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  1. Very well done video! You put a lot of effort into it and it shows. The editing is very good! The craft are nice too! Congrats! Couldn't help notice the surface of Minmus. Is that Parallax? Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll make sure to keep an eye on your stuff.
  2. Nothing changed. You can rendezvous with them and dock with a claw and mine away. You could never actually land on them.
  3. @The Everyday Kerbonaut try the way @ShuttlePilot described. Works a treat. It's a bit stressfull at first and you might need some trial and error to get your numbers dialed, but once you get it you can get very consistent and precise too. I land all my boosters on the peninsula now, or Booster Island if I launch on my "Minmus heading". If you want a visual guide or a video of the technique, you can look up an old stream of EJ_SA on twitch, he does it with his Condor9 all the time, even managed drone ship landings before. MatoroIgnika also comes to mind, he uses the Trajectories and the N
  4. I do it in the exact same way as @ShuttlePilotdescribed above. With a bit of practice you can become pretty consistent with this technique.
  5. That was indeed a very nice version of Laythe, I remember this too! These days I enjoy the JNSQ version of Laythe a lot. Completely different flavor as the one mentioned above, but very very nice in it's own way. As for the question how I would improve it... sometimes I imagine aquatic life there, or underwater easter eggs, relics or ruins maybe. That would be quite cool.
  6. How do you mean "automatically orbit the mun"? Like an automated orbital injection burn/capture burn? Or including the Trans Munar Injection burn and everything?
  7. Most definitely. For sure all surface stuff will be done for, most probably orbital stuff too. Start new savegames whenever you change the planet pack. I'd even say between KSP versions too.
  8. Donated some cash to one of my favorite modders.
  9. This mod is fantastic! And it keeps on getting better, wow! Absolutely beautiful plumes, thank you very much. Appreciate to backwards compatibility too, have no issues running this on 1.10.1.
  10. Mine is originally german, so native english speakers usually mispronounce it at first. It's meant to sound like Duffny. Daf works too, it's how I usually get called, sounds like Duff.
  11. I would suggest to use the mod AFBW, it spares you so much pain when you want to use joysticks in KSP. Try it. Most probably you will never mess with the stock joystick setup again. Sorry I cant help you with the direct issue, me and many others just gave up dealing with this headache and just went with AFBW, its a super nice mod, easy to use and reliable.
  12. oh lord... I cant even... wow, just wow
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