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  1. It Appears that B9 parts switcher is current been updated to as of March `17, 2024. and at this point any B9 Patches are no longer functions (Not unless you can find an older B9 parts switcher of at least v I think it's high time that this is updated in order to get it in synch again with the New B9 Parts switcher... If you'd like I can always send in the log and the picture screen shots of the error with the current B9 Parts switcher ( and the patches... Space_Coyote
  2. Well I have an issue with B9 Parts switch and am sending in the Log to figure out why this is throwing up errors (As it seems to dead with an issue with something called "LFOX" but I'm Wondering what the issue is. Log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/014dhbesnvm9rkv/KSP.log/file So I'm trying to figure out what "LFox" is. Space_Coyote But here's the Log:
  3. And thus the end of the era.. RIP Delta Series of Rockets.. You 've done your job.. Time to retire... (Just don't destroy the BP's will ya? we might need them again one day..)
  4. I'm just curious as to why when I fired up my CKAN and my KSP I got a message saying that the Current Edition is now obsolete or is no longer being used.. and that everything after this is like "Good luck getting a CKAN for KSP 1. I mean what is going on here, if someone could explain it to me , please? Space_Coyote
  5. omg, omg, OMG, OMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT FREAKING WORKS!!!!!!! YES YES YES1!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! It Got farther then the last time.. 6minutes before both FTS systems did a RUD. but then got it into space.. 149 km !!!! One Further step for man kind. You did a dam n good job SpaceX.
  6. I'll sum it up this way: The Dream... is Real.... Let's put this little shuttle through it's paces now.. Space_Coyote
  7. Well, I'm having an issue with this mod. As I have the abpilty to use the parts, however not change them into other configurations (In short you can't take the 6 way hub and turn them into 5 way, 4 way, 4way (Planar), etc.. I'm just wondering if this is a mod causing the problems or something else.. Because in the past, I used to be able to do this, but now? Nothing... Space_Coyote
  8. Alright , i've been working on this issue with KGEX's More hitchhikers' Mode and in fact it's rather intersting that he now has a V version out.. After downloading and unzipping it, I found that there was no "Parts " folder in V I also checked the V 1.0.04 version and the parts folder is there... So already that 's one that I'm going to report to KGEX. Now I tried this experiment, and in fact it comes down that when I mered (and yes, this is where I took V1.1.0.0 (which had No "Folder" and merged it with the the thing is that I got not a fatal error but rather a warning.. I'm looking in the Log folder and the KSP Data folder , but there is no Logs being written into them.. Now this brings up an interesting question.. Why have No Parts folder in and a parts folder in This is a rather curious question as to why I can't get the parts to Appear in and I can when I add the mod Parts folder into the mod.. And it's this one thing that causes the issues.. It is an issue that @zeroKerbal will ahve to address in furture updates to his mod.. So B9 Parts switch is in the cleear.. Will approach @zerokerbal on this one for an answer why there is so much inconsistency with his mod. Be cause it's only a matter of time for this to happen. Also a side note, and this has been brought up before but another issue could be with Tweakscale. I've been reading in this thread that Tweakscale and B9 Parts switch are at odds with each other... But then Without the ability to get logs well, it's gonna be hard to prove anything here.. But in my opinion I feel that mods should work smoothly.. sometimes it's a bit of Errant Coding that causes these things to happen Just my thoughts. Space_Coyote (Aerodyne Space Industries... We build Space Stations)
  9. Also as a side noote, I can not download version from Curese forege.. (and CKan really hates it too, cause CKAN only goes up to the version (there is no version.. seems we are at an impasse here to get the latest version.. (I'm going to keep trying on the Curse forge end, but I've had issues with CF as of late.. Don't get me wrong, it's a good mod, problem is, it's hard to get for the average user.. Space_Coyote (Aerodyne Space Industries.. We build space stations)
  10. Negativon Simple Construction. It was just B9 Part switch and the KGEX. only the version of KGEX I was using is the 1.004 version. Now when I had run the 1.002 version, (Again without Simple Construction, it threw up a lot of warnings of what you described (in fact there were so many it literally ran off the page... So I'm wondering if it is the programming in hte KGEX More hItchhikers .. Also I did a clean reinstall, same thing (Again without Simple Construction). and this has me kind of stumped.. Space_Coyote (Aerodyne Space Industries)
  11. I Found that KGEX "More Hitchhikers Pods " and B9 end up getting a fatal error.. I think the issue is that KGEX doesn't like B9 Parts switch.. and there are a lot of errors that result in the fatal exception.. Will see i i get a snapshot of the fatal or, all teh erorrs.. But this is an issue if you want to use these great pods.. Space_Coyote (Aeroyne Space Industries).
  12. Just a heads up.. More Hitchikers and B9 Parts switch do not like each other currently.. B9 Gets a Fatal error and asks that you close it.. Trying to get a log for this, and will be sending you one once I get a log. Spce_Coytoe (Aerodyne_Space Industries, we build space stations) Update 1: 1. After further investigation into the issues with B9 Parts switch and V and B9 Parts switch, it appears that there is an inconsistency here... 2. V has no parts folder and if you even merge the V version it throws up a tone of errors on the B9 Parts switch side.. I think further investigation needs to be addressed on this issue.. (Also the issues with KGEX More hitch hikers pods and B9 Goes back to the issues found in v 1.0.0. 4 Please investigate further. If you would like, I can send zerokerbal the issues at hand.. After all this mod does give a good expanion pack, but I think the coding needs to be addressed (Need to tighten it up a little) Also make sure you got all the items in your folder before releasing it.. A mod with No parts folder won't show up the parts.. Thank you for your time, Space_Coyote (Aerodyne Space Industries, We build Space Stations.)
  13. Space Coyote here, Well I am going through Mod by Mod and am slowly looking to see if there are any mods that can cause the "Houson we have a problem crash and in fact the first one I fixed was "Embeded MechJeb 1.5. in both the Career mode and the It's free (Sand Box) mode, I found that the files had hidden inside copies of Module Manager 4.0.2. This would trip the fatal exception for Watchdog.. Removed those two files.. the mod now works and no errors caught by Watch dog.. So 1 down, hundreds to go... I'll keep checking back in , to see if ther eare any other errors I can find.. Space Coyote (Aero-dyne Space Industries).
  14. When we talk about nuclear weapons, you hear 4 countries that show up on that list.. Namely America, Russia, China and India. Well, now we have a new Space Race between America, (Both NASA and Space X), China, Russia and now we can throw India into that same list of  lunar Landings.. This proves one thing in spaceflight.. Even up and coming Countries do have the right to land on the moon. Not just an exclusive few... It sort of reminds me of that old Comedy film called The Mouse on the moon. Where a small country like the Duchy of New Fenwick get to the moon first.. But as was pointed out in the movie , it's not who gets to the moon first, but rather the first to get home.. To get the Prestige. But at least now we know one thing.. We now are starting to get a community started on the moon. I'll be only a matter of time when we have actual bases up there.. Who knows? We might just see it happen.
  15. What I feel needs to be done is to keep parts of the KSC++ and use it in KSC Extended.. and KSC Harobr.. once you got that tone, you could actually have a working system and who knows? A Road Network to other launch sites and places? Maybe another couple of place could spring up.. But a road network and a update to reflect the KSC Extended mod might be worth it.. would give it more of a realistic feel. Just my thoughts.
  16. Actually, it does as the original download link doesn't exist anymore.. so It's time for someone to adopt this. Edit: Actually I have a copy of it.. Lucky for all of us who might want to upgrade this (and with Restock/Restock+ we could always use a fresh Coat o fpaint of these things... I think Jeb sould approve of it..
  17. I can think of two things... The Edit Path on the Ascent Guidance.. Open that up and look at the "end altitude" .. (The Default is 60 km) Change that to any altitude you want.. Also make sure it matches the altitude you are aiming for in the main panel (So if you, want your altitude to reach, is say 200 you want to have the end altitude for 200 on the "End Altitude " on your edit path Function. Now the only other thing I could think of is which version of Mechjeb 2 you are currently using... Because the latest build (Build 152) on the developers version seems a bit off, as I have noted that as soon as the rocket gets into space at 70Km, the rocket tends to make a quick hard turn to oritent itself into horizontal flight quickly or it is trying to fight itself.. (this might be a simple coding error I can think of..) Other than the build number and the altitude and end altitude issues , you've probably got something conflicting with what altitude you want, as well as what your end altitude is.. That's about it on my end. Space_ Coyote.
  18. On the restock/waterfall issue, I'm manually testing this out and will see if the issue is with Restock / restock plus and Waterfall... So yeah this is more of a restock/Waterfall issue to get all those warnings.. Edit 1: Removed Waterfall stock and SWE (SRB Waterfall Effects), cleared MM Cache and restarted KSP (1.12.5).. Outcome of test 1: Same error issues Edit 2 : Removed Restock/Restock + and reinstalled waterfall and SRB Watterfal Effects (SWE) , Clear Cache again, restarted KSP. Test 2 results: It seems the issue we have here is really iwth KGEX and it's more hitchhiker's mod (V1.0.0.4) apparently this stems form the fact of the crew capacity issue that has been showing up on other mods that make Different size s of Crew Compartments. I'm starting to think that this is one of the issues the folks over at KGEX / KCX) needs to address in their coding.. But as for Waterfall and SRB Water fall effects the issue doesn't exist.. (But then I could be wrong..) Anyway back to Code testing.. Space_Coyote
  19. People don't understand the quiet from the devs, but I understand why it is.. It's because they've heard you and they're busy grinding down the bugs and issues with the game.. But then the players who've never played KSP 1 don't realize how much effort it takes to program a game and trying to answer questions to the players at the same time.. So if you understand this, you would understand that people sometimes need time to think and concentrate and focus on the issues at hand. They don't need the distractions of a person bugging them for rude comments form the players... Think of it this way, You're doing your homework for a class project (if you are in school) or you have a job deadline to meet so you can get a raise and if you have children and they come running in every few minutes to bug you, would you get any work done? Of course not.. So as they say in KSP 1's Mod disccussion , "Don't annoy the programmers." Because they are working hard to make you happy.. Space_Coyote
  20. I have 2 quick questions about More hitchhikers 1. was wondering if this had been updated, and if so, where can I find it? and 2. If it was updated, does it support Restock and Restock +?
  21. As the Howard Jones Song says in the Launch Trailer.. "Things can only Get better " (just like KSP 1 did.)
  22. So where can we get the 1.45 verison so I can try it out.. and yes the KSC 2 site was really needed to be repaired/replace.d Because you don't put a VAB in the middle of a taxiway. Space_Coyote
  23. Th hard part is done.. Thought I'd nevrrer see this happen again in my life time.. But.. BOOYAH! We're back in Business! Space _Coyote
  24. To quote a famous Kerbal: Jedidiah Kerman: "You will not go to space today, Blue Origin." But it took 23 times before this did happen.. which is kind of impressive for an upstart company like Blue Origin. I mean how many failure has another company had before its' rockets failed? But when you have 22 perfect (or near perfect) flights and you finally get a failure, the real question is.. "How far will this set you back?" It's hard to say in the case of Blue Origin.. But I'm guessing at least a year maybe? But then this is the tenacity of privatized space flight.. You trip, you fall, you pick yourself up again and you keep going... Space_Coyote
  25. I'm curious on why NF Construction hasn't been updated for 1.12.3. I was thinking the issue here is the fact that they had that bug dealing with Docking ports and the "Drift" they had in 1.12.1 and 1.12.2. But I'm just curious as to why this one has not been updated. Just asking. Space_Coyote
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