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  1. Sorry, I did not realize you guys were discussing the current iteration of the mod. Should be easy to find the 1.3.1 one, right? At least it looks like my 1.3.1 CKAN here still has access to it.
  2. works fine for me on 1.3.1. IIRC i just use the version CKAN gave me on one of my old 1.3.1 installs. Kept copying it over to my ever evolving 1.3.1 installs. edit: oops sorry, did not realize you were talking about the current version. Please ignore.
  3. ya, especially considering neither of the visual mods has been officially updated yet.
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you are fine and get home soon. I can't offer a lot of help, but I know that you can disable the kerbals in the VAB/SPH in the settings somewhere. I think it is called Enable Ground Crew or something like that. All the best Daf
  5. Dafni

    I'd forgoton the stock game.....

    Editor Extensions Redux has some toggles for global autostruts IIRC
  6. Unless you use this neat patch here:
  7. Dont be afraid to take the plunge, man, it would be worth it. For what its' worth, modern systems, be it laptops of pre-built PCs, are pretty much plug and play. Win10 is also super easy in that sense. Heck, even if you build your own PC it is still super doable. I built mine here with almost zero knowledge about Windows and all that. Runs without a hitch since day one. Things are very user frinedly these days. All the best Daf
  8. Dafni


    With clever auto-strutting you might get away with a only a few hundred struts Seriously though, I still play 1.3.1 too and I never used KJR since autostruts became a thing. Needs a bit of thought but works just fine.
  9. Dafni

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Nice! Congrats! I hope you'll have many many nice KSP moments. For me it was one of the best purchases I ever did. Welcome to the club!
  10. I use lavender in my herbal vaporizer for when I cant fall asleep. Works nice for me. Valerian is almost too strong for me, and it has a horrible smell. But it is definitely very potent, it can quench panic/anxiety attacks for me. Almost feels like a synthetic drug, a tranquilizer pill or something like that. I only use it in severe cases. Usually lavender does the trick for me. Few puffs from my vape and I am good. Tastes nice too. Camomille is nice as well.
  11. Dafni

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    once more
  12. Dafni

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    so something like a "finished game" is not even on the agenda? hmmm, interesting.
  13. Just out of curiosity, how can you check if this problem is still there when you dont have a star anymore to encounter? As far as I understood the problem was only really amplified to a bothersome proportion by targeting the far away star? Or am I mistaken?