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  1. Is KSC switcher not Supported yet or is there a bug with my game? The KSC spawns underground but only when I select kourou.
  2. For some reason when I switch to kourou using KSC switch the KSC is underground Also KSC extended doesn't work. Is it not compatible with ksc switch?
  3. Also does this mid support Waterfall?
  4. If I download katniss cape canaveral for ksrss does it switch automatically?
  5. What's the diameter of Ariane V? Also, does this mod add ariane 6 parts?
  6. I won't be able to use my pc for a while so I can't share the ksp.log file but I tried it on a completely new install and it still didn't work.
  7. Do I need to rescale this or is it already 2.7? Also to get clouds do I just download EVE?
  8. I only have the kerballoons parachutes for some reason
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