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  1. Could one of the guys that's good with RO configs give this a check over for me please. I'm doing a few configs for the Tantares modules, which I have done and seem to be working fine. However I'm trying to do one for the S5.79 engines that go on the Zvezda module and it doesn't seem to work. I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to what I may be doing wrong for it to not show as a WIP RO part in game. Here's my config... @PART[eridani_engine_s0_1]:NEEDS[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = False @mass = 0.04 @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @minThrust = 0 @maxThrust = 3.1 %ullage = False %pressureFed = True %ignitions = 70 @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = UDMH @ratio = 0.4977 } @PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { @name = NTO @ratio = 0.5023 } @atmoshereCurve { @key = 0 302 @key = 1 110 } IGNITOR_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 0.5 } } MODULE { name = ModuleGimbal gimbalTransformName = thrustTransform gimbalRange = 5 } }
  2. Guys, none of my models are working for RO Tanks. I have the latest version and have the TU & ROLib dependencies, but the thumbs in game and models aren't there. Any ideas?
  3. As title really, looking for some good mods that add additional satellite parts.
  4. So would i be right in thinking that where the craft file says Tantares.MOE.3.E, the new name for this particular part is "octans_moe_srf_3_extended" this particular one is located in the "any_rcs" > soyuz folder.
  5. yeah Habtech2. when you download the RO file, inside all the folders there are recommended mod folders with configs, and suggested mod folders with configs. Habtech2 is in there but as I say, very limited configurations of parts. I will see what the RO guys say...
  6. Hi all. I am trying to locate a part that seems to be missing from one of my craft files. The part named is "Tantares.MOE.3.E". I would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction, i am using the latest versions of Tantares, LV & SP. Thankyou
  7. Well Habtech is actually listed in the RO suggested/recommended mods section, where it has a couple of configs. However the only configs there is for Habtech is a Kerbalism config, and a couple of configs for part, ht2_MPLM. Thats it.
  8. Try @pmborg configs on the very first page.
  9. I don't suppose anybody knows how many of the parts are compatible with RO? Obviously RO changes sizes of pods/docking ports etc, just didn't want to build the station in RO to end up not being able to dock with RO configured parts. Thankyou
  10. Eve city lights aren't working for me. Eve configs are RSS/RSSVE....also clouds are weird until I actually go into the eve manager and hit apply in the clouds manager. however this does not work for lights, there's just nothing. edit: nevermind, Incorrect config within RSSVE.
  11. hey, I'm wondering if someone may be able to help me get to the bottom of an issue that is plaguing a ship of mine. I have 5 of the 'tempel2' ION engines fitted, and for some reason I cannot burn for any length of time before they overheat and loose their thrust, Thermal heat systems also heat up too whilst engines are under thrust. But as I understood it, looking through the config file for them, they have a heat production value of 0, so cannot understand why they are overheating. If it is any help, I have SMURFF installed, I don't know whether that alters these engines in any way, and have also adjusted the standard size of them using Tweakscale. The BDB I'm using according to the changelog is v1.7.1.
  12. There seems to be an issue with the docking node on the dockable crew airlock. I can dock to it ok using the clamp o tron docking port, but when it comes to undocking, I click on undock and nothing happens but the undock label disappears. I can retract the docking port and close the hatch but the vessel still is attached to the ship via an invisible node, I try to use rcs thrusters to back away from the dock and the thrusters pull all the ship with it.
  13. In 4 split sections. Crew module, control module, Xenon tanks & solar panels and finally the rear main propulsion engine & triple radiators. RSS also so its quite fun building the rockets to lift such heavy payloads (mainly the tanks & engines).
  14. eveeerywhere! haha. 5 Ion engines for propulsion, 4 Large Xenon gas tanks providing 118,775 dV
  15. that's what I thought which is why I wondered why the coolant tanks show up the overheat icons...
  16. hi, great mod and has helped me a lot in building my long distance vessel. I would like to ask, and I'm sorry if it has already been asked, but how exactly do the coolant tanks work? I have a couple placed on my vessel but they show up *I think* as though they will overheat. could you kindly look at my screenshot and tell me what is required for coolant tanks to be stable. thanks!
  17. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how/where radiators thermals are configured. In particular the Squad "Thermal Control System - Medium" deployable radiator. I have gone through the .cfg file for the rad in the Squad folder, but I can't figure out how the radiator's specs are calculated. The max temp one is obvious, but the one's that aren't are the "Core heat Xfer" and "max cooling" configurations. I'm having an issue with a ship where the Ion engines, a fission reactor and the radiators themselves just keep overheating. I took all of the parts Xfer values into consideration and attached a number of radiators that in specs should be able to cope with the heat production of the said parts. Now as I understand it, deployable radiators can "soak up" heat production of a part no matter where it is placed on a vessel, but fixed one's have to be close to a part that require cooling. I would really like to learn how these radiators work and are configured in the settings so that I can better understand them. Any help would be great. A couple of attached pictures of my craft I built in orbit that will serve as a long distance vessel.
  18. Tbf, the 1st stage engines always seemed to go crazy out of the atmosphere when the 1st stage was nearly empty. Sometimes I'd end up cutting my first stage short to avoid the craziness it caused, because a lot of the time due to the severe gimballing it was causing the rest of the craft to explode due to the instability. I can never understand it though as I always check that the thrust is going directly through the CoM, Guidance units are the correct way around etc.
  19. well all I know is I rebuilt the exact same rocket I was having issues with getting into orbit, with one that had a lower CoM and it flew like a dream. Also how does drag become an issue when you are out of the atmosphere? I will post a picture of the rocket that was causing trouble and see if I can demonstrate what was happening.
  20. So the main issue was with building large rockets to deliver heavy payloads. No matter what I did, the rocket would not sit or remain stable once I actually managed to get it off the launch pad. Since, I've been having a play about in the VAB and taking note of each stages COM with a full tank, and an empty tank. Thus here lied my problem. Due to the sheer size of my rocket, by the time the first stage was empty, and taking boil off of other tanks into account, the vessels COM was way too far forward, this was causing flips, joint instability and inevitably, constant launch failures. I'm now sure to check each stages COM and COT with full and empty tanks.
  21. Hi guys, could somebody please tell me which docking ports work with the dockable crew airlock?
  22. see my post above. I've tried adding launch clamps, and more launch clamps and even more launch clamps I use mainly Procedural parts on my crafts. Especially tanks & fairings, Its worth noting that I also use SMURFF as a RO alternative.
  23. yeah already using it, unfortunately it does very little for real sized/very large rockets. I've also tried KJR cont. also tried activating the above with no success. The amount of launch clamps and struts etc I've tried also is ridiculous. Patience is also something that is wearing very thin, I'm wasting my evenings just trying to get one rocket to sit on the launch pad, never mind lifting off.
  24. jumping on this thread, although i don't have an issue with getting the correct TWR for my rockets, my issue is actually getting the damn things on the launch pad without them bouncing about and blowing up!!! I'm using RSS and attempting to put a heavy payload into orbit. this requires a BIG rocket. I'm talking a rocket with a starting mass of 9000 tonnes. I've tried adding struts, struts and more struts. nothing will hold it stable on the launch pad, it just bounces a little then blows up.
  25. what versions of EVE and Scatterer are you using?
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