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  1. Thats a respectable mission, especially on console. Congratulations. Would love to see pictures!
  2. Dafni

    Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

    There were times, not too long ago, when a full out modded RSS/RO install would leak less RAM than the bone stock game does now sometimes. IMO this needs fixing before we move on. And then other fundamental things like joysticks etc, and THEN new content.
  3. I figured out what was the problem with the previous one, the 1.2.2 one. People in the old thread reported it would work, so I had a closer look. Turns out the download for their 1.0.1 had an addition folder in the folder structure, messing the whole thing up. Now it works. Thank you again @linuxgurugamer
  4. Thank you. I found this link too, but the dates of the uploads indicate they are releases for KSP 1.2.2 (1.3 was released in March 17 IIRC)... so I never thought about trying. Will do that later today. Thank you so far, appreciate your time @linuxgurugamer Just tried, doesent work for me (in KSP 1.3.1) But thank you nevertheless @linuxgurugamer
  5. I appreciate new additions like the next guy, but solving some of the underlying bugs and issues would go a long way too now.
  6. @linuxgurugamer or @HenryBlatbugIII is there a version of this lovely mod in existence that works on KSP 1.3.1??? Many thanks in advance and apologies for my ignorance.
  7. Dafni

    Setting up a joystick

    I dont know how to help you then, sorry. I have 3 different joysticks here, plus two joypads, and KSP recognizes all axes and buttons no problem. Sorry man, I hope somebody with more knowledge jumps in.
  8. Oh, okay, thank you. Well then I have to change my question if anybody has a link to the imgur album of those new pods please? They dont seem to be included in the album in the OP, but I clearly remember scrolling through an album with those pods. Many thanks in advance for your time. Daf
  9. @Nertea and crew, could you please point me to the thread with the lovely Dragon-like pods? For some stupid reason I cannot find that thread anymore. Apologies for my temporary blindness.
  10. Dafni

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    Thanks for the input, appreciate it. That is interesting. So you say it will not go above this over time? BTW, from my experiments I found that the mods alone dont seem to be as much of a RAM problem as some of them were in previous versions of KSP. The problem seems to come from huge persistent files with lots of craft and surface bases etc. and then starts to get ugly when you change scenes a lot. Or also I had issues on long sessions in the editor (SPH/VAB), going back and forth from launchpad to SPH/VAB. Or I would get hang-ups when I try to undo something in the editor after long building sessions. Two or three times is crashed to desktop and the RAM was well above 20GB.
  11. Dafni

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    The only issue I have with 1.5.1 at the moment seems to be a huge memory leak somewhere. Even a bone stock install can creep up to over 20GB of RAM over time. Can anybody here confirm this? Or am I the only one? The safe file that gives me the hardest time is very very big though, with tons of surface stuff and more than 100 flights. Earlier leaner safes are not as bad. But still.
  12. Anything, from just goofy Kerbals, to the cartoon version of the characters from the Red Mars books, to maybe even cartoons of deceased scientists, astronauts, explorers etc. Either way, they are beings that prefer to live in microgravity, can hybernate for long periods of time and live on electricity. They are peaceful and calm if somewhat reckless.