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  1. Have you installed all the appropriate dependencies? Community Resource Pack is probably the one that's missing, that would include the Oxium definition. I don't use any of Angel-125's stuff because there's so many co-dependencies and interconnections, so I don't know for sure if it might have its own resource definitions in one of the WildBlue packs.
  2. Okay, so ,/& for the majority of cases (as most lists are already set up to include all the must and must not haves) and | probably only for special cases. That makes sense. Thank you.
  3. It works fine here; what problems are you experiencing? Nobody else has reported any issues with the updated version.
  4. My apologies, somehow I'd gotten myself confused. I'd found an error in someone else's log much more easily than I did in my own, and misremembered where that information had been presented. As for the fact the errors were in files that I'm "not using", the errors were located in the files in such a way that there was no way for MM to know they weren't meant to be applied - one specifically was an error in the FOR/NEEDS chain at the start of such a patch. I shall now slink off with my tail between my legs and think about what I did. To save this from being utterly useless, I'll ask for help with the other issues. A lot of the warnings appear to be related to having multiple HAS/NEEDS declarations. It's okay to smush them together using commas? Something in the back of my head's saying that pipes should be the delimiters, I think I'm mistaking one type of list for another... HAS[MODULE[FOO],!MODULE[BAR]]:NEEDS[Dependency,VeryImportantMod,!Antithesis] The above should apply a patch only if I have MODULE[FOO] and mods Dependency and VeryImportantMod, correct?
  5. No, that's the latest version. My version's out of date; I think I skipped a couple because they only fixed problems I didn't have or had already fixed myself. Sorry about that! To beat this bug (again), just change one of the XHub references into an LHub reference instead and that'll not only shut B9 up but also restore functionality you currently lack in the other part. @SuicidalInsanity looks like a file got rolled back?
  6. @sarbian, @blowfish: while I appreciate that there's greater error checking and reporting now, I'm getting error reports for patches that aren't even being applied to my game because I don't have the relevant dependency or play using the relevant language pack. Perhaps a switch could be added for this more granular report being offered to mod writers, while the rest of us don't get panicked by mistakes that will never impact our game? It would also be nice if the cache got built regardless of any errors, because it makes reviewing the problems much easier when you only have to dig through the one smaller file. Also, when I was helping someone look through their errors over the weekend using MM3.1.1 there was a report in KSP.log that explained what was causing the error. This seems to have been removed in 3.1.2? Please give it back!
  7. I don't think so. A simple way to double-check would be to activate it, switch away from and back to the active Kerbal, and then press the activation button again to see if it gives you the start-up or cancellation feedback message. ETA: Tested, as soon as you switch away from the Kerbal, any pending board action is cancelled. So no, as it stands this won't work in the manner you're asking.
  8. That error was fixed quite a while ago; I know, I found and reported it. Make sure you're using the latest version of the add-on.
  9. I like this idea. There's a severe shortage of greeblies in this game, and I do love the twiddly bits.
  10. [WRN 21:42:55.828] [ModuleManager] 1 warning related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/M2X_KA.cfg [WRN 21:42:55.829] [ModuleManager] 9 warnings related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/M2X_RealPlumeStock.cfg [WRN 21:42:55.829] [ModuleManager] 22 warnings related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/Mk2X_FuelTankSwitch.cfg [WRN 21:42:55.829] [ModuleManager] 3 warnings related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/Mk2X_NFE_Functionality.cfg [WRN 21:42:55.829] [ModuleManager] 2 warnings related to GameData/MOARdV/MAS_ASET/ALCORMFD40x20/MAS_ALCOR_MFD1.cfg [WRN 21:42:55.829] [ModuleManager] Errors in patch prevents the creation of the cache [LOG 21:42:55.836] [ModuleManager] ModuleManager: 2508 patches applied, found <color=yellow>37 warnings</yellow>, found <color=orange>1 error</color> 1 error related to GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches/MK2-USILS.cfg Start there. CTRL-F with the .log file in your text editor of choice, chase things down; error lines start ERR, warnings start WRN. You may also find more detailed information about these specific issues in the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file which should also open just fine in your text editor. I currently lack the focus needed to dig through it, so that's how you get started - good luck!
  11. Looking in your log file confirms what the screenshot says; there's an error with USILS.cfg in M2X's compatibility patches. The log goes a little further though and says that the error is "Cannot parse node name as tag list: tag can't start with [" Looking at USILS.cfg gives us this: @PART[M2X_SmallLab]NEEDS:[USILifeSupport]FOR:[Mk2Expansion] //Adds a life support recycler to the Mk2 Science Lab. Supports fewer kerbals and less efficient than stock lab. Credit to Merkov for the patch. { MODULE { name = ModuleLifeSupportRecycler CrewCapacity = 3 RecyclePercent = .4 ConverterName = Life Support tag = Life Support StartActionName = Start Life Support StopActionName = Stop Life Support INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 1 } } } Comparing this to other patches, the colons in the opening line are all in the wrong places. I believe it should read like this instead? @PART[M2X_SmallLab]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:FOR[Mk2Expansion] //Adds a life support recycler to the Mk2 Science Lab. Supports fewer kerbals and less efficient than stock lab. Credit to Merkov for the patch. { MODULE { name = ModuleLifeSupportRecycler CrewCapacity = 3 RecyclePercent = .4 ConverterName = Life Support tag = Life Support StartActionName = Start Life Support StopActionName = Stop Life Support INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 1 } } } A small error, easily overlooked.
  12. Should those last three entries say decouplerStiffeningExtensionTypeX instead of adecouplerStiffeningExtensionTypeX?
  13. N1 wouldn't be hit at all by this, as it's already at the texel density being proposed? 1 pixel per centimeter... Reading it like that makes it sound too big, too noticeable, but the part looks just fine when seen at the kind of resolution you'd normally play at. I'm sure that @Beale wouldn't release anything that didn't still look great, and the thought of what extras we might gain from the redistribution of available modelling time is very tempting. I say do what you think is best; perhaps Tantares Now In Color could also include higher-res textures for those that need them?
  14. Your best bet would probably be to recode your MM patches to fit the B9 format so that the fuel management on any one part is handled by a single mod.
  15. Build the ship as it should be, then edit your save to replace the wrong ship with the right one? I'm pretty sure Hyperedit just works on the ship as it is, rather than on any of the data about where it's been and when.
  16. There's a couple of mods that enlarge the Contracts window, as well as Contract Configurator to try and write your own contracts; the latter hasn't been updated to 1.5.x yet so has some issues. Not that I've tried tinkering with the back end at all, but I think @DMagic's ContractsWindow and CapCom might be the best starting point because they provide a couple of breakout dependencies designed specifically to get information from the Contracts stack in-game. No point recoding the wheel if you don't have to!
  17. Install the dependencies Click-Through Blocker (link in OP) and Toolbar Controller, they're pretty much essentials for anything LinuxGuruGamer is maintaining and should solve your problems. If it doesn't, we'll need the usual trouble-shooting info from you; check the guidance post on receiving support for instructions.
  18. The dependencies have no *individual* function, they exist to provide functions to other mods. So yes, you really need them.
  19. An interesting discussion point, but totally unrelated to what I was saying. The last few dozen releases of this mod used the folder <KSP_ROOT>\GameData\KJR but this version uses <KSP_ROOT>\GameData\KerbalJointReinforcement. That's why I said people needed to make sure to clear out the old mod first, otherwise they may have conflicts due to there being two KerbalJointReinforcement.dll files being loaded.
  20. Like the majority of parts packages, this mostly works regardless of which version of KSP you install it in. I've been playing with it installed and it seems fine, if you're worried then only the cameras make use of external .dll files so you could just delete or ignore them.
  21. It's a unique method of storing settings, not sure if it'll catch on but I can understand the thinking behind it. ETA: It should also be noted that the latest release of KJR uses a different folder name to the previous major releases, so people need to be sure to clear out the old version before installing the new one.
  22. We need to use the 1.4 version of KSPAPIExtensions to get this working on 1.5? It'd be nice if this could still be a self-contained mod.
  23. While never explicitly stated, it is implied by statements in the OP (such as the one above) and following posts.
  24. You can add this to a game at any time, but it can only track events that occur after installation. Trying to create significant events by hand is a real pig of a job, and it'd be quicker to restart your save.