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  1. Jokes aside I prefer and a lot more people do that KSP doesn't have violence...and BTW Why does a space game need guns?!
  2. When we were talking about cursed content i didn't expect this kind of cursing!
  3. I used the twitch app for minecraft modpacks and i knew that you can install mods for ksp throught there but i never tried it.. I'm actually taking a look at it right now,it looks good so I maybe try it! As for CKAN I like CKAN (especially because i'm extremly lazy,and im not installing the whole RO collection for myself(Plus is something goes wrong i can blame CKAN not myslef :P)) Now for curse: Direct NOPE for me,I don't know why(Oh I know!.The hundreds of adds! there(Im exagerating a bit BTW)) and as i said before if I wan't to download a mod i go to CKAN if it isn't there i go to he forums were i rarely see a link to curse.(well i saw quite a bit but its often shadowed by github or spacedock witch i prefer quite a bit more)
  4. Could be what you said..Witch i would love it! Or the most probable thing... Early sunflare testing
  5. 5/10 *insert mindblow gif here* Did you know that when your heart stops there is a 100% chance you are dead?
  6. Floor -30:You see the see a....MINUS SYMBOL!
  7. Granted. Lets do a full on traduction of what he said Them:Refers to multiple people on:On top of something keys:Similar things to buttons paw:what some animals have instead of hands so this means Multiple people on top of something similar to buttons what some animals have instead of hands Congratulations you now know what that is I wish to know what the heck i just wrote