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  1. Cheesecake

    [1.3.1] ♦ Chaka Monkey Evolution 131 X

    If you read the Topic "[1.3.1] ♦ Chaka Monkey Evolution 131 X" what did it say to you??? Right, it is for 1.3.1 and not for 1.4.x. Roll back your KSP to 1.3.1 and it works or wait until it is updatet.
  2. Cheesecake

    [1.3] Launch Towers Pack

    Then you didn`t attach them correctly because this Towers are especially for KKs SpaceX Launch Vehicles. Also, explain what you mean with "didn`t work".
  3. He means the part in the VAB. Are you forcing d3d11? It is not working with this shuttle
  4. Cheesecake

    [1.4.1] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Did you install ModuleManager?
  5. That looks awesome. Another question: do you have plans for a revamp of the Delta I/Thor and Delta II parts?
  6. Cheesecake

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    But there is a Button in the right-click-menue 'open docking port' ant it happens nothing if you click this button. Also the dockingport is a separate part.
  7. You are meaning the Cockpit? They (there are two, one analog and one with glas-cockpit) are already included (as we said several times yet).
  8. Cheesecake

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    First: Thank you for this mod Alcentar. There`s a problem with the docking ports. There`s a point "open Dockingport" in the rightclick-menu but it happens nothing. Also: where can I attach the dockingport?
  9. @1990eamWhy do you have Astronomers AND SVE? Because both do the same so you must delete one of them. Also Kopernicus needs ModularFlightIntegrator which is included in the Kopernicus-Download. You don`t have it.
  10. Is this a mod or why is it in Add-On Developement???
  11. It isn`t broken. You dind`t installed it correctly. I installed it just now (with KSP 1.4.2) and: it works. Also the crafts are working. Your path must be: GameData/LaunchersPack/
  12. It seems you didn`t install the mod correctly. You must have a folder 'Launchers Pack' in your GameData. This mod is real size. You mean RO-compatibility? If you can read the last posts before yours you can see that there are already configs in RO.
  13. Cheesecake

    Space shuttle [SSP] Development Page

    Did you read the last post above yours???