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  1. Some of my most fun creations have been RATO SSTOs where I would put two thumpers on the wings of the plane, then fire them up to get high into the atmosphere so that the whiplashes work enough to get half of the way to orbital velocity. If you haven't built a RATO SSTO, do so. Its an unforgettable experience.
  2. 50th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - "This I swear by the Stars!" Ghosts haunted the past. Giving advice and warning against threats. They saved entire civilizations from the brink of disaster. How unlucky for the royal family of Ollusionia that a ghost did not show up to them. How unlucky of them to keep their path crooked. It took revolution in its purest form to wipe the land clean from their stains. I led it all. I personally spied upon the royal court. Charted the positions of troops, of supplies. Stole papers bound for the monarchist’s signature. I did everything possible to disrupt the court and to end monarchy and replace it with the only logical successor. Communism. The purest form of government of the people. I need to instate it across the land. And then, spread the good news across the globe. Communism is the answer to an evil government. All oppressed people of the world rejoice at the coming of the red. At the new regime which promised peace and happiness for all. It didn’t take long to become the close advisor to the king. A little while after that I touched the wife with my influence. She died in childbirth because of a bit of well-placed poison. The unfortunate brat being birthed survived and would be known as a survivor. I was in my early thirties when that happened. The youngest official at court. I grieved the most, almost to the point of suspicion. But nobody reached that point. Anyone who did was eliminated. The kerb, curse him, grew up with a very capable mind. I believe he figured it out, 15 years later when the revolution started. Even before revolution had been declared, the royal family suffered tremendous loses. From what was at least 30 direct family members, they descended to 20. They were a mournful lot in that banquet hall, where 7 more would fall, not including the dozens of so-called nobles. I led it from the back. The gunmen entered the hall and held them up at gun point. They asked for money, and they received it all. I grinned inside when one of the gunmen removed the ring from a pair of royal family members, the brat’s aunt and uncle. That was when the royal guards came rushing in. A firefight erupted. The brat, young as he was, managed to gather together at least 5 of the royal family to exit to a secret exit which had not been known to me. Other family members escaped from it. But I am glad to say I killed one of them as they exited the scene. During the firefight, before the brat escaped, the gunmen threw some kerosene around and then lit a match to it. It was a most glorious spectacle. Afterwards, the gunmen were killed. The royal guards then protected the remains of the royal family who stayed behind. The next day I escaped from the castle. I watched as gas canisters flew from cannons stationed around into the court. Nobody escaped the nerve gas we unleased. I led the search party around the country side, looking for the portion of the family the brat had saved. The goal was to exterminate the entire line, from the 8-year-old daughter to the 70-year-old grandfather we knew to be in their group. It was easy. That house was the largest around. It’s a wonder why it wasn’t pulled down there and then. I entered. The royal family was in shock. At least those who were there. The brat was missing. I walked up to the ex-king. He stared down, dejected. He had just lost everything, possibly including his son. “My old king. Where is your son? Did you send him away?” I mocked. “I won’t tell you. He will survive! He will be the last of our line no matter what you do to rest of us. He knows what you have done. He will avenge us.” “Pompous words from an old fool. I will kill you and steal the name of your son. It no longer belongs to your line.” I raised the gun. I fired. I laughed. I hit. **************************** There, out in the darkness A fugitive running. Fallen from Grace Fallen from Grace God be my witness I shivered as I listened to the song Vujaun sang the song in his despair. I had spent the last couple of minutes listening to Les Miserables over the hum of the Vesta. It never ceased to fascinate me. I never shall yield Until we come face to face Until we come face to face He knows the way in the dark But mine is the way of the Lord And those who follow the path of the righteous, Shall have their reward And if they fall as Lucifer fell The flame, the sword! "I know you're out there. I'll find you. I'll find you." I murmured to myself. I gazed out of a window upon the starry clouds above. The stunning stars stared at me, searching my soul. These crystals had watched me all these years. Only the stars knew me. And Him. Stars, In your multitudes Scarce to be counted Filling the Darkness With order and Light You are the Sentinels! Silent and Sure Keeping watch in the Night Keeping watch in the Night You know your place in the sky You hold your course and your aim And each in your season, returns and returns And is always the same I couldn’t hear the silencing of the engine. Our course now determined upon this engine to the stars. To the never ending, never changing stars. Dres, a star in the sky. I looked for it half-heartedly but I didn’t see its grey light. A treasure trove of science waited to be gathered from it, and I was on the team to do it. And if you fall as Lucifer fell You fall, in flame As it has been, so it’s written On the doorway to paradise That those who falter and those who fall Must pay the price Lord, let me find him That I may see him “Dead where he killed my father.” I inserted into the song. I could feel the tears coming into my eyes as I remembered looking from the closet. The black, oiled gun. The moans of wounded men. The smell of blood. He unsanctified the home where they cared for the remains of the royal family. Just 13 of us were left. But that was an unlucky number, and that called him there. Father’s last words were, “He will be the last of our line no matter what you do to rest of us. He knows what you have done. He will avenge us.” The puff of smoke, the shocking bang, the screams. The laughter. I had lied before about how my Father was killed in an accident. I often lied to myself the same lie. But Father was killed intentionally. And his murderer laughed. The killer still roamed free in the communist regime which set itself up over the afore peaceful kingdom. The song continued. I mouthed the words, repeating them over with new meaning. I will never rest Till then, this I swear This I swear by the Stars! My entire shivered, then I broke down into half tears. This wasn’t normal, but it felt good to finally release the pent-up emotion in me. I felt free. I looked out the window again. Kerbin hung in it like an ornamental jewel. Evil things had been done there, and many more evil things would happen. But, there were also happy things. Eli, KASA, Obberty, fool that he is, and Ollusionia. It was lucky to have it facing my departure from Kerbin. I traced the desert region over with my finger. Home. “I’m coming back. You might think you’ve seen the last of me, but you haven’t yet. I will return to reclaim the crown of my father’s and to reclaim my name which you stole from me. This I swear by the Stars!”
  3. Oh shoot. I don't know what's the problem @obney kerman. Imageshack should work better than Imgur, but I don't know. Have you been trying everything you can? I might have to switch back to imgur in that case. Sorry that this had to happen to you
  4. how long of you been playing ksp?

    I can't believe that it was May 2016 when I bought the game. KSP has sent the quality of my life skyrocketing. Happy Explosions!
  5. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Here is a shot of my Dres Spacecraft. I hope you like it. This would be my second recorded interplanetary mission, so I am making sure I have enough Delta-v. Even then, in my equations are falling short. Hopefully I can get a refueling spacecraft over there as well... Happy Explosions!
  6. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I understand the feeling like you don't have to drive to write. I find the best thing to do is not jump to a different story, but to change up your story. Drastically. Therefore my stories can get a little disjointed, but I keep writing on them. Happy Explosions!
  7. Its a part of the mod list. I use it because I just can't stand the physics and the floppiness of everything. Better than spamming struts, especially since the VAB can only hold 255 parts. Anyway, the 50th Installment might take some time. The deadline is around Thursday, but probably will be finished before then. Happy Explosions!
  8. 49th Installment: The Actual Launch of the Transfer Stage Here it is. The monstrosity that will carry the transfer stage to a rendezvous with the Dres Endeavor. Yes, Mr. Kerman is aboard as well It also fits in the VAB if you want to know. Very surprising. This rocket consumes about 300,000 credits in cash. Or just about our last bills. With only 93,000 left, things will need a bit of help. The real budget of the mission goes to the mainsail engines. There's 8 of them! You might also have noticed the lack of nosecones. This maxes out the VAB right now, so I will need to upgrade it really soon. If rockets keep getting bigger.....As they always do. Detaching the outer boosters. The thrust limit goes back below 1 g. Okay, we can deal with it. Coasting up to the Apogee. Look at all those struts . Hopefully it will be enough. And the burn into orbit. It drains the rocket completely of fuel, but there looks to be an intercept. After detaching the rocket, the transfer stage has now an intercept with the Endeavor. Now approaching the Dres Endeavor. You can see the poodle engine I just detached. Now I will have to flip the entire spacecraft around. Yippee. After 10 minutes of laborious maneuvering, the transfer stage can finally dock. Here it is now coming to berth. I can feel the nerves rising steadily. I am about to complete the most vital part of the entire spacecraft! Inches closer to the docking. Inches closer to completing the goal of interplanetary space travel. Inches closer to Dres and beyond! And Docked! Success of the Transfer Stage addition to the Endeavor. Look at how beautiful it is! It is finally a true interplanetary spacecraft! You might be wondering why the pictures are smaller. I am using a new image site instead of imgur. Its a much higher grade image account called ImageShack. I recommend it if you want great photos, but there is the fee to be paid. I will launch up the landers with posting about them. All you need to know is that their ugly and will be left on sub-orbital trajectories after use to provide us with explosions. The 50th Installment is upon us soon, and I propose to make it one of the best! The Story of Mr. Kerman will continue. May all you readers have Happy Explosions!
  9. Obberty Kerman will soon start to live up to Jebediah Kerman's standard of laughter, as only Jebediah called. Jebediah might not be as smart as some kerbals think. On another note, it will be a couple of years days until the next installment. Can't play KSP where I am and there will be a couple more days here. Of course, the previous statement is the legal statement. Not the illegal statement........ Don't encourage me.
  10. When docking with RCS, keep the prograde marker above the target indicator to make it move up to align with the docking port. Do the opposite for the retrograde indicator. That's how to dock easily.
  11. Dres Spacecraft - Is it enough?

    Thanks for reminding me of that mod, @Geschosskopf. That is a very usual mod that I should download.......Actually I'll do that soon. Thanks! Happy Explosions!
  12. 48th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Conference of the Dead We rushed into the hitchhiker storage container where Assey had entered. A giant Jeb stood over her. She screamed again. “Stop it Jeb!” Obberty cried. Jeb shrunk down to an average size. “I couldn’t resist.” He said, with a massive smile plastered on his ghostly face. This was the infamous Jebediah Kerman. He must have been the regular hoot at the kerbonaut corps. “Alright. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I disbelieved you in the first place.” Assey apologized. She took a scared glance at Jeb floating in the air motionless. “Its okay. We’re a crackpot of weridos without us spouting about ghosts.” Obberty said. We all glared at him. Including Jeb. He shook himself, “Wait. I said that?” Jeb started to laugh uncontrollably. “Jeb. You made me say that!” Obberty accused. “Of course, I did. You’re too tame to say that.” “Cut it out Jeb.” Valentina Kerman appeared on one of the seats. “Sorry Sis.” Jebediah slunk back to one of sides of the hitchhiker. Bill Kerman now appeared on one of the seats. Roni gasped. “Yes. I’m here as well.” Bill said. Finally, Bob appeared on the last empty seat. They had appeared in seniority of how long they had been dead, or so it seemed as Bob died first. “It looks like we are all here.” He said, “Let the meeting adjoin.” “What meeting?” asked Assey. “The conference of the dead.” “To start, I believe that all of you have met your guide?” asked Bob. Roni, Obberty and I nodded our heads. Bill, Jebediah, and Valentia floated over to us. “What about me?” asked Assey, slightly nervous. “I am your ghost or guide as you would prefer to call me, but our relationship is going to be much more formal. I will appear in the science lab for 2 hours daily, I’ll tell you which hours after the 2 hours are finished. I am a busy ghost and have to mentor a couple other kerbals.” “Okay.” Assey sounded relieved. Our respective ghosts now floated a meter in front of us, staring at us. “I will need your permission for the assimilation to begin.” “Wait what!” Obberty cried, “Am I going to become Jeb!?” “No.” Bob replied loftily, “Jeb’s personality will start to live through you. The reason behind this is so that all of you receive your opposite into yourself. This would mean all you unstable kerbals will be balanced. We need perfect kerbals who are experts on their subject.” “It’s the same for all of you. But, you will be able to control your opposite to a certain extent. Of course, you may opt for a formal relationship with your guide as me and Assey. I would recommend it.” “What does this do for the ghost?” “Well. It will allow you to locate the ghost’s origin on the planet Eve. As the goal of the program as changed to rescuing the original four from the surface of Eve and defeating the Kraken.” “Wait. Is that official?” “Yes. We need all our kerbonauts available to fight off a pending attack on our solar system.” “What the blooming…” “We’ll explain it all by the time you reach Dres.” Bob glared at Obberty. “Do you want to assimilate Jebediah Kerman into your being? Or will you chicken out.” Obberty took a deep breath, “I might as well. I’m always an idiot.” Obberty slapped himself, “Jeb! You are already affecting me.” “I’m going in to affect you for a long time to come.” Jeb winked. Then he vanished. “Gosh. Where did he go?” Assey asked. “His spirit has just combined with Obberty’s. Obberty should be speechless for a few minutes, then he will be mostly normal.” “Won’t the KSC notice something is wrong with us?” “The KSC won’t be in connection with the mission after 20 days of the exit burn. They don’t have enough communication power to reach outside of Kerbin’s SOI. Therefore, it is a manned mission.” I strengthened my resolve and then said, “I’m willing to assimilate you, Valentina. Just as a side note, you’re not going to make me feminine, right?” “Only my none feminine traits are passed to you. The law of gender forbids anything but that.” Valentina disappeared. I couldn’t describe the sensation of absorbing another person. I felt that this wasn’t as personal as it could be. She was keeping most of her personal memories away from me. But the rest bit into me. I was suddenly living another life. I watched the vital parts of Valentina’s life from her perspective. I could write a book about the life I just witnessed, but there is no time for a book here. Finally, the visons stopped, and I came back into this blessed world. Obberty had recovered and now was babbling about something, I didn’t have the interest to listen. Assey stood well away from us three, probably frightened out of her mind. Bill had disappeared, and as Roni was gawking at the floor I assumed that she also absorbed Bill. Bob now float down in front of our lot. “You might be wondering this is necessary. To absorb another kerbal’s entire life is a great burden. It wasn’t meant to happen, but it we managed to do it just fine. You might be wondering as well if the KSC would place you into a padded cell when you get back. Probably. But as I have enough influence with Gene Kerman, I’ll get you out without any harm done.” “You also might be wondering if the absorbing will have a negative affect instead of a positive one. You don’t have to worry. Your opposite will have only a passive influence on your life, not an active one. But a passive influence on your life should round your edges and make you much better kerbonauts.” “For example, Mr. Kerman who has a very low compatibility with other kerbals, will become much more bearable. But he will do so naturally, and all the information he tells will be controlled by himself. But, as he sees that he better with communicating with others, he will probably tell more information about himself.” Bob took a sigh, “Well. I believe that your exit burn in within the hour, so let us draw the conference of the dead to a close.” A ghostly bong rang out from nowhere. And then Bob vanished. Roni shook herself, “I can’t believe this is happening to us.” “Well, we’ll now be a dozen dozy dodos up in a tin can on a 2-year mission. Yippee.” Happy Explosions!
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today, with this post, I now have 4 DOTS. FOUR DOTS PEOPLE! FOUR DOTS! YIPPEE!
  14. Just a quick mission to Priax

    Wow. That was pretty good. That nuclear engine seems to have a pretty bad TWR, but really good Delta-v. I'm trying to play without any mods involving nuclear engines as I occasionally think them overpowered. But here, that was pretty amazing. Download a life-support mod and this would be absolutely incredible. Life-support mods really up the bar.
  15. Sorry for the lack of posts. Been really busy the last couple of days. There will be an installment by tomorrow. I swear. Maybe. Also, @Geschosskopf, you will see the cause of those "encouraging signs" in the next installment.