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  1. If you want something a little different with ISRU, then Simplex Resources. I'd also not bother with Making History, instead use ReStock and ReStock Plus - as this is a visual update with additional extras. It will also make your load times faster.
  2. I plan to playthrough the basic early stuff, get sick of the tech tree and start integrating the SIMPLEX mods, starting with Tech Tree. In terms of resources I suspect that there will be a different model to work with and it may be the SIMPLEX pares it back rather than extending it. Thank the anti-kraken that a basic life support will be in the game. (that's my hope!)
  3. I'm expecting to have to save for a new PC. but by then my ASUS ROG will be 9 years old
  4. @Nate Simpson thanks for the update. If that is the case could we please also have scheduled monthly updates even 2-3 min clips that show us some more polish? Something to look forward to on a certain day? Maybe the next one could be some Points of Difference summaries. I'm pleased that the scope has increased in size personally. It means that it will really be worth the jump to KSP2 and we won't be expecting to rely on DLC to plug holes. Not saying I'm not expecting DLC, just that the update will be new stuff. So thanks again. Peace.
  5. If it negates the performance gain in loading times, is this now just for RAM availability then?
  6. I don't believe you are allowed. Yes. Do it this way with MM. You can change the size, squish parts in different directions, even supply your own texture files and point to them. Check out the stock tanks file in Simplex Resources for some examples of this.
  7. Make your own profile! I thought I'd covered all the options for the rescales. The three things you need to sort out is the consumption rates of air and consumables to 1 per 10 hour day. Change the mass of the air and consumables. Change the rate that air is converted to Atmosphere.
  8. Yes. In the profiles folder you can replace the 6hour day with an 8, 9 or 12 hour one depending on your preference.
  9. Kerbalism Simplex does. It is a hatchit job, but the turbines are basically air harvesters that generate power from a resource that is added. Doesn't use the poper mechanism. Happy for you to steal it for a kerbalism vanilla
  10. Are you using SimplexResources as well? If not j really do need to address it
  11. I voted 2, but could be 3. Reasoning - DLCs. DLCs will add more, but be focused on game play changes - there isn't any point of just having more stock dlc parts or planets if modders can do similar things for naught. My guess for DLC will end up being yes more systems, but also life support, life spans, alien life, or even a new mode for multiplayer (or multiplayer if it doesn't come isn't vanilla stock). DLC might also include a stock kopernicus if that isn't included in the vanilla game if there is a DLC that is more planet specific.
  12. I cant remember. Havent had time to look at it.
  13. Might be the weekend. Not enough time this morning. Just get them to hold their breath
  14. That helps. I'm in New Zealand so tomorrow morning for looking at it is about 7 hours away. I think i should change the in game description. But the null ref is annoying.
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