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  1. As the picture shows you can switch the tank type. There should be a LH2+O variant. Do you have interstellar fuel switch? It hink this ist the problem, not reDIRECT itself.
  2. I think it was not installed correctly. It seems the Community Ressource Pack, which is a dependency, is not installed because the S4-Jumbo has not LF+Oxidizer. It has LOX+Oxidizer. And for LOX you need the CRP. It isn`t a stock fuel.
  3. As @lemon cupsaid: this is wrong. Also: there should be no zip in GameData and the NearFutureProps is not needed until you install a Nertea-mod like NearFuture-Spacecrafts or Stockalike Station Parts Redux.
  4. @PART[bluedog_Gemini*|bluedog_Peacekeeper_*|bluedog_Athena_*|bluedog_LDC_*|bluedog_CELV_*|bluedog_DCSS_Interstage|bluedog_Thor*|bluedog_Ablestar*|bluedog_Juno*|bluedog_DCSS_PayloadAdapter*|bluedog_ATDA*|bluedog_centaur*|bluedog_Redstone*|bluedog_DeltaIV*|bluedog_saturn*|bluedog_Saturn*|bluedog_MOL*|bluedog_Gemini_*|bluedog_Shuguang_*|bluedog_Hexagon_*|bluedog_Minotaur_*]:NEEDS[TweakScale]:FOR[Bluedog_DB] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = stack defaultScale = 2.5 } } This is a config I use. Insert the partnames (look at the part-configs) of the parts you want, separated by '|' oder ','.
  5. Did you install it correctly? Did you install all the dependencies? Make sure you have installed the dependencies for KSP 1.9.1.
  6. Do you use a planet-mod like JNSQ? Then you couldn`t remove kopernicus because it is a dependencie. But like Zorg said: This message ist quite harmless and you can ignore it.
  7. KNES is overpowered like stock parts so it is optimized for a 2.5-system. So yes, it works well with JNSQ.
  8. Look at the first post. There is a link to Fritznit`s Tantares WIKI and here are the craftfiles. There is a craftfile for the Zarya.
  9. Did you built it the correct way? I used this port many times and it works well. It`s notz directly in the HabTech-folder. Look here: GameData\Benjee10_sharedAssets\APAS. It`s called B10_APAS.cfg.
  10. Yes, the C-100 Androgynous Docking Mechanism. Because it has in it config "nodeType = B10_APAS" which is only used by this port. The name "Androgynous" said it: there is no male or female part needed.
  11. Yes, I have installed mods from benjee. The problem is: they are only part mods and don`t interact with other mods. Also I´m sure that I had this problem with 1.8.1 too and I hadn`t installed benjees mods at this time.
  12. I had this problems with the NR-U3. As far as I know with the ER-U1 and NR-U2 too. Some more information: The Launcher begins to wobble very strong. Only with this interstages.
  13. You can do this yourself. Add a texture to \Launchers Pack\Rockets\SpaceX\PayloadFairingtextures (there is a example yourowntexture.png), call it like Turksat.png. Then go to the config of the Fairing and put something like this between the other variants: VARIANT { name = turksat displayName = turksat themeName = turksat primaryColor = #ffffff secondaryColor = #eeeeee TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = Launchers Pack/Rockets/SpaceX/PayloadFairingtextures/Turksat } }
  14. I have a problem with the enginemounts in NFLV: I have rigid attachement and autostruts active but it looks like this: I use KSP 1.10.1 but I had this issue in 1.8.x and 1.9.x too. Also it appears with KJR/KJR Next.
  15. I have a problem with the crew-UI. If there are more than 4 or 5 Kerbals the "Next" or "Previous"-Button slips under the edge of the UI and partially unreachable.
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