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  1. Yes, I know that. but I decided to leave the ground mesh in a preview, to additionally draw the user's attention to this feature, since in the previous version users had problem with the correct orientation of the wheels
  2. First of all. I am very sorry for giving very bad feedback recently. I have very little free time I could spend on modding. But I do not plan to completely abandon my hobby and really hope that sooner or later I will be able to get back on my favorite hobby as before. Charts are in fact an extremely cumbersome and complex document created in CorelDraw. So the best, and most likely the only way, will be if you provide me with complete information about new markers and I will add them to the document myself.
  3. There is an ability to start EVA through MFD. if I remember correctly, through the "target" menu.
  4. No. The "EPG" switch starts a "generator" that consumes mono-fuel and produces electricity. it's almost like a fuel cell, just built-in into the cabin and running on other fuel. and by the way, mono-fuel consumption is quite large. so this is definitely not a cheat. This is exactly an emergency device when there is no other way to restore battery power.
  5. Oh! it's very cool and interesting i will follow the progress of this device Do you plan to implement force feedback here?
  6. @Mogoloko You should also add all this stuff to the config of the Pod, but not only change the name of the INTERNAL or you can take the config from this post and replace " mk1-3pod " to "mk1pod_v2"
  7. In several posts above, @MedicalNoah faced a very similar problem and solved it. in most cases, the problem is in the inconsistency between the KSP, RPM and ASET_PROPS versions
  8. Чувак, хелп, установил твою IVA на МК 1-3 pod, все было норм, но потом установил MOARdV's Avionics Systems, и твоя IVA сменилась на его (в ретро стиле), затем я захотел вернуть как было и удалил этот мод, после этого у меня теперь стандартная кабина, как-будто не видит твой патч. Че деалать?Твоя IVA на МК1-3 очень удобная и хочется играть с ней ;.;

  9. Hi, this cockpit: MK-S2 Commercial cockpit, from Airplpane plus need a nice IVA @MOARdV, @SkyKaptn @ blackheart612

    to be honest all AirplanePlus cockpits need a revamped IVA, (Excluding the ones they already have)

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