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  1. For those who are interested:

    Atmospheric Calculator

    I haven't logged into this forum in years, ping me on the kopernicus discord if you need me

  2. @Kerminator1000@ffx@ILoveStars@Autolyzed Yeast Extract@Santana3

    Guys, just use @OhioBob's atmosphere calculator.
    KillAshley hasn't been around for ages.


    1. ffx


      ok, I have make a planet using Ohinobob atmo calculator

    2. Kerminator K-100
  3. Hello Killashly, I want to make planets for ksp with an atmosphere, so I need the atmosphere curve calculator in a link, thank you.


    1. ffx


      Hello Ashly?

    2. ffx


      hello, are you listening to me?


    3. ffx


      Please, Ashly i need the  atmosphere curve calculator to make a planet

  4. look at all these requests for your calculator

  5. are you even there

  6. hi, if you can I would like a link to your atmosphere curve calculator so i can learn about making planets with atmospheres, white guardian sent me

  7. Hello KillAshley,

    I am currently working on a planet pack. However, I have been unable to progress lately as several of the planets I have planned have atmospheres. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a link to your atmosphere calculator.

    Many thanks in advance


  8. Hey Ashley, I'm working on a planet pack for KSP this summer. Can you please send me a link to that calculator for the atmosphere. THX in advance,


    Kopernicus :)


  9. Hi! I'm trying to make a Kopernicus pack, but i'm stuck because i need to calculate some atmospheres, so may i have the link for your calculator?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. have you also noticed that this isn't up to date and is actually for 1.3, not 1.3.x? have you heard of pastebin? or even using dropbox to upload the logs? because it will stop you from creating ridiculously long posts and will make it more likely i will actually respond. apart from that if you want it to work properly, then you will have to downgrade. Like i said above, this is for 1.3, not 1.3.x so dont expect it to work in any other version than 1.3.0 until i update it. I was working on an update, but it was being made with an older kopernicus version for 1.3.1, but due to kopernicus updates i was holding off on doing more work on it as it would've needed changing with the kopernicus updates anyway
  11. i have no idea how ckan works, and have never used it myself. There is an updates to my github but not an official release yet, which is why ckan is a lower version, hopefully i can release it soon
  12. I'm making a planet in ksp with Kopernicus. May have a link for the calculator pplease?


  13. just an FYI everybody, I'm back and have begun to update NH once again. Sorting through like 15 pages on the thread was a pain, but hopefully i should be able to get everything done up soon. I'm hoping to have a crack at finishing Derso (the planet which has been a placeholder up to this point) too. If you want to keep up to date you can follow the github for NH, or you can join the Kopernicus discord if you have any other issues or questions.
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