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  1. There are 3 ways I can think of that a vessel becomes gone: 1 - Destroyed. 2 - Splashed or Landed and then recovered. 3 - Merged into another craft via docking. I can't figure out, after several hours of trying, how to form test that can detect if a vessel is gone and *not care* which reason there is that it's gone. Alternatively, if I could test a simple dumb count of how many vessels exist, period, that would give me what I need too. What I'm trying to do is make a mission that does "space junk clearing". It will spawn a few vessels in orbit for the player to
  2. The Acapello 15 mission is neither completed nor failed if you splashdown on Kerbin instead of land on ground. If you finish the mission in water, the "splashed down" node does not lead to a "mission complete" or mission fail node. Instead it leads (for some reason) to a 5 minute timer node. At this point the player has no idea what's going on. There's no message, and if you recover vessel, the KSC is all disabled and nothing works. Either splashing down should be a fail or a success but it shouldn't leave the mission stuck in limbo.
  3. Are the new parts from the Making History DLC available in career mode? I am having a difficult time finding a straight answer on this, and I would like to know before I purchase it. Thanks.
  4. I have installed 1.4.1 and the DLC as instructed in the ReadMe file. I can access Missions and Mission Builder in game but I cannot see any of the new parts and when I try to start a mission that uses the new KV-series pods I get an error message saying the files cannot be found. I looked for the files and found them but Squad has changed the folder organization in the DLC and it no longer resembles the vanilla install folders. Unfortunately I cannot make any changes to the DLC folders as they are write protected. This is frustrating because I have the files on my computer but cannot figure ou
  5. While I found the stock missions in the Making History DLC fun at first, I am getting more and more frustrated with the poor way in which the objectives are communicated to the player, so you end up having to do several play-throughs just to learn what they really wanted you to do. I'm always having to read through the info panels on the right with a sharp eye to catch the places where the descriptions don't match the real objectives. Rather than go over all of them, here's one simple case where I got really confused for a while: The game doesn't explain why you failed a mission. It to
  6. Hey guys! I wonder, if there is any collection thread concerning missions made in the mission builder? Or even better: could we get a sub-forum for user-created missions? Best Regards, Mario
  7. So, i was think that the Making History expansion, more specifically the Mission Builder can change the KSP challenges. Users (and Squad) can make challenges in the form of misions that you can play. What do you guys think about it?
  8. I thought it's time to dig up this unconscious horse and start beating it again. Actually, this is what made me do it: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/2017_best_sellers/ I'm not sure KSP was in it last year, but I assume they were at one point. But by now KSP has positively dropped out of Steam's top 100 list. If you're complaining on how Squad dare to charge money for content, here's your answer: without money there likely won't be any content. It surely isn't coming in large amounts from the sales of the game anymore, and developers don't like to work for free. Most of us k
  9. Just a quick query to @SQUAD With the Making History expansion coming out sometime "soon", I figured it might be an idea to ask if the developers had a preference where people would purchase the DLC when it does eventually come out? I ask as if there is any choice in the matter, I'd like to choose that my money to the developers directly and not have that money divvied up between various intermediate parties that doesn't directly benefit the developers other than distribution of KSP. Is buying the DLC directly from the KSPStore actually a more beneficial option that via something lik
  10. So I've not had the chance to be on the forums all that much, with this new game called real life being quite demanding , but there is one rumor I have consistently been hearing that deeply concerns me. Paid DLC. This is never a good move by any game developer, I don't care who you are. I have recently been hearing that KSP will now have paid DLC. Are these rumors true? See if you talk to the average guy on the street who hasn't played KSP, they usually are of the opinion that the game is overpriced. Now you and I know that the 40 bucks you pay will give you thousands of hours of enjoyment, bu
  11. I'm sure it's been suggested before! But I'll talk again! Need a coop! That more than one player can control the same base and the same ship doing different things! That a player can be taking care of the first stage while the second is taking care of the second and carrying in orbit or both doing things on the same ship! And in a space mission on some planet each one controls a character and does different things, but always free to do anything! The game is good today! But with coop of form officially without lags and problems would be perfect! Imagine people traveling through space wit
  12. You paid what $20, 5 freaking years ago for a game with hundreds of hours of game-play and now EXPECT EVERYTHING AFTER THAT TO BE FREE??? Your like the old lady at the fast food restaurant that pays a $1 for a cheese burger and expects Gordon Ramsey to cook if specifically for them. This game has given Way, Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way,Way, more back to its fans than any game I can think of in recent history. Yet you still find it absurd that after 5 years of free stuff they want you to finally pay for extra content! As a professional developer it hurts my soul to here so
  13. The game becomes practically unplayable when a vessel exceeds just 1000 parts, simply because there is too much to calculate in terms of collisions and such and even with improved colliders there is always going to be a limit to what the hardware can handle. Breaking this down it becomes painfully obvious that the number of "needed" parts for a vessel can be decreased vastly by injecting some actually BIG ones to choose from, I usually need 100+ nuclear rods for a large vessel on an extensive mission and this is on the edge of just being plain ridiculous. Same goes for structural wings, those
  14. Assuming KSP gets the necessary patches for it to run long enough to play it, and save files for more than a day, are there any plans for DLC? The PC mods are amazing, and while I'm sure the consoles could in no way handle that same mass, could we still a few specialty items like fancy antennas, solar panels, command pods, science experiments, and craft containers?
  15. So I started playing KSP after the barn was dropped. Honestly, I like the barn. So could it be brought back as an official mod or DLC please? Just a thought. #BringBackTheBarnAgain
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