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  1. I removed the lightning.cfg yesterday and now it looks better for me. Thanks for your help.
  2. Here are a short video (.flv), KSP.log and output_log.txt: 2017-08-16-2103-16.flv KSP.log output_log.txt Only Stock-KSP, Andromeda (all included mods), Kerbal Joint Reinforcement and Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  3. Yes, but with Andromeda there are permanently dozens/hundreds of blizzards all over the world. Do you see blizzards on every footage of the ISS? All over the world? Permanently? I do not think so.
  4. Something too many... There are dozens at the same time around the world.
  5. I installed this on a fresh KSP-Install and there are many blizzars in atmosphere. What causes this?
  6. Yes, I know. This wasn't a question to make a Europa from my side. I saw the skirts on the sides of the Engine. They are heatshields for Boosters. As I know Bluestreak was never planned with boosters but there where plans for an Europa II with Boosters.
  7. This looks like the Engines for Europa 2-TA with Boosters.
  8. I use it along Kerbalism. No problems yet.
  9. Did you install SSTU and KSPWheels like it is required in the OP? I recommend to install the newest releases of this mods, not the versions comming with the shuttle. I used this shuttle in 1.3 and it works. The gears too.
  10. It works in 1.3. There is no need for an update.
  11. I use this mod in KSP 1.3. Everything is OK but: Mercury is missing.
  12. Look at other Mods (Google?). There are already a Buran-mod and a N1-mod, at least for older Versions of KSP.
  13. I have tested it and there are farther no plumes and exhaust flames.
  14. Yes, I'm running Real Plumes. I will test your release in the evening. Thank you.
  15. I installed the version with Stock-configs and now I have no engine effects/no plume.