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  1. Inline stayputnik?

    Yes, a spherical structural part would be nice indeed. With high impact and heat tolerance please, and low mass too. @SQUAD how about it? You are right about the unintended use, me and many others tent to ignore the real intentions for parts a lot when we build stuff. One of the nice aspects of KSP. But yeah, of course you are right and I get your point.
  2. Inline stayputnik?

    To provide us with a spherical collider box for all kinds of tricks/exploits, like hinges, ball-joints etc. Other than that, yeah, its pretty useless. But I'm a sandbox player, no idea how it fits into the career progression at all.
  3. Should I buy KSP for PC?

    Okay, fair point. But once you have KSP there wont be much time for other games just kidding mate, have fun and see you on the forum
  4. Best Looking Computer Thread

    I just built a new rig. No picture on me, but i used this case here: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-series-570x-rgb-atx-mid-tower-case Turned out super nice. It has a i7-8700K and a 1080Ti now, runs very good. I can recommend that case, the build was a breeze and it keeps everything nice and cool. Maybe a bit more expensive than other cases. The one you posted looks nice too. Have fun with your built.
  5. Should I buy KSP for PC?

    Why even waiting for a sale? It is like 30 bucks, right? If you can afford it, go for it! It will most probably be one of the best dollars-to-fun ratio purchases you do in a long time. At least it was for me.
  6. Ksp need to fix the performance

    Hmm, interesting. Makes you wonder why they picked that engine in the first place. Are there better alternatives at all then?? @Shadowmage thank you for your informative post. Nice way of explaining it. Up until now I did not know some of the facts you explained, and the thing about manually applied gravity now explains a lot for me. Thank you again.
  7. How to make KSP more accurate?

    Good question. I would guess if you suddenly apply n-body physics to the stock Jool system it would mess it up pretty bad very quick. Maybe only Tylo would not care much and just stay where it is? After swallowing the smaller neighbors maybe?
  8. How to make KSP more accurate?

    Oh, okay, I stand gladly corrected then. Nice to hear, and definitely something to check out now that my PC should be able to handle such things. Thanks for the information, and sorry for the misinformation on my part.
  9. How to make KSP more accurate?

    yes, plus (correct me if I am wrong) none of those mods include n-body physics, Lagrange points (mentioned by OP) etc. Haven't messed with RO stuff in ages though, and would love to be proved wrong on this.
  10. ...when you look at that trajectory visualization and want to change the perspective by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse around.
  11. Metroid Prime Gunship Replica

    @GillyMonster thanks for sharing. I'll try to take it out for a ride on the weekend.
  12. Metroid Prime Gunship Replica

    How about a DL link? Would love to give it a spin.
  13. Hello all, lovely mod. Just one question: is it okay to remove parts from the folder? Or will doing so cause any weirdness?
  14. Metroid Prime Gunship Replica

    Very nice looking replica, and a great poster too. Well done.
  15. Maelstrom - Medium SSTO

    Nifty design with the offset node stack magic. Very neat. Expect more feedback after I had some stick time with your new bird. Thanks for sharing.