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  1. What you may be looking for is kerbalism. TAC alike values (so kinda realistic), radiation, part failures including engine burn ratings, science that takes time and has a point to bases. Even fuel cells use correct resources. You can turn off or adjust all the options too. For colony parts use SSPX and KPBS. However, if you want babies or new kerbalnauts from your colonies then none of the above will help. Peace.
  2. If it isn't photoshop and it works in game... I second this. Peace.
  3. Okay, I'm waiting for a particular mod WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED... apologies to Bob Dylan Please add your own verses. Theme for verse one: Mods How many days must a man log in For a mod that has yet to be updated? And how many saves must a man start afresh As mods are staggered out to the masses? And how many mods will it take till he knows That his new computer bought has just fried? The answer is my friend is blowin' in the wind; Yet the flag seems to blow without any wind. Peace.
  4. I would... to hide from the evil Empire and it's forces. Peace.
  5. Hi HyperFun, welcome to the Forums for last month. What does this mod include? Peace.
  6. Kerbalism. Also, in the next version of kerbalism the issues that it has had around high time warp will be fixed. Kerbalism includes stress, radiation, part breakdowns, the next version will include part breakdowns on engines. You lose some resource needed if you EVA. Peace.
  7. I just watched the Mat Lowne to the Mün and back cockpit only. But this is three years old. I'd like to request anyone to do a similar video perhaps with Mün Apollo style maybe to Ike/ Duna and back. Perhaps using the map screen and HullCam VDS. With the cameras on extendable boons that enable right click on the parts of the ship to Eva kerbals and such. Anyone up for a cinematic challenge? Peace.
  8. You might do an outpost for refueling and habitation/life support or something on Ike if playing JNSQ (2.7 times stock size). With kerbalism, the Ike option becomes viable so that you can refuel through a robotic base on Ike for crewed craft on high delta vee but short trips to minimise radiation exposure. Peace.
  9. I cam to find out why i couldn't like. Thanks for the topic. thumbs up! Peace.
  10. Good. I bring sacred 100% perique tobacco for the peace pipe. It'll put hair on your teeth Peace is how I most often sign of my posts I look forward to my teeth being much warmer for the cold spring we are supposed to be having. As long as don't have to vape. That's just wrong. Peace.
  11. And yet when you go into a communications shadow you can't control your vessels My pick is that this will be an option with signal delay. Also, with advanced tech nodes, engines and such I'm tginking thsy there will also be an advanced AI that functions as a kerbal - otherwise why have anything othet than an OCTO2? Peace.
  12. Welcome to the forums @KerbalInPeace. This mod does indeed work in 1.7. But the opening and shutting airlock is only available in the trial which is available a few posts up as a google drive download. Peace.
  13. Have a two tiered system: Science Points - provide a baseline that allows the Engineering Points to be generated. Engineering Points - replaces the Part test contracts but these are points to unlock tech tree nodes. Parts types have tests that can be run in different places. So for: Crewed parts - pressure test Low atmo, high atmo, vacuum. Engine parts - isp test Low atmo, high atmo, vacuum. Structural - strength test Low atmo, high atmo, vacuum, in light, in shadow, or perhaps an acceleration test in each environment. Run these at different places to unlock the next node up from where they are. Even remove or nerf the bonus system - you have already completed a structural part test in orbit around kerbin, try around Minmus for some more points! These allow progression up a branches of the tech tree, ie to better engines, bigger capsules etc. The science experiments continue to have a role. The science needs to be done first in order to form a base line for the parts. In order to unlock the engine engineering tests on the Mun, you need to run the barometer and the materials bay there first. Therefore science points unlock ability to gain engineering points, giving you new technology. Biomes would still exist but primarily for ISRU which is more important for colonies. Peace.
  14. Do you think you will be able to add an option for a 'go to vessel' and instead be a 'launch' when the alarm window appears. Then the craft will spawn on the launchpad? Peace.
  15. Cloud city perhaps at Eve but definitely at Jool. Hey @SQUAD can you please pass on floating colonies like that too? That would be beautiful. Peace.