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  1. KerbolExplorer

    What does this wiki line mean?

    "Duna was originally called "Egar" and was in orbit of Meander, the precursor of Jool. It was described as half icy wasteland, half desert" I found this while Reading the trivia of duna on the wiki and i dont know what it means.Is it an idea a developer had?or was it like this on the early days of ksp?
  2. KerbolExplorer

    So what's the next DLC going to be about?

    a gameplay machanic not available with mods? I can only think of a story mode or a rival space center.Pretty much everything can be introduced by mods
  3. KerbolExplorer

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Valentina heading inside her base: At the back of the base you can see the Pika infinity and the survival tent
  4. KerbolExplorer

    I broke the space time continuum

    You didnt brake space time continuum You have destroyed it!
  5. Hey guys! chapter 8 is out.I changed the format on how il post chapters do to a recommendation that @Ultimate Stevemade Here it is! Chapter 8:the challenges of survival.. Hope you enjoyed!!
  6. About the crew members of the kaurora: The story dedicated from subnautica is planned to stop at the destruction of the kaurora. About the grinding hum.... I'll stop But I am planning an imaginary friend Maybe called Kwilson?
  7. Hey guys Chapter 7 is out! NOW all of kerbin knows that the kaurora has failed.Vall aswell makes an antenna to try to contact kerbin. Hope you enjoy!
  8. KerbolExplorer

    Generate errors!

    ERROR:973628g89igh23o0i023u8g9oñth92348yt9pghj943h4tguj430gi4'3o Theres an error writing the error
  9. Nice,a peeper. It isnt even a carnivour(i had to go with a reaper pic....)
  10. KerbolExplorer

    How did you get your username?

    It just came to my head
  11. KerbolExplorer

    (craft request) Buggy

    I want to use it at niebos(gamesinx planet pack)It needs to be a small rover for one kerbal(with a command seat)You can use whatever mod you whant and as much parts you need Im thinking something similar to the rover inAstronner(the newly implemented one
  12. I`m glad you enjoyed.Yes the storie a Little based on Subnautica(i was about to call the galaxi space center Kalterra) And don`t worry about the grammar and spelling I want to correct and realize what i did wrong or il never learn
  13. KerbolExplorer

    (craft request) Buggy

    Could someone make a small buggy? I'm thinking similar to the newly added rover in Astroneer.You can use whatever mod you want.The rover must controlled by a command seat Thanks in advance
  14. KerbolExplorer

    How much time a week do you spend playing KSP?

    I generaly dont play Ksp now I only play it for taking pics for my novel.I know spent my time playing unturned or other games
  15. KerbolExplorer

    Your favorite planets

    My favourite planet is Elloo My favourite moon is Laythe