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  1. A moon the size of a car isn't much of a moon. Find one the size of Texas and then we'll talk.
  2. Remember when Boeing was the reliable one and SpaceX the reckless underdog?
  3. I don't doubt the orbit would be unstable, but it's for a soft science setting, so doesn't really matter. Anyway, going by mass, would it make more sense for this world to referred to as a planet or a moon?
  4. Hypothetically, could a celestial body in the L2 point of a hot Jupiter be permanently shaded from its sun? If so, would this make more sense as a planet, or moon of said hot Jupiter? And what type of star would be optimal for this scenario?
  5. I like it. Sleek, minimalistic, and reminiscent of Starfleet uniforms.
  6. This was already posted in the SpaceX thread, but it's relevant here...
  7. A spaceship without windows? What the hell is the point??
  8. I assumed you were exaggerating but... yeah, the difference in apparent quality is striking.
  9. IIRC, Mark Watney had plenty of vitamins to take care of his nutritional needs, including protein. The potatoes were just for calories.
  10. Those look like heat radiator panels to me. Could be wrong though.