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  1. But on takeoff one of the engines failed
  2. You need to have bought the game before a specific day, when did you buy it?
  3. Banned for banning someone in a post, post data
  4. Probably the most effort I putted into a meme
  5. 10/10 I like explosions actually there are two stars one of them is on the upper right and is really small
  6. A VR mod already exists in KSP 1 so there is a chance someone can make one for KSP 2
  7. I started learning a bit on how to do gravity assists the manuver itself took a little over 1m/s of DeltaV!
  8. Someone made an experimental version of scaterer for 1.9.1
  9. Selecting vessels from the tracking station screen will show future maneuver nodes
  10. There should be an extra tier of parts that can only be unlocked when doing science tests on a space station(this could work by contracts that instead of granting you and to grant you parts, the contracts may require you to do some extensive research in other planets, this could bring space stations in as by having them on multiple of them at multiple places you wouldn't need to launch a new rocket)
  11. So as I said in my previous post I went to Minmus today! The rocket was the same as the mun rocket with the only exepcion being that I removed the extra engines from the lander The Total DeltaV of the rocket was above 6000(the deltaV indicator displayed it wrong due to how the stages were placed)so I guess I have my Duna launcher set up!(I'm not gonna lie I think I can go to Sarnus with that launcher) A bit more into the launching and I decided to decouple the 1st stage(still had 1000 deltaV) Once in orbit I started burning to Minmus, the time to get there was 5 days Shot of the lander coupled with the main ship Once orbiting Minmus I dumped the transfer stage and decoupled the lander to start the decend I decided to wait in orbit until a flat place to land apeared Once above a nice spot to land I killed the horizontal velocity and started a slow descend And landed!..BTW i'm really liking the idle animations. After getting a few samples of the surface of Minmus for the local ice cream store I headed back into orbit to dock with the main vessel A few orbital manuvers later I was heading straight to Kerbin,I entered the atmosphere at 3200m/s so I decided to keep the other stage and the lander near me to see some explosions(I was disapointed thought) And a few minutes later I was back on the ground! Tomorrow I'l send a probe to land on Duna!