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  1. I have completed the third challenge, aiming for a commander badge for once. Here is the thread with the report of STS-3
  2. Genesis Inc.

    STS-3a Aiming for gold stars
  3. Doing It Orion Style

    Not to sound impatient or anything, but when do I receive my badge? Do I have to complete all the sub-challenges then I get my badge or do you have a badge for each sub-challenge?
  4. Genesis Inc.

    EFT-1 This is the Doing It Orion Style challenge part 1
  5. Doing It Orion Style

    EFT-1 By the way, I will continue this progression in my mission report, Genesis Inc.
  6. Is it okay if I post my submissions in my mission reports post called Genesis Inc? They will be just a detailed as these are and I would like to post my progression through these challenges as well.
  7. Genesis Inc.

    I am moving posts from the Shuttle Challenge thread to here where I will continue them. This was my first post which got me the silver STS-a badge. These are the missions I have don't so far. The Marsupial Shuttle Program And this is the second mission which hasn't been graded yet.
  8. Genesis Inc.

    Greetings Gentlekerbs, I am Mr. Kerman, the CEO of the recently created Genesis Incorporated. It is 2037, not the early 2000s, so everything we do will be over the top and crazy, if our computers can compute it. I will require the assistance of every nation and people group to help construct our future in space. But of course, we will need to explore our solar system from end to end. We will need shuttles, colonies, interplanetary ships, SSTOs and everything in-between. Luckily the predecessors of Genesis Inc. has been working on these problems. Now we need a plan of attack. We have already have been working on a shuttle program, the Marsupial Shuttle Initiative. But we are undecided on other objectives, we need to decide now. I leave this to you, leaders of the reformed nations of Kerbin. Message ended. Now dear reader, put yourself into the shoes of a leader of a reformed nation after the nuclear disaster of 2035. What would you prioritize? Post your answers down below and lets see where this will go! Here are the present challenges which I have accepted Here are the mods for this sandbox play through
  9. Thank you for that tip. But I have sadly adapted the habit of coming in hard from 100 kilometer+ but I am getting closer to the KSC every time I do it! Next mission, I'm aiming for gold leaves.
  10. Genesis Inc. has accepted a contract to put three satellites in Geostationary orbit. We have adapted the Opossum model with several extra Mk2 cargo bays. Here is the Koala Bear sitting on the launch pad. The launch profile consisted of a high-speed suborbital trajectory that drained the outer tanks which were detached, then enter orbit at 1,000 kilometers above Kerbin. Then after releasing a test satellite and another satellite accidentally, the Koala Bear used the Rhino main engine to raise the orbit to roughly 2,800 kilometers. I then released another satellite in that orbit and time-warped to the highest point of the orbit. I circularized the orbit and released another satellite. I repeated the process and ended up with three satellites in Geostationary orbit, two in circular orbit at 1,000 kilometers, and one in elliptical orbit. I de-orbited later and landed without anything exploding except only one tail fin.
  11. Bummer . Luckily I am determined to get this badge or I would have quit long ago. Sorry for not double checking whether or not I'm actually succeeding.
  12. The Marsupial Shuttle Program Mods which are and aren't in use STS Marsupial
  13. Just the Knev rocket parts for the fuel tanks and the SRBs and pushatrons for the SRBs. Relaunching rocket and changing post soon!
  14. The Marsupial Shuttle Program Mods which are and aren't in use STS Marsupial
  15. Manifest Destiny

    This is amazing!! I would personally vote for option 2 because 1.3 is more stable than the pre-release and would be able to hold more craft with higher part counts. Please continue!