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  1. Yeah, It's 2.1. After extensive testing, ranging from adding and removing parts from the Soyuz launch pad, adding Soyuz parts to other pads, swapping rockets, and going through a hefty portion of your launchers, I have narrowed the problem down to the Soyuz Gantry and the Soyuz Base Elevator. The issue only occurs when either of these two are present. The next time I get the chance(maybe tomorrow after work) I will add MLP to my Test copy of KSP and add mods to see if it's a conflict of some sort somewhere. Edit: @AlphaMensae: After adding all my non-part mo
  2. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. Tried moving the parts first before decoupling them, tried launching from IVA view, it all leads to the same issue. Although in IVA it doesn't show up until you return to exterior. I feel like it's something simple that I'm missing. Here is a correct log, I realized the first one I uploaded was from an old version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5f7r8hezf2hzkvl/Player-modular.log?dl=0 Edit: In an un-related note, Launch Plates does not show up on the Techtree with Unkerbalized Start,also there is an errant 'ans' in place of an 'and' in the
  3. I’m playing 1.10.1, I’ll get you the player.log when I get out of work tonight. Thank you. @linuxgurugamer Here is the updated one. I just noted the date on the one I uploaded, didn't realize it was from the last time I was playing KSP. This one should coincide with the picture I sent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ca3zjje3sqckti/Player-prev.log?dl=0 And here is the next time I launched KSP where I noticed the "servo controller" started to duplicate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhig6fey8rxogjl/Player.log?dl=0 Edit 2: So after looking around, it appears wh
  4. As in the part is the focus when it’s moving? I would have to check that. It always happens on launch which decouples everything, so it makes sense. When I get home tonight I’ll double check to see if the rocket itself is the focus.
  5. Hey Linux, Sorry to be a pain. I'm having an issue where icon's are duplicating on the stock toolbar. I thought it was an issue with Brizzy's toolbar so I removed it and I'm still having the issues. In this screenshot it happened with Persistant Rotation and Servo Controller(I couldn't use the icon to open PR and had to reinstall it): Usually it's just Servo Controller that keeps slowly multiplying. I'm not sure which mod is responsible for servo controller(I'm thinking Kerbal Actuator's from @Angel-125, but I'm not sure.) Here is the log from this instance: https://
  6. Whenever I launch a rocket with a Soyuz launch clamp the screen goes black. If I switch to the map mode with M and then back, I can see my rocket, but the skybox is glitched out, and eventually the map/background goes black too. Here is the log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jaecnqthmwo52uq/output_log.txt?dl=0 I tried with the SOCK Shuttle pad and it did not have the same issue.
  7. I never thought of that, I just bumped up the fuel and thrust to compensate. I can confirm lowering the engine's weight greatly increased performance. Edit: @DylanSemrau: I sent the pull request with @biohazard15's weight reduction for balance. Also, is it possible to edit the model for attaching modular launch bases?
  8. Does this mod happen to add a Servo Controller icon to the stock toolbar? I'm having an interesting bug where this icon keeps duplicating as I switch between space center, flight, vab, and tracking station. I'm trying to narrow down where it's coming from.
  9. I can confirm this fixed this issue. Thank you! Edit: Screenshot Tax Eve, Duna and a third planet visible just to the right of my V2
  10. I'm trying to get this mod: To work in 1.10.1. When loaded into KSP the game hangs on generating drag cubes for Sputnik 1 and also for Vostok.bottom.TDU. After asking @linuxgurugamer for his sage advice, he suggests the animation name of ModuleDeployableAntenna is wrong for Sputnik 1. He suggested I look at it in blender and directed me towards your plugin to try and fix it. I downloaded Blender 2.90 and your plugin and had no problem importing the model into blender, however I could not for the life of me find where the KSP modules are tied to the models. I see where it say
  11. I'm well aware of that, I have several of your "continued" mods lol.
  12. Without actually loading it up, I'm willing to bet the .dll needs to be re-compiled for 1.10.x, and the parts probably need drag cubes defined.
  13. Is this balanced towards stock parts or towards the stock system? I see the real Bumper rocket made it into space, but I'm struggling to get mine that high. It has no issues with the second stage missing, but falls short with the second stage on.
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