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    Soccer balls from the Kerbin Cup (on curse)
  2. Yes. It isn't needed as kerbalism changes the way the science is handled. Basically probe cores, kerbals and most crewed pods have hard disks that store the science as data. Peace.
  3. theJesuit

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.7.1

    The engine nerf basically squeezes the atmospheric part curve. So engines at sea level would be only .7 the power of vanilla but as it approaches vacuum it gets closer to stock. It affects all engines srb, ion (why would you use it in lower atmosphere anyway) and jets. So if sounding rockets are balanced then they'll need some special attention by the mod. Peace.
  4. theJesuit

    1.875m parts required

    I saw this post, wondered who would dislike Smurfs then looked at the poster. I LOLed and disturbed my 3yo. Peace.
  5. It is even being worked on currently it seems.
  6. I've passed this up to the discord server. If you could login there please you may he able to help by supplying logs etc.
  7. theJesuit

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.7.1

    @zulu354 is this what you are looking for? I'll add it in if it's a yes. Peace.
  8. theJesuit

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.7.1

    I'm confused with the replacing and such. Simplex Living requires kerbalism. I recommend a new save. The mechanisms that do the breathing, eating etc and such won't work anymore if you change profiles half way through with current craft, so all kerbals in current craft will die. However if all crewed craft are deorbited then you could swap in the new profile I'd imagine. Make sure that your saved craft files have the parts swapped out otherwise the command pods and storage parts on previously saved craft in the VAB won't have the right resources. Peace.
  9. theJesuit

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.7.1

    You may find more recent Kerbalisms needing lots of resouces - Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ammonia Hydrogen etc. as well as the food/water etc. I can recommend Simplex Living which is a kerbalism profile that makes things a little more straight forward #shamelessplug Peace.
  10. theJesuit

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.7.1

    The smallest reaction wheel is in tier 2 (45 science points) split after stability. You already get smaller reaction wheels built into the Octo (basic science tier 1) I think, but definitly in the mk1 command pod (survivability tier 1). So it is providing a specialist part for something later in the techtree. The fairing I believe is also tier 2. If your first rockets are flea/ nosecone/cargo bay with octo and some fins from some of the tier 1 then is this not a sounding rocket? You name the mod and I'll support it. thanks IFILS is also supported with its unique tech tree nodes. Kerbalism is also supported. I'm looking forward to it too. Thanks. It's slow work and I'm spreading my limited ksp time across several projects to limit burnout. Peace.
  11. theJesuit

    [Request] scaled back KCT

    Just had another thought... What if each part had a resource: Like one unit of buildTimer. Then, launch clamps only are able to stage when buildTimer is at zero and they consume the resource slowly. More parts means more to consume. Make the lauchclamps expensive so that launch clamp spam isn't a thing. Or, instead use an additional part that consumes the resource, but make it so that you would be able to use only one of them. Like the modular launchpad things that then are also required to ignite big engines like ullage. Peace.
  12. Less than a month since last here though. It takes me a month to get something that I should expect to take two days because LifeTM. But would any coder like to try their hand at this? Peace.
  13. theJesuit

    So what is Serenity?

    Unfortunately not. Like stock ksp, terrain textures, launch site buildings, and suit and such are encoded in same dll file. Only part files and icons are external. So by Making Less History forcing the dll not to load, or deleting the files that aren't parts, then you don't get the suits, or the launch sites loaded along with the no mission planner. First time I'm jealous of the Consoles @SQUAD. How about splitting Making History into two dlls to achieve this in the next PC update please? Peace.
  14. theJesuit

    So what is Serenity?

    I would but it removes the launch sites and maybe vintage suits too. Peace.