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  1. Okay Jade, you did it. Once these parts become available I will take the OPT plunge. I'll keep an eye on this, please make sure to keep us updated. Looking very good so far. And thats a super nice looking craft too, btw. I need that in my hangar!
  2. You are welcome. Work like this needs to be seen. Really a great job. Oh, I bet it was a lot of work. I see how this is a lot to ask. The offer stands though, I would make it worth your while. If ever you are in the mood just hit me up. The only thing I would add to my dream setup would be buttons for switch to prev/next vessel (for the dockings and Falcon9 style booster landings) and buttons for the timewarp. Personally I play with a hack setup, two joysticks, peddals, a throttle lever and some xbox controllers velcro'd to my desk. It's a lot of fun, so much better for KSP than just a keyboard... especially the dual sticks. The xbox controllers give me lots of buttons and axes too, for the camera and all that. But it looks very makeshift indeed, total hack job. Have fun with your setup and fly some nice missions! cheers Daf
  3. Amazing work man! Very impressive! If ever you want to build another one for money, just name your price
  4. Slashy! I miss reading his posts. I hope he's fine, wherever he is.
  5. off topic, but how about attaching wheels on decouplers? Drive into the water and jettison the wheels.
  6. How about downloading a craft that you like and taking it apart to see how it was made? That's how I learned how to build unconventional craft when I first started.
  7. Nice one! Amazing video, as always, and super nice craft too. I like that scout plane and the prop VTOL too!
  8. Thanks @VoidSquid couldn't dig up the link on time. Came back with a loaded clipboard though cheers
  9. The helpful people on here will have to get a little bit more info from you. Version, mods, logfiles etc. I'm sure somebody will be able to help you! Just let us know what exactly you are running. cheers
  10. That sounds super intriguing! Wish they were like that in stock, or that we had another stock jet like this even. Nice thinking there! Hmm, what Rock would that be if I may ask. It looks nice from your pics! I like him. Nice craft. I bet it hauls!
  11. Sounds like you are talking about a control point? (if yes, just for your info, you dont need a Kal for that, we did this years before there was a Kal... a docking port is enough) But anyway, the OP's question was about the camera movement in the editors (SPH/VAB). You might want to read the first post again.
  12. That is fine, the current scatterer configs (0.4.1) looked more than okay. Thank you for the insight, I appreciate it a lot! Good luck and all the best!
  13. Neat. I am sure many users will appreciate this. Personally I have the hardware to run the full version, but I still appreciate you coming up with a lite version for the low end PC and laptop users. Good job! Eh, that EVE is a helluva mod, right? Amazing what it can do. Tony, can I kindly ask if you have a rough EDA for KSRSS 0.5? Just asking as I am debating holding off a fresh play-trough. No pressure and no rush, just innocent curiosity... and those pics of the new textures have me very excited here, cant blame a guy for a little impatience after you made us drool over new textures now, can you?
  14. I seem to remember there once was a mod like this. Sorry cant help you any further, but I agree with you. Would love to have that too.