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  1. Nice! Did you draw these yourself or pull them from the game? Peace.
  2. That is a relativit-ly modest warranty for a clock... I'll see myself out. Thanks for bring this back! Peace.
  3. Only if there is fuel there Peace.
  4. Either you were thinking the same thing, or your skills in modelling are quite not only proficient but incredibly efficient! Peace
  5. Very much looking forward to the drop... This looks very cool. Great work! Peace.
  6. Looks very awesome. Why not angle from the wide top to the narrow bottom of the intakes? The narrow looks to make more sense for the size of your pipes. Then again but as it is for compression of air, maybe not. In saying that I like the top more for all the reasons you said. Peace.
  7. I had this issue prior to 1.2 I think and it pushed me away from this mod. I was just reading through to see if it had been resolved but this will help. Will changing the cfg fix any issues with current ships?
  8. What a great idea! This saves me having to record into a notebook for each save... Thanks @linuxgurugamer! Peace.
  9. SoonTM then ... Which parts will need the B9partswitch? Also, what .dll are the centri-spinnals using for their animation? Is it WildBlueTools? Peace.
  10. I think it is a orbital station. Or a funny looking rover thing. Peace.
  11. The original small Centrifuge had a capacity of four, with a nicely made IVA to show the seating arrangements. It didn't rotate through, which isn't as big an issue as you would think as inflatables wouldn't necessarily have windows!
  12. Without seeing and experiencing the new models, I have a feeling I'll prefer the 3.75 models, however I am most interested in playing with the centri-spinnals I like a tightly run ship, without excessive numbers of kerbals messing it up - a larger ship is more massive, more fuel required, more LS needed! I also prefer to run my space program from the tier two launchpad, which means around 18-20 tons payload to LKO, and aesthetically only the stock size two fairings for aesthetics and so the 5m model may be too large in comparison. But I'll have to hurry up, wait, and see! So, please don't despair! Peace.
  13. Congratulations! A great read over the past wee while! Peace.
  14. For the newer small centrifuge.
  15. @linuxgurugamer here we go. Bundled is Layered Animations by Starwaster which has a license of Unlicence. The licence for the centrifuge by Porkjet is I understand is CC-BY. This will only be a temporary link. Peace. EDIT - Kerbalism's alogarithm for working out surface area doesn't work so good with this I think you can specify though in a cfg - I just haven't yet EDIT2 - removed link. PM me if you want it.