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  1. Another short thing... if map view is still a thing separate from flight, I'd like to have it come up on separate monitors if you have two screens. Peace.
  2. Oh how Civ changed my life when I was given the floppies in 1994 from a family whose kids had left home and didn't play games (not pirated I think?) - but never got given the manual. Every thousand years I had to make a guess. Peace.
  3. Not actual in game footage... or is it? Peace.
  4. Not too grounded. Moar Boosters. I'll see myself out. Peace.
  5. Thanks! Just so every one knows, I haven't put a new thing up for kerbalism 3.x.x because the scope has been to keep everything close to stock/ and mass ratios. The science is something i'd like to rework in a Simplex way, but for now the science is what the science does and keeping the current mod sitting alongside KerbalismConfig as opposed to replacing it (see RO config) is the only way I can manage it. Peace.
  6. Yay! I'll update the title my title @UomoCapra. Thanks. I guess is that when KSP funding begins to tail off there could be a DLC that is effectively the original placed lovingly into the new... Peace.
  7. The first thing I noticed on the dev video was no Squad peeps. It's all a new company. So is Squad (the spun off team from the Mexican PR company who were sold or contracted after the IP was sold to TakeTwo) being decommissioned then? Ask for a friend. EDIT - Squad are here to stay. Hooray! Peace.
  8. Ability to not have to worry about time warp... Basically a way to integrate or add life support and possible colonies? Peace.
  9. So not building from the ground up? There will be a mod for that. Peace.
  10. Looks like TakeTwo have followed their Civ release model. GAME + expansion pack 1 + expansion pack 2 then GAME 2. Peace.
  11. I'd be really keen and was hoping that Squad might add ModuleResourceConverter (ISRU), as well, and requested it at some point I think through the 1.6 updates. But I guess it is with low priority, or the have some reasonfor not including it. Maybe time for a followup @SQUAD and @St4rdust? Simplex Propulsion #shamelessplug also added some engine upgrades - but it probably needs revisiting Peace.
  12. That's amazing, and I like @Noir's suggestions too but I'd go further... I'd put the staging across the top, or on the bottom with the fuel levels hanging below or rising above. You could then pop the maneuver node and bottom left stuff underneath that so that info is in one place on the screen. Either that or running across the bottom bewteen the navball and the newly position portrait stack. It makes more sense to have the kerbals stack on the bottom right, and keep stacking them up, although their gee-meters should be thinner/ not as wide. I'd also put the icons there as well. I'd also have the toolbar across the top rather than down the right side (like it used to be). The altimeter could be positioned moved/shunted along if necessary to make room for the toolbar icons. I like have a wide screen Peace.
  13. @Nertea I also hope that it isn't a long term wait for inspiration to come back to this! I feel that FF has always been a nice to have, but for career players so many places can be got to without getting to these parts. But I think that for mods like Kerbalism and JNSQ, where radiation, stress and distance add difficukty doing the crewed missions to the outermost planets is only possible with the far future engines to get the speed and ISP. Looking forward to the NF Exploration and your ideas for it. Peace.
  14. Are you using Kerbalism? Inside Laythe orbit is high radiation and will kill your kerbals quickly. Peace.