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  1. Not yet. There is a config for SSRSS, which would give be a good start though.
  2. Beautiful! The MAV looks great and I love the Mark Kerman Whatney mode idea. Peace.
  3. That's a helpful suggestion. It would make me sad if the work I put in was depreciated in a few months.
  4. I could. But not in the near future due to RL. You aren't the first person to ask though so im sure I'll get round to it. It would help if someone could give me a list of the different rocket 'types' so that i dont have to go work that out. Then i can assign the types to a tier. Peace
  5. Hi everyone, Is a curved screen for KSP worth it? I have a rare opportunity to get a new screen, is getting a 1440 x 2560 one. But tossing up between flat and curved. It's an update from and 1080 laptop screen. Please advise. Thanks! Peace.
  6. I was tired when i replied. Sorry! One option to stop sliding on bases is to use KAS to attached a landing camp. But this is better as it doesnt required the bulk of that mod, and can be switched off when needed... as in it is temporary. Peace.
  7. This is excellent. I think it would be a good temp measure for rovers and such, and then bases (with KAS/KIS) could have launchclamps added to them so that rovers could undock from bases. Peace.
  8. Dammit Jim, I'm a priest, not a graphic digital artist... my stuff is done in a picture of MS paint and Oh, and i use the old MS Office Picture Viewer from around 10 years ago. But the in game view too washed oout. Need to make it pop. Don't forget the poor sods that upload to youtube and the downgrading of quality that they get. I'm aim for the happy medium kinda guy on sizes of textures. My laptop, whilst 16GB RAM was bought six years ago. It was good then and still copes with most stuff. But I don't like to push it. TBH I'd pick and mix what you offer in the download - when I install EVE for example, I remove any city lights. Kerbin as Eden-esk garden is closer to my head canon. Peace.
  9. We all started somewhere and you are forgiven. Keep up the good work!
  10. I've just noticed, and ensuring that NFeX reflectors are supported is a great thing. Thanks for this mod! Peace.
  11. Pluto has in fact cleared its neighborhood by collecting adopting a twin and adopting some other moons.
  12. It has been asked, but only the author seems to know, and last I checked there was no way to contact them.
  13. As much as I like the transparency, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the photo sail? Unless it is a one way mirror?
  14. I have to say that would be awesome. For my oldest kid's 4th birthday I wrote a book about him going to the moon with Val and Bill. It rhymed and everything. Screenshots of the trip, and his head pasted over the stand-in 3rd kerbal. It would be awesome if there was a mod to be able to have more human like heads that I could stylise as my kids so that when they play, they can play as themselves. I'm surprised the my little pony heads still work? Do don't they. That apparently is a really deep hack of the system but it goes back well before 1.0. It was developed by a chap in Russia from memory. Peace.
  15. I'm proposing that someone code Planet 9 into real life. Just so we can all feel less of a loss about Pluto. Peace.