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  1. I don't think that there's a way to set altitude and velocity, but there is a way around that. Just use the alt+F12 menu, go to cheats-set position, and edit the altitude. It's not exactly the scenario you want, but it's the best way to get precise altitude and velocity numbers. I'll see if you can do the math for that Spoiler: hint
  2. I think he means the simulation he claims we might live in... (on a more philosophical note, how would we know? Why would we care, especially if there is no difference between a simulated and “real” world?)
  3. ModuleManager.log and KSP.log, please. EDIT RE: @Spaceman.Spiff's hidden resource idea is possible, it's just hidden very deep in the RESOURCE_DEFINITION parameters, the boolean isVisible will do the trick. Something called UnusableLiquidFuel with that flag = True and a standard density should work!
  4. Go to GameData/StockalikeHypergols/Patches/Optional and remove the .disabled extension from LOX_Boiloff.cfg.disabled. On windows, there might be a setting somewhere that you have to toggle before it lets you change file extensions.
  5. The CryoTanks implementation of boiloff actually allows for my vision, you can have boiloff produce resources. The goal of this is to reduce dV even more by keeping the weight. It would have to have tanks for storage of the gelled propellant, which is a bit clumsy, but could work.
  6. Not sure if I like the fact that people are snooping about the GitHub dev branch... (totally fine and encouraged, in fact) The scope has in fact changed since the last real update, this is what's on the table: * Bug fixes * H2O2/RP-1 fuel mixture, instead of the only H2O2 propellant I had earlier. * Ethanol/LOX fuel mixture, what you saw the resource definition for. This is experimental at the moment. I haven't asked yet, but I plan on consulting with @Nertea to add a feature to the boiloff code of Cryo Tanks: RP-1 gelling. There's a reason kerolox isn't used much in
  7. This is a fine place to ask. 1. Since those engines don’t have waterfall configurations and you don’t have RealPlume installed, they’ll go back to stock plumes. https://gist.github.com/Clamp-o-Tron/d59175b24d43434f7ac1be71809756fb Will fix it by adding waterfall configurations to that engine, just copy/paste it into a new .cfg file somewhere in GameData. 2. I’ve experienced the same problem a lot, with or without the ET-SRB decouplers. Curiously, the Photon Corp nose doesn’t work on either reDIRECT or its own SRBs, and the reDIRECT nose doesn’t work on Photon Corp. Pers
  8. Okay, I've got a lot of progress done. Most of it required some plugin work, and I must say I am proud of it. 0.3 will now make the following changes: * ISRU will be available, but only within 500 meters of the Bop Kraken corpse. * Fuel cells now produce ore (coking) as a byproduct. * A dialogue from the ghost of Sergei Korolev will now appear when loading hypergolic propellants, urging you not to. * New fuel mixture: alcolox. Crew will have their stupidity increased by 1% every day they spend with alcolox on board. * New fuel mixture: hydrogen peroxide/ RP-1. In-game,
  9. Angara A5 has already flown, it doesn't look too outlandish. A5V is just replacing the second stage with a new hydrolox variant, which in theory could get about 15 tons to trans-lunar injection. The Power and Propulsion Element, alongside with the Cygnus-derived Habitation and Logistics Outpost is to be launched by Falcon Heavy, and appear to require it, weighting 8-9 tonnes for the PPE and presumably about 7 tonnes for the HALO (it's a stretched Cygnus, which is 6 tonnes). So maybe technically possible, politically unlikely, and definitely a magnificently well-done April 1st j
  10. Do we know that it's the FTS? If it was, some of the chunks seem a bit larger than I would imagine, but I'm not a pyrotechnics expert or qualified to know what they should look like.
  11. The fog in Boca Chica this morning reduced visibility a lot, so ground tracking and even pad cams couldn't pick up anything, and the only source of footage was from cameras in the aft skirt and on the nose. As for the freeze after the first engine light, that could be explained by a loss of comms, or (more likely IMHO) some kind of Rapid Unplanned Destruction that destroyed that part of the vehicle. The landing wasn't necessarily worse than before, the explosion just happened in the air so the debris spread out farther. Nobody got hurt, we would have heard about it, and nobody i
  12. Still relevant for mods that haven’t packaged a variation yet.
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