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  1. The answer is on page 1. There is a github-link to the dev-version. And it includes the probecores. But be aware that is is still WIP.
  2. It looks lika I am in a bubble with <20 meters diameter. When I swing the camera it`s causing this round artifacts like Screenshots 1. If I zoom out the other artifacts happens. It`s weird and I had it in 1.8 and 1.9. too but never before.
  3. Did you download the latest version from here? You only need the .dll in your GameData as stated before.
  4. @golkaidakhaanaCEV Starrider is a completly other shuttle as the Lockheede CEV. @Epcotnerd You can download an older version of KNES with the CEV. It was deprecated in KNES 1.1 and restored in 1.2 but later finally deleted (as far as I know because Well focused only on french designs). I think 1.2 was the latest version with CEV.
  5. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki --> But only as separate craft-files. Or here as assembly plan: https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki/wiki/N1
  6. Quoted from Page 1: I think the error is related to the missing inventory-system. But for further investigation we need this error and logs.
  7. If you have issues with your modded install this is the wrong place to post it. Here you go: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/ Also logs are needed:
  8. As a side note: don`t use the "Download from Curseforge" because it`s an old version. Use the link in the first sentence to jrbudda`s github. There you will find an up-to-date version which works in 1.11.x (KER
  9. @KallangoVerdeDid you test a update to KSP 1.11.2 because you are using KSP 1.11.0? As far as I can see the inflatable looks OK for me. Also we need the player.log, not ksp.log.
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