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  1. @Rylant welcome to the Forums You need the latest one. You also want to use the HUDS. Also in the VAB change the settings to be partless, and take off any career mode options so you always have access to it. Peace.
  2. Should be, but only for the stock planets that have configs, unless someone has written configs for the others.
  3. So, you could then have a map only mission playthrough, with some camera views showing what is happening in flight, although the lighting and terrain will be borked. Interesting. Or an IVA only playthrough with stock IVA rather than fiddling with RPM (as good as that is). Hullcam has the option of not going to flight view methinks? Peace,
  4. No need. I use a combination of Excel to plan and manipulate numbers, Word to copy the Excel formulas i planned out and to put in the tabs and returns, then finally Notepad++ for the actual cfg editing. I don't really know how to code, just manipulate through MM patching. Download Simplex and have a look. Peace.
  5. Sounds perfect. I really like the option to stream as well. Peace. Also, if you are streaming, What happens when you IVA or go into mapview. Do the screens disappear?
  6. This will be an instant download methinks. Can you adjust the resolution of the cameras?
  7. The idea really is that it is a standalone part. You have to fill it with colonists (let's say that the colonists are either in suspended animation (deep freeze) or self sufficient in their taxi (more likely) but you never see them. The head canon is that there is no interacton with anyone outside to keep the environment regulated. You ship some more colonists in with a taxi tank, but you can't move the interest resource. At this stage you won't be able to 'retire' kerbonauts into the colony, although the 'accident' mechanic in MoarKerbals might be the way to achive that. I'll wa
  8. Okay everyone, this is an idea which is going to see the light of day! LGG is adopting MoarKerbals and making some small GUI changes. That will be the basis for this mod. There will be a large Arcology colony part which is effectively a tank for a colonist resource. When an actual kerbonaut is in the part then they can generate an interest resource using a convertotron module. The interest resource is what is used by MoarKerbals to generate a kerbal, which under the hood will be cloning the recruiter kerbal and produce a civilian, but the immersion will show it being a enlisti
  9. I do hope this may on the cards for Nertea to look at next it would be great to have this working as well! Peace.
  10. Awesome. Now i think about it Kerbal Recruitment as a module is confusing... that is the school civilian to usable trait right? I'll need to think of a different term for the colonist mod so that i dont confuse myself. Thankyou!
  11. Given that this mod is free... and the unpaid author is choosing to use a feature of something they paid for... they could perhaps not have this feature at all so no one would complain. Maybe the $20 is better thought of supporting Squad to keep updating while a new studio works on KSP2. Peace.
  12. Replicating the module for klone bay isn't a problem. I want to change the PAW option from Initiate Kloning to Recruit Kerbal.
  13. I agree, and I wouldn't ask you to support kerbalism - you have been clear about that in the past, sorry I didn't make it clear when removing and everything working as advertised. Also, in a further test, I changed the resources needed to some SimplexOres - NaturalOre, RareOre and Consumables (which is not kerbalism simplex, that had been removed). Again, all worked totally fine. But then adding kerbalism back into the mix game loading got stuck attempting to the MKS-Loading bay - that wasn't the same issue from before in 1.11.2. I'll pass on the issue to them. But I also want to see if
  14. Yup. I get why they are there, and I think it is a great option, and I may use it, but it wasn't in my original Simplex concept of two build resources - why build a battery and probe and reaction wheel and monoprop storage and rcs thrusters all with x and y resources, then extra x and y to build the pod itself? Just build the pod from scratch! But that is just for Simplex, I don't see it is a stripping of bits out of existing parts, but rather the duct taping of various components to make a shiny new part. I think that is very kerbal . I wonder how many people out in forums hav
  15. Had a quick look now - got confused with the cool docking port thing to start. With kerbalism installed, there seems to an issue with the Kloner seeing the EC. had plenty (ie 16000), and the debug said it needed EC, and told me I needed EC saying 8000/8000. Removed kerbalism, and Moar Kerbals worked as advertised. First test resulted in an accident . Hoorah for the The Fly reference. lol. Second test got me a kerbal. It was a beautiful thing. So... next step will be to test to see if kerbalism mucks if no EC is needed.
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