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  1. 'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET[v0.3]

    I noticed a few glitches in the RPM, this is due to changes in Unity, so we'll wait until @MOARdV will fix it. The props seem to work fine
  2. No. I'm at the very beginning of development. I decided not just to port my props to work with the MAS, but to create an entirely new flight management system. So I have a lot of work ahead.
  3. @LawnDartLeo I've never done this and can not say exactly what you need to do. I can only say that you need to get a clean neat polygon mesh with a minimum acceptable number of polygons. Of course, this applies first of all to round-shaped parts. After this you need to prepare UV maps and create a texture.
  4. @LawnDartLeo First, You need a low-poly model, but CAD programs are not very suitable for this (as I know)
  5. @wile1411 Note: TUMBLE and SLOPE warnings are turned off by default. On the overhead panel you find "CAUTION AND WARNING SYSTEM" control panel, use a buttons to switch on and off that warnings if you need @Flon PM me and I try to help you with a custom configs 1) is there a fitting decent stage for the ALCOR can? 2) If not, is there an idiots resource that anyone wants to recommend for making KSP assets? (the wiki leaves me scratching my head) Ascent stage engine Ascent stage separator Descent stage Descent engine A very loooong time ago , I began to develop a landing and ascend stages for ALCOR, but abandoned the development due to lack of free time and a lack of inspiration
  6. TUMBLE ALARM -- vertical speed is negative, radar altitude is less than 100m and horizontal velocity is higher than 5m/s -- so you're in danger of tumbling when you actually do land. SLOPE ALARM -- vertical speed is negative, radar altitude is less than 100m, and ground slope is higher than 15 degrees. more info
  7. You need Unity and PartTools
  8. It is very likely that I will do just that
  9. ASET ILS works exactly as you describe it. I can only assume that you did not specify the necessary course (CRS) for HSI watch this video:
  10. In fact, the only reason I want to delete the old buttons and switches is to put things in order and seriously reduce the number of props and the memory footprint. even for myself it is very difficult to navigate in such a large number of props. when I work on IVAs. As an option, I could release a separate "legacy" pack, but if someone uses URL-links to models, then such props can break due to the fact that the path to the files will change. OR, if nobody cares about a huge list of props while working on IVAs, then I can not delete anything at all
  11. Yes, I know your pain. Most of the modding time I do it. but in this case there is no way to automatically replace old props with new ones due to the fact that the new props have a slightly different design and dimensions.
  12. 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET[v1.1]

    I need more info about what you did EDIT. I did not see your next message. I'm glad that you were able to deal with the problem
  13. 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET[v1.1]

    UPDATE! 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET v1.1 All switches changed to new modular ones. Main panel instrument layout changed. Added the ability to adjust seat height for female Kerbals.