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  1. Awesome @magico13. Thanks for your efforts. As for names, what about variations on... TLC Time Limited Construction TBA Temporal Building Addon CAB Chronal Activated Building I like... TAB Temporal Activated Building Peace.
  2. I saw this as soon as it happened. In doing some research (stalking) the mod author wanted it temporarily closed, but the forum moderators were reluctant to close, reopen threads ad infinitum and the mod author said that they would statr a new thread in the future. I have three guesses as to why (you could PM them and ask, or they might see this topic and enlighten us) They have no interest at this time to keep updating the mod, but may return. The mod works fine, but people cannot read nor follow instructions and the author wanted a break. My favourite conspiracy (you heard it here first !) Squad/ T2/ whoever was going to do exactly the same thing - stock sized real solar system - as part of/ update date to MHE or a future DLC pack and asked the mod to be removed for a time while they established it. I reckon that once the bugs are ironed out of Making History, Squad will release Earth/ Moon/ planets and major moons in stock size, because this is what history is all about - or it will be a $5 addon but with axial tilt. One can only dream. Peace.
  3. Thanks @SpannerMonkey(smce). So the 'normal way' to add to an existing IVA is to put .mu file into blender (there are instructions somewhere for this i know) 3d model/ manipule the objects which includes actual seat, the .seat transforms which is where the kerbal will appear? and .eye transform camera position? for iva and I guess a camera spot to view the kerbal in flight view? Then put back into unity for export as a .mu file for a win.
  4. Hi modding gurus, Inspired in part by MacLuky and the undersized MHdlc LEM, I want to add a seat in to the stock MK1 and Mk2 Landercan IVAs - as it has been proven that there is plenty of space! Yes I can add a seat via crew capacity - but I want to see the little green lasses and laddies properly. I'm also not interested in additional props like ASET. I have installed Unity, and part tools, added a passenger seat prop, or a pilot seat from the props and 'wrote' the .mu file. Changing the part's CFG for number of seats and for Internal model doesn't seem to work as no IVA shows up? I'm assuming it isn't as simple as this what I assumed. Do I need to be working with both the part and the internal in the same scene? As I've only been loading in the internal. Do I need to include texture files as well? Or do I need to add the seat to the internal in blender and then export to unity? Kinda really starting from scratch here sorry. I've seen that there are a few hour plus videos. I don't have much time, like 30 mins a day to do any 'work' or gameplay, so pointing me at the best tutorial for this would be appreciated if that would be more beneficial. Thank you! Peace.
  5. [1.3.x] MacLuky Space Solutions [0.4]

    Yup that's great thank you - I was hoping that the extra seat would disappear as well it's not quite OCD, just a pedanticness. I didn't see your reply all week, but I have been inspired to download unity but having issues which I'll bring up in the right place. Looking forward to the new series! Peace.
  6. KSP: To the Mun

    Delightfully irreverent. Thanks!
  7. Thanks @Snark. I've thought about this for a while. Peace.
  8. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Don't be sorry you have a life and need to live it. More important things come up. Looking forward to an update though! Peace.
  9. [1.4.1] Decoupler Shroud

    Skiniz, are you in 1.4.1? EDIT- Of course navot in you aren't planding an update then just say... ORIGINAL - Hi @navot. Any idea why this would happen? I'll try and spend some time replicating with different combinations - would logs help? My guess is that within the shroud the atmospheric physics are ignored but when the decoupler is decoupled the physics aren't being reapplied to items that were within the shroud. Fine for things that are going to land in an atmosphere but not so much for heatshields! I'll look at heatshield and easily burnable material too to see if they are affected. Peace.
  10. [1.4.1] Decoupler Shroud

    Hi all, not sure if other people have this issue. If so then I'll post logs etc @navot I am in 1.4.1 (also have MH). Using the decoupler shroud against the 2.5m heatshield, in turn attached to the Mk1-3 pod, the heatshield is ignored by the game when entering the atmosphere. The decoupler is staged off as the craft hits 70km altitude so only the pod and heat shield remain, but the pod heats up and the heatshield loses no ablator an doesn't show the red flames off the shield. Same craft, same staging etc, but without the decoupler shroud enabled this time (mod still installed), it works fine. It also works fine using the ugly and slightly offset heatshield shroud. Peace.
  11. Thanks for your work @Snark and @Jarin for the tank retexturses. If you plan on looking at the stock 3.75m parts cam there be an orange tank variation too please with the stock black and white tidied up, and include the stock 2.5 to 3.75 adaptor texture? Really happy this mod exists as it is thPugh. Peace.
  12. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4

    Try a fresh download install without downloading the dlc (is that possible?) And see if it is still there in 1.4.1. But asking is probably the most reliable way. If you get no answer and it is there without downloading the dlc then you have asked. You can always remove feature if requested later. Peace.
  13. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3.2

    That's a little more complex. Delete it from the profile named in the settings.cfg.
  14. [1.4.1] Kerbalism v1.3.2

    In the settings.cfg located in the GameData/kerbalism folder
  15. [1.3.x] MacLuky Space Solutions [0.4]

    Heyya @MacLuky, I have a request please. That is for you to revisit your idea for the LanderCan MK12 with only one extra seat (for 2 seats total and room to suit up ?). I think that with the Making History LEM being a little of a non-stock letdown, it makes more sense for MK1 LanderCan to include just one more seat. So as not to make this too OP though, perhaps could please you also add a third seat to the Mk2 Lander Can - It would then keep the progression going and add a viable option before using stock hitchhiker as a four seater. (also really enjoyed your Duna on Kerbalism story!) Peace.