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  1. That is absolutely awesome! Happy landings!
  2. If you empty out the member title box, it should revert to the forum default values. The dots are related to post count, IIRC. I have no idea what milestones are related to what number of dots. Happy landings!
  3. The first computer I programmed was one of these. The initial part of the bootstrapping process was to input a series of binary coded octal instructions on the rocker switches seen above. The computer could then load the operating system from paper punch tape via an optical reader. Those were the days. Happy landings!
  4. I believe you misunderstand. The Original Poster is talking about the inclination of the orbit around the sun on the way to another planet, rather than the inclination of the craft's original orbit around Kerbin. Happy landings!
  5. The trick is that you cannot match the inclination of a target body by doing a Hohmann transfer burn. This is because the place you burn to match your target's plane must be at the AN or DN. But if you are doing a Hohmann transfer burn from Kerbin when Kerbin is already at either the AN or DN, as VoidSquid alludes to above, you do not need to make an inclination change. You encounter your target at the next AN/DN. On the other hand, if you are doing a Hohmann transfer and you are not at the AN or DN when you need to leave to hit the transfer window, then you will need to wait until you get to the DN or AN to make your plane change (i.e. out in interplanetary space). Happy landings!
  6. I believe Covid-19 is going to affect everything. Happy landings!
  7. Sorry about that, @DeadJohn. I did not focus sufficiently on first reading and misunderstood. Happy landings!
  8. This seems pretty good in that regard: Happy landings!
  9. I believe that the information you require is listed here: Happy landings!
  10. Is it better to use a swimming pool or a cesspool? Happy landings!
  11. Thread locked at OP request. KSP Moderation Team
  12. An entire spur line of derailment has been trimmed from the content in this thread. Do please try to stay within the SOI of the topic at hand. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  13. Some content has been removed. Please discuss the point under contention and refrain from attacking one another. Thank you for your understanding, KSP Moderation Team