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  1. obligatory Uranus joke Nice to see the ice giants getting some attention. Would Starship be able to reduce the Uranus Orbiter's travel time?
  2. Any chance of them appealing it further? Can they?
  3. I do love the idea of visiting a rogue planet. It would be completely dark, so the only illumination would be whatever lights you brought on your ship. Very spooky.
  4. 747 launches in the next ten years? More likely than you think! (Highly speculative of course, but the rationale seems solid to me.)
  5. Couldn't they just make it a moon of the gas giant and match its orbital period around the planet to the planet's period around its sun? And maybe make the gas giant low-mass and low-density to justify the L2 point being so close.
  6. Planet Nine, not Planet X. Planet Nine is a hypothetical super-Earth (or Mini-Neptune) in the outer solar system that could be responsible for the clustering of certain TNOs. Its existence was first proposed in 2016.
  7. Webb, if only so we can stop poking fun at the endless delays. Also because it might finally find Planet Nine, if it exists. Also, I love that names like Very Large Telescope and Overwhelmingly Large Telescope are an accepted naming convention for these things.
  8. I'm fond of two-word ship names, like Glorious Heritage or Venture Star. Will have to see what feels appropriate at the time. I do like Nomad, suggested earlier. Depending on how my game plays out, I may end up naming it after a deceased Kerbal.
  9. How do I do this? There are five quicksave files, all of them from after the glitch. No persistents.
  10. My game glitched while timewarping and two of my on-mission Kerbals somehow got marked as MIA. I'm trying to bring them back via save file editing (marking them as "Assigned" rather than "Missing" in the roster, and correcting the mission's crew count to 3) but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there anything else I can do? The mission is kinda screwed without them.
  11. Already has a thread, but yeah, RIP.
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