm 12 or below) DarkFighter Thanks to the moderator who approves this