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  1. Hey, Mun_Man! For starters, something goes wrong how? Also, posting a log might help figure out what went wrong, read this thread to get instructions:
  2. I'm actually a yellow symbol.
  3. I agree with these. I think a Kerbal stand at a gaming con will likely attract more people, both KSP players and potential KSP players.
  4. Aw come on. You got our attention, it wasn't such a bad situation
  5. Banido por afirmar que existe uma Sociedade Kraken
  6. You could to to a computer hardware store and pay them to allocate more RAM to your computer, I guess.
  7. Enough. It's clear the OP isn't writing this for fiction. Either they're actually trying to convince us of something that not only lacks scientific evidence, but goes against it (forbidden by 2.2h), or this is a disguised role play thread (forbidden by 2.2j). And, as I write this post, I get a notification of this: Which undeniably puts this into conspiracy theory, 2.2h. Hollow Earth does not exist, people fly over the poles, and this thread is locked.
  8. I've had a tray decide to close by itself as I was putting the disc in it, and it ruined what was one of my favorite albums back then
  9. *sigh* I'm sorry, but it's not. I honestly don't know if you're having fun, of if you actually believe this nonsense, if it's an actual story your grandfather told you (which doesn't make it true. Hint: it's not), or even if your grandfather believes this nonsense. But, trust me. Nonsense it is.
  10. Oh, sorry, I thought you had come back already when you posted that Yay! (I was so surprised the other day when bob hit a Flying Munolith head-on, and all his EVA propellant was gone. Such an awful death
  11. I thought the same... Also pretty damn satisfying on my mathematics degree!
  12. Well, I was corrected that it's borderline plasma under certain conditions, so you still get points.
  13. Atomic Rockets, naturally. @nyrath used to appear sporadically on the forum, but is sadly gone. (oh, you follow him on the forum already! XD)