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  1. I've always been one to restart from scratch my careers saves when KSP updated, or a major mod got updated, especially my own. So, an early purchase on my 8.5 year old ASUS ROG laptop, and KSP2 was stuttery - beyond playable really, but it did load. I mucked around for a couple of hours, but I was struggling to I went back to playing my KSP1, and the difference I experienced with a moderately modded KSP was much more pronounced than I expected. I didn't take much to settle back in to KSP1 and continue my career save. With Patch One, the change in KSP2 was amazing. Yes, so many patches obviously in the pipeline already, but it meant that I could actually laucnh a rocket and experience the wobbliness and the enjoyable frustration of so many YouTubers. But back to KSP1 and the same thing. Enjoying playing through. Then, browsing SpaceDock again this morning and I see Galaxy Tweaker, K2-D2 and the prospect of more KSP2 gameplay is exciting. I'm looking forward to adding my own modding support I'll be able to give (I guess it will JSON creation rather than CFG reconfiguring), but most of all a game that runs pretty much as smoothly as the original. I have hope!
  2. Is there a view of how the Tech Tree will look yet? Are 1.875m parts in the pipeline? Is life support looking likely?
  3. Well, I've only got two hours more before patch release is a day late in my time zone GMT+13 NZDT.
  4. I kept forgetting that the tools subforum existed for ksp1. But if I did want an external program then it was the place to go and I'd keep it. My only suggestion would be for planet packs to get their own subforum as well.
  5. I know that there are threads for the Making History parts, but I'm keen for the tanks. 1.875m tanks look good under the Mk1-3 pod and as landing stages under a MEM style craft with the Mk1 Landercan. With the Mk2 Landercan, the same applies as the Mk1-3 pod, the landing legs would sit nicely within the confines of 2.5m when in a payload bay or fairing, if they were attached to a 1.875m tank. As for naming there was a kind of sizing names in my head.. 0.625 tiny 1.25 small 1.875 medium 2.5 large 3.75 huge 5 gigantic Maybe the XS, Sm, Me, Lg could be changed to numbers in some way?
  6. Feature request please. Being able to assign (bind) keys to increase/decrease values. Also, an autocircularise button. Thanks for bringing this through to KSP2!
  7. Apparently, this is supposed to be the same as my Forum details, but it doesn't want to fly! It says Invalid Login Credentials
  8. Yes. You have to delete it and rename the 12 hour manually.
  9. I am excited for a possibility of built in modding support, and the chance to add to an amazing game. Also, the fun of working through the game from constant fresh starts, as new feature get added constantly from the devs.
  10. The way I read this was that the video was stating the video did not exist. Like writing on a whiteboard with a marker - "this whiteboard is empty"
  11. I upgraded in 2014 as my old workhorse was just not really coping. It's now 2023 and I'm now thinking I need an upgrade again. I've moved house three times since I bought my 'new' laptop 8.5 years ago. And yes, I figured it will probably die at some point. An upgrade at some point is inevitable.
  12. If the game can't load, or is unplayable, then the Steam refund policy may be your friend (under two hours playtime).
  13. So... There is always the possibility that you could get a refund from Steam if you purchase and the game is unplayable on your setup - you have two hours of playtime to make that decision. If it won't load, or constantly crashes then it should be obvious that your specs are coping. That's my plan if the game is unplayable due to hardware issues.
  14. My GPU isnt up to snuff... but the 45GB install is going to be more of an issue for me.
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