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  1. HILFE!!! / HELP!!!

    Hi @korkens, welcome! A couple things you should know, that would help you find the help you need: First, most of the forum is for English posts. I've translated your post with Google, but if you're more comfortable asking German speakers, you can do so in the international sub-forum: Also, this sub-forum is for technical support, and it doesn't seem your problem is technical. If you are just looking for new and updated mods, you may try the Mod Discussion sub-forum instead: Good luck with your ISS project! (translated with Google translate: Hallo @korkens, willkommen! Ein paar Dinge, die Sie wissen sollten, die Ihnen helfen würden, die Hilfe zu finden, die Sie brauchen: Erstens, das meiste des Forums ist für englische Beiträge. Ich habe Ihren Beitrag mit Google übersetzt. Wenn Sie jedoch lieber Deutschsprachige fragen, können Sie dies im Internationalen Unterforum tun: Dieses Unterforum dient auch der technischen Unterstützung und es scheint nicht, dass Ihr Problem technischer Natur ist. Wenn du nur nach neuen und aktualisierten Mods suchst, kannst du stattdessen das Mod Discussion-Unterforum ausprobieren: Viel Glück mit Ihrem ISS-Projekt! )
  2. Hi, @KidFuryGX! You might want to take a look at the challenge submission guidelines, if you want more attention to your challenge:
  3. I removed some content here in this thread. Going around the profanity filter is as against the rules as using straight-out profanity and so is attacking users personally. If you don't like a mod, don't use it. Offending people out of spite will get you nowhere, and is not seen well here in this forum. Well, actually, it's not seen well anywhere in life.
  4. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    Just to make this clear, what you're saying is that while you sent a message to a Squad member with a question, you've had no response?
  5. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    No, not without precedent. One thing is, for example, "this is a subject we don't allow discussion because people get personal". We lock these up, and there's no further action required. A different situation is, "we don't allow this content to be on the forum, because its very existence is highly offensive and/or harmful to others". Adult content, for example. We can usually getting by just editing the post, but sometimes we hide it entirely (and let people know in the thread). This is similar, only on a thread-wide scale. Now, while I agree with @Kuzzter that transparency is ideal, in these cases I don't think there's a good place to announce the action: there's no thread left for a post to be made in, and a forum-wide announcement would just draw more attention to the undesired subject and not serve any true purpose, since the people who might complain about the thread gone would most likely have been warned about it already (that is my opinion, other moderators' might differ) @adsii1970 Ha. Green Iron Crown. Points for remembering that. I miss Red @Just Jim @Kuzzter and, no, as far as I can tell you're not into 3.3 ground.
  6. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    *Brazilian grumbling* @The Raging Sandwich
  7. Did I ever mention I bought a PS3? Friend of mine needed the money, and I hadn't had a console in ages. My wife just beat the second game in her life (Alien Isolation, the first being the Tomb Raider remake I got from Steam)! And I'm totally addicted to Dark Souls, as I predicted I'd be.

  8. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I've been doing extra hours for weeks, banking up for new year's recess... I can't do them at the end of the shift, tho, because I got stuff after work, so I have to wake up early. And guess what? There isn't exactly more work to do to fill the extra time, so I'm just tired, and staring at the ceiling for a while longer...
  9. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    *yaaawn* em-wha-? Oh. Mmhmm. @adsii1970, you around?
  10. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Oh, Portal 2 even has its medals for completing puzzles in less time, least portals used, and, uh... least steps taken. As in, walking. There's this one challenge, to get the medal you must walk at most three steps. Craaaaazy stuff for Portal veterans only. Actually, it just reminded me of something funny/interesting that happened to me years ago. See, back when Tetris was THE THING (which is not where my story happens, I'm a few months younger than that game), people commented on this "Tetris effect": after playing a whole damn lot of it, people started looking at things and seeing them squarish, imagining how to fit things constantly, and even got to the point where some people hallucinated tetris pieces on the borders of their vision, or with their eyes closed. Now, when Portal came out, there was a similar effect called "Thinking with Portals". I know because I had it. It was terrible; every white surface I saw was, um... "portalble"? I'd want to make shortcuts. I'd see places and think "wow, the momentum I'd get from there, then launch from here...". Eventually it wore off, naturally (well, only after I stopped playing it, for sure). Now, the interesting bit is that, the one other game that gave me the same effect? KSP. Seriously. There was this time in my life where I had a parking space where I worked at. In an underground garage. And it just coincided with the time I first played (and instantly loved) KSP. When I came out of it, there were these two ramps, and my car suffered to climb them. Now, every single time, as soon as the engine needed more power, I'd feel like my side boosters had just ran out, were dragging me down, and needed decoupling. Seriously, I could feel their weight. I'd sometimes (just for fun, obviously) slam the dashboard where the space bar was supposed to be, yelling "STAGE GODDAMMIT". Ah, good times.
  11. Hello forum

    Hello... unpronounceable name!
  12. KSP is dead?

    Since we've been playing this game... Define "some". I mean, seriously. You could probably keep this game alive all by yourself if all the devs up and vanished.
  13. Proud moment, with a twist

    I dunno, from the description it seems like a direct landing. Maybe they haven't docked yet, and man, is that satisfactory when you learn it properly.