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  1. Will camera tools be revamped and make it easy to use?
  2. Tundra exploration's lunar starship has been cancelled because he is tired of working on it for 4 years and Kari is gonna work on the lunar starship
  3. Does konstruction have a crawler so that way it can carry my Starship?
  4. You should revamp the rest of the models of the rockets
  5. Sadly Damon stopped working on Starship stuff because starship is under kari´s managment now
  6. Is there an update for the Minmus Space Center?
  7. You should do KSC Extended but it's on every planet's in the kerbol system
  8. Why is there a blue circle in the 39A and B and all the tundra launchpads?
  9. Come On Please come back we miss you

  10. Can Ascent guidance work with the landing guidance like when i use ascent guidance i seperate the booster and try to land on the droneship but it land on the wrong side
  11. When i tried to deorbit starship it led to retrograde i didn't actually press it i was on SAS i was on Radial out
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