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  1. You're very welcome. A bit of well deserved recognition. Some guys in the chat seemed very interested too. Thanks again for this interesting mod
  2. I pointed this lovely mod out to Twitch streamer Matoro, and he is showing it off right now!
  3. Dafni

    How long does your game take to load?

    I never had a KSP install that took more than a few minutes to load, I'd say 4 minutes max for 50+ mods. Less than 3 mins for my 1.3.1 SSRSS install with around 40 mods. Less than two minutes for a stock install. I never timed this, though. I could do this for anyone who is interested in the exact numbers, just let me know.
  4. Dafni

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Thanks, I see. Same story here. Worth mentioning is the SSRSS for 1.3.1 that Galileo released, runs perfect for me at the moment. Sorry for off-topic chatter everybody
  5. Dafni

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Those are super nice pics indeed. May I ask what version of KSP it is? I am assuming 1.2.2, right?
  6. Dafni

    [1.3.x, 1.4.x] MechJeb and Engineer forAll

    Thank you
  7. I am with you on this one guys, please no more new content before the bugs get fixed. Let us reach some kind of finished state once.
  8. @JadeOfMaar and @OhioBob, okay, I hear you guys. Cheers. I'll dive right in and see how I like it. My hardware is pretty beefy too I believe, less than a year old (8th gen i7, 32GB RAM, fast SSD, 1080Ti), but as we all know sometimes the limit is KSP itself. And yeah, agree, how much anyone is willing to take, FPS wise etc might vary A LOT from person to person. Now that 1.4.3 is around and maybe even stays for a while, I might just give it a try and built a new install. I only ran big planet packs on 1.3.1 so far. And never more than one. 1.3.1 is super stable for me, with GPP or SSRSS. Only some micro stutters here and there. Now I have just been a bit hesitant to upgrade to 1.4 for a few reasons. Those hideous reentry effects not being the least of them. But i have to say a binary or even tertiary star system might help me to take the plunge finally. thanks again for your input guys
  9. thank you for that nice comprehensive list, appreciate it. Some of those combinations sound so tempting now, but I bet they are also super taxing on resources. Anybody here has any experience with GPP + GPP_Secondary + GEP or something crazy like this??
  10. Dafni

    MEM bug

    A handy trick. Did this since the early days, works for all kinds of contraptions, rovers, landers etc where you might have odd contol POVs. Sometimes you even want two different control points. For pods I always imagine the control POV should be in the way the kerbal on the inside faces. A truely stange one is that rover pod, wonder what the logic behind that one is.
  11. That is true indeed. Unrelated, but please note that this mod has not yet been officially updated for 1.4.3, according to the first post of the thread.
  12. Dafni

    Stock music or personal playlist?

    Oh, ya, definitely no headphones for KSP for me either, or most any games for that matter. Only got myself a headset recently to play a shooter game with friends. No headphone guy at all, never been one. My KSP explosions fill the whole house
  13. Dafni

    Stock music or personal playlist?

    Haven't heard the stock music in ages. It was okay, but got old for me. No grief though, I dont expect a game to provide me with music. Just the effects, plus my own tunes, serves me just right.
  14. Welcome back man! Great replica, and nice post too. Appreciate having you around again.