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  1. Is it just me, or do those screenshots appear always only as links and never embedded? Is it because they are hosted by discord?
  2. I do suppose the mod author has already given their blessings for someone to re-start this from the source..
  3. Sadly, if it is an abandoned mod, the only thing that can be done is if somebody adopts it on their own. Even if eve and scatterer don't work, I say as long as it is functional that would be well enough, for me, at least
  4. Is this mod still being updated? Playing on 1.9.1, sometimes I have weird textures on some planets looking tiled and patchy while not in the map view.
  5. I look forward to that! I know Extrasolar works with this, but would other star packs work as well? The World Beyond?
  6. Are there any plans to have this pack updated so that it works with 1.9.1 / Kopernicus Continued?
  7. This is what I have. The only real problem I have is using the warp drive in time warp.\ Physics warp works fine. I'm running 1.9.1. I really want to get Galaxies Unbound to work with Extrasolar and World Beyond... but I can't figure out why the three won't work but that is neither here nor there
  8. I do understand that this mod is fairly difficult to use, but is there any way to make it so that the dive has an 'auto circularize' feature? I do know that the alcubierre drive in the interstellar mod has this, but I've taken a look at the configs and have no clue how I could port the function from one to the other. I think I have figured out how this works well enough However there appears to be an issue.. if my craft runs out of xenon and I try to use the drive, instead of just not working, it explodes. And another, is it possible to get this to work with persis
  9. Can you make this file public? I don't have access to it
  10. Ok... So I have a very tiny craft (it's literally 4 parts), why can't I construct this in the bay? This is the craft.. it should fit And likewise, I've been able to previously build the stock Jumping Flea in the assembly bay without having to reconfigure it.
  11. So just that I understand the process of building a ship, this is what I would need to do.. If I have a single ship, comprised of an orbital workshop, orbital assembly space, and orbital assembly line.. 1. use the orbital assembly line to build a box with a saved craft in it 2. the box then pops out of the orbital assembly space 3. use another craft to dock with the box, moved the box and dock it somewhere else on the craft 4. use the orbital workshop to build and deploy the craft I could had sworn at one point I was able to deploy the craft from the assembly space
  12. This is a weird question but one I can't figure out. I have three parts of a craft, a workshop, an assembly space, and the box that deploys the ship kits from. I'm able to create a box that has the ship kits, it appears in the holding space, but I can not deploy the ship. I have no option on the assembly space to do that. Looking at some things say that you need to move the box from the holding space and dock it to the ship (that's what the video above shows, the kit is docked) but I've made a craft with a docking port and RCS, but I can't seem to connect the box to the craft
  13. Very interesting. I've not tried much with the air breathing engines yet. Only doing the upmost basic kind of plane with a scaled down dark drive. I'll post some pictures later, but I did manage to nail both an Eve and Tylo take off and landing. Eve was by far the hardest.. I had to use mechjeb to help me hold a steady 20-30m/s climb... Entry was done pretty easy by hitting the 70km mark going less than 1500m/s. Landing though, on Eve and Kerbin... I need chutes. Thing needs to be going at least 150m/s to be airborne on Kerbin and it is otherwise a flying brick with a TWR of a bit
  14. I'm wondering, has anyone built a single stage to everywhere with these parts? I have a decent (abit simplistic) spaceplane that can single stage to and from Eve, built out of 2.5m parts and a single 2.5m scaled down dark drive. I've tried a bunch to try to build a stable plane out of J parts (with the lab and 5m unscaled dark drive) but I just can't get anything that big off the ground and also stable... but with my first build I have no way to regenerate dark goo...
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