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  1. simple mod request

    Thanks @Streetwind I have given this a go with ModuleResourceConverter and by manipulating kerbal traits to utilise with it. I created a LifeWaste resource, added a LifeWasteGenerator trait to kerbals and created a Converter to pods. They did indeed start manually. Ideally it would generate a resource regardless of experience level of each kerbal, would scale for only the number of kerbals currently in the part (like 1 of 3) and stop when a kerbal leaves a part or the ship. At the moment I can't get it to work like that and the Stock Modules I don't think are capable of achieving it. I am happy to be wrong if someone can point me in the right direction! Stopping and starting manually isn't ideal I don't think. So any hints or configs that people would know of? Peace.
  2. simple mod request

    Hi all, Whilst I really like IFILS for its total simplicity, I would like to add in a possible 'extension' mechanic for it. What I am looking for is a plugin that has the ability to generate a resource (or multiple resources) specified by a cfg file. The amount and name of the resource(s) would be generated per kerbal in a craft, would begin at launch. Kind of a IFILS in reverse I guess but without the ability to kill any kerbal as excess resources would be dumped overboard. Simple life support mods such as CLLS or IFILS could then be extended by modders. I don't think it would need a GUI - it would be something that just sat in the background doing its thing. Another way of thinking about it would be to consider kerbals being little RTGs, producing a different resource to electricity (hopefully specifiable). Would anyone please be able to create this for me , or point me in the right direction to a mod that already does this? I've tried fudging this using the ModuleResourceConverter/Harvester/ Generator but can't get it to work in a meaningful way. Thanks, and thanks @linuxgurugamer and thanks @-MM- for ensuring that the simple LS mods are awesome! Peace.
  3. Intriguing, and interesting that you are spending the time working on Internals too Could it be from your picture that the 'seats' are being resized but not the kerbals themselves? Peace.
  4. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    1. No. Part failures just happen. There is a mechanic that allows to improve the quality of a part with funds and some extra mass at the time of construction (right click menu in the VAB) 2. Don't see why not. Their may already be a patch included with Kerbalism. 3. Kerbalism reverts to remote tech if installed and uses that instead. Peace.
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    As far as I can I think it is a combination of a profile cfg and the settings as the profile deals with the habitablity which includes radiation. Space weather setting only deals with the CMEs. All the life support stuff is definitely in the profile. Peace.
  6. Hi @nascarlaser1 A further option would be to created a new profile for Kerbalism which is where I have put my attention in recent times (I also like the radiation mechanic). The Simplified profile is linked in my form sig. Are you going to have a crack at a creating a plugin? What elements would you include in Life Support mod? Peace?
  7. @nascarlaser1 you can also try this mod here which is a firm favourite of mine. But I also am looking to create a LS mod with both between the the simplicity of the 1 unit per day, but also with a more varied approach to generating that life support at the end of the day! Looking into this, I'm wondering whether using CLLS or IFILS, for the life support could then be supplemented somehow with adding ModuleGenerator with a rate tied to the number of kerbals alive in the part that generates the 'waste' resource such as LifeResidue or something. The IFI or CLLS 'greenhouses' would then need EC plus the LifeResidue to be converted back. Peace.
  8. Thanks for picking this up @linuxgurugamer. I'd love to be able to add some functionality to the mod, by using Resources such as Ores or O2, Nutrients and Parts as well as EC to generate the LifeSupport resources which is supposed to also included scrubbers? Anyway, would it be possible to add in the waste product of the LifeSupport as it would seem this is only lost overboard after consumption. This has always been my favourite LS mod. You're a gem. Peace.
  9. Precision Control ON by default?

    Not sure... possibly just keep Caps Lock on? Peace.
  10. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing

    This is another mod to add to the awesomeness list. Thanks @Icecovery! Peace.
  11. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    @Badie and @SQUAD, just wondering if you know how previous devs such as @HarvesteR are getting on with the current spate earthquakes. Still thinking of you all! Peace.
  12. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    Hi @SQUAD, Woke up to news of the 7.1 only 100 or so kms from Mexico City. My own experience in Christchurch several years ago helped me understand what it is like when massive aftershocks come through and how unsettling they are. We have a saying in New Zealand from the Maori language: 'Kia kaha' which means 'stay strong' or 'stay resilient'. [pronounced in English: key-ar kar-har]. I pray that your families and friends are safe. Peace be upon you and kia kaha.
  13. [1.3] kOS v1.1.3.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    Really appreciate the work you all put into it! Thank you! This is a great mod for simplifying repetative tasks and automating landings for cinematics. Thanks everyone for the studious work. Peace.
  14. This looks great. Awesome work Peace.
  15. Just hope everyone at @SQUAD HQ is okay after your massive earthquake. I realise that Squad HQ in Mexico City is a way away, but I'm sure you will know people affected. Prayers are with you. Peace.