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  1. I have made a new shuttle i had to cancel it because my pc couldn't handle it very well but i gotta a new Computer and im able to handle it. The main reasons i asked about laythe before was because if i designed it for that then i wouldn't have to make any modifications or a another new shuttle. The picture of it is Work In Progress though. https://imgur.com/a/1ZtTTcv
  2. Thank you i think if i recall Jeb went to Laythe Vall On Tylo,Vall and Bob on Vall,Jeb and Bob on Bop And All 4 main kerbals Jeb,Bill,Bob and Vall landed on poll and a 5th Kerbal named Jane Kerman. Would it not count since bob already landed on Vall and so when he went to bop that wouldn't count?
  3. Here is my Jool 5 mission I did in one of my career modes and made back all the money and got 8780.9 Science. I did have mechjeb but only for delta v readouts because i mainly use it more than Kerbal Engineer. But they were giving me different delta v readouts so one of them is obviously bugged, Probably mechjeb. Also i changed my graphics mods mid mission around the time i arrived at laythe becasue AVP was to laggy with all the parts and so i switched to spectra.
  4. I saw the compatible part but i just want to confirm SVE doesn't work for this. I ask because i tried and got no clouds. Wait NVM i got it working sorry.
  5. Well kopircus updatated and im going to play some JNSQ now ive been waiting for it to updata for a while. The galileo team does a great job at making planet packs i played Galileo's planet pack back in 2017 for like half of the year or so and had so much fun. I made it to Griatian and its moon and back maned. Im looking forward to another great planet pack to play.
  6. I'd like to help revive this mod i'm just not experienced with fixing bugs as much.
  7. I looked a little in the forums here couldn't find anything on it, but does SVE work for 1.7.2?
  8. The problem is i keep getting a B9 part switch warning. I wasn't entirely sure how to do it so i just dragged the columbia files in the parts folder it sorta works but i get that error.
  9. I read the Readme file on the extra textures im still having b9 part errors and cat figure out how to do it?
  10. I have the same issue in 1.6.1 Real Solar System Realism Overhaul.