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  1. @Fundati, Like @hemeac I started with using MM patches to patch into kerbalism until kerbalism went down the separate config route. This was helpful as the profile in kerbalism is not very helpful in MM patching. The kerbalism all the comsumption rates are in the profile, called default.cfg. This is in the KerbalismConfig download. The rukes define consumption rates, what kills etc. Supplies are what goes into pods and the processes are for all the funky things that you might want to do such as isru or fuel cells that are kinda independant to what the kerbals themselves do intern
  2. You are such amazing and beautiful people. I wasn't meaning to poke bears... stressful morning has been made so much better. Thank you all! Peace.
  3. Thankfully it is , I will probably remove radiation though It is also licensed as the Unlicesne so you can do what you like with the code!
  4. I do disagree. The ECLSS, is for temperature regulation, pressure is simulated and it adds to kerbal stress if it isnt there and requires nitrogen to keep cabins pressurised as it similates leaks at the same rate as the ISS per square metre of surface area. I would like the food, water, air and components to be in the new containers too but the current devs have said that is beyond their scope currently. . That would be a great point of difference. One other idea that would be awesome (if you are coding from scratch) is for stored food to have a shelf life. If you are going to h
  5. Whilst I wouldn't mind having another mod to play with, canI humbly suggest you look at kerbalism? This may fulfil what you are looking to achive. Also... kerbalism 4 is under developement if you are wanting to get your teeth into something that needs some help gettinv finished. However, not many mods cover the eat breathe, drink plus waste along with pressure and temperature. So something new would be great. Peace.
  6. I've been waiting for a 1.11 release to start a new career but it i don't think I can wait much longer So I may just avoid the bugged parts and start anyway. Peace.
  7. Are you talking about the Achievements.cfg that is in the Achievements folder? As there doesn't seem to be any other cfg files in the download. I can see examples, some commented out, in the Achievements.cfg file, but even the commented out ones look to be added to the persistence file which suggests that they are hard coded by the mod. I'm looking to remove all the 145 or so ones that come with mod, so that I only have 4 rewards, i.e. enter SOI, orbit, land, plant flag. The idea is a proof for a 'flag and footprints' playthrough.
  8. Hi @linuxgurugamer, finally getting round to having this for a playthrough. Is there any way to disable the built in achievements and then specify my own? Thanks for the work that you are doing. Peace.
  9. I do get this sometimes. It often means i cant throttle down, but i can turn off the engine from the PAW. I put it down to a mechanical failure. But yes, an exit and return fixes the issue. Peace.
  10. 1. Kinda. They don't work together. Kerbalism is much harder and near impossible to make sustained bases. 2. That would be Extraplanetary Lauchpads. Or Global Construction.
  11. @Fundati I'm not sure of your coding experience. I don't, but I'm handy at sorting through config files so I've made mods that way. I wonder if you have a lot of coding experience, then helping with kerbalism 4.0 development rather than starting from scratch. If you have little experience, this is a great place to learn, or if you are like me then create your own profile to suit. Some of the things you mentioned i agree with, and so created Kerbalism Simplex, less reources basically. But not having to worry about nitrogen was important to me. Peace.
  12. I think thats okay. Give plenty of time to get there to science it up and stop the explosions. Not making it face Dres seems a very kerbal way of designing things. Peace.
  13. I'm aware of the issue. But away currently so have t been able to update.
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