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  1. CASSINI Replica

    Hi guys it seems i have run to a BIG problem with the Spacecraft it looks like the craft is Extremly unsnestable I even tried to removed Huygens this resulted that im gonna give up in RO BUT thats not gonna stop me doing the replica Im goin to try Using Galileos planet pack Lets just hope i can make the mission Maybe in a future Il do JUNO or VOYAGER in RO
  2. CASSINI Replica

    everything is ready
  3. CASSINI Replica

    The TITAN is ready:
  4. CASSINI Replica

    Hopefully RCS is gonna help
  5. CASSINI Replica

    Hi guys So because we are SOOOOO close to Cassinis GRAND FINALE i thought why not do a replica in KSP and why dont do it in RSS with RO to make things cooler (and Harder) So the plans for my replica are today Make the craft and the lunch vehicle Tomorrow make the mission And now some Pics of the probe that i spend 1H making And some of the lunch vehicle: The mision:coming tomorrow Special thanks to: @SQUADFor KSP @NathanKellfor RSS ALL RO dev For RO @DMagic for making my job esier with the magnetometer And finally NASA for making this mision
  6. So im having this problem I need to sent a probe to Moho in carrer but i dont exacly know what antena to put on the probe So can somebody say how many G`s are from Kerbin to other planets in the sistem thanks in advanced
  7. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    so i was doing some contracts on minmus when i found this:
  8. [1.3.0] ResearchBodies V1.9.5 (14th August 2017)

    I just love the obserbatory UI its a realy good mod to have
  9. hi im curently traying to use warp drive to travel to another star but i have no idea how to use it i press the botton that says start producing exotic matter but it doesnt prodece any so could someone explain me how to use the warp drive thanks in advanced
  10. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

  11. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

  12. a mod for enchancing the eclipses?

    well scaterrer makes eclipses better and every week at the KSC you can se a mun eclipse
  13. SOI chage alert mod

    yea but im saying that the player does not know that the craft was gonna enter another body SOI so thats the part when the mod warns the player that another craft that hes not contrilling is gonna enter an other body SOI i alredy lost to misions because of this and Kerbal Alarm Clock warns you if you have puteng the alarm
  14. SOI chage alert mod

    So you might had run into this problem before you have a craft in an orbit of a planet whith a large moon and after completing the mission you go to the space center and do another mision later on you go to the craft you let orbiting before and sudenly you find the craft on an escape trayectory or in interplanetary space what happened that the vessel got a gravity asssist from the planet moon and got Kick out of the sistem So think it would be great if someone made a mod that warns you that a vessel you are not controling is about to enter an other body SOi