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  1. But the Download is working. And as far as I know it is only a partmod and should work in 1.12.x. So, I don`t think there is a need for an update.
  2. I hate it to ask but: Any news on this? Sorry for annoying.
  3. Which Atlas-Centaur do you mean beacuse there is no Atlas in raidernicks US-Rockets pack.
  4. This mod is for 1.11+. So I don`t think Benjee will fix some things for older KSP-versions. In particular 1.12.x is the final version of KSP.
  5. This thread is closed since 2018. So there would be no more updates. The Raptors have no TechRequired in the config. You can easily add this. Look at .cfg of other engines. You will find a line like this: TechRequired = basicRocketry.
  6. That`s because this mod is outdated long ago. Look at the date in the topic: 2016. It was for KSP 1.1.x, not for KSP 1.12.x. And Jeast isn`t active here since last year.
  7. Why dind`t you dot it yourself? Test it an post your result.
  8. You can change the maxTemp in the .cfg of the pod. As far as I know it was really low.
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