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  1. Dafni

    Planet packs you use

    SSRSS on 1.3.1, thank you @Galileo for the port, and to all the original creators too. GPP on 1.4.5, thanks again to @Galileo and the team around him.
  2. Well, there certainly might be mods and configs around that change your engine parameters. Did you install something suspicious?
  3. On steam there is a drop down menu somewhere. Usually you can roll back some versions. I am not at my home computer at the moment, so I cannot go and look for it now. Just have a look around. Most probably right-click KSP in your library and go through properties. Good luck. Should not be too hard. Then you can copy the KSP folder to some other location on your PC and have steam go back to the current one if you want. Its a good advise to only mod non-steam installs, especially complex stuff like RSS will most likely be broken by the constant updates of KSP. Non-steam installs are fine, never get touched by steam updates, and you can have as much as you want. Hope this helps, let us know if you need further help.
  4. You should talk to @Cupcake..., he makes some amazing videos. He seems to know all the tricks, as sometimes I have no idea how on Earth he gets his shots.
  5. Here, in their KSP Weekly, the devnotes if you will:
  6. Dafni

    The 1.3.1 Club

    Thanks for contributing to this interesting conversation everybody. I appreciate your input. All those rapid-fire hotfixes for 1.4 ... and now already talk about 1.5 ... ahh, it's still nice and comfy in the 1.3.1 club As others have said before me, one of the great aspects of 1.3.1 was its longevity. Hard to keep up these days. I imagine new players might get a bit intimidated by the speed of hotfixes and patches, trying to keep their installs/mods alive. Anyway friends, see you on the forum.
  7. Dafni

    KSP Weekly: Ultima Thule

    Here we go again. See you on 1.5.4
  8. A "PITA to handle" is only scratching the surface IMO. I'd go as far as saying it is The Devil himself. It is among the strongest oxidizing agents known to man, has the highest electronegativity, and according to literature reacts with all elements except Helium and Neon. Some serious business right there. It is literally the only element that can make direct reactions with the Noble Gases Krypton Xenon and Radon. Fluorine is no joke. Under some conditions it forms HF (for example by reaction with Water of Hydrogen), and HF is some crazy stuff too. It would etch/dissolve glass! And can kill people in very nasty ways too.
  9. Dafni

    What did you do in KSP today?

    No, please dont. Profanity has no place here.
  10. Dafni

    Apollo LEM

    Yes, I know, right? That thing is bigger than the pics and videos make it seem. And yes, the Saturn V was absolutely gigantic. An F1 engine alone is pretty huge. The nozzle is close to 4m in diameter IIRC.
  11. Dafni

    What do I do with my depression?

    Sent you a PM.
  12. Dafni


    We had them from a mod before. I cant remember which one. A graphic mod, like EVE or Scatterer featured footprints for a while. As far as I can remember the performance hit was acceptable. Wonder why it disappeared though.
  13. Dafni

    MK2 Decouplers

    Thank you. Yes, I know that. Still, I believe it is long overdue to have a stock one.