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  1. Floor 3160: A teleporter with a 50% chance of teleporting you to half the stairs to floor 3161 OR A 50% chance of getting teleported directly to floor 3161
  2. I still do think (and hope) we aren't wasted. It's so bad It can't be left unfixed.
  3. Its definitely my one and only shuttle docking. I mounted the docking port on the back (the entire spaceplane was Dreamchaser-ish. It was also carrying a compact telescopic solar panel module. It barely even ran out of fuel too. So, I somehow docked the shuttle. Cool!
  4. I have 2 IKEA plastic boxes of lego, full of parts from my old sets I got when I was younger that I use from custom builds. I currently have 2 sets in my room, left unscrapped. A Fiat 500 I got for my birthday and the Apollo 11 LM for the 50th anniversary.
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