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  1. One of the latest updates of this mod broke some functions in my 1.8.1 installs. (stock lights would not turn on, nor change color) Reverting back to a previous version fixed it.
  2. That looks like morning- or evening light from Scatterer?? Could be wrong though
  3. Define better. Maybe share your starting specs? Not all components have a big impact on KSP performance. From my experience KSP benefits most from a quick processor. A super beefy graphics card on the other hand might just be wasted on KSP. Fast memory is always good, but 32GB is more than you'll ever need. Other user might chime in with different findings though, my experience with different components is obviously limited to what I personally tried recently.
  4. That is true indeed. Unless you have the DLCs. Then you need to keep the folder SquadExpansion too.
  5. @Sylith nice pics. Those are some good looking craft you got there. Nice builds! Cant decide which I like the best. The Laythe Rover, the Mun Habitats or the Duna Ascent Vehicle? They all look fantastic!
  6. Such a familiar tune! Just be happy that these days it usually ends up with one extra iteration. Back in the old days we were full of hope that we're on a good track. The "good" versions went from 1.0.5 to 1.1.3 to 1.2.2 to 1.3.1 (the heyday IMHO), but unfortunately that trend broke there. And on top of that some really severe bugs got introduced, but lets not go into this here. Also note that the community was asking for bugfixes over new additions ever since 0.9 I have to second what @steve_v posted - unfortunately - once more.
  7. IMO at this point the closest we have to that stable dream version is KSP 1.8.1 with all the mods to add the stuff that has been added to the stock game in the meantime (and more) and some mods to fix some bugs/shortcomings. Or even 1.3.1 if you will. A new KSP version with the focus entirely on bug fixes is what this community here has been asking for ever since 1.0.0. Maybe one day somebody will listen?
  8. Hmm, I see. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time.
  9. Thanks for the insights guys, appreciate it. Keeping the mod lists in line with my KSP installs is standard operating procedure here. I follow the Kopernicus develpment too. I am just completely out of the loop with the JNSQ news, as the 1.8.1 install just plays and runs very good. Never felt the need to move on with that install. @panarchist those performance changes in 1.10 you mention, did they make a noticeable difference for you, on JNSQ?? (if yes, what kind of hardware do you run if I may ask??)
  10. Dear JNSQ fans, lovers and creators, I have been happily playing my 1.8.1 JNSQ install ever since the release. Needless to say the planet pack is amazing, we all love it and have nothing but thanks and praises for the team. Now I wonder if I would benefit in any way in updating the install to a more current version of KSP. What is the verdict of the community? Wait for 1.11.1 as is our habit? Look into 1.10.1 for some new KSP framework benefit? Thank you very much in advance
  11. Congratulations! Not an easy thing to do. Well done! Have they started asking for a ride home yet?? Good luck and keep it up!
  12. That is terrible. Maybe EVA another Kerbal and try to bump him back to the ship? As for previous versions, you can roll them back on steam or you can copy your install somewhere else and always play the version you want. KSP works independend from steam. Many players keep playing old installs and have steam update their steam install, grab copies of those new versions as time goes by and eventually start playing a new version once a worthwile one comes about.
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time! I appreciate it a lot.
  14. Hello everybody, I couldn't find a better place to post this, please move/delete/whatever if anyone is not happy with this here: What are the requirements/dependencies for running OPT on KSP 1.8.1 nowadays?? many thanks in advance for any help. Daf
  15. I agree, and we've been saying exactly this for years. Definitely since 1.0
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