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  1. I miss his old mods, especially his Klipper one from back in the day that and KOSMOS use to be the main Soviet/Russian spaceparts until the great Tantares came along!
  2. Sounds Good thank you for the quick response, info, and wonderful mod!
  3. Thanks for answering all my questions and taking the feedback nicely! All sounds good, to answer your question it's the black part for the Buran payload adapter that connects to the Cabin maybe it's just me I'm not sure. With the spinning, it is very slowly the Buran itself moves on the ground, maybe it's the custom modification I added to it I'm not sure, I may just need to add more friction or braking to the gear to fix that. One question I forgot to ask is and this may already be done I am still in the process of building out my Buran and testing it but will if it is not already added an adapter of some kind be added for Buran to be mated onto Energeia. I am sure you have plenty of pictures and items already on this but by some chance you need more I have a bunch of pictures of OK-GLI at Speyer incase you need any.
  4. @hugoraiderOn the Benjee10 aft Fuselage for Buran, there is a door at the bottom and space inside, however, it is not functional from what I have found it was supposed to house a Zvezda like Antenna there, Is there any news of making it open, and closable? The second thing I noticed and I am not sure if the real Buran had this, is that the payload docking adapter is slightly tilted or maybe it's just me I'm not sure. Also, the Buran loves to roll backward without the brakes on. Another feature request is not an important one as using a mix of Tantaras and Near Future exploration I can recreate it just fine but the Buran payload docking adapter had serval antennas around it curious as to if this is going to be added. Another item is not really all the important but is there a chance of a custom Buran IVA? There is the old Bobcat Buran IVA from way back but I think it is a bit dated if you want to use that as a placeholder or something. One other thing to note is the RD-58s on the ODU of Buran, from what I have seen the Tantaras RD-58s are huge in proportion to the Buran compared to the real one I find the Benjee AJ10-190s to fit and look a lot better with some minor details missing, I am wondering if you are going to make custom ones for Buran? Another feature question is in regards to the parachute I know at least from experience landing nearly 200 Benjee shuttles at the KSC in JNSQ you don't really need the parachute but it would be a nice touch are you planning on adding that at some point? Also going back to the gear I have noticed it spins very very slowly even with brakes on. Hope I did not pester or annoy you with this long list of questions or reports on it, I really like the mod and hope to see it developed to completion and not abandoned KSP has needed a good Buran mod for a very long time now and I think you have done an amazing Job so far!
  5. You will be remembered as a legend in the community!
  6. @benjee10This has probably been asked a bunch of times and I apologize if you have given an answer already and I failed to notice, anyway is there any update about the Buran or is that still on hold? I know I and many others would love to see your talent put to work in making it!
  7. This has been adopted. Thank you @mcdouble! News when there is news! I do it all; except contracts and planets (not yet). Some better than others. More than welcome to collaborate. Very Good!
  8. Ya not sure how to fix the scrolling bug thought it was just a problem on my end. Thanks for your kind words it means a lot, I have not been taking any classes or anything I with the help of Scott Manly, and Bob Fitch back in the day have been playing KSP since 2013. One more thing to add I forget to mention is if you ever need or want any more craft files I can add them here and feel free to improve upon them and add them to the download as long as you give me credit along with yourself. Picture of a folder I have to keep my best crafts somewhere safe on my PC
  9. I'll go ahead and do it, as for kerbalX the thought never occurred to me You will need the following mods in order for it to load properly Photon Corp SOCK ORANGES Modular Launch Pads Hullcam Conformal Decals SOCK Repainted SOCK Recolored SOCK reCOLOR HabTech2 I think that is everything, if it complains about missing parts or whatnot let me know and I figure it out. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/21qxr90epg5euiddrew9d/h?dl=0&rlkey=6rgitss0dgtxcqq3wfmqj3xjc Dropbox link for the download You will also need a decal which I found off the web and made a flag for KSP for the USA flag, which I have put in the Dropbox file also. In case you don't know by chance in order to add the flags go to your main Ksp folder then Gamedata, then Squad, and finally flags, and paste the two flag picture files in there. I must also admit this Shuttle file I have has been improved upon for over a year now the original file I used for about a year but there was a bug so I thought at the time it was a problem with the Shuttle file itself and rebuilt it from the ground it which is what I use now and what the file is, however, the problem was with action groups extended messing with Modular Launch Pads, anyway the craft I have it a total of 200 times from all my different saves over the past few years and there is a bunch of action groups setup for how I personally want things to so feel free to change that if you want. The shuttle I have is met for JNSQ, a few quick rules while flying it, during SRB separation press the 4 or 5 button which actives the control surfaces be at full throttle, after which press the 4 or 5 button whichever one it is to turn off the control surfaces until reentry and mess with the throttle how you want. On re-entry, I used mecjeb smart SAS and have it pitched for most of the reentry between 15-25 degrees and use trajectories and watch a lot from the map view until I get close to the KSC. Never used KILL all rotation with Mecjeb while gliding it just does not like it for some reason just use the stock SAS. The speed brake does not like turning so only turn it on after coming out of reentry to slow down if you are a bit high or just about before or after you land. The brakes on the Shuttle are by default set to 50% I have used 100% before however it is really overkill so maybe try 70-85% I have not really fully figured that one out yet I just recently stopped using 100% brakes. There's probably a lot more I am missing but nothing that cannot be figured out by just flying the thing. One more thing to add I can custom edited the Photon Corp SRB nose cones to have more solid fuel and thrust specifically for my shuttle, to edit it go to your Ksp folder, game data, Photon corp, PC_nose.CFG change the solid fuel to 30, and max thrust to 205. IMPORTANT if you have Benjee Orion installed it has configs for Photon Corp as well which will override the Photon corp configs, in order to fix it go again to your KSP folder, gamedata, Benjee10_Orion, Booster, Parts, PC_Nose.CFG again the same thing set solid fuel to 30 and max thrust to 205, you are not done yet go back to the main Benjee10_Orion folder go to Patches, open the Artemis Construction Kit cfg file The second line part module thing (not sure what its proper name is) change the amount and max amount to 30 and max thrust to 205. Hope this all works let me know if you still need help Enjoy! Hope this helps!
  10. I have some fairly what I believe anyway to be quite good shuttle craft files covering a range of configurations flown in each livery and pad config. If you want I can submit them to add to your craft file page, here are a few screenshots.
  11. It is really sad to see ROSCOSMOS in the state it is in now compared to what they used to be.
  12. I am sure you already know this but just in case there is a lock button on the part in the menu where you can do that, and it may be helpful once in the position you want to autostrut so it stays locked. In terms of the Kraken attack when you rendezvous with your ISS replica my best guess is that there is a bug with your install of KSP. It could be one of the mods, another is I have found using the stock inventory system causes a lot of bugs I have noticed and lead to my installs getting buggy and unusable in one case. My best advice is if you use the stock inventory system try to use KIS/KAS if you can to avoid it. My last idea is that you may need t reinstall KSP and back up your mods and save files. It is rare but sometimes while downloading KSP it can somehow get corrupted a little during the download and reinstalling is the best thing to do. It also does not hurt to download a fresh set of mods either. Your saved files should be fine I hope at least, these are all my possible ideas as to how to fix your issues when making installs download KSP off the what was the squad now private division store and download each mod by hand as I find Ckan rather annoying to use. Let me know if any of this helps or not. Jim
  13. That looks so cooool! What planet pack mode are you using? JNSQ, KSRSS, or something else? Thanks!
  14. Hope no one minds me posting this here for the purpose of advertising or self-promotion, if so feel free to take this post down. After having been playing JNSQ since 2019 I have finally achieved the goal of conducting a Lindor 5 Tour, though I could have earlier done so I felt it made more sense to focus on the Mun, Mimmus, and Duna before then. Hope you all enjoy the video, and thank you @Galileo for this amazing mod!
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