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  1. No it won’t. As it’s targetted to .Net 4.6 which KSP 1.7.3 does not support.
  2. I saw someone complaining in another thread, not in this one where they’d get help, about the TAC parts not showing up? Is anyone else having this issue with 1.8?
  3. Can assure you it works using the mono.exe pdb2mdb.exe <assembly> run the fully qualified ones as per the directories Listed above (from Unity 2019.2.2f1) in the folder your assembly and pdb files are in. you must be using the bleeding edge ones as specified.
  4. Anyone interesting in a KSP 1.8.x version? if so I'll look to update this.
  5. The AmpYear settings screen at the KSC is busted and KSPedia pages are busted. Working on fixing it.
  6. This mod needs some fixes for KSP 1.8.x. Working on them.
  7. In what way? They will not conflict. Planetary Bases does contain parts specifically for this mod (Glykerol tanks and a freezer base part), whereas USI does not.
  8. v0.14.0 published for KSP 1.8.x Re-compile for KSP 1.8.x Add Warning and Critical Warning percentage levels to difficulty settings.
  9. Update published for KSP 1.8.x Make sure you get version 1.28.0 of Contract Configurator. V1.11.0 *Re-compile for KSP 1.8.x *Code Garbage gneration improvements. *Add Remote Tech antenna to TB-75. *If you encounter a planet without having discovered or fully researched it it will now no longer set it to fully discovered. Instead it will initially set the discovery to 30% and then over time whilst the vessel stays in the SOI of the planet it will slowly increase the discovery percentage.
  10. v7.8 for KSP 1.8.x published. V7.8 Re-compile for KSP 1.8.x. Fix the Planet and Galaxy selection list on the Telescopes.
  11. Yup. Think there might be some instructions missing. Remove the built-in TMPro with Unity. And reinstall the old free version used in previous release into your Unity project.
  12. Partloader has always instantiated on loading. also there’s a lot of Unity calls that are not allowed in constructors. Like your static material there. Better to define it only as null and set it in Awake. 4.x is safe. 4.5 is safe.
  13. Yup. And the IMGui one is listed in the modders notes. Linked in the OP. i also added the animation one to the modders notes.
  14. Ampyear 1.5.6 released for KSP 1.8.x Will try to do all my other mods this weekend as well.
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