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    I like doing computer stuff(I know a bit of programing and I'm developing a game in unity right now)When it comes to gaming I'm not hardcore I sometimes play on console(On my switch but for some reason I'm really hooked on my WiiU again.....playing a DS game)But the games I mostly play are KSP,Hollow knight and No man's sky.

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  1. Do keep in mind that it's for an older KSP version so it might not work if you try to use it in the most recent version.
  2. There is no exact release date yet, but according to Steam it will be sometime in 2021
  3. Are you playing with mods?, I think Kopernicus makes the sandcastle appear always.
  4. Loving the new commets. I arrived a bit to late at the end(we were at dres level orbit) to see the vapor up close.... Also I'm starting to really like the Xenon engines.
  5. Thanks for the update!, it's good to know that devs are hearing us. I'm exited to see more info about the game!
  6. Personally I'm still gonna get the game but i'm not buying it on day 1 like I was going to, i'd rather wait a week or two to let reviews and any problems rise before buying the game. The change in studio has me worried while I know some of the developers are star theory's developers, it could possibly hurt the quality of the game because of the change of staff(this in fact wouldn't be the first time this happens)
  7. I'm not sure if it was the engine bug or that the heatshield wasn't enough, I'm going to go with the heatshield option since I retried the mision this time with an ablative heatshield and I changed the engine. Eitherway I managed to land it on Eve, the parachutes were more than enought to stop the fall. And yes the engine choice was terrible, it was more there to make the probe look good and incase that the transfer stage didn't managed to get to Eve, to atleast try to get a fly-by or with luck an orbit. Thanks for the help!
  8. So I builded a small probe to land on Eve, everything was going great untill re-entry, now I knew that Eve's atmosphere is quite brutal so I added the big shield. I knew it didn't have ablator but it should have resisted the re-entry(it did work last time i tried), but this time the thing blew up instantly, it was like if the shield wasn't even there. Video: Better look at the probe: Is it normal for this to happen? if so what could i do to fix it?
  9. the ancient spell made the lands shake
  10. Most of the times you can get older versions throught the steam console: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/611h5e/guide_how_to_download_older_versions_of_a_game_on/ From what I seen KSP goes all the way down to 1.2.2 so you should find the versions you want.
  11. Probably more than 600, while steam says that I have 250 i launched the game many times from the .exe file which doesn't register to steam.
  12. I was lucky to not get classes with this teacher but most of my friends did. Acording to my friend: "She spent most if now all of the classes telling us stuff about her life and not giving classes al together, it got to a point were many of the class gathered on wednesday on a friend's house for her mother to teach them what the teacher should have taught them" Oh and now that I remember I did have classes with this one teacher that.... well she was horrible. She once punished me for jumping on a puddle.... YES SHE PUNISHED ME FOR JUMPING ON A PUDDLE. Oh and she once
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