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  1. What exactly is the issue? A little bit more information could help.
  2. You can post it in the Tweakscale-Thread or here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/
  3. Is there something which isn`t working in 1.12? It`s only a part-mod and should work in 1.12. There is already a mod with more stockalike ISRO launchers and spacecrafts: Contares.
  4. There is no issue in the download. It`s the normal way to install mods. It`s wrong to copy the Cormorant Aeronology 1.5.1 directly into GameData. No mod has a version-number in the folder which belong in GameData. The only thing is: the included ModuleManager is very outdated and can`t be use in newer KSP-versions than KSP 1.7.1. You should download MM separately.
  5. Maybe there`s a revamp in the making. For solar panels: Near Future Solar has good ones.
  6. That`s because there is no support for Kerbalism for some experiments yet. You can make a new .cfg with this: @PART[bluedog_LM_MESA]:NEEDS[FeatureScience]:AFTER[KerbalismDefault] { !MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric] {} @MODULE[Experiment] { %anim_deploy = deploy } } MESA is the Material Experiment Stowage Assembly. I used this .cfg for other experiments in 1.11 and it works. You can edit it for every other experiment by changeing the partname.
  7. Wrong forum. Here are only mod-releases. You should ask here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/
  8. Why opening a second Thread for one mod? Also it would be helpfull to have a description what this mod adds/do.
  9. Please avoid multiposting. You can edit your posts. @Wellha a reason why he deprecated the old CEV. I think it will never be come back. But you can use the newest KNES and copy the old CEV from 1.2 into the right folder. That should work.
  10. Wrong forum because here is the Release-Forum. Please ask in the RealFuels-Thread.
  11. https://github.com/AstroWell/Knes/releases There you can find all Releases of KNES so you can download an older version. As far as I know version 1.2 was the latest with the old CEV (restored) before adding a new model in 1.3.
  12. If you scroll a little bit up at this page you can find your answer.
  13. I think scaling up is the problem because the parts are bigger but not the shielding. As far as I know the shielding is made in Unity, not in cfg. So scaling up shuttleparts is very complicated.
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