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  1. I cannot tell from previous chats but I'm wondering if there is a green paint job for the R-1 and maybe by extension R-2 missiles.
  2. This seems like an interesting plot. Perhaps you could include the PKA Spaceplane as part of the plot. http://www.astronautix.com/p/pka.html, it is essentially the Soviet Dynasoar equivalent.
  3. Are there any plans to make the Voskhod airlock jettisonable? Also making the capsule a 3 crew spacecraft as it was instead of 2 crew members. Apologies if this has been inquired about previously.
  4. Thank you for your help, I see what you mean but I am trying to follow the flightpath of Luna spacecraft with their direct ascent. Even then I can just do the inclination change in orbit as the Blok E has enough for that. But I will try the KAC idea.
  5. In Primer Vector Guidance I am launching from Baikonur at the inclination window with the moon but I don't want it to perform a dogleg is there any way to disable it?
  6. Did you manage to find a fix? I have the same issue and do not know what to do about it?
  7. Hello, this is very nice, I am using it in my JNSQ save and I have some suggestions for mods I'd like to see included. I wanna suggest adding support for CactEye2 Refocused, Sandcastle and Extraplanetary Launchpads. Also I don't feel this is required as much as the others but I feel to make up for Tantares being quite big to add support for perhaps in place of it you could add support for Raidernick's Soviet Rockets, Probes and Spacecraft. Update: You can disregard this, I've figured out how to add part compatibility and I plan to make some pull requests soon.
  8. I have noticed an issue where I want to get rid of craft files from mods I don't have installed anymore so I delete them though whenever I launch the game they come back. Does anyone know how to delete them permanently?
  9. If I wanted to get the blueish/cyanish colour on Almaz would I need intercolour?
  10. I have suggested EVA tethers before, I also agree with you on better camera movement for VAB and SPH. I really like using WASD editor so it'd be cool if that was implemented.
  11. Is there a way I can disable TacLS without actually uninstalling it? I downloaded it for Contares.
  12. Is there any way to change the starting year?
  13. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the fuel arms and service towers without deleting the whole pad at the Kourou Site and Site 1/5. I wanted to use Modular Launch Pads for those things but they glitch into the pad.
  14. I was looking and I haven't found any mods that add Baikonur Cosmodrome to KSP (no I am not counting Kerbin Side Baikerbanur that's just the KSC copy pasted to where the old KSC is) I was wondering if there is one or even at least a mod that adds Baikonur pads to Kerbal Konstructs.
  15. I don't know if you take suggestions for mods but is there any chance of you adding support for Tantares, Tantares Launch Vehicles and Tantares Space Probes? I know this tech tree is based around Bluedog but I feel Tantares complements BDB well.
  16. Well I suggested a progression system in science and career, I always thought EVA tethers were missing and starting with an EVA pack before you even have upgraded your Astronaut Centre to allow off Earth EVAs is nonsensical to me.
  17. I suggested EVA tethers, I feel they could make more sense as they'd allow you to move away from the craft a little bit more and make more sense in a sort of progression system like where would magnetic boots fit in if it goes EVA Tether -> EVA Pack because they feel too useless to be late in the tech tree, too modern to be early in the tech tree and it would be nonsensical to put them in between considering the tether would already allow you to safely move along the ship. And again considering that every surface on your ship isn't metal an EVA tether makes a lot more sense.
  18. Yeah I get you, I feel making it take time doesn't make sense in retrospect but I feel it should still be toggleable to allow more things to fail than just solar panels and some other things and for them to wear out on their own.
  19. I was thinking and I always wanted tethers in KSP so I thought I would suggest it here, the rope physics don't have to be perfect I just feel it would be realistic to have EVA tethers and some sort of progression, where you start with tethers and you can get strength upgrades so they're less likely to snap and then later on you unlock the EVA pack later in the tech tree we have now and then perhaps some sort of MMU a little later in the tech tree and the MMU acts as a sort of external command seat similar to the one from the Cormorant Shuttle mod which allows the Kerbal to go farther for extended EVAs or grabbing satellites for deorbiting or recovery, this also ties into me wanting to suggest that EVA repairs take time where you don't just need to pack enough EVA repair kits the Kerbal also needs a bit of time to repair something whether it be a broken antenna, battery, solar panel, leak or reaction wheel.
  20. How do I stuff more life support resources aboard a craft? I'm wanting to recreate Soyuz 9 with an 18 day mission but the Tantares Soyuz alone doesn't hold enough for that let alone with only 2 crew members.
  21. How do I edit my fairings so that there is a hole in the top for LES, if I have my LES clip through the hole when I want to jettison my LES before my fairing it breaks the fairing off.
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