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  1. Starhawk

    Gravitational slingshots... any advice?

    A crewed flyby of Duna is not a mission profile I would recommend. This is because the transfer window from Duna to Kerbin does not occur anywhere near the time when a craft arrives at Duna from Kerbin on the first transfer window. My recommendation is to plan to get into Duna orbit and stay for a bit. Happy landings! Edit: Upon seeing the thread title, it occurs to me that my assessment may have been incorrect. Good luck.
  2. Starhawk

    Maybe I'm the audio guy you're looking for

    Hello SpaceCarmelo, and welcome to the KSP Forum. We have a very active, massive, and interesting modding community. I'm sure you will have no problem finding projects on which to work. Happy landings!
  3. Moved from KSP Discussion.
  4. Starhawk

    Hi y'all!

    Hello VQkr, and welcome to the KSP Forum! Come in from the cold, lurker. Happy landings!
  5. Starhawk

    Really dense question about how to buy

    Hello jnbspace, and welcome to the forum! Squad has just revamped their website and there have been a few growing pains. The game is available directly from Squad at the 'Store' section of the website. It is also available through Steam and several other outlets. Network connectivity is not required to play, even if you purchase from Steam. Try: Happy landings!
  6. There would indeed be no point then. Yeah, I wasn't really concerned with the why, more just that it bugs me like the hanging down node for the Cheetah bugs you. Thanks, Snark. There was no harm in asking anyway. Thanks, Tyko. With the CoM change it will be close enough to use, at least. Happy landings!
  7. Starhawk

    The Skiff. What is it good for?

    Hmmm. It's almost as if the Wolfhound and the Skiff had their stats switched. Happy landings!
  8. Among the peculiarities of certain Making History parts, this one still remains and bugs the heck out of me. It just makes no sense. Not only is it nonsensical from a physics point of view, the RCS ports don't work properly with CoM way down there. Do you have any interest in providing a correction to the CoM as part of the optional tweaks in this mod? Happy landings!
  9. Starhawk

    Only 1 Konstruction port per ship/vassel?

    This topic has been moved from Gameplay Questions.
  10. Starhawk

    Unable to download KSP through website

    This issue has been reported to Squad.
  11. Starhawk

    Unable to download KSP through website

    Hi @CirCit1 and welcome to the KSP Forum. The link at the top of the forum seems incorrect at the moment. Try this:
  12. Starhawk

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    That's interesting. I hadn't realized the lower boundary was quite that low. Is that straight vacuum dV? Eve landing and return is the 'final boss' of the stock game. I understand the sentiment, though. I wrote a little parody of a song some time ago about the difficulties of Eve. Happy landings!
  13. Starhawk

    Kerbals at War 2

    Since there hasn't been a post from the original poster for over five years, I imagine that user has since moved on.
  14. Starhawk

    What Career build are you most proud of?

    Hmmm. Well, I guess that would have to be my workhorse mining/refining/tanker craft. It has been built anew in every version since I first created it. The original version was built a long time ago. I think in 1.0.5. It had a Poodle as the main engine. The version currently in service has a Wolfhound as the main engine and looks like this: Happy landings!
  15. Starhawk

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    Eve Lander 1 Eve Lander 1a Eve Lander 1b Eve Lander 2 Eve Lander 2a Eve Lander 3 Eve Lander 3a Eve Lander 3b ... Happy landings!