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  1. Long time flight sim player here (2000+ hours poured to FSX) Best recomendation I for you is to wait till the new FSX comes,giving that it's coming to Xbox it should run just fine on your PC But if you can't wait i would suggest you try out the original FSX on steam.Yeah its really old but it works pretty fine with the only issues being that it's on 32 bits But if you are taking the second option be sure to install a mod called FSpassengers,its paid but it has a free demo that allows you to fully use it only on when taking off from San francisco.But either way it makes the sim a lot more realistic There was this other flight sim called FSW that was a bit of a mess and it's no longer getting attention but it is a decent GA sim but the only thing that saves it are it's missions(and actually I don't even know if its on sale anymore defenetly not on steam!) My personal advice is to wait for the new FSX microsoft didn't let us down (yet) with their flight sims and it looks really nice right now
  2. Banned for not being ready for christmas
  3. Kirrim kerman experienced Kinetic energy Papanov kerman - listening loud music
  4. You seem to have bought the game on Steam I'm sure the people on the game's steam forum can help you a lot better than here
  5. It's the 6th of the December but I  don't care 

    You gotta get in the christmas spirit early!

  6. Can't be a comunist if you lost your fire flower
  7. what are your PC specs? I'm bareraly getting any crashes
  8. When making a craft in the VAB/SPH you will see the buttons that say launch/save etc One of those will have the steam logo click it and the UI will tell you what to do if the button isn't there then either its a bug or you can't because you don't own the game on steam
  9. Press a red button in the tracking station and act like nothing happened