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  1. Well, I do want to point out that the 'Daily Kerbal' had no posted content in the whole month of March. A month that by most estimates was 97 days long. More updates please. Peace.
  2. I was taken in, given that I saw this on 2nd April in New Zealand. So few updates that I'm ready to accept anything! In saying that, I'd vote to keep green. Peace.
  3. I'm thinking of attempting/ and then submitting a Jool-5, probably ISRU from my current career save in 1.8.1 but have a few questions: This doesn't have to be the first trip to Jool in a save or does it? Is kOS allowed? - I use this only for initial launches from Kerbin. Is NodeSplitter allowed? Is ReStockPlus allowed, or should I make the Jool-5 craft a 'stock only'? I'm only going to use the 'Stock engines' Would the Simplex mods be allowed? It's a career with Simplex TechTree - this makes engines in an atmosphere more difficult, but Vacuum ISP is exactly this same. Simplex Resources adds some extra Ores, and so makes ISRU harder if I choose to do ISRU (I will). This also re balances the fuel tanks, but ISP of the engines remains the same. Fuel needs to created from two different Ores. I'm using Kerbalism Simplex (LS mods allowed), but I'm not going to use the Gravity wheel for this mission. If anything Kerbalism is going to make stock craft heavier with shielding and quality upgrades. Thanks for answering questions!
  4. Thanks for updating/ releasing this! Great work! Peace.
  5. I'm looking for the same number that displays on the navball. Surface speed which is the combination of horizontal and vertical speed? I guess the velocity relative to the surface.
  6. This may be a silly question... Is there an Air Speed readout? I mean, the speed (velocity? It's early please don't judge) that is on the navball readout when you launch is a combination of both the horizontal and the vertical speeds, effectively early at launch as being the speed vs the still atmospheric air? So is there a readout that tells me my speed? Thanks.
  7. This is very cool indeed. Looking forward to playing around with this! Well done good sir! Peace.
  8. It is definitely Kerbalism at fault. This isn't going to be fixed as it is going through a massive, MASSIVE rewrite which will fix if not remove some of these things in order to get back to its core job of killing your kerbals.
  9. I will update it over the next 24 hours. - oh and no I don't have a Git account. I do to PR kerbalism, but don't have my stuff hosted. Thanks! Peace.
  10. Sure. When i get some free time I'll add it. Working (teaching) from home currently with the family around is quite busy!
  11. Mmm. I think there may actually a problem with the upgrades even with the stock tree. Is this an issue with the already unlocked pods. Like if unlock other stock pods after fuel systems does it work? Peace.
  12. Noice. need to download and see the iVA!
  13. Just to let you all know that I'm pumped that all the things I wish for in ReStockPlus you are working on. You are super awesome all of you. Stay healthy, stay safe. Stay awesome, and thank you for allowing us to kill our kerbals in rockets with beautiful textures. Peace.
  14. Hi, just popped into pick up this mod in relation to suggestions... The you tube videos that are on the first page are set to private and can't be accessed. Maybe they could be removed if access can't be granted? Peace.