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  1. the github section , one year without updates also no replies for current issues on github more than 3 mounths old, i am wandering is this life support mod dead? should someone else adopt it and we pick up alternatives?
  2. kramax autopilot have a lot of problems controlling big aircraft which causes them to move up/down and it is caused by high expect response rate of autopilot which should be lowered for heavier aircraft
  3. well the only known way is that with scansat mod there are such questionmarks (and yes they exists on kerbnet too but are rare(also on kerbnet they required to complete a plantery survey)) that are anomalies i usally add a mark at these on scansat and later on finding them
  4. these parts were suppose to be in the cargo payload but how did this guy managed to attach them into a vessel? i am talking about eva seal pod craft from steam... but anyways heres is the screenshot: part-clipping and non-strict part attachements checks don't really do anything while turned on/off in the editor do i need a specific mod or a technique instead?
  5. what do you think is better? feline utility rovers or buffalo?
  6. yes it is dying i posted a thread , and still after 4 hours not even a recommendation , opinion any comment
  7. I have 2 mods and completely identical rovers, both can be configured accordingly to each mission but the general question remains... which one is better? and if they are close which one is better for kerbalism and kerbal health mod combo?
  8. seems good however it is harder for planes since many more calculation including wing maximum lift , flight altittude and fuel consumption especially on interstellar's nuclear engine and cruise speed
  9. best mod i ever wanted , no longer spending countless hours running KSP just for a rover to drive from a biome to an another
  10. i have the same problem i tried to take off from minus flatlands with an aircraft everytime moving over the terrain , i know that airpark could be something but after toggle it on/off and bouncing on the surface multiple times yielded no results , there were no fairings , no gravity hack used
  11. i have to say i had a odd experience because it uses the kis/kas system i found a critical and ancient ksp bug(also known as Kore Kraken:This bug was discovered in KSP version 0.22. This type of Kraken will only occur when parts somehow manage to come to rest below the surface) where the terrain landing collission dedector and terrain destroyer (crash) collission dedector are out of sync (uneven terrain) this causes some objects like especially like saddle muncrete slab to crash to terrain whenever they are placed down from kerbal inventory system or sometimes where they are attached to the ground with pairs , you should switch to modern inventory system where the terrains problems are not so persistent
  12. base landing legs are too fragile even with ground stabilizer installed the landing legs keep getting destroyed on vessel load even with the most even terrain you should made landing legs much tougher and prevent them from just exploding when a large base is loaded
  13. thanks for the information but if you can edit this post with this answer becuase i am not sure if the active shields do stack...
  14. while rdu and tv are still not well documented i just found the best way to generate shielding turns out SOE solid oxide electrolysis did the best at topping the shielding to full in less than a year on a random craft assuming there is a constant rich supply of CO2 and also the most efficient since it consumed the least power making ideal for shielding up bases and stations against radiation now i have a 2nd question which is best: 1.full shielding at vessel OR 2.multiple 4+ active shield modules that uses EC to deflect radiation assuming there is no shielding (0%) and a constant supply of EC at protecting ship from extrernal radiation and which method is best (1or2) for internal radiation (nuclear reactors) assuming all reactors are shielded as much as possible
  15. i know this mod works with 1.12.2 but the submarine computer is not working fine also there flexing in most of the ships built even with autostructing activated
  16. i have 2 questions! 1.whats the fastest way to generate shielding in the vessel? 2.i need some documentation and wiki about other modules: like TV that relieves stress and RDU (radiation detoxication unit) and how they work in addition to other life support wikis
  17. it works for 1.12.2 but unfortently older versions were better (since they contain more wheels and anti-grav repulsors)but it still a good mod
  18. so you say that is is incompatible with warpplugin? and since show what happened to the normal warp drive that interstellar extended mod used to include? and how to i get this warp drive (interstellar) since i prefer it over usi one because i love more complexity
  19. log: ksp.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6g8uk8t6zcbk9n/KSP.log?dl=0 player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c208iq0hl60s29t/Player.log?dl=0
  20. @linuxgurugamerWhen i click the warp drive button panel it does nothing, just sits there depencies installed: -Click Through Blocker versions: -ToolbarController versions: this time nothing shows up on module manager patcher
  21. yes i did but there were reports like opt planes where hangar wasn't working fine
  22. what does the opt kiosk do in kerbalism? i saw it at reilability module on editor
  23. thanks man! however the pages issue (wrong page number on health window) is still persistent and the new spacestation parts patches are still missing
  24. is this still being developed? or at least work flawlessly with 1.12.2? or i am force to pay 15 euros to take2interactive(squad)?
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