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  1. The trees are all white plane objects at the KSC i have some screenshots of my install and the bug.https://imgur.com/a/Bvo70qH
  2. How does the Scientific square piece or the Kibo Exposed Facility connect to the JEM PM JERMS
  3. I Would love to see a Buran or Klipper we already have the rockets made we just need the shuttle and decouplers and adapters
  4. Okay another idea is that you could make the solar panels and raitoirs separate parts you add on to it. Once again i don't know much about making mods so this could just make things harder i don't know just a idea.
  5. Okay ive tried there panels there to small and not the right shape. Ill try working on a Ares V with the mod ive had a little trouble with it but i haven't been doing it to much since ive been playing a lot with the shuttle but ill give a try thank you:)
  6. A suggestion is that you could add the American Orion 606 from constellation into the mod as a option with the circular solar panels. I would like this because there are currently no mods that do this and i think redirect in my opinion is one the best newest mods out there. You could also add parts for a Ares V and an altair lander and rover but that may be to much.
  7. I have a suggestion for benjee with fixing the problem i know you might not have time but this is a idea you can maybe just rebuild the model and part from scratch the solar truss it may not be the best way to deal with it i don't know much about modding but it may make more sense rather than to not find what causing it.
  8. I have a bug with the solar panel Truss spawning my craft a few hundred meters in the air. I re downloaded the mod i made a new install of ksp and still the same thing happens with the same part. https://imgur.com/a/2UDYyrM
  9. After further investigation its both mods its strange the bottom node is there but it deletes the top one im not sure how tweak scale or tweakable anything could be messing with that there's no configs for it i think. Edit I got tweak scale to work now onto tweakable everything the problem with tweakscale was that i had not installed ksp recall
  10. Okay its tweak scale or tweakable everything that is causing it.
  11. am i doing something wrong i put down the pipes but nothing shows up for the link button thanks in advance for help.