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  1. And here is another tutorial for the same process. Happy landings!
  2. I'm not one of the developers, so I can only speculate. Part of the reason may be that Squad's data shows that most KSP players never leave Kerbin's SOI. Happy landings!
  3. Eeloo was added in 2012, actually. Before I started playing. Happy landings!
  4. Hello @Navynobreather and welcome to the KSP forum! To download this mod, click on one of the links under the heading 'Download Link' in the original post. Happy landings!
  5. Hello @king of nowhere and welcome to the KSP Forum! Much of the user interface is non-obvious. 1) When standing on top of a Mun Stone right click on the Kerbal to bring up the context menu. There will be a menu item for collecting the Stone. 2) One of the things to learn about the build interface is the gizmos. When using the rotation gizmo you can set it to either 'Local' or 'Absolute'. Using 'Absolute' mode you can rotate any part to be perfectly straight on any axis. 3} The symmetry modes in the craft editors can be changed and will cycle through the various symmetry modes. Using 'Radial' symmetry (default in the VAB) you can select single, two, three, four, six and eight-way symmetry. The default in the Spaceplane Hangar (SPH) is 'Mirror' symmetry. This allows one or two-way symmetry. Also see point 2}. 4} There are a number of tutorials regarding good methods for orbital rendezvous in the Tutorials subsection of the forum. Glad to have you aboard! Happy landings!
  6. Some content has been removed from this thread. Personal attacks are never helpful to any discussion and are disallowed under the Community Guidelines. Feel free to discuss the merits of various ideas, but keep the personal remarks out of posts. Thank You for Your Understanding, KSP Moderation Team
  7. Since this thread is so old that none of the images or other links are valid, it has been locked. KSP Moderation Team
  8. There is already a thread for discussing the announced delay in the release of KSP 2. Please carry on discussing it over there: Thank you, KSP Moderation Team
  9. Because these two conditions both indicate problems with installation. First, you should only have the most recent version of module manager installed. Having multiple versions leads to unpredictable behaviour. Second, the contents of a zip file must be extracted before being placed into your gamedata folder. The game has no capacity to unzip files itself. Happy landings!
  10. Hello @Retro Arcade and welcome to the KSP Forum! Addiction to KSP is very common among those who use this forum. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  11. Hello @Cameron Brown and welcome to the KSP Forum! Since this is a question about how to play the game, your thread has been moved to the Gameplay Questions section of the forum. Essentially, what you want to do is use a 'gravity assist' from one of Jool's heavier moon's (usually Tylo) which changes the direction of your motion in Jool's SOI. If done properly a craft can enter Jool orbit without any braking burn at all. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  12. Hello @Ryohei56 and welcome to the KSP Forum! That is the Kerbal way. As long as the tutorial for getting to orbit is something made in a post-release version (i.e. 1.0 and up), you should be OK. There have been numerous tweaks to the atmosphere since first release, but the process is basically the same. Whatever you do, do NOT use tutorials made before version 1.0. That was when the major overhaul was done to the aerodynamic model and anything before that used a very different method. Many, many good tutorials can be found in the Tutorials subforum. There is also an enormous amount of useful information to be found in the KSP Wiki. If you continue struggling, it may be a good idea to post in the Gameplay Questions section of the forum and ask for advice. If you do, it is almost always valuable to include an image of the craft you are having difficulties with. To do that, you upload the pic to an online image storage service (such as, which is free and requires no registration) and paste a link to the pic in your post. Hope this helps. Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!
  13. Hello @Lewie and welcome to the KSP Forum! Glad to have you aboard. Happy landings!