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    A kerbal that loves playing War Thunder and KSP
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    Kerbin, but if not active, I'm probably on an escape trajectory out of the Sun
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    Aviation and Metallica

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  1. Hmm, after all why not. Why not *CLICK*
  2. Because it will be too far away. Why can't we restore X-15 plane?
  3. 3/10 I started seeing you lately. Btw the tech tree I use is Germany
  4. 0/10 hmm, never seen you before?
  5. They can't freeze and shatter if they can land on Eeloo, right? Non-astronaut kerbals live underground
  6. Side effect: Websites can turn it off. Super power: Being able to teleport in the Star Wars universe
  7. Their progress is better than the human race's progress, so we announce a war to the kerbals. Its fought on a randomly chosen planet called Naboo. Wonder how it will end?
  8. After lots of inactivity, im BACK. @OrdinaryKermanis in an orbit around the Sun @StormpilotDrunk russian wizard?
  9. Today I made the first tests of my first SSTO, and guess what: Failure! My apoapsis successfully goes to 70k and more, but the nuclear engine just isn't enough. I also made a V2 rocket, capable of a sub-orbital flight. Also a New Shepard. About the V2: Fully stock, uses a fairing for the shape and a Skipper engine. Capable of destroying the VAB. If you want a craft file, well sorry because I play on a PS4. Next time I'll try a Duna landing with kerbals
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