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  1. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    Ah right. That makes sense. I'm going to have to think about this for Simplex then as it combines food and water into a single resource... Thanks for the clarification! Peace.
  2. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    I have to admit I'm unsure as to the mechanics of how humidity works. It's based on volume and number of kerbals. But where is the logic behind getting the water into the MoistAtmosphere? I can see the water being extracted in the hjmdity extractor but not how the breathing puts it in. It almost looks like water is generated from naught. (Oh and Simplex will be updated today or tomorrow.) Peace.
  3. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    Missed that. Sorry it's late here now. Peace.
  4. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    @PiezPiedPy, @Gordon Dry Definitely the latest clone from Github (is that I am supposed to get the freshest?). It seems that whatever the planner is calling "communications (control)" is being drained constantly. In the last version I was using (## v1.6.0 for KSP 1.4.3 - 2018-05-26) that same requirement did not seem to drain EC, but was 12units/sec in the planner. Now in the latest release off Githubit drains fast, needing four OX-STATS facing the sun to keep up with EC drain PER command pod and probe. Github Issue #64 Peace. EDIT - SORTED. Perhaps internal transmitters may need a separate module which may resolve #53
  5. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    I think so... but not sure now. Disregard please till I've checked that out!
  6. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    New pods. Not a new save though.
  7. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    @PiezPiedPy, forgive my ineptitude, but in the last github build I downloaded, all parts with a command module seem to require a large amount of EC - (like 1.2 unit/s) so that a couple of the smallest static solar panels can't keep up - is this expected? The planner indicates this is simply a command connection or something. Also, this seems to be stackable - so a couple of probe cores or command pods doubles the EC requirement. I'm not sure where to nerf this issue if it is. Peace. PS - played with the transmission stuff that you helped with this morning. It worked a treat! Thanks.
  8. theJesuit

    refueling pad

    @Xd the great I believe you want kerbal konstructs for what you describe. For everything! But there is a little learning curve Otherwise it may be easier to have tanks that have psuedo mining or slow generation of LFO by copying in the RTG cfg file to a tank cfg file and change the generation resource to LFO. Just have these nearby and use a mod like EVA Transfer and have your kerbals walk it over. I'm sure that there is another mod called simple logistics or something that may all do this without even having to attach the craft. Hope this helps! Peace.
  9. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    Added Issue 60 to Github (and my keyboard seems to revert to the UK for some reasons.... Grrr windows with no hash). Thanks! Peace.
  10. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    @PiezPiedPy turns out that adding back in the ModuleScienceLab also adds the stock lab Converter buttons which even though they say they are happy to extract data aren't part of kerbalism's Module Laboratory data collection service. And so the data disappears to the ether. So... would it be possible to have kerbalism laboratory module or a new one be able to reset goo and material bays please. Should I be adding an issue on Github? Peace.
  11. Another for KER. It tells me where I am, where I am going and helps me get there.
  12. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    Thanks! That helps and I finally get! And now I won't have to chase my tail over the atmosphere stuff. Phew! My plans for Simplex science will be some reduce the transmit time significantly, make it so the scientists can't restore the materials bay and goo, only at the Lab 'sterile environment and all that'. I would like reapply a nerf of the 'science mining' such as the stock module or else create a large Mit science experiment available in the Lab, but probably one that is only for surface, low, high orbit. I'll update Simplex upon the next Kerbalism release! Peace.
  13. theJesuit

    [1.3.1/1.4.3] Kerbalism v1.7.0

    @PiezPiedPy, Just to clarify as I don't have a lot of time to spend on KSP at the moment, with the new signal transmission mechanics, if I wanted to increase the speed of transmission back to Kerbin I'm assuming that for each of the antenna, I would just increase packetSize in each of the antennae (through an MM patch)? Or would I need to do things to the packetInterval and packetResourceCost as well? Also, I seem to have an issue with HUGE amount of WasteAtmosphere being generated with my Simplex profile (still in BETA). The rates are all the same, but I don't have Ratio added in the rules. I'm assuming this was added in Kerbalism 1.6.0 but is this now needed to balance rates for these processes that include it within the default profile? Thanks for your help and ongoing development! Peace.
  14. theJesuit

    [1.3] Planetary Domes

    Chances are that @Thrimmwon't pick this message up unless you use his moniker like I have. In saying is he was working on a large update (awesomness with opening and shutting 'airlock' doors to be able to walk straight into the domes on EVA), but I think he may have given away modding due to enjoyment/ time it takes and issues around the recent EULA. Still, support Thrimm tough by checking out his great youTube channel To answer you question This mod does work with 1.4.3 as far as I have used it - I like the dome plate especially Peace.