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  1. I haven't been on here in a few months, and when I get back, it looks completely different. In fact, it almost looks like :vomit: flat design. In unrelated news, I just got into orbit in an SSTO by myself. Edit: Wait no, I actually haven't been here in over a year. Time really flies by!
  2. My first career game was probably created by accident, and then swiftly deleted. Yeah, it's not the same for everyone.
  3. How about no final update? I want KSP to be updated forever.
  4. When I have a child, I die because that child now exists.
  5. I mean, there have been multiple DLCs released for it, and nobody has complained about it, so it is dying in that regard.
  6. The only reason why you see a curvature from really high up is because a kerbals eyes have fisheye lenses, and it makes it look curved.
  7. What even is the thing in my profile picture? I think it's best not to ask.
  8. I'd say this is a pretty good representation of my hype for KSP2.
  9. I play on 1.3, the reasons for this are mostly nostalgic. I remember when Squad wasn't owned by Take Two, and it's the last version I played before going on hiatus. So it only makes sense for me to play on that specific version.
  10. #No. No it isn't. #Also, all of @Kernel Kraken 's code is invalid too.
  11. When you can't even run KSP on you're computer
  12. 3085: The only thing on this floor is a single die. Guess they meant that literally.
  13. You know you're a nerd when you're a fan of http://www.ostracodfiles.com/ostra/pond.html#
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