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  1. I wasn't even aware this was still alive, so to me it's off to a great start
  2. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Not seen it, not read it, not intending to do either, but, maybe it was about royalties? Considering what it's about, I wouldn't be surprised. That's a seriously nerd rant, bro!
  3. Silly, but couldn't resist.

    Hahaha man, that's cute!
  4. It's run with the kOS mod, you should first check out this thread and learn how to use it:
  5. And, here I was, thinking that it would populate itself over time...
  6. Poll: Do you like the new DLC?

    Haven't used the parts yet, but I feel the same way about the missions. Also, the interface to display the mission goals is... not the best by a long shot, IMO.
  7. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Last night I watched "Annihilation" on Netflix. I knew nothing about it, and I'm so glad it was so (for reasons). I really, really liked it.
  8. Ah, yes. Silly me. Well, thanks for posting, I've been looking all over the forum for them
  9. Heyyy! Where did you find these?
  10. So I created a new logo/avatar for myself...

    I'm so used to the old one by now, I have to vote on it (the current blue earth is a pretty good logo, tho!) The martian one... he looks like he is fishing!
  11. Really hard missions?

    Heh, I went the ballistic-missile route, dropped right on top of that sucker It helps if you rotate the rocket on the VAB, so you just have to pitch down. A (healthy) bit of trial-and-error on the TWR and initial pitch is needed, but nothing crazy.
  12. Help me prioritize 130+ mod updates

    Wow, lots of mods here I didn't know you maintained, some I didn't even know about! (Maneuver Queue? Where can I get myself some of that?) Anyway, here's my 2 cents: - CorrectCOL - RCS Build Aid - Navball Docking Alignment Indicator CE-2 These are the ones I really care about, but since you said 3-4, here's a bonus one (I wasn't aware you were taking care of the Quick* family!): - QuickStart Thanks again for doing this. I might be able to go back to supporting you soon, if all goes well
  13. 3 word letter to Take Two

    of installed mods
  14. Some content was edited and/or removed. Remember to be nice to each other, and not use insulting language.
  15. Not that I know of, but maybe this mod can help you: Also, thread moved to Gameplay Questions and Tutorials. Welcome!