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  1. Bump - Hopefully we'll post meaningful content here in the near future
  2. XD Genius! Also, I love how in this alternate reality, Lockmark-Boemman have built the superior dragon capsule, rather than messing around with starliner.
  3. Nope. I have deleted this save as I rage quitted the game after this XD. Sorry, took a break from my own personal projects and now am working on Project Essence. Also, my computer never has enjoyed running KSP.... just not up to spec . I would love to re-open this, but don't got the time or motivation. Hope that answers your question.
  4. Great work! Really enjoyed reading this. You've really made a great balance of gameplay, screenshots, and story which one rarely sees here. Congrats! I would like all of them, but I've already used up my likes
  5. ok. By the way great job guys! Really has been an entertaining read.
  6. So, this thread is pretty much finished?
  7. Kudos for your work! I love your dedication to this project! Happy Explosions!
  8. Hello, this will be quick. I'm working on a youtube video and I need as many of y'all as possible to take the poll above: whether or not you think that the EM Drive runs is valid. Thanks for taking this poll, really appreciate it. I'll post a link to video once its completed. Disclaimer, it was done on a 0$ budget by three guys without a lot of spare time and so the quality is pretty bad :/. You have been warned, but we do have a debate with valid reasons and statements. Happy Explosions!
  9. I'm not a *good* editor, but I'll be willing to give it a shot. Could you post the link? I can't seem to access WWW from your signature.
  10. Also, here is the channel update video: [Link expired.] Enjoy!
  11. Project Essence has moved on to greener, blockier pastures in the interim before we reboot Occupy Duna. We are glad to announce that we have released a minecraft server, Occupy Minecraft, which is a faction-based survival game. It has an ingame economy as well as micro-transactions to grow your ingame bank account. You can start your own faction with your friends and dominate the world. The link to the forum is here: https://occupyminecraft.enjin.com/ The IP Address is mc.occupyminecraft.com, looking forward to seeing you on the server! Happy Explosions! (Boy its been a while since I've added that last bit XD)
  12. Granted, but You eat the cricket taco only to realize that the waiter laced it with cricket blood. You vomit until you die. I wish that people would find me irritating
  13. I'm looking for any fanfiction in progress to join up with. I can act as an editor, binge writer, confidant, or whatever. My last couple fanfictions have fell through over the last couple years, but I want to stay in the game in order to improve on my writing skills. It's just too risky to start up a new fan fiction because I haven't come up with any good ideas. I'm an improver, not a producer so to speak. Just contact me if you got any questions, Peter
  14. This is amazing.....but I really really really need a quick overview of the last couple thousand pages or so. I'm beginning to get overwhelmed by the amount of exposition going back to chapters I've read like years ago. Can anyone provide this? @Ten Key, @CatastrophicFailure?
  15. Looking forward to the next release! Giving this thread a bump because it feels like the next 'press release' will happen soon! Fingers crossed!
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