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  1. In other words an impulse engine if i'm not wrong :p
  2. Falco01

    [1.6.1] Kerbal Krash System (0.4.6) 2018-03-15

    I have encountered this issue in 1.3 (ksp ver) when i was still playing heavily, I had to tweak theconfigs for it to work and even then i couldn't find a way to make it so the part would either be deformed without sending verticies everywhere or be destroyed unless the deformation was basically off but then most parts wouldn't have a single scratch (or nothing visible rather, i also noticed shadows are a bit funky on deformed parts but that could be my graphic settings, the deformed faces kept the same shading as the original ones, no visible difference in shadows on the part) And i also had those issues with pods not really needing parachutes to survive a reentry although that was not always the case. I'll do some indepth testing once back home Sorry for the funky english
  3. Falco01

    [1.2.2] Firma 0.1.3

    Launch clamps do that and if I remember right, there is a part if extraplanetary launch pad that could be used as a foundation for base building KIS also have some dedicated parts for anchoring on the ground
  4. Falco01

    [1.3] TweakableLift v1.1 (6/13/17)

    Indeed it doesn't, game crash when selecting a part that have lifting surf in vab
  5. Falco01

    [1.3] TweakableLift v1.1 (6/13/17)

    does it work in 1.3 ? (I'll probably try it before you answer but it might be useful for others)
  6. No, rather the mod work as is in 1.3, ofc the same issues are there also the sound of propellers from airplane plus isn't always muffled there is also the problem with the alarms from aset props which get muffled in iva and i can't hear the sound of iva alarms in external view despite tweaking the cfg
  7. it work on my install of ksp 1.3 c:
  8. I have that issue with my X52 but only since I fixed the driver issues for Elite dangerous by completely removing all traces of the joystick from my pc (including the registery) then installing the saiteck drivers for w10 (before creator update the issue was already there, using ksp 1.2.2 x64 from steam) Before, ksp worked fine but other games had funky yaw controls (0->100 instantly) since then, the other games work flawlessly but ksp have a ~1-2s lag between the input on the stick and the output in game Given how much work is required to switch from one driver to the other, an other option would be nice. Gonna test vJoy but last time I tried, it got flagged as malware and didn't worked
  9. Falco01

    [1.5.X] Destruction Effects v1.9.0 (11/11/18)

    An other idea with the fx, give it a starting velocity like 90% of the one of the emitter then slowing down to a steady rise as it does rn, sometimes it look a bit silly to have a very fast object leaving a perfectly still trail of smoke and fire. Especially noticable with the new effect in my opinion. Look at the flame effect in beamNG drive to see what I mean
  10. Falco01

    [1.5.X] Destruction Effects v1.9.0 (11/11/18)

    An idea woudl be to have a 4 different effects (particle FX i mean) 2 with the old effect and 2 with the new one, one short one long and be able to switch between them using a config or smth. Also, idk if it's a feature but if I use the autostrutting it trigger the fx at takeoff on the parts with autostruts, it will also trigger again on those parts if a part break (any part) or a kerbal eva if you use the old fx it never goes away unlike the other one and if I use the autostrutting it trigger the fx at as soon as physics kick in on the parts with autostruts, it will also trigger again on those parts if a part break (any part) or a kerbal eva (if autostruts ofc) It's pretty taxing on the pc and make it unplayable rather quickly, rigid attachment doesn't do it though. I'll make a log later, I just stumbled upon this thread on a break to prepare my lab so no game right now I hope this will be helpful in some way, have a nice day
  11. Falco01

    [1.2] Mission Patch Manager v1.2.0 - 15th September 2016

    I'll try after my exam tomorrow, thanks for the advises
  12. Falco01

    [1.2] Mission Patch Manager v1.2.0 - 15th September 2016

    Then why doesn't it work with the stock parts ? It puzzle me more than anything tbh In game, the part where the flag should be was white no matter what and the stock flag decal options were gone replaced by this mod's Could you eventually take a closer look ? It could be useful if you wanna make a cfg that can convert all flag decals into yours
  13. Falco01

    [1.2] Mission Patch Manager v1.2.0 - 15th September 2016

    Oops, my bad Or maybe the stock module use a different data on the mesh
  14. Falco01

    [1.2] Mission Patch Manager v1.2.0 - 15th September 2016

    since I don't master unity I can't make the necessary changes to the .mu (and tbh I'd rather make my own model in such case) However I tried with the airliner tail fin which seemed compatible and made a MM patch so it use your module instead of the normal one. I bet i missed something. //decal on tail fin @PART[airlinerTailFin] { !MODULE[FlagDecal] { } MODULE { name = PatchDecal textureQuadName = FLAG } } Any clue what went wrong ? Maybe it's due to how your mod work
  15. Falco01

    [1.2] Mission Patch Manager v1.2.0 - 15th September 2016

    I was talking about scaling different meshes For example, having a curved decal that's scalable using the stack scaling to have it in 0.65, 1.25,... m size Then having the current flat decal which is scalable as it is now So only 2 parts in total