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  1. Sure! Change it up all you want. Its your medal now . Happy Explosions!
  2. @Lo Var Lachland, only the co-authors, namely myself, @kerbalstar, @VelocityPolaris, @obney kerman, and our new addition to the crew, @Lucast0909 can post challenges. If you want, you can apply for joining the co-authors and then post your challenge but @VelocityPolaris is the next one posting a challenge. After him then @Lucast0909 will post his challenge. If you join by then, then after @Lucast0909 you can post your challenge. Sorry for the miscommunication. EDIT: Well, seeing as you swore for my sake (my real name's pete), I've given you a way to re-post that challenge. Happy Explosions!
  3. Great! I will hint that the next challenge will be gearing towards the airborne side of KSP. Happy Explosions!
  4. Alpha 360

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I'm just wondering how people like @CatastrophicFailure, @Kuzzter, @Just Jim, @KSK and other greats like them have kept writing on the SAME story for year after year after year with it all fitting together like a masterpiece. Corrections, they're works are masterpieces. How did they start out on their stories? I know @Kuzzter's Kerbfleet series started with a Duna colonization fleet, but did he have the entire series outlined or is most of it from the seat-of the pants? This applies even more to @CatastrophicFailure's Kraken series which is on its 3rd book, each book larger than a decently-sized novel or @Just Jim's Emiko Station series which is over 95 chapters! @KSK's First Flight series has been running (I believe) before most of the other great series and it's all in the same thread(literally). I assume it is something to do with the personality and age. I'm much younger than these writers, half the age of both @Kuzzter and @KSK as they mentioned. I am also a tweaker who transforms an original idea into something which is completely unrelated. Do these greats I mentioned above have any input for me as an aspiring writer? Happy Explosions!
  5. @Barzon Kerman, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen when fully scrolled up. On the list of options that appear, single out "Account Settings". In there you can edit your signature. Happy Explosions!
  6. Chapter 7: The Fate of Munar-5 P1 "Ready to launch in 3. 2. 1. Lift-off!" Jeb felt the thrill of the rocket launch fill him. Beside him Stable was strapped into the co-pilot's seat. "Yippee!" She cried out in glee at feeling greater than 1 g again. "What were those explosions?" asked Orbee Kerman, an engineer. "Nothing serious." Jeb replied. "Just the solid rocket boosters colliding with the main fuel tank." "I can't believe I'm on a rocket!" Bob Kerman cried out, seated on Jeb's left. "Um....didn't you sign up so that you could get on a rocket?" asked Jeb puzzled, rubbing his ears after Bob's outburst. "I'm a scientist! I expected to stay on the ground, but when this opportunity came up, I took it." Bob replied. There was a brief silence while Jeb activated the next stage. Then Orbee asked, "Um.. will be out of the atmosphere when we fire the nuclear drive?" "Yes, we should be." Jeb felt his patience slowly wearing away. "Jeb, I assume that the funds from the first stage and second stages will be wasted?" asked a fellow in glasses. "Yes, we have almost infinite resources to draw from." "Still....shouldn't there be an effort to work towards reusablity?" "That will be a waste of time." Jeb answered crisply. "How are you so sure?" Before Jeb could answer, the fuel tank on the Rhino stage ran out of fuel. After fumbling with the controls for a few seconds, the nuclear engines turned on. "We're still in the atmosphere and the nuclear engine is firing. Won't there be nuclear fallout over some of Gaia?" "I wouldn't think so." Jeb said. He looked back at his displays and quickly shut down the engine. Suddenly warning alarms blared. He glanced at the displays showing schematics of the pair of nuclear generators on board. They were both reaching max temperature. He hurriedly turned down both of the generators to a 10th power output and activated the radiators. He looked sideways at Stable, who was engaged in conversation with the guy in glasses. He wiped the sweat off his face, and then adjusted the stupidly hot air-conditioning. "Wow! That's cold." Bob winced. Jeb fiddled with the buttons and succeeded in dumping a bucketful of burning air on himself. Jeb grumbled a few words underneath his breath as he preceded to ascertain what happened. Stable still was engaged in conversation with Glasses. After pushing a few random buttons the air-conditioning problem was solved. "I'm heading down to the hydroponics bay." Jeb said to Stable. "Alright, I might come later." she said. Jeb nodded and then descended down to the hydroponics bay. After lounging around the plants for a few minutes Stable climbed down the ladder into the bay. "What's up?" She asked. "Cooling down. I was really stressed out with that launch." Jeb replied. "Not just with the talkative newbs. Have you heard of the....fracturing of KASA?" "Yes. It's not a big deal or anything." Stable said hastily. "Every precedes like business. It doesn't effect us." "Us?" Jeb was taken off guard by the pronoun. "Jeb. Tell me the feelings I feel for you are mutual." She smiled. "Um...yes." Jeb answered, taken further off guard. "Jeb, no matter what organizational nightmares happen or even if KASA disbands, I'll be on your side." If only Val could say this, Jeb thought. If only Val could stand with him here on the Tutor. If only she wasn't training for the Sonus mission in the near future instead of riding to all of the munar bodies. Stable embraced the preoccupied Jeb. They floated again for some moments, and then a loud bang woke the two lovers. They quickly left each other's embrace and preceded to mimic looking at the leafy greens which carpeted the walls. Jeb glanced at the hatch, where Bob was floating. He was looking in the reflection of a window at a large red lump on his forehead. "Um..what happened?" Jeb asked. To say he was clearheaded would have been absurdly incorrect. "Oh...I came in a hurry and then discovered that metal really does hurt the head." Bob winced again as he attempted to scratch his head. "Blast Kerbal Anatomy." "Bob?" Jeb asked, trying to pick up Bob's voice. "Oh I said 'Blast Kerbal Anatomy." "Why?" Stable rolled her eyes behind Jeb's back. He could still be dimwitted. "My head throbs something dreadful. Anyway, we got a message from mission control. The mining rig is coming in to dock in 20 minutes." "Alright. I'll be there." Happy Explosions!
  7. Its time to give out the medals! I would also like to introduce @Lucast0909 who has created the next tier of medals for those who have already won a micro-challenge. @Lucast0909, take a bow! He will soon be officially joining the administration team right after the next challenge is put up. @doggonemess, here is your Tier II medal! @4x4cheesecake, here is your Tier II medal! @Barzon Kerman, here is your Tier I medal! @SiriusRocketry, here is your Tier I medal! @hoioh, here is your Tier II medal! @Lucast0909, thanks for joining the team and here is your Tier II medal! @W. Kerman, here is your Tier II medal! @Kerbolitto, here is your Tier I medal! @Scarecrow, here is your Tier I medal! If you received the wrong medal, or were omitted from this list, please contact me and I'll iron out the difficulties. Happy Explosions!
  8. @VelocityPolaris can answer that question, @SiriusRocketry. I think most of y'all will like this. Happy Explosions! EDIT: Oh, when.........Probably by Sunday or Monday. We were caught off guard and didn't arrange stuff as efficiently as before.
  9. You don't have to change your entry, @Barzon Kerman. It doesn't matter because you have posted a space station around the mun with two parts. Since you have done that, you will receive a medal regardless of additions or subtractions. Once its up there, it will give you a medal.
  10. Alpha 360

    Diplomacy Recruiting

    I have a board where I live, but only one other person in my house knows how to play. I was wondering if people here would like to sign up for a multiplayer game. Seven people may play, with myself being the game master. In order to join this diplomacy game, you must know how to play or at least own a Diplomacy board. When you want to join up, comment down below which country you want to be. As soon as there are 7 players ready and waiting, I will open a new thread here called, "1st Diplomacy Game Active". You needn't worry about time frames though. Each round will be played over the space of a day. Just send in your orders and I will play them out on a master board in my house. At the end of the twenty-four hours, I post the positions of all the pieces to be correlated to the pieces on your board. I will also set up a Diplomacy chat here as soon as people join up for communication. Just as a note, my time is 7 hours ahead of eastern time. That is the basics. I will post more about this if questioned. Sincerely, Alpha360
  11. Anyone can join, @The Minmus Derp. Prepare your challenge submission and receive a fancy gold medal!
  12. Chapter 6 - "K - Prize Challenge" "Jeb, we have an SSTO we would like you to try out." Gene announced. "Sure! I'll take a shot at it." Jeb looked through the file Gene handed to him over the desk. After glancing through, he picked up one sheet of paper and then examined it. "What is this mission?" asked Jeb. "The mission is a complex crew training operation. We have given your 220 days of supplies and 11 trainees. The goal is to get everyone top level by visiting all of moons of Gaia. Including yourself." Gene added. Jeb frowned, but shrugged, "Alright Gene. Can I take a companion?" "Sure. But only one. We need to maximize the amount of crew which level up." "Why didn't you chose one of the returning heroes to lead the mission, or Val?" Jeb insisted. Gene walked over to Jeb and put his hand on his shoulder, "Jeb. The reason I want you out there, is so that I have someone out there. Unfortunately, the space program has been dividing up. There are three major factions right now. My faction, which calls for space exploration on a major scale. Missions to all the planetary bodies. Then, there is Mortimer's faction which calls for extensive colonization of the Gaian SOI. They will have a lot of supporters on this mission. Finally, there is a group of kerbals under Nylon Kerman who want to colonize Niebos, Telos, and Sonus. They want massive spacecraft sent to those planetary bodies in fleets to start colonization." "The problem is that there is only one launch pad, which I have personal control over. Mortimer Kerman has control over the funds, and Nylon over public support. We have to work together, but since our agendas are difference, there's a lot of shoving going on. I can trust you being on my side, right?" Jeb nodded slowly, "Alright. I'm on your side. But why not Val, she's in favor of space exploration, isn't she?" Jeb frowned. Gene sighed, "She signed up on a roster of people who want to colonize Sonus." Jeb looked flabbergasted, "Why! I mean, why would she do this without telling me!" "You can't trust even your closest friends nowadays." Gene whispered in his ear, "Trust no one. The only person you can trust is me, or yourself. Understood, Jeb?" Jeb drew away a little, but replied, "Understood, captain." "Do not call me that again. I left the military far behind me when I entered the space program. If you call me captain, I will have to call you sarg. Dismissed." Gene turned around and faced a large screen. This screen documented all of the transfer windows in the solar system. A transfer window to Sonus approached. If Jeb got back after the Munar-5 mission before the launch, he probably would get on it. If not, then a fully Nylon-sympathetic crew would head over there. He heard Jeb's boots clomp out of the room. Jeb was his most solid contact, having been his commander in previous wars. The list didn't extend much farther beyond that. Only 5 or 6 more kerbonauts were sympathetic, and not to a point of loyalty. Gus and Werhner were his though. That was worth something. He picked up his phone and dialed to Werhner. After a minute a heavy accent confronted him, "Ah, Gene." Werhner drawled. "Werhner, I must tell you I'm in a hole right now. Public opinion about exploration is dropping and the funds are becoming a little but more restricting. I need you to focus on a technology that requires exploration of all the planets." "Gene, I must tell you something." The heavy voice crawled through the phone. "I might be on your side, but I will not make up ANYTHING." "I'm not asking you to. What technologies would require visiting the non-habitable planets?" Werhner thought for a minute, and then drawled, "I think.....there are hypothesizes about planetary information. We could suggest a mission to visit all of the planets in the solar system and take surface samples. I think for some of the larger planets we will have to take multiple surface samples from different biomes. It will take some time to elaborate on this theory, but expect it in the next 200 days. Good-bye Gene." Gene put the phone down and started to pace. It looked like in two hundreds days, a lot of things were going to clash. Only the best prepared would win. Anyway, the Munar-5 mission would only occur after the SSTO mission. As that is the primary focus of this chapter, let us skip ahead to when Jeb is sitting down in the cockpit of the SSTO, Chris Kraft. "Why did you name it, "Chris Kraft?" "Oh, I was looking through some things, and this great science fiction author wrote a book called, "Failure isn't an option". One of the main characters in it was the first flight director, and his name was Chris Kraft. I decided to name the SSTO after that guy." Jeb explained. "Alright." Debney Kerman shrugged his shoulders. He remembered back in the day when they were the closest of friends, only Jeb was superior in most things. Including nerve for Debney's knees knocked together as Jeb throttled the engines up while engaging the brakes. "Its so that they can spool up and help us use this runway to its full capacity." Jeb explained further. Debney nodded his head, staring straight forward as the rumble of the whiplash engines reached fever-pitch. "Come on, Debney. Nothing will go wrong." Jeb grinned as he disengaged the brakes. Debney was flung backwards into his seat as the Chris Kraft rocketed forward. "YIPPEE!" Jebediah screamed in delight. "ARRGGHHH!" Debney also scream, but in an entirely different reason. They now were 2/3 down the runway and had only reached 70 m/s. "Why aren't we lifting off right now!" Debney yelled over the clamber of the wheels bouncing unsteadily down the ever shrinking runway. "We're at 4,000 meters above sea level! The air is much thinner than down below us so our take-off speed is also much different. This runway is designed for sea level activity so its much shorter than it needs to be!" Jeb replied. Then they reached the end of the runway. "COME ON!" Jeb grinned ear to ear as the SSTO pointed nearly vertical and just missed slamming into the ground. "ARRGGHHH!" Debney repeated, and then threw up in a disposable baggy. The SSTO by then crested the ridge of the mountain and preceded to gain speed. "We have reached Mach 1!" Jeb announced. "Why did I sign onto this mission?" "Everything alright, Debney?" Jeb asked concerned as the SSTO hit Mach 1.3. "Y-y-y-e-e-s-s. E-e-v-e-e-r-r-y-t-h-i-n-g i-s f-f-f-f-i-n-e." Debney had covered his eyes and ears with his hands to block out reality. It didn't work very well for when the flames started to appear on the outside of the spacecraft, Debney temporarily lost it. "ARRGGGHHH! WE'RE ON FIRE!" he screamed in terror, his eyes bulging. "We're supposed to be burning through the atmosphere. If not, then we wouldn't have been going fast enough." Debney was suddenly slammed into his seat as the vector engine blasted the SSTO up higher into space. The spacecraft jerked around, and finally Debney's nerves got the better of him as he fell unconscious. "Poor fellow. Too bad he didn't enjoy the fun." Jeb looked ruefully at his passenger's limp body floating loosely in his straps. They then coasted up to a sutiable altitude to begin the final orbital insertion. "And SHUTDOWN!" Jeb punched the air as Debney came awake at this outburst. "What happened?" He asked, his glance darting all around him. "My friend, we are in orbit!" "Is that a good thing?" "Debney, you have no idea how much of a good thing that is." Jeb looked over to see the engineer retching. "Oh, is your stomach bothering you?" "This journey is bothering me." "I can't hear you, Debney, what are you saying?" Jeb inquired with a thoughtful look. "Yes, my stomach is bothering me." "Could you still speak up? I can't hear much after the Vector stopped firing." Jeb placed a finger in his ear and scooped out some gunk. Debney's face returned to the waste bag. Finally after a few minutes, Debney recovered and placed the now-full waste bag in the waste locker. "Why did you come up here if your stomach is so....unsteady?" Jeb asked. "I work with Mortimer." Debney said, "You see, an SSTO is very valuable asset because of its re-usability. It can launch and land repeatedly without much refurnishing like a SSTO rocket. Such an SSTO like the Chris Kraft would be invaluable for colonization of the Gol, Olei, and Gullis and their moonlets. By the way, who do you work for?" "Um. I work with Gene Kerman." Jeb made a little grin. "Oh, Gene. He keeps holding on to the spirit of exploration even when there is no need for it." Debney commented. "Okay....." Jeb looked sideways at Debney, a frown forming on his face. "Yes. The world doesn't need explorers or pioneers. The world needs colonists to stretch the reach of kerbal kind. An explorer plants a flag, then leaves. A pioneer suffers in silence in cramped and uncomfortable conditions, but colonists strive to make their place bigger and therefore better." "Alright....." Jeb answered coolly. "Surely Jeb, you can't feel uninterested in colonization." "Um....Well colonization only happens to near-by places." Jeb answered trufully. "There is no need to go any further. We can stay content with whatever valley, or crater, or lava tube we can live on. Also there is the prospect of money. Exploration missions delivers very little funding, while with colonization one can make bucket loads." "Well.....I need to plot the maneuver node back to Gaia." Jeb cut off the subject, slightly disturbed. "The funny thing about the Chris Kraft is that there is at least 12,000 m/s delta-v left in liquid fuel." Jeb commented later on, "The designers could cut down the liquid fuel to oxidizer ratio by so much. Once we get down landing at the KSC, then this SSTO could carry much more to orbit." "Yes." Debney replied, "I'll be sure to mention it to the engineers." Debney Kerman felt uncomfortable, remembering Mortimer's words about Gene's supporters. "Just imagine them as conservatives. They dislike the change in objective, from exploration to colonization. I admit its a large jump in focus, but Gene's workers are inflexible, unwilling to change with the times. Such an attitude like that decreases efficiency and productivity." Mortimer had said. Debney was uncomfortably drawn back to the present by the vector engine slamming him into his seat. Ten minutes later and the Chris Kraft hit the atmosphere. "I think we're going to overshot the KSC." Jeb said. "Well, live and you learn." "Yes." Debney replied, starting to feel sickly once more. After an interesting reentry, where Debney's focus was mostly about how small the plastic bag was, they overshot the KSC wildly. "Glad we packed the extra fuel." Jeb changed his tune quickly. "Yes, Of course." The Chris Kraft withheld reentry quite well, only losing control once when Jeb tried to do a dive to reach KSC's from the west. The SSTO tumbled and Debney promptly fell unconscious after hitting his head on the ceiling. Jeb stayed calm and finally reached sonic velocities. "We have a long journey back, Debney." He commented. Debeny still was unconscious, and a large red lump was growing on his head. To cut the 15 minute long flight back to KSC short, they managed to land safely without any damage what-so ever. "Mission Successful!" Jeb yelled in delight. "Yes, I believe we have." Happy Explosions!
  13. @Barzon Kerman, I feel your pain at not being able to dock. I had to spend a couple of hours learning how to dock as well. But the point of the challenge is the exercise docking and rendezvousing. Look up how to dock in KSP on youtube or even just the forums and you'll be rewarded with a wealth of knowledge. By learning to rendezvous, you learn the essentials of orbit mechanics which is a valuable lesson to learn. Anyway, rendezvous is much easier around the Mun. I'm sure that your submission will be excellent! Only a picture of the space station itself, nothing more. EDIT: Also, @VelocityPolaris, I'm also against single launch space-stations for the submission. Happy Explosions!
  14. Well, my first rendezvous was through Mechjeb, so I feel sympathetic. But, the Mun is a great place to practice rendezvous and docking. As this will be a growing experience, I will also say no.
  15. You know what, @53miner53, we'll give you the medal because the other challenge isn't up yet. This will be the new rule, if the challenge is closed but the next challenge hasn't popped up, then you can submit and win a medal. Here's your medal. Happy Explosions!