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Found 92 results

  1. This is my Report in my Mid-Early Carrer and Late-Early Carrer, about my exploration of mainly focused on Mun. Some of mods i used are MechJeb, SCANSat, KER (Not used in main missions), KIS (not used in main missions, Charter (was testing, Rarely may find) and Stratergia, Contract Configrator, Taiser Space Tech, Dmagic's Maneuver Node Extended I was first determined to recreation of original Appolo Program and Gemini Program, with extension of SkyLab. But later, I found it Time consuming, Costly and very InEfficient so i Later Droped the Idea and Used the originally Abonded Plans, which was Effective and Less Costly. The Mission Starts with First Munar Probe, Muna-1, a Sputnik with 4 panels and 4 HG-5. Send to mun flyby on A experimental NERV. 2nd mission (Some are not Included, as Probes) Include A Direct Descent Lander, with experimental Spark. This is first Manned Kerbin Orbital Mission, After a Failed orbital try, which re-enter after a few mins. This is first time a planned launcher, JOOL-I, Launcher was planned To be SSTO, but reached only 200 M/sec Delta-V of 100×100 KM circular Orbit. It was to send to Mun Cis-Lunar Orbit but, It had 10% fuel left to be later, used to Rendezvous and Docking. This is First Space Station, Kalyut-1, This was used to Practice Rendezvous and Docking, JOOL-I, docked Kalyut-1 in two mission and the Whole monolithic Station was docked, Reentered and Recovered. A Expansion of JOOL-I, with Additional Boosters and A Transfer stage, JOOL-II, made it possible for Manned munar mission, Crew Capsule however was not ejected but it needed to get in. It had first EVA, Orbit and Returned after gaining A LKO. JOOL-II launched three times. With a Mockup Test of Delta-II (Vidhyoot-II) with Lander Probe my Second launch send MUN LAB-1 Station (Monolithic), in 50×50 KM mun Orbit, its temporarily Turned OFF due to operational Cost. JOOL-II launched twice, Docked and Transferred Crew, Jeb alone. Vidhyoot-II launches the Kalyut-II as a Power House for Landers, Docking at Kerbin, stages fill the EC, MonoProp and A Bit Fuel. Transfer crew, Gergich/Valentina (Pilots) and Bill/Bob (Enginner at 1st and Scientist on Second), Transfer and docks Mun Lab I. Where Jeb enters and Gergich Takes us as Mun Lab-I Lead. Mun Lab-I Mun Lander-1 lands somewhere on 1 year, 5 Day, 4 Hrs, I did use time carefully, It took no Science but Crew Report, EVA Report, and Surfce sample, Its Ascent Stage docked Mun Lab-I, Lander was Destroyed by KIS Explosives. Vidhyoot-II launches another Kerbin Station, which is first time a Modular, later launches Mun Lab-II, which docked Mun Lab-I and renamed whole station as Mun Lab. Originally not to be modular but time makes us to rush. Mun Lab-II Mun Lander-II was heavy, Science Lander near Dark, Cratered South temperate, with all science, no Seismic sensor. It was Solar Power, All before were Fuel celled, Stations were Solar and optional Fuel Celled. Research started, JOOL-II ferred till, i consumed almost all funds on Station and Probe Exploration of Kerbin System. Now, Research is stopped, Stations Turned OFF, And planned 3rd Landing Cancelled. I will recover this soon, as i accumulated enough funds for lots of landings, stations, ferries and Exploration. JOOL-I, Vidhyoot-II are still operational, while JOOL-II is holded for MUN LAB Activation. I don't know how to put images directly to Forums, it dont work and My Imgur is Lost, I'm trying to reconnect and put some pics and expand the mission further. Plz help me putting some Images here.
  2. As the title says, this mission is a circunnavigation of Mun for the Elcano Challenge: However, for my crew it doesn't mean going in a straight line from A to ... well, A again the long way. The plan is to collect science from all the biomes, mark anomalies and complete as many surface missions as possible (career mode). The rover is quite light under 10T, so i simply attached it as cargo to the nose of a ship used to carry fuel from the Minmus refineries to LKO and equipment from LKO to Minmus and Mun. This is a new design i'm using to replace my old transports, it's pretty much the same, but with big docking ports for cargo stability, better solar panels and upgraded comm gear. It also carries a little bot to move cargo to stations and to move the big heat shield under the ship to the rear docking port, to speed up the aerobreaks when returning to Kerbin. This is not the original launch, i forgot to record it so i recorded it again and left a second rover in a Mun equatorial orbit in case it was needed. Jebediah Kerman, director of operations and explosions of the KSP, and badass in general, personally selected Elixie and Jean as the crew, based on very strict criteria. (i.e. they were aboard a ship in LMO when the rover arrived and had the right professions ) DAY 1: This is Mun base Alpha, a simple base with a few oudated vehicles, and starting point of the journey. There used to be ore just below the base, but suddenly one day it was gone. (game update to 1.2.2) The scientists keep studying the sudden dissapear, but orbital surveys still show big ore deposits in the area, and to locate them is going to be the first mission. Flag time for Elixie: And there they go! Finding ore was actually very easy, and as soon as they approached the nearby canyon, less that 1 km away from the base, the scanning module began beeping. And the science-o-meter also began beeping for the new biome. This crater was a nice opportunity to collect science from the lowlands and midland craters... ...and to mark the first anomally, a monolith. What strange species planted this structure here and why? Do they have tasty snacks to share??? Next, the flat area north of Base Alpha was perfect to test the rover speed. 45 m/s seems about the top (safe) speed. Faster than that and the "small jumps" are not so small, and the "landing" not so smooth. Anyway, the travel to Farside Basin was quick. Keeping the north heading, a pair of surface experiments to complete a contract: Surprise! And this is the reason why the rover has two thrusters below, because of the ninja craters hiding behind hills! The ability to orbit / deorbit is just a side effect (but very welcome). Don't try this at home! Jeb will be proud of these two kerbonauts... Unfortunately, the next barrel roll didn't go so well, and this is the sorry state the rover had after. Energy generation was all but gone, with only the small solar panel on the top still remaining. The docking port on top was gone too, and the RCS tank connecting to the cockpit didn't look good either. Also, the direction was damaged and the rover had a tendency to turn to the right. However, the science was intact and the kerbonauts alive. With 1000 EC the rover was able to reach the other side of this big hole, the first sign we are near the north pole. But after that last effort the batteries were empty. By the way, this biome is the highlands, so more science to carry! So, time to deorbit that second rover. The burn to send it near the north pole required a lot of fuel, but that was not a problem for the transport: The rover handled the landing without problems too: A few km later, the kerbonauts were rescued, and passed all the science and the remaining RCS to the second rover. All the RCS was stored in the side tanks, and it really helped with the barrel rolls. The CoM is a lot lower and the rover is more stable. Since both rovers were docked, the first one was left with full batteries, and i think the direction damage fixed itself with the change of scene (the RCS tank is again in line with the others), so trying to bring it back to Base Alpha is a possibility. Next biome: Highland Craters. The long shadows near the poles can be a problem for an electric vehicle, but 3000 EC should be more than enough to keep going. The sun is still high in the sky when we reach the north pole... but it won't last long. And the terrain is becoming more irregular, increasing the energy requeriments and decreasing the speed. It's not a problem yet, but up north it's full of peaks and valleys, not the best place to drive at 40 m/s. Home over the horizon! The marker on the map is the first patch of polar lowlands according to the orbital survey, so that's where we are heading. The map data appears not to match the terrain, so we picked a deep hole and went down to collect some tasty science... but turned out this is not polar lowlands. After another try in the same area, the only choice appears to be to keep moving north and aim for the deepest rift. This one should do the trick: EC is becoming a concern. The mix of deep dark valleys and high peaks where the batteries can be recharged are making this part of the journey quite slow. Not to mention the constant danger of driving in the shadows and falling into one of the valleys. The next rover will include moar lights for this type of terrains. Then, in a routine climb for energy Jean checked the biome... yep... polar "low"lands. I guess the SCANsat data was fine, but it doesn't make much sense to have the lowlands on top of a mountain. In the words of the on board computer: Not computable. The crew was eager to leave this polar nightmare of mountains, valleys and darkness, and there was still some sunlight available in the mountains, so they managed to reach the border of the polar crater and finished the first part of the mission. Biomes visited so far: Midlands, Canyons, Lowlands, Midlands craters, Farside Basin, Highlands, Highlands craters, Poles and Polar Lowlands. Anomallies discovered: 1 monolith. Contracts completed: 1. Rovers lost: 1 (still semi-functional).
  3. I just started using the KerbalNet to look for Easter Eggs. I went here to see if it was listed in wiki and it was not. ( Mun - Schiaparelli's Impact Latitude: -9.83569712969825 Longitude: 25.9216365170866 Altitude: 1470.4854433143 Images located here: ( )
  4. Good Evening all, hope you're having a pleasant night. I was wondering, in all of your opinions, what is the optimal altitude above the Mun that you should start your landing descent?
  5. Yo, lads! I'm Maland, a new dude on these here forums, but CERTAINLY not new to KSP! I've been playing KSP for quite some time. (Why I'm just joining the forums now is beyond me.) ...Anyways, I just wanted to share this video here, my 50 sub special! I made a rocket, and flew it to the Mun. And, I didn't die! (It did take a few takes, though.) Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all around. Glad to be here.
  6. So I made a rover and I would like to take it to the UFO on the Mun to see it for myself but I can't find any coordinates online, can someone help me?
  7. Yaaay! I landed on the Northwest Crater! Uuuuuuuuh... wait "East Farside Crater" (cf minimap) Uuuuuuuh... Yep, definitely not the Nortwest Crater... Okay, here's the real story: I'm currently elcanoing the Mün, and my next stop was the EFC. However, as I came close, I saw on my minimap a "wrongly labelled" patch. Intrigued, I decided to come closer. Turns out, it wasn't a glitched spot, but a genuine, tiny biome! Upon closer inspection, there seems to be quite a bit of these tiny patches around all the large craters, especially the south-west of the EFC. I've found no less than 4 incorrect biomes in a relatively small area, creating a 7° square with no less than 8 biomes on it (EFC, Midlands, Highlands, Canyons, Northwest Crater, Highland Craters, Farside Crater and Northwest basin), and all of the incorrect biomes are absent in a radius of more than one hundred kilometers, or more. This is pretty much unbeatable to grind some science with a rover. The next post is a sample of the various incorrect micro-biomes you can find, along with their coordinates:
  8. Hi everyone, lately i've been working on the lunar portion of the constellation project. I was inspired by someone's constellation ship pack, and so I decided I would do so too. I made a few mistakes, like letting the lander go before we left the mun's sphere of influence and managed to destroy the landing gear on touchdown, but i think it's good and I hope you like it! Here the test orion seperates from the second stage of the Ares I The Altair lander takes off and heading for orbit (below) Heres the whole stack, waiting for translunar ejection The perfect view from EDS of Altair/Orion in munar orbit. (I kept it until then because I was worried about fuel. Just after this picture I deorbited it). The triumphant photo of Jebediah on the mun! (I lost the landing gear on touchdown even though i was going at 4 m/s on touchdown i think it's because of the weight.) (below) Orion with Bill and Bob in low mun orbit. The triumphant docking of the two spacecraft, ironically this happened right over the landing site in the 'farside' crater (below) edit: on docking I had a little accident with altair and lost one of my solar panels. The orion reentry (on it's second pass because I was too shallow) above (above) success! (ironically I had too much fuel)
  9. Hello All. Enjoying my time with KSP very much. I have learned a lot. However, I am currently stumped on a contract I can't get in position for. I am trying to measure temperatures while in space flight above the Mun, but I cannot seem to get into position. I plan a maneuver that appears to line up with the zones needing measured, but when I come around my orbit where I thought I would be above the correct positions I am always off, and not by small amount, but several degrees off. Any pointers on this matter?
  10. whats your lighest vessel to go to the mun and bring crew back safely? my entry 2.498 Tons i spent quite while shaving 10kg's here 20kg's there for the past day or two, so i hope there isnt an obvious way to go any lighter without ladder exploits, best of luck
  11. In an exercise in precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, I go to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods! A lot of testing and work went into this video so I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Well, title says it all. Picture is linked below. I'm getting the message that I'm entering the zone in question and the message that I'm exiting the zone, but I can't seem to get the little checkmark telling me "hey you measured the temperature there good job". So far I've tried measuring it and storing the information and measuring and transmitting the science back to Ground Control; neither seems to have worked. My altitude at both attempts was below 9 km. Could someone please help with this?
  13. Hi, I recently began the project of creating a mining station in one of the craters of the Mun. a complete one, with mining modules, tank modules, and power modules. Of course, I had to launch each part separately and assemble them on the Mun. and there comes the trouble: when I asemble more than a few parts (mining, tank and power), as soon as the last part is docked, the entire outpost starts twisting and wiggling and jumping and then of course... exploding... I still don't understand why, I turned off every SAS, it still behaves completely randomly, so I end up with no mining station Any suggestion welcome ! Thanks in advance
  14. 1. Building a rocket. a.) First stage must give a lot of speed to your rocket. Very good choice is four Twin Boar liquid fuel boosters on radial decouplers mounted on fuel tank with Mainsail engine. This parts can give about 1450m/s to your rocket. You can use also a few Rockomax X-32 + X-8( or X-16 ) tanks with Mainsail or Skipper engines. b.) Second stage is an orbiter. Good chooce for this stage is Poodle or, if you use this to complete the orbit, Skipper engine. If you mount larger engines, you may attach three or four FL(FT?)- 400 or -800 fuel tanks on side decouplers. c.) Lander is the most important and difficuilt part of the rocket. Mun landers can't be too powerful - four Twitch engines can make lander fast going up - I can't reach less than 236m/s with -teen tons lander! But if you use this for few seconds (Z - few seconds - X), you may be able to land. I used four Spark engines and pressing Z - 1 to 2 seconds of waiting - X. I landed with this at less than 11 m/s, so i think that's good engines for Mun lander. But if you want to return you must attach more powerful engine and activate it ONLY when you want to go home. ( this may be a Poodle or Terrier with a few Spider, Twitch or RCS/Puff to help. 2. Flight a.) First you must get to Kerbin's orbit. Press ,,Z'' on your keyboard and activate the lowest stage. If you can't reach orbit: about 3km start turning east (,, D on keyboard). Higher attidute - less angle between the rocket's top and Kerbin's surface. You must control the map when you flying. When you have Periapsis about 73km or higher, stop burning fuel- press X on keyboard. Remember about SAS and RCS during the flight. b.) This is the easiest and most enjoyable part : RELAX. You should drink sth and put a glass of some drink on your desk. c.) On Periapsis set SAS at Prograde, enter the map view and press Z. Press X when you have Apoapsis about 11,380-420,000m. d.) Orbit :P. When you rendezvous, warp a few minutes BEFORE Mun Periapsis, turn the rocket' s top to Kerbin and activate engines. Mun's escape speed is about 892m/s. e.) Landind is VEEEEEEEERY difficuilt. First brake with engines lower than 100m/s. If you burned off orbiter's fuel, instantly decouple the second ( or third ) stage and activate lander's engines. About 4000-3500m start burning fuel in few second impulses (Z-X-Z-X). You should fly with average speed about 12m/s. Do this to time, whem your lander stand on Mun's surface. Congratulations! You made it! REMEMBER: landing site is very important. At example: craters' sides is veeeery bad place to land. I crashed on them more than seven times with really stable lander. f.) ( optional) Returning is easy: activate engines at 2/3 of power and turn rocket about 30 deegres to Mun and fly. When you get orbit don't shut down the engines. When you have Kerbins orbit, wait to Apoapsis, set SAS at Retrograde and activate engines at full power. ( Periapsis is always lower than Apoapsis. You must burn less fuel with lowering Pe.) Decouple the lander stage when Pe is lower than 50km. Activate parachutes when it'll be save. Congratulations! Your first Mun mission is done! 3. Rocket plans: I orbited mun and returned with this: Mk.1 lander can with radial parachutes. TR-18 stack decoupler. Adv. SAS. FL(FT) - 400 fuel tank. Four radial mount Twitch engines. Four radial decouplers. Four FL - 400 fuel tanks. Four Terrier engines. TR-18 stack decoupler. I landed with about 13t base + 12 oscar- b fuel tanks and 4 Spark engines on radial decouplers. Rockomax X-32 fuel tank. Rockomax X-16 fuel tank. Three/ four radial decouplers. Three/ Four FL- 800 fuel tanks on radial decouplers. Skipper engine under X-16. Rockomax brand decoupler. X-32. X-64. Mainsail. Four large radial decouplers. Four Twin boar engines on large radial decouplers. And a lot of struts. It's my first tutorial, so please, write in replies what i wrote wrong. I want to do it better in next topics. PS: if you want more my tutorials, wait a few weeks to give me a time to fly somewhere. And also look for tutorials from my other account, XPrimental_Rabbit_2016. THANKS FOR READING! Write if this tutorial is helpful!
  15. This new spacecraft is capable of taking astronauts to the moon and back perfectly. I find it easy to fly and use. Use it and please distribute it among your friends. [Edit: contents moved to spoiler section by Snark]
  16. I watched a great movie called MOON (which i heartly recomend you) So the mission is simple : You build your moon base and find the very good place to mine ore. you're supposed to collect ore with a rover (How?-Just use MechJeb set up coordinates and let youre rover(s) move .when finally obtain a 9 large cannisters of ore the real challenge begins!You're supposed to take all of the ore and return it back to kerbin but not converted.Dont use cheats but youre still alowed to use mods instead. If you manage to obtain more ore and make video /footage of it send it somewhere...i dont know ...just leave a link to your mission And i will appreciate that (meme intended)
  17. This is my SSTO, the Neophron VI (named after a genus of vulture), capable of going to the Mun and back. Specifications: Part Count: 88 Mass: 72.560t Height: 4.6m Width: 22.8m Length: 20m Here it is on the Mun. It can make the trip no problem. Here it is after a successful Mun trip, back on the runway. Here it is in the SPH. Here you can really get an idea of its shape. This flies nice and stable, and I really like the wing shape, it might be my new favorite craft.
  18. So I joined this forum out of boredness and to solve the issue of over shooting the mun and orbiting the Kerbol with a bigger radius than the Kerbin Orbit, I play on Xbox, I have played for a week on science mode with great progress on rockets, but not trajectory and science in general. And my rockets are out of fuel.
  19. I'm constantly hearing people's stories about how people launched missions to the Mun that left their Kerbals stranded, either with a damaged craft or without enough fuel to take off or return to Kerbin. However, I always felt left out as my first Mun mission (which was my only land-and-return mission to the Mun; the next ship brought the first parts of a space station with it which became my base for Munar operations from then on) went fairly smoothly and its pilot made it back home without issue and didn't need a rescue. I got a taste of what those other players went through today, though, as I accepted a "Rescue Kerbal and recover craft" mission, got my Claw ready, picked up the Kerbal in her derelict lander can and then discovered that I was almost completely out of fuel. I had enough to reach a safe orbit, but not nearly enough to reach my station. Luckily I had a Nuke-tug docked at the station so I got it fuelled up and ready to rescue the rescue mission (although the actual rescue will have to wait for another day,) so there's no major crisis, but there's an odd sense of satisfaction in being able to cross the "bungle a Mun mission leaving a Kerbal stranded" checkbox off my list.
  20. I think I explain everything adequately in the videos, but I'll just put down a couple stats here. 35 Pit Stops 1 Lander/Return Vehicle Valentina Kerman and one long walk of 1,256 KM total. This will take a little while. Please don't expect daily updates. Apologizes for part one having gotten messed up. I think I must have accidentally hit my recording hotkey twice instead of once at some point.
  21. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a little SSTO I made for fun, I call it the Banana Twins. It has two separate landers that can independently land on Mun/Minmus and return to the main craft. So really, this is 3 separate craft in 1. All 3 craft contain a probe core so they can be controlled remotely. 100% reusable design, nothing is lost except fuel. If you can manage to land it at KSC, it's even possible to refuel and do more missions. It's a bit tricky to fly, but it's perfectly balanced and provides just enough punch to get into orbit. The trick is activating the NERVs at 15,000m (while going close to 1,400m/s) and then switching RAPIER modes at around 20,000m. The Whiplash engines provide nice economy for transport and landings. The landers throw the main craft off balance when they deplete their mono-propellant, so there is extra mono-propellant to top off the landers when they return to the craft. It's capable of unpowered landings as well. 100% stock, v1.2.2. Enjoy! Image 1 Image 2 Craft File
  22. (Not sure if this should go in Fan Works or Mission Reports...) Thought this image coming in for a Mun landing approach wasn't halfway bad. My three transfer stage parallel boosters staged off into a nice clover (klover?) as I was preparing for my landing approach, with Kerbin rising on the horizon. And the landing burn! I was rather proud of this mission, as I managed to pull it off in just three burns out of LKO: transfer to a Munar periapse just touching surface at the equator, simultaneous capture and landing burn, and ascent burn directly into Kerbin aerocapture. Timed the last burn off the Munar equator to bring me precisely to the KSC, too! Completed burn off the Munar equator into an aerocapture. Coming in hot, lined up for a descent right on top of the KSC, once drag slows me down. High approach, fingers crossed... Oddly, re-entry seemed to pull me south from this point, even though I was lined up symmetrically. Still haven't touched my engines. If I had another 500 attempts, maybe I could land ON TOP of the VAB? I'll settle for the grassy knoll, though. Calculating suicide burn in my head.... Final ignition! To downthrottle or not to downthrottle: that is the question. Talk about timing! The smoke cleareth.... Home!
  23. I've been doing some roleplaying recently, and having sent a probe to Mun, my next target became to put there a little rover. My experience with landing such vehicles on celestial bodies without atmosphere is very small, so I kinda overbuilt my rocket, but it worked fine afterall.
  24. Welcome to the MCP 101! This is the Mun colony program that has craft files in CurseForge! Search in CurseFprge MCP and you will find craft files in an ZIP that has all craft files... Well the craft files are these! The first is an Space station useful for had an connection with the Mun base and all the SpaceShips in the Mun, even some spaceships on Minmus, the second is an basic lander that can get to Mun, but you need to rescue the Kerbal , then we go more up, the third is the core of the Mun base, it has science instruments and just an MK1-2 Command pod but it's cool! And finally we go a lot of advance... the finally fourth that is very cool and is an mining rig that has two drills but here is an problem... You need to download the Tweakscale mod, here it's an link for you download TweakScale Download on Curseforge: and also there's one thing finally the download file of the MCP 101 including all the craft files: the file that says correct file is because before I upload an screenshot! Always an person does an error...