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  1. have you also noticed that this isn't up to date and is actually for 1.3, not 1.3.x? have you heard of pastebin? or even using dropbox to upload the logs? because it will stop you from creating ridiculously long posts and will make it more likely i will actually respond. apart from that if you want it to work properly, then you will have to downgrade. Like i said above, this is for 1.3, not 1.3.x so dont expect it to work in any other version than 1.3.0 until i update it. I was working on an update, but it was being made with an older kopernicus version for 1.3.1, but due to kopernicus updates i was holding off on doing more work on it as it would've needed changing with the kopernicus updates anyway
  2. i have no idea how ckan works, and have never used it myself. There is an updates to my github but not an official release yet, which is why ckan is a lower version, hopefully i can release it soon
  3. just an FYI everybody, I'm back and have begun to update NH once again. Sorting through like 15 pages on the thread was a pain, but hopefully i should be able to get everything done up soon. I'm hoping to have a crack at finishing Derso (the planet which has been a placeholder up to this point) too. If you want to keep up to date you can follow the github for NH, or you can join the Kopernicus discord if you have any other issues or questions.
  4. KillAshley

    [1.3.1][Kopernicus] Uncharted Lands v0.5.4 [26Dec17]

    Good to see UL is still working fine in 1.3.1, I did a small update to Kerbin's atmosphere coloring, but nothing special.
  5. KillAshley

    [1.3.1][Kopernicus] KASE v0.3 [26June2016]

    Good to see this is still working fine in 1.3.1 even after all this time. No issues have been found but if I've overlooked something please let me know.
  6. i could possibly update it at some point but my priority when i come back is my main packs, ill look into it though, k?
  7. probably a change in kopernicus to actually start using those values properly, originally it didn't do anything. I'll fix it very soon. possibly, however i think I'll have to check it out soon to make sure, KAC was sometimes weird with the reparenting, same with TWP....some people get issues, others don't.
  8. been busy last couple months rebuilding my real life. Will be coming back to fix everything up now things are on the up again. Don't know if KASE works currently, however haven't had any msg's to tell me it doesn't so I'd assume it would be ok. Expect some updates on all my mods soon.
  9. Hey all, Sorry for disappearing, had a lot of personal issues last couple months such as losing my job and almost my home, so I haven't really been around. Once I'm up to it I'll be looking at fixing up NH again and addressing all the issues people have been having. Hopefully I'll be back soon. X oh and btw @Plummet landing at night won't change the exploding kerbals, it's very hot on Ernus. You do get about 5-10 seconds of EVA before you explode though, so use them wisely and quicksave a lot.
  10. thats very odd, i have a game running fine with 1.3.0-4. Could you upload the /logs/ folder so i can see the kopernicus logs? there has to be something odd going on. someone can, sure. Unfortunately I wont do it myself. Galactic Neighborhood works with NH iirc so you can always pair it with other packs, however you will start in the stock system not the NH system.
  11. the only body that need changing is Derso, which is currently a placeholder that i haven't created yet. I Don't actually have any plans to add in more, however i made the pack in a way that OPM can fill the slot if people want any more and further out planets. They appear far outside the system, although i haven't looked at the patch in a while to check it still works after the 2.0 release oh NH.
  12. KillAshley

    [1.3.1][Kopernicus] Uncharted Lands v0.5.4 [26Dec17]

    no the maps really aren't off, you just landed on the side of a moon, your view is relative to the surface of minmus in game, and seeing as you landed on the side of it, it will appear like this. Same as if you land on the equator of mun in the stock game then kerbin will look sideways. If, however, this occurs when in orbit of a planet (and not in surface view) then it is a bug and you should send me a picture of your craft in orbit to show me. As Sigma said, you should try landing at the north pole to avoid confusion
  13. someone might know, unfortunately i don't as i don't play with contracts
  14. haha yeah I've noticed that myself, seems to be limited to the KSC view though, and seeing as old bug like the terrain going haywire when launching a ship have gone ill happily take this mild graphical bug in trade