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  1. Well, at least we can see that Starship exists. And it flew already (albeit not orbital). KSP2? Not even actual game footage...
  2. So far, KSP 2 is indistinguishable from vaporware.
  3. Free access to all future contents of KSP 1. But we are talking of KSP 2. It's a different game, not an update.
  4. Hmm... Neither "patches" nor "ConstructionPorts.cfg" are present in the current version? Am I missing something? Or is this feature now included? <edit> Oh, I see, I am on 1.10 (bcz of RSS/RO).
  5. B9 part switch kills my installation (fatal error, abort, blablabla). I tried installation via CKAN and manually with the b9 part switch version provided with this mod, but to no avail. Installation doc gives no hint how to cope with this and it seems, that I am not the only one having this problem. Is there an easy fix for this? Thanx in advance.
  6. Bought. I especially liked the SFX for the unplanned premature booster seperation.
  7. I have downloaded the latest version. It took me about 15min for the 7MB to download (I have a 50MB/s connection). CKAN ran for about another 15min for downloading the repository. Are there issues with traffic?
  8. Got the DLC this morning, as a mid April early adopter. Nice! Found the MEM, which is beautifully designed (imho), but it will place an awful shroud beneath it, no matter what part I attach. Unable to disable. Any help? Besides the nice design of the MEM, what I dislike is, that it has its own fuel tank. Placing a spark engine beneath it would be an ascend module with only two parts, but I would prefer to design it my way (for the very same reason I never use the TwinBoar thingy, because it is and engine *and* a fuel tank)
  9. CKAN does not list this mod for quite some time. Any chances, that this mod will reoccur?
  10. The latest version has serious problems with SSL/TLS connections when downloading from Spacedock. Currently I am not able to download anything from Spacedock via CKAN.
  11. Yes, you can transfer ship files from one save to another. It is rather easy. If you use Steam, KSP is usually stored in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\" assuming you use Windows. There is a directory calles "saves" within your KSP directory. Inside you will find for each save game an acorrdingly named directory (e.g. "World1".). Inside this one is another one called "Ships" which has two sub directories, named "VAB" (Vertical Assembly Building") for your rockets and "SPH" ("Space Plane Hangar") for you planes/shuttles. Inside these directories you will find your craft files. Or in short: "...\Kerbal Space Program\saves\World1\Ships\VAB\ExampleRocket.craft" "...\Kerbal Space Program\saves\World1\Ships\SPH\ExamplePlane.craft" Just copy the craft files from the VAB/SPH directory of one save game into the corresponding VAB/SPH directory of your second save game. If you use modsm make sure that the second save game has all the mods you need for your craft otherwise it won't load. And to avoid inaccuracy placing radial parts I recommend the mod "Editor Extension Redux". For instance it has a hotkey for placing radial parts exactly in the middle. Hope, this helps.
  12. This mod looks great! Any chance for getting it to work with Real Fuels (RSS/RO)?
  13. Press "M" to switch between your vessel and the map view and back.
  14. Add "-force-d3d11" to your launch option for the executable.
  15. An adapter won't work visually. The docking port is larger than the top of the pod.
  16. I was referring to the stock ones. But I will have a look into it, thanx.
  17. Concerning tanks you are absolutely right. And for getting structural parts to the right size I use TweakScale. But I too have this problem with other parts, especially parachutes and docking ports. They don't fit really and they are not scalable.
  18. This is an rather old bug, but it is still present and I do not know if it is already reported. Bug is visual only: The plume for the AESTUS II engine is placed in front of the engine, not behind.
  19. Seems, that Hazard-ish is back-pedaling: But all this won't save him. He's a cheater.
  20. This may happen by accident. (and two instances running from the same game folder interfere with each other, this doesn't work). C'mon, even CKAN can do this.
  21. Are you implying that the Kerbal system is some kind of weird simulation??? Can't be true, man! I got my alu hat, the antennas and know for sure that aliens control everything.
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