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  1. Alpha 360

    adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges

    I might look into this. I haven't done a micro-challenge yet funnily enough.
  2. Alpha 360

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 29: When the Mountains Tremble)

    Alright, already I have a couple of things which I think were revealed here. 1. Leyland Kerman is BACK. Packing fake medicine which will actually brainwash you and make you a mindless drone of the Leyland Corperation 2. All of Edgar's friends are now dead :(. I really liked doc. Also, Edgar seems to freeze instead of flaming, like Valentina. Maybe Valentina will melt his icicle of a soul. 3. NOW THE PARTS AT THE BEGINNING MAKE SENSE! Thank you for giving us insight into the names of the three events which will slowly but surely wipe out Kerbal kind. That's all from Alpha's truly superior analyzision (yes I have just made that up) protocols. *Of course the former is a joke. Do not take offense. Happy Explosions!
  3. Alpha 360

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 29: When the Mountains Tremble)

    Wait, just trying to get this straight. This was what I got from the chapter 1. Kommissar was a good-guy!?!!?! (Or at least one of those neutral grey characters with good purpose but wrong actions) 2. Edgar is the Krakensbane!? I thought Valentina held that awesome title? 3. The Kraken was a prison warden for hell!?!!?!? And now Hell is about to break lose? So, those points aside, for the most important point of all. In other words, obviously jealous. Happy Explosions!
  4. I would second the Kerbin Grand Tour proposal by @Pascovian. Nice, simple, and you get to feel the satisfaction of completing a 'grand tour'. Happy Explosions!
  5. I'm glad to see you taking my place! Under your supervision, I believe the new micro-challenge thread will be better than I could have done it. Great job closing the thread as well, @kerbalstar! I'll look forward to seeing the new thread. Happy Explosions!
  6. YOUUUUUUUUUU have another fooooooooooooolower!

  7. I guess I can't delay this any longer. I announce that I am stepping down from this thread. @kerbalstar is my successor, and I will congratulate him for the hard work he has done to planning out this thread. I will offer my sincere thanks to @doggonemess for designing these new medals, he really has been working hard behind the scenes, so it would be nice if you all gave him a big hand. I also thank @obney kerman, @VelocityPolaris, @Lucast0909 for continuing to help with the thread. I hope that this thread goes through a healthy phase of reorganization, and that it will not stop because I have resigned voluntarily. Finally, I thank all of the people who have been supporting this endeavor to give these Newbies chances to win medals, master the game and therefore have a great time playing KSP. Happy Explosions!
  8. My Tales of Woe..... Well, let me tell you my tale of woe. I found a class D asteroid and so I started the rendezvous protocols. After 30 minutes, I got to the asteroid. I slowed myself down to 0.4 m/s, I drifted towards the asteroid. Then I decided it would take too long to drift there, I was 100 meters away, and then I timewarped. And then I got closer and closer to the asteroid, so I decided to stop. Only that my finger pressed the greater than sign instead of the backwards slash(Which are right next to each other), and timewarped through the asteroid. I could have gone all the way through, but then in my haste it hit the correct the wrong time. An explosion later and 6 hours of hard work disappeared. Well after I raged quit for the day, I came back to see the remains of the Endurance. To my surprise, I found the Cooper completely intact with its crew. I danced a jig, and then re-rendezvoused with the D-class asteroid and mined it. Then i decided to see if the Eve lander was intact. IT WAS. Except for the fact it was missing its docking port on the front. I had a claw + docking port attached to the rear, so I moved that to the front and clawed the cockpit, giving it a new docking port on the front. I then moved it back to the asteroid, and attempted to attach it's surface. After smashing a load of solar panels, which made me rage quit once more, I unleashed the Cooper from the asteroid and then docked to the claw + docking port, then headed back to the asteroid to fully fuel the Eve Lander, for I have decided to take a chance, and continue the challenge as if nothing had happened. That is all. Soon I will update from the orbit of Eve, if no more timewarping mishaps occur..... Happy Explosions!
  9. Asteroid Sighted! Well, after rendezvousing with the Endurance again, the Cooper docked with it. Then the asteroid in question was found. After timewarping and extensive maneuver plotting, the Endurance fired up its engines for the first maneuver! The rest of the narrative of the first asteroid rendezvous I have completed continues in the spoiler below. So I discovered yet another Asteroid. I knew this one to be a C-class, so I am happy about that. I will also leave Kerbin's SOI with the asteroid, meaning that it should be MUCH easier to find and catch asteroids. Also next time I will transform half into mono-propellant, and the other half into pure liquid fuel. Hopefully I'll be able to refuel most of the Endurance, if not all of it. That is all for right now. Finding and capturing the asteroid cost me at least two hours, and the added frustration of not being fully fueled cooled my fondness for the game. Happy Explosions!
  10. @Lo Var Lachland, sorry for the miscommunication. I meant that I had given you the option to post your challenge by joining the team. If you want to join the sub-author team, you'll probably be accepted, but IN ORDER TO POST A HAS to be ON the TEAM. This goes out to all of the guys who would like to post a challenge. Happy Explosions!
  11. This would be extremely interesting if you suddenly changed the course of history and added in the plans for Mars, Venus and the outer solar system developed by Werhner Von Braun. But you have done a great job portraying the Apollo missions! Congratulations! Happy Explosions!
  12. There's a challenge for this already....the Ultimate Challenge which I am completing right now.
  13. Update: Landed on Minmus! Well, sorry for the delay. I have landed the Cooper on the Minmus Flats. The reapplied ladders makes things so much better, I'm really proud of the the ladder system I have developed. Pics are below! Just as a side note, I have discovered that I forgot to bring a refinery to use on Eve's surface. Luckily, its already fully-fueled which means that it should be easy enough to just drop it onto the surface without too much of a problem. I've been caught up with camp stuff, the reason for the delay. Probably by tomorrow I'll put up a post about the trip to the asteroid and then to Eve's SOI. Hopefully that'll all work out in the end though. Happy Explosions!
  14. Alright. I revised my plan and went to Minmus instead. The landing will occur shortly. The Endurance now has just a little less than 3,000 m/s left in the tanks. Hopefully more than enough to catch the asteroid proposed. The reason there's a time limit, is because this asteroid will hit Kerbin if we don't move it. Happy Explosions!
  15. Alpha 360

    Reckon what these are?-Share your Celestial-like pics!

    1. Jupiter 2. International Space Station transiting the Sun 3. Starry night sky? 4. More stars? 5. Crab Nebula. (Which is honestly much cooler in a different spectrum than visible light) Are those correct?