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  1. Oxygen toxicity refers to not having enough EC to scrub it. The CO2 storage is just what you're saving for recycling.
  2. There's an asteroid named Europa. They don't have to be exclusive. EDIT: Ninja'd by half a second!
  3. Simple, use "terrestrial" instead of Earth, "super-terrestrial" instead of super-Earth, and "hyper-terrestrial" for the OP's planet class.
  4. So I was playing 13.4, and this happened... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? My log: EDIT: Also, Sanberry Kerman turned into a Tourist again.
  5. I reinstalled 13.4 and now the issue I was having (Pilot turning into Tourist) is no longer happening. Guess it was just a problem on my end.
  6. Existing save, yes. Enough resources, yes. Reloading a quicksave restores them to Pilot, but it changes back to Tourist as soon as I return to the space center. Here's a log, but I have a lot of mods so I don't know how useful it will be.
  7. New version fixes the EC problem for me, but it keeps turning one of my pilots into a tourist every time I change scenes.
  8. Ahem...
  9. Having a weird issue in 13.2. In addition to the EC problems, I've noticed that sometimes the estimates screen thinks I have three times as many Kerbals per ship as I do. So one Kerbal is now three Kerbals, three is now nine, etc. K.S.V. Perseverence has only three Kerbals, yet it's listed as nine. It usually corrects once I switch scenes back to it, but it's rather strange. Unfortunately I have a lot of mods, so a log might not do much good.
  10. Ah, okay. I thought I only needed a comm 16 if I was planning to transmit science. I just want to control the probe at Minmus. Tracking station is level 3. The relay satellites have two HG-5 antennas, because that's all I have unlocked so far. I'll replace them as soon as I get better ones.
  11. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, but my relay satellites don't seem to be working. Despite having a sat halfway between Minmus and Mun, my Minmus probe refuses to connect to anything except Kerbin itself. The probe in question:
  12. Ah, that would do it. I'm in career mode so I haven't locked the mk2 or the 3.75m heatshield yet. Shouldn't be too long, though.
  13. Adding an extra (empty) heat shield did the trick. Thank you guys!
  14. Accidentally hitting F5 instead of F9. Also, aerocapture because it can go wrong in three different ways: you don't capture, you capture too much and crash, or you just burn up on reentry.
  15. I just lost an expedition (six tourists, one pilot) because the Hitchhiker exploded during reentry on the way back from the Mun, despite having a 2.5m heatshild directly attacked to it. Why did this happen?