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  1. This thread is closed since 2018. So there would be no more updates. The Raptors have no TechRequired in the config. You can easily add this. Look at .cfg of other engines. You will find a line like this: TechRequired = basicRocketry.
  2. That`s because this mod is outdated long ago. Look at the date in the topic: 2016. It was for KSP 1.1.x, not for KSP 1.12.x. And Jeast isn`t active here since last year.
  3. Why dind`t you dot it yourself? Test it an post your result.
  4. You can change the maxTemp in the .cfg of the pod. As far as I know it was really low.
  5. The "white" tanks are not painted white. Its a thin layer of ice because of the cold LOX inside. The same with Atlas V. At wikipedia you can see a photo of a Atlas V with ice at launch and and how it crumble away after launch.
  6. Is there a reason why not now? Because it confuses players. They don`t know really for which KSP-version this is. It is only a little change for you.
  7. Then you should change this at spacedock and the foldername.
  8. Spacedock says "Outdatet" because the version is for 1.10.0. It is very confusing for users: the foldername says "... for KSP 1.8.x", Spacedock says 1.10.0 and your title of this thread says 1.8.x - 1.11.x. And in lack of the animation and be a standalone launchclamp (the stock ones are needed as your "Recommended"-File says), shouldn`t this mod be in the developement area in this forum?
  9. Then there is sometihng wrong with yout install. I checked it and there is LCH4/Ox. There is no combi LCH4/LOx included in this mod. Do you have another Fuelswitch-mod installed? Like Interstellar Fuel Switch? If so, delete it. Did you install Real Plume/Waterfall?
  10. There is only a Waterfall-config for the KJ-10. It is included in sharedAssets folder.
  11. I think he is not meaning a gravity turn , he means a gravity assist by another planet. There was a mod that did this but I don`t remind the name.
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