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  1. Wasn't around when rationale was given - but dV was put in in a way that helps highlight how it works with the stage stack, and TWR is only shown when you click on the stage stack to get more info, something people do as they get comfortable with the UI. Maybe at the time the developers were reacting to the way mods like KER and Mechjeb present the info which can be a bit of information glut for the unprepared. Games like this have a life cycle where you learn what's needed, and where to put those needed items for better and better UX. For most game genres, this occurs over multiple games
  2. Keep in mind too that Kerbal is still a game for players with a variety of different skill levels. Having similar sized engines that fill the same niche but with slightly different stats sounds great to a veteran. For a newer player, it can be confusing, and the poodle is fairly early in the tech tree. Plus, once that design decision was made, we'd then have to carry it through, making dozens more engines, and figure out how to add them without having some engines that overshadow others.
  3. Now I don't feel so bad I can't go out to the cinemas, something to look forward to! Can't wait!
  4. Yeah all the decouplers have a new variant that's white and yellow to match those fairings, well spotted.
  5. There's a competing standard here then, I suppose. Not sure there's more to comment on that than I have already - we made the Ariane 5 the most reasonable possible given the competing concerns - but we're not asking modders to follow our lead on this. Mods I play use the actual real world part sizes for historical recreations, for instance and if you want to keep using .625:1, go for it, and I think you'll be able to rescale the parts pretty easily.
  6. As many people have speculated, they're physicsless parts that can be surface attached to a variety of things, with conformal shapes the player can select. So they have minimal impact on game performance. So if you're asking are they technically decals, as far as graphics engine technology goes, then no, they're not decals or projected textures. They serve the same purpose though, and you can even attach them to fairings.
  7. Yes, the kickback has been updated, and looks really good, in keeping with the other SRB updates.
  8. @Streetwindis right on here. If the Ariane 5 in game was a 3.75 core, it would end up throwing 60 tons into LKO, no sweat. The 2.5m one puts up a little over 20 tons - which coincidentally is how much the real Ariane 5 ES lofts to LEO. More over, the Bepi and Rosetta spacecraft I feel would have been out of scale to other probes at 3.75. 4 ion engines on that size of probe would take a heck of a long time to slow it down, for instance. So there are other concerns besides just getting the perfect part size ratio. KSP isn't a historical recreation game, but we're very happy to see mods t
  9. Actually, since this update is for everyone, we didn't want to use 1.875m parts from Making History, and we didn't want to add a one-off diameter parts to stock or move parts out of Making History into the stock game. Also - those would look too wide in comparison to the core. Scaling down 5.4m to 2.5m is a 1 to 0.463. Scaling down the 3.06m boosters by the same amount yields a diameter of 1.41m. Using the 1.25m kickbacks is closer than using 1.875m solids.
  10. Hey all. We've made some updates to the Ariane 5 since that screenshot was taken. I wanted to share them, and also explain how certain choices were made. First - we choose the 2.5m size because we didn't want to make the Bepi/Rosetta spacecraft too small relative to this craft and had in mind what sizes we wanted for those. Also, 2:1 on the diameter for the real craft vs the KSP version lines up well with some of our other Kerbalized craft. For instance, the Acapello, our Saturn V-like craft, is a 5m diameter core while the real one is a 10.1m core. With that chosen, the SRBs we'd
  11. I'm glad a lot of you enjoyed this, but I'm surprised no-one figured out that it wasn't an April Fool's day joke. It was April JOOL's day.
  12. Glad you found some of this helpful, and that's a great tip! Helicopters are complicated, and I'm impressed with how much of the community has figured out how to work with them. In many ways I'd say they're more complicated, at least physics-wise- than rockets - more force interactions and coupling.
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