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  1. A classic. Maybe The Classic.
  2. Well, that's okay then, somebody has to take care of that A rover trip around Eve would be cool indeed. I was toying with the idea of doing something like that on Mars or Venus in SSRSS. Earth would be a bit tricky, I'm not into building bridges myself.
  3. You are welcome. I like what you do indeed and also how you document it for us. Lots of respect from me. (only minor complaint would be all the night-time pics recently, but I see how there is no time for rest on your trip there) So what games are the people around you playing then? Shooters? KSP must be one of the most instructive games ever. Or are they just non-gamers frowning on video games in general? Either way it is pretty lame. Never judge someones hobby or passion or fetish or believe or whatever.
  4. Long overdue: I always enjoy your stuff, Triop, even though I never post much in your threads. Always check your progress and ideas. Keep it up.
  5. Same here. To the letter. Lets emphasize the following again, for the players that still have issues: Take this to heart and you should be fine.
  6. Dafni

    Quantum Physics discussion thread

    Cheers man, my job is closely related to quantum physics. For almost 20 years now I am growing crystals that are used in fundamental research, materials with interesting optical or magnetic properties. Either way the theories behind it are quantum related. The crystals may end up in simple laser labs in some university, or all the way up to big neutron scattering facilities. Often involving quite extreme conditions, low temperatures, high magnetic fields etc. Myself I never studied physics, so my theoretical knowledge is very limited, but you pick up stuff over the years. And its super nice to contribute physical samples to a field otherwise dominated by so much theory. For example one of my materials was used to proof a magnetic phase state that was only predicted by theories. Even though I dont hold a degree myself, my name appears now on quite a few papers related to the topic, my contribution being quite essential to the whole process. What about you @4472TJ? You pursue a scientific career?
  7. Dafni

    Skippy The Munar Kangaroo

    I second this.
  8. Pure awesomeness! Thanks a ton! Definitely finally a real reason to move to 1.6.1 from 1.3.1 once you release it. Cheers man, I appreciate your work a lot. Oh, thank you for this. I never knew that, but was bothered by this issue before. Cheers.
  9. @Jacke maybe Distant Object Enhancement can help you, it has settings for ambient light too IIRC.
  10. as in your files must be corrupted. I have many many 1.3.1 installs going now, all kinds of planet packs, RSS ones, SSRSS ones, and I have never ever seen a chinese navball.
  11. Something must went wrong. The chinese navball sounds suspicious.
  12. Something must be wrong with your install then. I dont have this on my 1.3.1 here. Navball reads THROTTLE and G-FORCE, looks just fine. Just had a look, in stock, RSS and SSRSS. All three Navballs look okay. I run RSS on 1.3.1 without much problems, even the RSSVE works fine. Much better performance than I had on 1.2.2. I always suggest 1.3.1 to people who ask about RSS these days.
  13. Dafni

    SSRSS Community Support Group

    @Tyko, cheers, will do. I remember we had the same exact issue before, right?
  14. What do you mean by that, please??
  15. Dafni

    SSRSS Community Support Group

    Are you guys running it on 1.6.1 fine now? I believe once the scatterer update drops I cant justify 1.3.1 anymore.