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  1. Yup. Once upon a time, said user would indeed be supposed to be working on the forum. TUBM is enjoying way more caffeine than they should.
  2. Came upon these, and had the most wonderful chuckle: Yeah, this is what I missed about here
  3. Yup, yup, yup, yup, and - oh boy - yup.
  4. Didn't they let you know? They just throw darts at a name board. edit - Heh, crap, that even still my signature
  5. Talking about shoes, glad to see my old ones are so well-filled! Wait, Beavis and Butt-Head avatar, is that right?
  6. I've been lurking here for quite some time already, but you might see more of me again in times to come. Glad to see many familiar faces around here!
  7. Whoa, look at that, a green tag!

    1. adsii1970


      Yup, I think the rest of the moderation team felt that by making me a moderator, they'd be forcing me to behave better... :D

    2. monstah


      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good take on it!

      Well, I'm proud. Behavior or no behavior, I'd say you've helped people a lot

  8. Congrats on the moderator position ;) Used to the thousand buttons and dials yet?

    1. Gargamel


      Getting there.... I wasn't told I was mod before I saw all the buttons.  Confused me for a minute..

  9. When I was learning PowerBI, my first project was re-watching the entirety of X-files and track on a spreadsheet, for each episode: a 5 star rating, a theme and mood (e.g., "Conspiracy/Action"), how many aliens appeared, whether it was myth arc or not, and human/alien/offscreen body counts (which I took from a blog rather than counting myself). A few episodes have previously-assumed deceased characters reappearing, that messed up some things... It turns out, I really love the drama episodes. Monster-of-the-Week, only if they're silly episodes (and the one with Bruce Campbell in it BECAUSE
  10. The Kitty Pride Collision Avoidance Technique
  11. Why, yes, it has. Hi there, Winky! User below me has played more than a couple hundred hours KSP.
  12. Wow, lead moderator now :) 

    1. Deddly


      Cower before me, puny mortal! You shall rue the day you heard my name! ;)

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