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  1. Can someone tell me if the stock size JNSQ using sigma is 365 days/year and 6 hour days? Or is it back to 426 days/year as in stock.
  2. Currebt working: Turns out i was wrong about the greenhouse from SSPX. The 2.5m and 3.75m are supposed to suppoort 1 kerbal each but the 2.5 every 18 days for regular harvests. Given the mass increases i think I'll keep the amounts as I've set them but i forgot to keep the change to the 2.5m one to 72 day harvesting. I've also tidied up some code in the profile. And started on the profile file for 12 hour days. Basically it adjusts the density of the LS resources by MM patch, then in the profile the speed at which LS resources are consumed (to keep 1 unit per day). Other things like keeping pressure for atmosphere leaks using Air also has to be adjusted also the amount of mass for the MP /Air Fuel Cell meaning it will use fewer units but the same mass. I think this is fair as a 'day' is longer. I may have to adjust the Simplex Resources ISRU profile as well. I'll test to make sure I'm not creating mass! If not it'll be left as it requires ALOT more effort Atmospheric harvesters will also be left. The great thing is that the MM patch with profile will allow for ease at adjusting all parts for whatever the length of day. However, profiles themselves in kerablism 3.x can't be patched so it isnt enough to just have a single download. I'm going to have an 'extras' set which you'll have to manually install. This will be for 12 hour, 8 hour or 7.5 hour days. You'll replace the Profile file. This is instead of having four different unique downloads.
  3. Possibly. I went for Kerbalism a long time ago as it was easier to manipulate. The last time I looked at this, 3 years ago maybe, USI had some hardcoded use of particular resources, although my understanding of MM patching has grown since then. When kerbalism had hardcoded resources I was able to ask for them to be changed and they were. There is a lot going on in MKS? but USI just has Supplies and Mulch, which I guess are Consumables and OrganicSlurry analogues. It may be possible? Happy for someone to make a suggestion! So if I do look at USI it won't be anytime soon - if even before KSP2 though sorry.
  4. Are you looking for something like only the experiments, or the time delay in getting them?
  5. Updated - Changelog here: Changelog 3.5 Moist Atmosphere removed as humidity was removed from Kerbalism! Fixed double code for atmospheric harvesters. New telescope experiment (TeleView) modded telescope parts (not adding to Sentinel). Support added for SIMPLEX Colonies - Background processing for Colonist Creation and Interest RLA Reborn smallest engine has more ignitions with suggestion from @jlcarneiro SIMPLEX Resources - MetalParts and CustomParts ISRU re-added for Extraplanetary Launchpads and SandCastle with SIMPLEX Assembly - Lithium production for Near Future Propulsion - PowderFuel production for SIMPLEX Propulsion Kerbal Planetary Bases Systems (PlanetaryBaseInc) - fixed science experiment placement in parts - RELAX experiment only in parts that aren't workshops, geenhouses, command, cupolas - greenhouse supports .5 kerbals - greenhouse container has BioMatter experiment and plant comfort but not Consumables production - fixed ISRU - large control room has lab, but not lab crew experiemnts (these are only in the lab) - Laboratory has Lab crew experiements and TeleView experiment - Given both drills the chance to shine with Simplex Ores Stockalike Station Parts eXpansion Redux (SSPX) - part science experiments - fixed science experiment placement in parts - added support for the 1.875m parts, 5m parts - 1.25m Inflatable "The Volleyball" had too low volume compared to the squished version so adjusted to match - 5m centrifuge "Cronus" has a volume now of 380m3, for comparison the 3.75 centrifuge 'Mercury' has only 260m3 - 1.875 lab is earlier on TechTree, doesn't get crewed experiements - 5m centrifuge has lab (and crewed experiments) as well as RELAX. - experiments removed for most 1.25m parts (except command), too small for experiments. - greenhouses updated 2.5m supports 1 kerbal, 3.75m supports 2 kerbals, 5m supports 4 kerbals, 5m dome suports 2 kerbals - aquaculture requires Saturate or Ore, and now produces Consumables constantly supporting 4 kerbals. - 1.25m cupola greenhouse has BioMatter experiment and plant comfort but not Consumables production - 1.25 cuopla crewed is too small for VISTA, only provides comfort. - 1.25 cupola telescope has TeleView experiment - Removed utility-125 special treatment with the radiation shield. Planetside Exploration Technologies - Laboratory setup - Greenhouse setup, supports .5 kerbals as in vanilla greenhouse - Assigned crew experiments appropriatly, inflatable lid for habiat is considered a tent. HabTech2 - Laboratory setups correctly - cupola is too small for VISTA, only provides comfort. HullCamVDS - Telescopes given new TeleView experiement
  6. A further update looking into JNSQ and KSRSS and the alternates that sigma dimensions provides. Thinking of rather than an alternative profile, having an EXTRA's folder as profiles can't be MM patched. Basically for advanced users - hopefully with people using JNSQ, or even KSRSS can cope with deleting and renaming a single file. This will mean that people don't get confused by scaling JNSQ which is an option. The parts themselves, including greenhouses can be patched however, so the alternate profile files will patch thesemaybe even as a FINAL. It will take a little longer to do, so I'll get the mod out first, then do another update in a week or so after testing. It will mean that I would probably do four... 24hour days, 'Real Scale' 12 hour days, JNSQ scale 8 hour days, GPP scale 7.5 hour days, KSRSS 2.5x scale Simplex Resources will need to make sure it supports these planet packs for resource distribution. I'll need to look into this as well.
  7. Cool, this complicates things a little. I'll need to rethink how I want to achieve compatibility. Thanks!
  8. Hi! Can someone please confirm the length of day with the 2.5x Sigma Dimensions? Is it 12 hours, or 7.5 hours? Looking to support this with an alternate KerbalismSimplex, as JNSQ is a 12 hour day, but if it is 7.5 hours then it will need another profile. Thanks,
  9. So much closer... I'm thinking that I'm a day away from a standard release - maybe two days from a JNSQ release? But for now, my thoughts on greenhouses in JNSQ/ 2.5 KSRSS with 12 hour days and 365 days a year? Been thinking about what these will mean for the extended year lengths in terms of number of seconds. Currently in vanilla Simplex I have greenhouses harvesting 6 times a year, 71 days till harvest (71 * 6 = 426 days or a kerbal year, but rounded up to 72 days for fun. So, in JNSQ I'm going to change it to 5 times a year of 365 days, so 73 days per harvest, but rounded down to 72 days for Profit! I've removed the harvesting feature of the mini greenhouse container in KPBS as harvesting every 4 days is not fun, as well as the 2.5m SSPX greenhouse. What I hadn't done when setting up the JNSQ profile was actually configure this properly, i.e. half the rates. So that is still to do. They will continue to support a 1:1 ratio of BadAir and OrganicSlurry in to a continuous supply of Air and a 72 day harvest of Consumables. A better explanation on mods and their greenhouses: Kerbalism 'Stock' - regular greenhouse supports 0.5 kerbals, with experiment and comfort so every 72 days you get our 36 consumables Kerbal Planetary Base Systems: - regular greenhouse supports 0.5 kerbals with experiment and comfort - container greenhouse no growing, only experiment and comfort Planetside Exploration Technologies: - regular greenhouse supports 0.5 kerbals with experiment and comfort Stockalike Stations Parts Expansion Redux (SSPX): - 2.5m diameter greenhouse now harvests the same as everything else and supports 1 kerbal with experiment and comfort (so every 72 days you get 72 consumables) - 3.75m diameter greenhouse supports 2 kerbals with experiment and comfort (so every 72 days you get 144 consumables) - 3.75m diameter aquaculture now operates as an ISRU, requires Ore or Saturate, air and consumables produced ongoing and supporting 4 kerbals with experiment but no comfort - 5m diameter greenhouse supports 4 kerbals with experiment and comfort (so every 72 days you get 288 consumables) - 5m diameter dome greenhouse supports 2 kerbals with experiment and comfort (so every 72 days you get 144 consumables) - 1.25 cupola greenhouse no growing, only experiment and comfort I'm thinking as well in the future of support the Soylent mod with no harvesting, just ongoing production which is more efficient closer to the sun.
  10. Getting closer. Done - SIMPLEX Colonies background colonist and interest growth. Interest will take 4ish days to develop Colonists will take two years to produce, although I'm considering reducing this to six months. Done - New Simplex Telescope experiment TeleView for mods with telescopes. In space and surface, but not on bodies with atmospheres. Two years to get all scince. Done - Extraplanetary Launchpads ISRU conversion also for Sandcastle for Metal Parts and Custom Parts with SIMPLEX Resources Done - ISRU For Lithium and PowderFuel for Near Future Propulsion and SIMPLEX Propulsion along with SIMPLEX Resources, Done - Kerbal Planetary Base Systems habitation, greenhouses, isru, tanks. the container greenhouse (not the habitable one will allow for BioMatter experiment and plant comfort but not food growth) Done - SSPX with corrected simplex experiments. The 1.25m parts don't have experiments, except for the core. Cupolas (but not 1.25) have VISTA only, except the dome one as that is more of a command pod so has crew report. The 5m centrifuge has both RELAX and the Lab experiments. SSPX greenhouses : The small 1.25m cupola greenhouse is not for growing food, only plant comfort and BioMatter Experiment. SSPX aquaculture - 4 kerbal suppport. This one however needs Ore (or Saturate with SIMPLEX Resources). Consumables and Air are produced constantly for a year where the 'harvest' is Ore (or Saturate). For balance, the harvest is only half the Ore/Saturate that was put in, but the Consumables and Air are a one to one with the Organic Slurry and BadAir. The 5m greenhouse will be a double the 3.75m one so 8 times vanilla supporting 4 kerbals. The 5m dome greenhouse is only half as good, support 2 kerbals. SSPX 1.25m Inflatable "The Volleyball" had too low volume compared to the squished version. SSPX 5m centrifuge "Cronus" has a volume now of 380m3, the 3.75 centrifuge 'Mercury' has only 260m3 for comparison Done - Planetside Exploration Tech, greenhouse is smaller than SSPX ones, but similar in mass to vanilla kerbalism one so supports 1/2 a kerbal. Not implementing the inflatable as a habitat as it doesn't hold kerbals (no crew capacity or IVA), think of it as a storage tent. Done - HabTech2 small cupola only panorama - too small for science. Each of the Labs can do all the experiments. Done - RLA Reborn suggested balance for its tiny aerospike as suggested by @jlcarneiro STILL TO DO Migrate all changes to a standard install as it is currently mixed in with most JNSQ changes! Recheck the JNSQ profile settings which will mean greenhouse changes which I'm not sure are correct. RELEASE 3.5 Some Simplex Resources work around drills (KPBS), and EL smelters (strange resources) and also strange tanks (with ReStock). Some work with Simplex Colonies to give an additional part for colonist growth to speed this process up. May need additional resources as well, such as more food input to the colony to produce colonists. This will only be with Kerbalism Simplex. Planetside Exploration Tech wind turbines Have special biome specific atmosphere resource for the wind turbines to be used with Kerbalism Simplex. They become harvesters for EC from the air. This may be coded for each biome particularly High pressure needed, not Duna. Large EC collection at oceans and high biomes Medium EC collection at shores by the water Light EC collection everywhere else
  11. I'm sorry I missed the females being added. So this being quite late feedback. The female Wow and Awe are quite similar, again harder to tell apart on small screens. Don't know whether I like the female wow looking at me with an 0 mouth and tongue hanging out, looks more like she is panting? That may just be my interpretation? There is no 'sobbing' or 'wow' in the male lineup. Do males not do this? The grin looks more like a grimace as if she is pushing something painful out? Full disclosure, I don't like the new ones, male or female. They haven't grown on me, so I won't use them. I think my feedback is justified though.
  12. Getting close Done - Simplex Telescope experiment TeleView. I nearly went down a rabbit hole with this, ideally, it would have been once per major system, like at Duna or Ike, Eve or Gilly, Kerbin or Mun or Minmus, landed OR space. But I can't see a restriction allowing this... so, surface and space (two per body), but not in an atmosphere. Takes one year to complete. I'm trying to make the surface a shadow only experiment at the moment. Not available in an atmosphere. So, not on Laythe, Eve, Duna or Kerbin surface. This will be available on Sentinel (along with the other orbital one with the scanning), but removed when HullCamVDS or SSPX is installed. Tt will be on the two telescopes in HullCam, the small one (good for surface bases too) and the Pictozoon_2000 Hubble one. The Pictozoom will also be moved in the two TechTrees. SSPX this is available in the cupola telescope which also needs to be moved. Again, fine for surface bases or in space. With KPBS the Laboratory has a telescope, so only installing KPBS (without HullcamVDS or SSPX, then sentinel will keep it. STILL TO DO SIMPLEX Colonies background colonist and interest growth with no part failures - still working on at the moment! Both of these need some Simplex Resources work around drills (KPBS), and EL smelters (strange resources) and also strange tanks (with ReStock) It's been a while since I set up the JNSQ profile, so now I feel I have to go back and check it. Actually, I just realised I did all the additional changes on that install with the JNSQ, so actually have to transfer back again . Then release!
  13. New Ovin. Mildly confused as per lighting and shadows with the 2020 version.
  14. Hi! You're welcome. Sideways glance... disable in favour of mks... kind of? Easier if I know what you want or don't want. By renaming to false in the settings.cfg (in the KerbalismSimplex folder) you can turn off: Reliability = true // component malfunctions and critical failures Deploy = true // add EC cost to keep module working, add EC cost to Extend\Retract (Deploy.cfg has the modules supported list) Science = true // science data storage, transmission and analysis SpaceWeather = true // coronal mass ejections Automation = true // control vessel components using scripts But, if you ae wanting the LS, consumables and air gone, then not really. KerbalismConfig I think has an none profile so you can use say TAC and keep science, space weather and automation and such, but is very out of date. You could try that. I'm not sure you could copy the Simplex science experiments over either. MKS and kerbalism have quite different attitudes towards most things. I don't provide a none profile, so
  15. Done - EL Conversion for Metal Parts and Custom Parts Done - Planetary Base Systems habitation, greenhouses (the small one doesn't produce food, only plant comfort and BioMatter experiment), Greenhouse is .5 kerbals equivalent to kerbalism greenhouse. ISRU effectively a standard (stock large ) ISRU. Lab experiments add to Lab, Control centre can process experiments (as it is a lab, as well) but not do the crewed lab experiments. Smelter done as well. Both of these need some Simplex Resources work around drills (KPBS), and EL smelters (strange resources) and also strange tanks (with ReStock) STILL TO DO SIMPLEX Colonies background colonist and interest growth with no part failures - working on at the moment! Simplex Telescope experiment for Sentinel, (Stock), HullCamVDS, and SSPX although sentinel gives science when it does its job?
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