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  1. Yeah, this is a problem I've experienced. If you have any solutions, please tell. This is exactly what I would do.
  2. The question is: would you put a crew in a F9 first stage? If not (which you shouldn’t), then the Starship crew-rating will take a lot more than Raptor certification.
  3. Ok, thanks. I thought I had all the Agena stuff, but apparently not. RCS is very much WIP, but thanks a lot for the bug report.
  4. According to the press conference earlier yesterday, Stennis has several backup engines to swap out on-site. According to the director, that could take about 15 days, leaving margin still for a 2021 launch. So while the tank sections aren’t replaceable, the engines can be interchanged. Although SLS hasn’t had the best development process, it’s useful to remember that with traditional systems, the kind NASA has to cover their ass with unlike a private company, delays are to be expected. The Saturn V had major issues before it was the reliable launcher it became. The Space Shuttle was meant
  5. https://twitter.com/cbs_spacenews/status/1350575369724850176 https://twitter.com/cbs_spacenews/status/1350576687415767043 Why won't they embed?
  6. The callout for MCF was just as the TVC tests were meant to start. I think it's a gimbal failure. Glad that it was a smooth shutdown and the engines are intact.
  7. This- also, NASA doesn't really do rapid prototyping for that reason. SpaceX can waste hardware as it was never really meant to fly missions. SN8 was never meant to carry out a serious orbital flight, so its destruction wasn't an impediment to the development program. However, if the Artemis-1 core stage RUDs tomorrow, that will be CATASTROPHIC because there won't be an Artemis-1, and the test stand at Stennis will be destroyed.
  8. Only the Destiny Airlock does IRL, so use the "Quest" airlock. Or just EVA from the visiting ship.
  9. Yet another reason to take all the precautions and stop spread... Although we're down from the early December Thanksgiving spike, the Christmas spike should begin about now, and it will not be small. B.1.1.7 will also give us a hell of a ride.
  10. GR-8 stream is scheduled! Set your reminders, because it’s still a while away.
  11. I think Scott really likes FFT- he made a video on the NSWR and now these!
  12. New NASA animations of Artemis-1, which I assume is source for PR materials: Artemis I – SLS Launch and Mission Animation – Jan 2021 | NASA Image and Video Library Won't embed, but it's worth a click.
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