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  1. Чувак, хелп, установил твою IVA на МК 1-3 pod, все было норм, но потом установил MOARdV's Avionics Systems, и твоя IVA сменилась на его (в ретро стиле), затем я захотел вернуть как было и удалил этот мод, после этого у меня теперь стандартная кабина, как-будто не видит твой патч. Че деалать?Твоя IVA на МК1-3 очень удобная и хочется играть с ней ;.;

  2. Hi, this cockpit: MK-S2 Commercial cockpit, from Airplpane plus need a nice IVA @MOARdV, @SkyKaptn @ blackheart612

    to be honest all AirplanePlus cockpits need a revamped IVA, (Excluding the ones they already have)

  3. Since the magnificent @MOARdV has fixed all RPM glitches associated with the 1.4.x update now I can officially say that my mods works in KSP 1.4.3
  4. Hello everybody! I'm sorry that I abandoned this project. I'm too focused on the theme of "IVA" and I do not have time for other projects. If someone is interested in supporting this mod, welcome. You can freely distribute this mod yourself, just mention me as the original creator)) If you need, I can provide the original model and textures.
  5. // --- editor parameters --- TechRequired = advLanding entryCost = 8000 cost = 4000 category = Pods subcategory = 0 title = ALCOR Pod (B) manufacturer = A.S.E.T. description = Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous, a lander pod that actually is as lightweight as the manufacturer claims. Warranty void when subjected to atmospheric entry, sneeze, hard knocks and misplaced screwdrivers and/or wrenches. Packed full of high technology, leaving precious little space for the crew.
  6. alexustas

    'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET[v0.3]

    to be correct, the RPM is updated and works in 1.4.1 but it has a couple of glitches that do not allow me to officially announce that my IVAs work well in 1.4.1
  7. Thank you
  8. alexustas

    'MK1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET[v0.3]

    I noticed a few glitches in the RPM, this is due to changes in Unity, so we'll wait until @MOARdV will fix it. The props seem to work fine
  9. No. I'm at the very beginning of development. I decided not just to port my props to work with the MAS, but to create an entirely new flight management system. So I have a lot of work ahead.
  10. @LawnDartLeo I've never done this and can not say exactly what you need to do. I can only say that you need to get a clean neat polygon mesh with a minimum acceptable number of polygons. Of course, this applies first of all to round-shaped parts. After this you need to prepare UV maps and create a texture.
  11. @LawnDartLeo First, You need a low-poly model, but CAD programs are not very suitable for this (as I know)
  12. @wile1411 Note: TUMBLE and SLOPE warnings are turned off by default. On the overhead panel you find "CAUTION AND WARNING SYSTEM" control panel, use a buttons to switch on and off that warnings if you need @Flon PM me and I try to help you with a custom configs 1) is there a fitting decent stage for the ALCOR can? 2) If not, is there an idiots resource that anyone wants to recommend for making KSP assets? (the wiki leaves me scratching my head) Ascent stage engine Ascent stage separator Descent stage Descent engine A very loooong time ago , I began to develop a landing and ascend stages for ALCOR, but abandoned the development due to lack of free time and a lack of inspiration