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  1. This is only a config. You can place it everywhere in GameData. The name of this config does no matter.
  2. No, Gabus MMSEV has a round Docking Port and the Spacesuits at the back have another direction. Also, the front window is completly different and it don`t have the yellow frame. (sorry for doubleposting, can`t edit the post again for whatever reason)
  3. You have to rotate two of the vernier engines on the core stage. They have only Gimbal in two directions, not in 4 directions.
  4. Did you enter "switch to 0." first?
  5. I have a lot of errors in my log: I cannot open the Maps. And it causes some other errors (no timewarp...). It only happen if I start a Sat with ScanSat-Parts. KSP: 1.8.1 Complete Log: KSP.log
  6. @moguy16 Why is there in you GameData (mods for And why are there two ModuleManagers (4.1.0 and 4.1.3)? There should be only one.
  7. Thats wrong. Install it like every other mod. You can see the folder structure in the downloaded .zip. You must only copy the folders. Your GameData should be: - GameData - 000_TexturesUnlimited - BahaSP - RN_Soviet_Probes - RN_Soviet_Rockets - SmokeScreen - ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll (version depends on KSP-version)
  8. Did you install this mod correctly and did you install the right dependencies?
  9. A little bit late but didn`t test it since then. Now I testet it again in KSP 1.8.1 with the newest TU. And again the same error: it doesn`t inflate. There is no Button in the rightclick-menue. Could it be that this is related to Kerbalism?
  10. As far as I know it is a know B9PartSwitch error which is fixed with the newest versions. Otherwise it can be ignored.
  11. Stock CommNet is automatically disabled if RT is installed.