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  1. Banned for mentioning me and them unmentioning me
  2. Good, online school ends in 3 mins (Its 18 am local time) @AtomicTechHow you doing?
  3. Fun fact: All of those drawings are made during online school.
  4. no. Btw In Bulgaria we don't celebrate Thanksgiving @Admiral Fluffy
  5. But... Your name... shouldn't you capitalize every word..?
  6. Another one Its actually inspired by this one
  7. Digital pens? IPads? What are those?!?!?!?!?!? I'm just full primitive mode because I use the Legend called MS Paint Yep, Its not hard, but its not as easy as with digital pens and blah blah. Here is the first one: I might call it "Stuck on Minmus since 2013"
  8. There is one thing i could do: I can make a new temporary save, which I can use until the next update comes. If my main one still doesnt work, Ill have to wait till 1.12 and use the same craft files as before with that one new function.
  9. I had a dream where 1.11 and 1.12 were finally on console. Please
  10. I cant run my main save. It just freezes on the "Load save" page whenever I click on my main save. Pls help Edit: I cant actually run missions and scenarios though. Its just my main save file that doesn't work...
  11. I have actually never really played with it a lot. Im one of the New Gen players Maybe I should call it "Kerbal X mini" Should I try and give it some asparagus staging?
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