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  1. Right thanks for the help, I Checked the code and it has the same amount of lines as the Github one has. Thanks for the help regarding SWE and SRBWE, haven't had any problems with the Miniavc in the install however if any do show up thank you! Probably will just continue using it as it is seeing as everything is fine. Thank you everyone for the help that was received! Jim
  2. Hello, I updated to the lasted version of Bluedog the other day and have been getting B9 Part switch errors with the UA203,204, etc Titian Boosters all relating to the inline part. I loaded up the game and messed around with them and they worked fine. I reinstalled Bluedog 3 times already and B9 Part switch. I am unsure if this is a bug with the mod or I need a new install of KSP to fix the issue here. I have attached a log here also, the crash at the end of the log can be ignored since that was me closing the game. Thanks if any help is done in advance! Jim https://www.dropbox.com/s/xzxa218t1ewas1y/Player.zip?dl=0
  3. Looks great Constellation still one of my all time favorite programs!
  4. Update was able to fix docking ports via Save file editing thanks to this tool, Still no idea why menu options don't work
  5. Hello, I have been experiencing some problems undocking and using the menu buttons. When I click on undock or set it to a action group it does nothing and KSP still registers it as one craft. Secondly though I have not been experiencing this as much when I press esc to the menu and try going to Space center, Tracking Station or Main Menu , it allows me to click but it does nothing. I have tried clearing input locks on the menu problem but to no avail, unsure If I did it or not with the docking port issue. Here I have a log of a incident when I was unable to undock from anything except for one docking port, I also have here a list of my mods and a picture of my Gamedata as well. Hopefully we can figure out what the problem is, Thanks in advance! Dropbox Player log File Mods Image of Gamedata Folder http://
  6. Sounds good! Glad your feeling better! That teaser looks really good! Do you ever find it weird in KSRSS that the scale of earth is smaller especially during launch?
  7. Feel better soon! Looking forward to seeing your next post on the Shuttle!
  8. Made Space Station Freedom using HabTech2 along with a few other mods, Hope you don't mind any pictures or the video I made of it. Had to make a comprise on the S0 Connection to HAB A and LAB A so it would not look messy.
  9. Having a problem with the wings as stated with a Issue on GitHub, that aft pressing Crt+z I am unable to edit the wings. I can only see my wings edits after I make copy's of them and place them back on my craft, or pick them up and put them back on. I have a player log here hope this helps! Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxyo1xalbt82ykh/Player.zip?dl=0
  10. Those tiles and NASA and USA/Flag logo look really nice. Ever considered publishing it or sending it to SOCK recolored or something? Nice missions and Content by the way!
  11. Looks really nice, Did you have to do any tweaking or anything special to get Edwards to work for KSRSS?
  12. Using the Space OYD version, Parts are all loading in however I am unable to change the subtype or texture, Using KSP version 1.12.3. Any help would be apricated here is a player log hope this helps. Also @SpaceODY A friend of mine known as Kingzlo, found that RO engines is why some parts don't show up like the RS-25 or AJ190. Going into RO engines-Patch Manager-ActveMMPatches and then delete the RS-25 and AJ190 configs allows the Shuttle mods to show up. This works for any other engine also I found and any other part mod that adds them in and has configs for them already. Also found that using Tufx with the shuttle mod also makes some things see through depending on the angle. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxyo1xalbt82ykh/Player.zip?dl=0
  13. Having a ksp.io.hierarchy 1 error not sure what is causing it, Here is a log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9942p9l3ei4r6n/Player.log?dl=0
  14. Okay do you know what the coordinates of it are?
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