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  1. Obviously, from having done mid air collisions while testing BDa, I can assure you that part worked as intended. Wing tip bent required trim to fly somewhat straight. In this case however, the craft was landed after a rough landing (if you can call it that way) . Without throttle or any input, it is therefore supposed to stay still, on the ground which it did not. The plane started moving around at low speed as if some force were applied to it despite the engines being offline There were still landing gears present though and they were bent out of alignment. Perhaps the twisted gear caused the phantom forces ? This also happened upon spawning an aircraft on the runway with some badly configured gears from airplane plus. The plane spawned too high and was bent upon "landing". Once again, it started moving on its own, engines not even started yet.
  2. I think he is referring to an other "bug" After a rough landing, sometimes the whole frame is twisted and somehow it induce phantom forces which cause the craft (which should normally be still) to move or spin. Didn't play recently however so I can't provide exact steps to reproduce.
  3. I noticed some visual issues on the fuselage parts, I won't bother with screenshots as they are already reported. The cause is a normal issue on the model, they are facing the wrong way thus KSP treat it as the back of a face, not the front if that make sense. This either comes from the normal map itself or the model packed in the .mu. What need to be done is to load the model into a 3d modeling software like Blender and recalculate the normals. I'd do it but I lack the knowledge to put back the edited model into a usable format for the game using Unity or tweak/bake a normal map properly (nor do I have the time to learn due to my thesis)
  4. I second Atlessa, only way to use the mod is to disable sparks for all parts via the configs, having an i7-4790 and gtx1060 with 32GB of ram, a craft hitting the ground (even at 2 or 3 points) slow the game to 0.2 fps. A debris of 2-3 parts work fine though, keeping the game at a good 60 fps. Other than that, tire smoke work but is shot far and always to the right of the part for some reasons. Didn't hear the tire squeak when landing however. Thumping sound works with spark disabled and does not cause any noticeable drop in performance. I also noticed the sparks looked oversized (the size of a baguette tank) and had the same texture as in the older version of the mod when activated. However, they looked like the screenshots when performances were correct as stated above. @Grigetio
  5. @DemonEin Would it be possible for you to use the aset hud ? I tried replacing it with a config like you suggested for the LSS above but that doesn't work well at all sadly. This hud is much easier to read and can be stowed which could be useful to some. Also prettier by far. I am not entirely sure if it isn't part of the aset avionics pack however. No matter what I'd recommend you give that one a look, it have very nice analogue dials that work sometimes better than digital ones in Aset's main pack.
  6. I have the same issue after uninstalling the mod and any graphical mod I had due to the poor performance on my pc. I can provide a log if that can be of any use. It seem like the atmosphere shaders don't load anymore. Edit: I noticed the scatterer menu was still available in game despite having deleted the mod folder from the gamedata folder Edit 2: For some reasons there is a scatterer folder inside "real plume-stock" this could be the cause of this issue.
  7. I have encountered this issue in 1.3 (ksp ver) when i was still playing heavily, I had to tweak theconfigs for it to work and even then i couldn't find a way to make it so the part would either be deformed without sending verticies everywhere or be destroyed unless the deformation was basically off but then most parts wouldn't have a single scratch (or nothing visible rather, i also noticed shadows are a bit funky on deformed parts but that could be my graphic settings, the deformed faces kept the same shading as the original ones, no visible difference in shadows on the part) And i also had those issues with pods not really needing parachutes to survive a reentry although that was not always the case. I'll do some indepth testing once back home Sorry for the funky english
  8. Launch clamps do that and if I remember right, there is a part if extraplanetary launch pad that could be used as a foundation for base building KIS also have some dedicated parts for anchoring on the ground
  9. Indeed it doesn't, game crash when selecting a part that have lifting surf in vab
  10. does it work in 1.3 ? (I'll probably try it before you answer but it might be useful for others)
  11. No, rather the mod work as is in 1.3, ofc the same issues are there also the sound of propellers from airplane plus isn't always muffled there is also the problem with the alarms from aset props which get muffled in iva and i can't hear the sound of iva alarms in external view despite tweaking the cfg
  12. I have that issue with my X52 but only since I fixed the driver issues for Elite dangerous by completely removing all traces of the joystick from my pc (including the registery) then installing the saiteck drivers for w10 (before creator update the issue was already there, using ksp 1.2.2 x64 from steam) Before, ksp worked fine but other games had funky yaw controls (0->100 instantly) since then, the other games work flawlessly but ksp have a ~1-2s lag between the input on the stick and the output in game Given how much work is required to switch from one driver to the other, an other option would be nice. Gonna test vJoy but last time I tried, it got flagged as malware and didn't worked
  13. An other idea with the fx, give it a starting velocity like 90% of the one of the emitter then slowing down to a steady rise as it does rn, sometimes it look a bit silly to have a very fast object leaving a perfectly still trail of smoke and fire. Especially noticable with the new effect in my opinion. Look at the flame effect in beamNG drive to see what I mean
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