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  1. So, this might've already been answered, but since there's fifty pages of stuff in here I think it'd be foolish to look for one - but, as far as modding goes, do we know anything at all about the nature of how planet modding, specifically, will look in KSP2?; and if so, please direct me to the relevant information. Thanks
  2. What about it being an 'open-ended creative game' makes sequels unfeasible? That basically describes half the open world/simulation games out there, and maaany of which have had updates that improved significantly on the original. It... does have core flaws that can't be fixed with an update. Countless of them. You can't address these flaws unless you recognise them to begin with, and that seems to be exactly what Star Theory have done (at least from my interpretation of things). That doesn't mean KSP 2 is a bad idea. They're not identical games, obviously, and just because Min
  3. Holy crap, this is beautiful. And I thought Scatterer could only be so pretty... Same...and my install is just about as unstable as possible, so that's saying something for me
  4. If there's still anyone following this mostly-dead thread for whatever reason, take note: I am discontinuing IPP, since first of all it's been a long, long time since I last worked on it. Second of all, the unfinished 0.7 version was...a bit screwed up. Massive, for one thing. If I were to finish it, it would certainly be the most significant update I'd have ever released. Except for one issue: it simply did not work as intended, primarily as a result of atmospheric issues, terrain loading, etc. And third of all, the scope of IPP was simply too expansive. I had plans to make the
  5. does this actually do anything other than edit a few orbits
  6. before asking about a collab, figure out how to make planets
  7. 18 is a bit too low for a max Allow me to list mine: -Asclepius -Asteroid Expansion -Chani -Delta Sigma -GPO -GPP -IPP -KSS -(soon) TWB -Kronkus -OPM -Other Worlds -Cyran -Farlo -Rictell -Saru -SPE -Spud -Trans-Keptunian The true question to be asking here, though, is "How many planets can fit into a single GameData?" The planet packs you listed are, for the most part, quite small, and I would estimate that my GameData totals in planet number somewhere around 250
  8. I would recommend that you figure out how to make planets and how to code before even thinking about making any kind of planet pack. And do it without help, that way you can learn something
  9. There are plenty of other mods that do that, if you're looking for more interesting stock systems @The Minmus Derp
  10. @HZ1 It should work fine in 1.4.2 as long as you download the correct version of Kopernicus
  11. Any chance that this could potentially be integrated with EVE in some way, perhaps with roaming spice clouds?
  12. I will recreate the Atreides Empire with a mod that moves the KSC to Arkas
  13. @The Minmus DerpWell, if you ever do decide to test mine out, the next update, 0.7, will be fairly large and fix a lot of things, so...yeh
  14. ah, i see would this make it possible to fake volumetric rings by having a whoooole bunch of cloud layers stacked upon each other, all only loading around a certain very thin band around the planet? or would that still be too laggy to accomplish
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