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  1. You know, I feel like I share none of those feelings about Kerbals... but since they seem to also agree with Squads views on Kerbals and that never hurt my enjoyment of the first game, I'm not concerned.
  2. CKAN won't install it because it says dependencies are out of date, is that expected?
  3. The first time I ever heard of Kerbal would have been January 2012. This Video It looked cheap and very unfinished so I wrote it off. Didn't discover it again till March 2013, Version 0.19 some other youtube channel I think. Man all that missed playing I could have done.
  4. Wow flash from the past, realizing my own comments in this thread are nearly 5 years old is mind boggling to me. And I still argue it's made out of fantasy elements that don't exist in our universe.
  5. Lets see, very first interplanetary trip was in version .18 or .19 Took a overly tall BobCat H.O.M.E. system to Duna, attempting to land this top heavy beast on on the side of a hill somewhere around -20,-63 Naturally it tipped over and all the parts except for the command module exploded as it rolled down the hill. But the command module survived and left Jeb and Bill stranded on Duna with not much space to live in. I watched some youtube videos then sent Bob back in a simply designed lander build around the Mk 1-2 Landed it on the far side of the valley, attempted to fly across the valley but nearly destroyed that lander so Jeb and Bill walked like maybe 20km across Duna to reach the lander and flew home, I was so happy when I made it off Duna major accomplishment.
  6. Manned Rockets: Fruit in alphabet order. Apple, Banana, Cherry, etc. Unmanned Rockets: Vegetables in alphabet order. Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, etc. Planes are trees, You get where I'm going with this.
  7. The problem with this question is we wouldn't BE physically human without our intelligence. And vis versa. Why do we have big heads? to hold big brains, well without the brain we'd have smaller heads, and with smaller heads we'd be able to fit down the birth canal fully formed, able to walk at birth like other animals. If we were born fully formed then we wouldn't need a social structure to take care of babies, if we didn't need the social structure, we wouldn't need ot be intelligent and if we didn't need the social structure we'd not need a month adapted to talking, so we'd have a mouth that could bite and attack. Our intelligence is the driving reason why we look like, without intelligence we wouldn't have these bodies.
  8. Failure of both the overpressure valve and failure of a cooling creating a boiloff thus liquid turning to gas that takes up more volume sounds could overpressure without an outside source.
  9. How precise are you needing to be? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-ray_pulsar-based_navigation There are a list of known stable pulsars that you can triangulate off of, these will be stable over geological timescales, By seeing which ones you're pointing at you get orientation, by observing the dopplar shift of them you can get velocity, and by triangulating the angle to multiple pulsars you get high precision* location. *When you're traveling distances measured in light years +-5km is high precision
  10. Someone load up Universe Sandbox lets see what would really happen. EDIT: I'd do it myself but I'm at work
  11. In my headcanon Val is a combo of Valentina Terichova and Sallly Ride, so Val has a girlfriend back home.
  12. My god thank you, there are so many space opera games out there, only 2 that I know of that use physics, I don't understand why the fact the kerbals are green makes people want to turn 1 of the 2 physics based games into another silly space opera.
  13. I'd love some sort of part or parts to make 2 stage landers (apollo style) easier to build, like some sort of frame I guess. Everything I try to build becomes this super tall stack which isn't right or this ugly ungangly thing with fuel tanks strapped to the outside totallly unnaturally.
  14. Nix is making me sick looking at it, can you imagine standing there.
  15. If they have technology similar to us but interstellar travel, then we're talking generationship I guess, they've been traveling for say 3000 years, but even that doesn't add up, as that would take technology far beyond us to pull off.
  16. I'm so glad you're talking about keeping that optional. I'll be honest, I prefer the time delays and realism of RemoteTech, but I use your mod simply because the whole remotetech thing of "Oh, my probe fell past the horizon and no one bothered to drive over there and set up an antenna first" hurts my suspension of disbelief.
  17. At this point I've paid less than a cent per hour of entertainment for KSP. The only other game I've ever gotten so cheap is minecraft.
  18. Looks like your wait is nearly over. Microsoft just announced Windows 10 releases July 29th, so shouldn't be long you'll be able to order a laptop to have it delivered that day.
  19. And the Rivers... only a couple 'rivers' on the whole planet, they aren't watersheds and they are at sea level, they are more bizarre than the lack of wildlife or lakes or cities.
  20. And while looking for that I found this cool article. http://theaviationist.com/2013/09/18/fuel-tanks-se-asia/
  21. "nothing else to do" seems a long ways off, seeing as the bug report I'd love to file is "Lack of sumghai clones" One can work on the SDHI, another could work on SEV, another could work on the other stuff.
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