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  1. I would hate for Nertea to abandon this mod entirely given how awesome the rest of his mods are and how much time and effort goes into it. I also know he has been working on another of his mods more recently. Perhaps read the the supporting material and whitelist the parts that have issues if you wish to use the parts that are still buggy. This is something that you can do now. Peace.
  2. Regular Kerbalism does requires CRP. Kerbalism Simplex can use this if you want something other than ore. I see how this can be confusing sorry! I'll update the OP overnight to reflect this better. You can use this mod with Stock only, with Mining Extenstion or BahaEL, and with Kerbal Atomics and I think all the Near Future suite of mods. But regular Kerbalism is difficult to patch properly, hence why Kerbalism Simplex also exists. Peace.
  3. I should probably note the changes... Changelog for 2.10.20210731 ModParts Adjusted: Upgrades for Kerbalism Simplex Mining Expansion Planetside Exploration Technologies (thanks to CessnaSkyhawk) Added THANKS TO CessnaSkyhawk Umbra Space Industires (USI) mods that hadn't been Hephaistos reDirect photonCorp Bluedog Design Berau (In Own File) CoatlAerospace (In Own File)
  4. Thanks to CessnaSkyhawk for the configs! Yhey have been integrated. The Updates need an overhaul Update to 2.10 for TETRIX
  5. Updated. So so so many. Adjusted upgrades on SIMPLEX TechTree Adjusted upgrades on TETRIX TechTree Removed JNSQ profile. Added Ores to Organic Slurry functionality to Chemical Plant and moved code to the ISRU file Chemical Plant should only process Organic Slurry. Altered Fuel Cell to have MP+Air first, then upgrade to LFO later at Large Electrics Fuel Cell now only at basicScience if RestockPlus is not present due to ReStockPlus APU. Added ReStock APU MP+Air Fuel Cell at basicScience Fixed amount of Air storage on SSPX Greenhouses - should be enough to turn habitation on. Fixed duplicate Saturate Mining with the Drills Switched dependency for Air, BadAir, Consumables and OrganicSlurry to Simplex Resources. Ie kerbalism is gge prinary loader. Simplified the ISRU mechanics for Simplex Resources - no longer efficiency, rather capacity Added CryoFuel to the ISRU, but only when CryoTanks are installed Rebalanced Fuell Cells for Simplex Resources (LFO ratio now 3:1 rather than 1.1:0.9. Mining Extension works well with the ISRU and mining, tested Kerbin, Laythe atmospheres and oceans
  6. Possibly it would, but Nertea may also decide to wait 17 years for the next release. Peace.
  7. I see that kronometer isn't updated for 1.12 yet and breaks the game. Shame - I was looking forward to a JNSQ run! I'll just have to wait I guess.
  8. Needed the :AFTER, but otherwise it worked! Thank you! I used the new SOC mod from @linuxgurugamer, but I may not have installed the latest Konometer and so that may be the issue. I'll go back and check in out. EDIT - yes, don't have the new kronometre thing - also, running in 1.11.2... so time to update versions Thanks for the updated figures
  9. @Kopernicus:FOR[JNSQ] { !Body[Mun] {} Body { all the Mun details copied with new orbit } } Hi! I'm wanting to patch kopernicus, specifically JNSQ to move the Mün closer to an semiMajorAxis of 350000000 to give an orbital period of 12 days (12 JNSQ days) But this patch doesn't seem to work. Even adding a :FINAL doesnt do the job. Any ideas community? Peace.
  10. Still working on the update. The drills had me confused as i had doubled up on the configs and couldn't work out why. But this is sorted now. I'm also adding support for the excellent Mining Expansion and this is about done. With Mining Expansion and Simplex Resources installed the stock drills and Mining Expansion stock looking drills will have drill for HydrateOre and Saturate. The Mining Expansion larger drills will mine NaturalOre and RareOre. Mining Expansion also provides Ocean and Atmospheric harvesters, and large Fuel Cells too. Should be pretty much be ready to go at that point. Hopefully tomorrow morning. TETRIX Tech Tree, SIMPLEX TechTree, SIMPLEX Resources will all get updates too.
  11. I just realised I wanted something like this again. Thank you!
  12. Congratulations on moving! Unless it is commiserations, in which case that. Peace.
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