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  1. TBH I havent had that bug myself since 1.3.1, but back then it was quite common. Some attributed it to heavy part clipping. Then a bit later came a very similar bug that mostly affected landing gear and was attributed to Kerbals in command seats upon reloading or something like that. Now it seems to be back. So you never had it with a complete stock craft? When I get the time I will try to recreate it. That's really all I can do for you. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge and time will chime in soon!
  2. I feel your pain. I have some craft that I abandoned because of this bug. Wish it could get resolved. Again sorry I cannot help you. Maybe just pretend it was a micro meteorite strike and move on? This helped me digest many KSP bugs in the past. It sucks but it is what it is. KSP.
  3. Super annoying bug, still present. Sometimes quicksave and re-loading untangles the mess. Never heard about a fix, nor a definite cause for this. AFAIK it happens in stock installs too. Sorry I cant be of any help here.
  4. Dafni

    Shower thoughts

    Depends a lot on the type of laser. And then on the color (absorption) of the skin or whatever surface they hit. But generally speaking, the warmth of one regular laser pointer on your skin is way way below the "detection limit" of our skin. I imagine even if you combine a bunch of them it would be hard to feel it. Especially if you consider that those dots would not be stable and move and twitch all over the place. Aiming them at the exact same spot and keeping them there is only possible in an experimental setup where everything is fixed down nicely. With that said, who knows what kind of super lasers are out there. I could think of IR beams that would only be visible if you wear the right goggles, and such beams would heat up materials way more than your standard red pointer does. cheers
  5. Nice work. Cool plane and nice flying too. Agree on the joystick! Not only amazing for flying planes, but for docking and landers too. Nothing beats manual landings Apollo/LEM style, or taking planes for spins just like you did in that video. Great stuff mate!
  6. Amazing work dude!!! Oh, I get it must be a lot of extra work to do the atmospheric visuals, and the mod is very nice as it is, but please consider adding scatterer andEVE configs! After all this time playing with the eye candy mods it's weird to go back to a "naked" atmospheres. IMO this mod here would be perfect if it had support for such mods as EVE, scatterer, Planetshine and Distant Object Enhancements. cheers Daf
  7. Been thinking about this. A silver Mercury suit with a clear bubble helmet would be so awesome.
  8. Thanks man. Small thing I noticed: in the settings graphics window it would not say KSRSS medium etc anymore
  9. Thank you to the Devs for this helpful addition to the game.
  10. It's a nice craft still. I like it. Nice aesthetics. If you adjust your expectations to the possibilities that KSP offers its is as helicopter-ish as it gets, with reasonable part count and all that. Of course there are still the amazing creations around of people like Azimech from the Pre-DLC days with stock turbo-shafts and all that, but this is a different story.
  11. Cheers buddy, have a good one and see you when you are back!
  12. I agree with the guys above! Amazing replica my friend. I am truly impressed, you did an awesome job indeed!
  13. I understand, mate. Still a bit sad. On the other hand I started to note you put a lot of time and thought into the youtube descriptions etc. Great stuff. I just dont have or want a YT or google account myself, but at least it lets me see and click the links as a guest too. What about the OP of this thread? Do you plan to keep it updated with the new craft? Would still be nice to have a kind of chronological overview. I understand how this always has been a bit of a hassle, with new KSP versions breaking craft, players asking about obsolete creations and all that stuff, so I tip my hat to your efforts. Learned a lot from your designs, became a much much better pilot and not least of all enjoy the videos greatly, share them around etc. Matter of fact still fire up that 0.9 sometimes for the vtol ssto's Keep it up man.