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  1. Oh, and I agree that's an important question! My problem is with the linked article. That is pure sensationalist garbage, IMO. Sure, we send kids on airplanes now. It's safe and routine, now. That's not the point of the author there; space won't be this level of safe and routine for decades, I think.
  2. Not loading, or not appearing on the parts list? Perhaps another mod is putting it on a hidden category?
  3. I might agree with you on this, but to me the risks still outweigh any potential gain.
  4. Well, I for one think sending John Glenn up again was kind of crazy, so I wouldn't ever use it to justify sending a kid. But, even then, he had training, he had done this before, and he was a military pilot, so being put in danger was not something unexpected, or ethically dubious. Plus, since he had flown before, there was already some good physiological baseline to study the effects of space on his older body. So even from a scientific gain standpoint, the pros of sending elderly Glenn up outweigh the cons in a way sending a child most likely never could.
  5. Ah, from the thread's title I thought the OP meant this: In any case, have some related information.
  6. I swear I started reading this and I thought it was a baby poop story... Condolences about the DVD. At least the rebellion will win because of that sacrifice.
  7. Yeah, good luck with that. I also love Scatterer, but seriously, it is pretty computation-intensive on a conceptual level. I don't think there's any setting you can tune to make it faster. It breaks my heart not to use that mod, but my potato computer begs me to let it die when I try it
  8. Seriously, so little difference between them?
  9. Bane que sera tamen
  10. If your line is white, most likely you're not in control of the ship: you're either viewing it on the Tracking Station interface, which shows all current flights but doesn't control them, or you're controlling a different ship, and have your map focused on the ship you think you are controlling Also, in career mode, you can't create maneuver nodes without first upgrading the Tracking Station and the Mission Control buildings to lvl 2 at least. It's possible to either get the money to upgrade those before reaching the Mun, or to reach the Mun without maneuvers. Look for the Caveman Challenge here on the forums, see how other pilots did it.
  11. Ei, bro! Deu uma sumida aí.

    Deixa eu te perguntar, a sua tradução pra português do jogo é compatível com o sistema de localização do 1.3? Se não for, gostaria de ajuda para torná-la? Eu te dei ping umas duas ou três vezes a respeito disso, mas como você não fica online a bastante tempo deve ter se perdido na enxurrada de notificações.

    Tem rolado uma iniciativa de traduzir mods, e proporcionar pacotes de tradução do jogo pras línguas que a Squad não traduziu oficialmente ainda, dá uma olhada aqui, :


  12. Hello, everyone! I had to remove some content here. I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you not to ask for updates; I know this is a beloved mod, and so does pizzaoverhead. But, as his post above shows, he's still around, and he's still aware of this mod. Sure, it's been some time, but realize that modders do this in their spare time according to their inclination and availability. No one was rude about it, and that's a good thing! But still, requesting updates, asking about them, even wishing about them aloud (eh, in writing I mean?) repeatedly can slowly erode modders' patience. And we know you don't mean to do that, so let's just let the modders work at their own pace, OK? It's been asked once, and the answer was "planned". Until then, that's it!
  13. AGAIN
  14. I laughed. Out loud.