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  1. More or less, all the fuel and cargo tanks added by KSPIE allow you to change what is in them by clicking the context menu in the VAB. Some tanks also let you change what is in them while in flight, via the alt menu, as long as the tank is mostly empty. This is done via the interstellar fuel switch which should be included with KSPIE
  2. If MJ is not in the resource window, then nothing on the ship requires MJ
  3. Is there any particular version of CCK? I'm running 4.1 (for 1.6.x). Think an update will fix this? Thanks
  4. Is there anything additional needed that adds the OPT parts in their own category? I have KSPIE, B9 wings, and Kerbal Attachment System, and they all have their own category, but OPT does not. This makes locating parts difficult unless I look in the 'all _' section, or search for OPT.
  5. 1,000 EC, electrical charge, is 1 MJ. It can be freely converted between the two.
  6. Oh joy. I only found this last week, and now it is coming tomorrow? Whoopie
  7. I'm running the latest version of the mod and game with other mods, so I'm fairly sure this isn't a problem with KSPIE. Consider disabling a few mods at a time to see which one is causing this?
  8. There can be a dozen reasons for that. The calculation in the VAB isn't 100% accurate with how modular and variable KSPIE parts can be. Accurate dV and TWR will be displayed when you are in play. For the engine, there can be a bunch of reasons. Correct fuel? Enough heat management? Engine connected to reactor? Just saying 'IT DOESN'T WORK' doesn't help. Provide more information
  9. I believe you can get by without Patch Manager (mods won't check for updates) and Photo sail (which is a solar sail, but not tied to KSPIE) Mod has a very steep learning curve, but everything does work...
  10. I have Extrasolar downloaded still. I can upload it, if that does not break any rules at all - and depending on the size. I don't recall how large it is.
  11. This exact same question was asked not a month ago. The reason that 'water' and 'liquid water' were made separate resources was so that, should you chose to play with a life support mod, you don't use your life support water as propellant. Most tanks should be able to switch between water and liquid water if they use IFS and can hold water.
  12. Greetings Three questions 1. What is the purpose for the Torodial Hub? 2. Does the latest version of the mod (1.21.11) only work unger game version 1.7.2? 3. In 1.21.11, has the positron reactor been changed to a thermal antimatter reactor? 3.1 And on this, will there be a variant in the thermal power depensing on the type of antimatter that you use? Thanks
  13. I'm fairly sure the quantum reactor can be stopped safely without exploding. The exploding comes from if you have antimatter or positrons stored in their own dedicated containers (reactor creates them), they will explode if they are unpowered.
  14. Take note that if you are playing on the latest KSP version (1.7.2), Kopernicus will not work. It has not been updated for 1.7.2, you must downgrade to 1.7.1 to use it. 请注意,如果您正在使用最新的KSP版本(1.7.2),那么Kopernicus将无法使用。 它尚未针对1.7.2进行更新,您必须降级到1.7.1才能使用它。