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  1. How are the dead-zones of the stick, if I may ask? I went with the Warthog back in the day for it's solid feel, but now sometimes I miss the twist stick. This looks like a contender, but I'm a stickler for that solid feel in sticks. So how is the dead center wiggle on this one? If you compare it to other sticks? Many thanks in advance, appreciate your time and input. -Daf
  2. Glad I could inspire you and I am amazed how quickly you picked it up and how well your little project turned out in such a little time! Way to go @Zombie_Striker!! And congrats on the release!! Great stuff!
  3. If you are talking about just the atmosphere, I would guess all you need is a config for Scatterer and E.V.E. I dont know if a Venus-like config exists yet, but for example by looking at the configs that come with AVP for example you could maybe even cook up your own configs. The Venus configs for RSS would also be a good starting point, to get values or textures, colormaps or whatever you need. Personally I like how Eve looks in the JNSQ mod, it is way more Venus like than what we get in stock, at least the surface of the planet. The atmo on Eve in JNSQ is a nice nod to stock Eve and I dont think that is what you are looking for as such. With that being said, how DOES the Venus atmosphere look IRL? The illuminated side usually looks quite bright in pictures, right?
  4. Sorry to hear you couldn't get it to work. IIRC you mentioned you are using the steam install directly. I always avoid modding the steam install itself. How about copying the game elsewhere and messing with this instead? At least you could exclude any steam interference that way. And it is nice to have multiple KSP installs anyway... mess around with mods etc without endangering the installs you are currently playing, gives some peace of mind.
  5. This week I built a few new KSP installs around different sets of core-mods... and they all worked just fine when I test-ran them. You must be doing something wrong... May I suggest using CKAN? This way you'll get all dependencies along with your mods and will always have the latest versions too.
  6. Oh lord, really? Man! I was under the impression I just downloaded the latest version... on top of always assuming that CKAN keeps checking and updating itself every time I open it. My bad, mate. And many thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated. I will sort that out immediately!
  7. Thank you for trying to help. @HebaruSan I appreciate your time. I am happy to provide any info you need. Let me know what exactly you need to see. I go ahead and just grab what I see when I look for it: Edit: @HebaruSan look, here is an interesting one. When I install the mod manually, CKAN sees it in my installed mods, even flags it as available for update, but then gives me this error when I try to update it through CKAN. I manually installed the latest version. What gives here. I must be missing something pretty fundamental here. I apologize in advance for my ignorance.
  8. Well, Kopernicus wont show up on the list of available mods on my CKAN anymore. According to other players it is on there. I open CKAN, look for Kopernicus, and it's nowhere to be found. I am pretty sure (99%) I used to be able to find and install it via CKAN no problem. Of course I refreshed, checked the boxes for the older versions, even installed a new version of CKAN just to be sure. It's really the first issue I ever ran into in almost 8yrs of using CKAN now. In the end I downloaded and installed the mod
  9. My CKAN cant find Kopernicus. Any ideas? Tried all game versions.
  10. I could not get to run AVP along Parallax for some reason... I found all the packages that include surface textures to make my Parallax stop working... could also be my limited understanding of how mods and configs play together.
  11. I agree!! Lovely stuff, works like a charm too!! Thanks to all involved! May I ask the community here what EVE configs they use?? The stock (Boulder Co) lacks many goodies that I got used to! And Parallax clashes with the other eyecandy packages I like to run. Long story short, looking for nice EVE configs, stand-alone would be nice. Again, thanks to the creator(s)!! Appreciate your great work!
  12. good lord... the Jeb ones are really cursed! Please stop
  13. KSP with a DRM that stops you from playing offline or having multiple installs??? No thanks. Hard deal breaker for me.
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