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  1. Great work @Nucleartaxi. Looking forward to seeing the story progresses Peace.
  2. theJesuit

    KSP Weekly: The Orbiters!

    @SQUAD thanks for the update. Maybe a career mode for the suits to upgrade from the old to the new? Also if you are playing around with the models can you please make that helmet ring part of the helmet itself so that mods that remove the helmet in a breathable atmosphere can remove the ring too. This could mean we have kerbals in proper tuxedos* at the promotional dinners. Peace. *modder dependent. EDIT looked at the high resolution image. Suit yes. Helmet NOOOOO!
  3. theJesuit

    [1.4.4] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.1.0

    Not to worry, download the 'source code', and in the zip and install the two folders within the GameData folder for extralanetary launchpads (as that contains the icon files) and simple construction. The dll in this download is actually the latest one. Peace
  4. theJesuit

    [1.4.4] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.1.0

    Could you not just download the latest EPL, and copy the newer dll into the simple construction folder? Peace.
  5. theJesuit

    Translucent ingame panels

    my God it's full of panels! I'll see myself out. However I'm sure there is a mod that changes the look of the UI. Peace.
  6. theJesuit

    How to Stop a Resource from Spawning?

    I'd also like to know. I'd love to stop Ore from being in the game as I split it into three for converting to fuel, life support and construction. Peace.
  7. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.7.1

    Sounds like a feature then (not a bug :| ) Does it happen with new vessels without Scrapyard being present?
  8. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.5] Kerbalism v1.7.1

    I agree with the above post @Daedalus451. Scrapyard stores parts for reuse next time. It doesn't have a mechanic to fix them. If a broken part (or fixed part) comes back it'll wait in storage and get place on the next build warts and all. As if the Falcon 9 boosters didn't get a scrub down before being reused. But consider that all parts in the game come from a third party manufacturer. Shipping back broken parts to be fixed has a cost. Cheaper probably to either keep using the broken one or purchase a new one! Maybe talk to Scrapyard about not storing or flagging broken parts so that they don't get reused. Peace.
  9. theJesuit

    [1.4.x] SIMPLEX TechTree

    Thanks! Would you put command pods and probe cores in the same branch? I did consider this, but wanted to keep a reasonable separation of crewed vs. non crewed - hence why the probe cores are in the same branch as the antennae and relays. Ideally I'd put MK1,2,3 tanks elsewhere, but so far I've only used the stock nodes, including the two stock ones that are unused. If CTT's nodes are unique, then I may release an extended version? With a sixth major 'tanks' branch for the cylinderical and Mk spaceplane forms. This would then mean spliting up the engineering construction branch, as when adding in the Near Future and SSPX mods it tends to fill up. I'd also like to have a third mini crewed branch for longer term habitation, so greenhouses and station parts (including the hitchhiker). There are no current plans for this unless people are keen. I do need to update anyway - maybe this evening. I've sorted support for IFILS and it's specialist nodes, Near Future Construction, Solar and Spacecraft, SSPX, kOS and KER and some others for their parts (which I think I use them partless anyway) and also Kerbalism which I think is missing in 1.2. Currently I'm working my way through a playthrough with Kerbalism SIMPLEX on a 50% science career save (100% funds), with Minmus moved to Eeloo via Kopernicus. This is ostensibly to balance out the NF and SSPX but also to check that a flyby of Duna and Eve with the Kerbalism transmissible science (only radiation senor, barometer and thermometer), with a half dozen Mün probe landings including the seismic sensor will lead to a Apollo style Mün landing. I should really put this in a mission report log as well. Of course in Earth History, Apollo 11 happened after Mars and Eve flybys I think it will work with only 9 or 10 mun biomes visited - all the near ones I think. Peace,
  10. theJesuit

    IXS Warpship Original Series

    My goodness, so serious! Thoughts and prayers with you. Peace.
  11. I LOLed. Thanks @Nertea.
  12. theJesuit

    Launch viewing facility

    There was a mod that allowed for kerbals to spawn outside the doors around the KSC. I don't know if something built with Kerbal Konstructs would help as a viewing platform. Peace.
  13. Hi @Gabu, This is really great! I love two parts in particular, the enclosed boarding 'airlock' for the Titan II Pod, also the Titan Hab Ring. Nice work. I assume that eventually the centrifuges will both rotate? Any plans for IVAs? Recently I've been harking back to the ideas that the rotational section could never be properly sealed and so would be placed within a pressure hull, such as in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Hence I have a request/ suggestion - a much wider version of the Titan Hab, possibly with two internal 'decks'. The pressure hull would not rotate, but have some windows to show the movement of the internal centrifuge hull - only for prettiness, these windows are just transparent parts of the outer hull. I also would made in a flat cylinder too, not a 2001 Discovery spheroid. To get around the 'windows not rotating' crew in any future IVA would probably use ultra high def LCD "windows" which wouldn't necessarily to attached to the rotational part of the craft. But not having a rotational outer hull means we could surface attach things to it as well. Thanks for ongoing Capsule Corp design modding! Peace.
  14. theJesuit

    KSC Microbiomes since 1.3

    @Duke Leto it does make sense and now I think about it, using KEI, I can have different values of these biomes depending on whether I have a fresh save and run KEI straight away or after a quicksave or going into a building. It's never really bothered me as it seems to come out in the wash and comparatively. As for the science generator why not send a couple of mat labs and goo from high low orbit and of Kerbin and Mün and use that science? Peace.
  15. theJesuit

    KSC Microbiomes since 1.3

    @Duke Leto, some of these change to new biomes or give more science when upgrading to new facilities. I don't think I've seen notes where KSC mini biomes have changed. I'd like to introduce you to my friends at the Kerban Environmental Institute. They changed my life in career mode saves. Peace.