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  1. Did you ever get it worked out? I’m having the same issue.
  2. His last comment says that he might. @benjee10: I wasn’t planning on updating to 1.4 anytime soon, and then you had to release this.
  3. Not sure how you feel about part requests, but I was wondering if we could get some sort of support piece to make biplanes/triplanes easier. I see you use struts and I’m assuming the move tool to make your current biplane. Also, are there any plans to do an X-15/B52? Or any other of the experimental x-planes?
  4. Thank you kind sir. Edit: Getting 401 Unauthorized on the link. I'll try again later and see if it works then. Edit2: Not sure if there is anything you can do on your end @theonegalen, but the link is still coming back with a 401 unauthorized. I can see the link on your Spacedock profile, but it also comes back with a 401.
  5. Before I go through all the configs and edit then individually, is there a way to create a MM patch to move most if not all of the parts in this mod to starting tech? Playing with Community tech tree, and Unmanned Before Manned, it feels kind of funny to have rockets before basic planes, or even the X1(especially when I have the Taerobee X1 unlocked.)
  6. This is a noob question, but what is the main difference between the Proton currently in the mod versus the new proton? Is it an update of the current, or a different rocket under same name?
  7. Spike88

    [1.7] CommNet Constellation v1.3.2 [16 April 2019]

    I’ll experiment more when I get home, but with testing yesterday, the antenna in question would connect without Constellaion, but would not connect with constellation installed. Edit: Upon further experimentation, it seems to be an issue with the Taerobee probes not connecting when using BDB antennas. I was able to get the X1 fuselage to connect if I used a stock antenna.
  8. If you need any help, check out my Tac-LS patch for Cormorant Aeronology.
  9. Spike88

    [1.7] CommNet Constellation v1.3.2 [16 April 2019]

    I was having problems with RemoteTech(losing connection at about 70KM above launch pad(with 2.5 resize)). So I switched back to commnet with constellation, however I noticed BDB probes wont connect to the commnet with Constellation installed, is there something I should add to the parts configs to allow them to connect.
  10. Spike88

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    If the rocket loses connectivity above the launchpad, what is the solution?
  11. Spike88

    [1.1.x] Canadarm v1.71 (5 June 2016)

    Have you tried tweakscale? Also look at the infernal robotics part rework for more parts. is that the Ares rover by @-ctn- ?
  12. After doing some experimentation, it appears it's the 2.5 resize that's causing my headaches. With just a clean installed of KK, Kosmodrome, and 2.5x, I proceeded to fix the Kosmodrome positioning and then restart KSP. On the first restart, it deleted the items I had moved. I re-installed Kosmodrome to attempt again, and on second try it made my Kosmodrome jump a couple hundred meters into the air. If I select the item in the KK menu, it jumps back to the altitude I had saved it at first. Now I'm torn between deleting 2.5x or not using the Kosmodrome(I don't seem to have problems with the Floodlights, or SpaceX landing pad).
  13. I think he’s already resolved the issue, he posted a video of a Soyuz launch using the heavy.