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  1. @Superpenguin160Do you have plans for an conic adapter to use a normal sized Centaur?
  2. That`s not a bug. Everything is OK. That`s because making IVAs is very complex and difficult. So it is using a Squad-IVA as replacement. No idea if KK is planning a new IVA. But I don`t think he will make one for 100 (!!!) Kerbals.
  3. What do you mean? There are releases on spacedock. The last one is from2020-08-04. - Stockalike Soyuz and MIR Or do you mean the parts in the pics above? This are still WIP-Parts. So you must wait for a new download.
  4. You can use both side by side because they are only partmods.
  5. Does the newest version only works with KSP 1.10.x? Or does it work with KSP 1.8.x/1.9.x too?
  6. Everything OK. You need to copy the HopperGuidance- folder to your GameData.
  7. And again a new issue: If the rootpart isn`t inside the fairing, the acceleration during launch goes up the first meters after start, then goes nearly to 0 at a height of ca. 2000 Meters. After that, the speed increases slowly again. - rootpart is outside of the fairing: acceleration is very bad. At MECO (main engine cut off) I reach a Ap of only 56 km by a speed of mach 2.5. - rootpart is inside the fairing: acceleration is OK. At MECO i reach a Ap of 220 km by a speed of mach 6.7. Test with stock-fairngs and SAF.
  8. Then there is something wrong with your installation. The parts are there. But without further informations (Log, KSP-Version...) we can`t help you.
  9. Hm, which parts do you mean? There are already a boattail, HOSS-parts, interstages and many adapters included in BDB.
  10. SSTU does not suppoert RSS/RO natively (subscribed at the SSTU-Thread). So you better ask in the RO-Thread if someone has/make configs.
  11. Oh, there are a lot of mods in my save. Including JNSQ and Kerbalism, if it is important. The messages are shown already at KSC. They run through for every vessel that is in orbit. Again and again.