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  1. This add-on adds parts of a small shuttle to the game, which is capable of sending up in orbit Kerbin to 3 tons (!) V 1.4 1. The root folder is now named "MKShuttle", so if you've used this add-on before, it will be removed from the game. 2. Some textures have been slightly updated. 3. Added one more solar panel. 4. The model of the DS-1 antenna has been changed, and a new DS-2 antenna has been added. 5. Satellites now use XenonGas for RCS. 6. Changed the position of the main docking port, now when switching to it, it will have the correct orientation for docking. V 1.3 Changes: 1. Completely changed rocket model and solid booster 2. Added small ion engine 3. Added solar panel for satellites 4. Added a new small booster - KSTug 5. Changed the balance of the rocket 6. Now RCS on Kermes runs on regular fuel, not monoprop 7. Removed the problematic protective cover from JetEngine Entering the atmosphere is not difficult, turn the fins up, keep the ship level horizontally on the descent and wait, it will raise its nose to the top by itself, that's all. The names of the ships are made in different languages Vesta (Lat) Ūrania (Lat) Молния (RU) -> Lightning Ptaszek (PL) -> birdie 极光 (China) -> Aurora There is partial support for: and B9PS Included in add-on. Thanks to the add-on, the shuttle will be resilient and will not require autostruts. Search keyword for ship parts in the game "MKS" Parts search for arm "ARM" Сraft files customization: Button 1 - Extend Fins Button 2 - Retract fins to their original position Button 3 - Extend Rudder for atmospheric braking Button 4 - Move Rudder to its original position Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2678/KerbalMiniShuttle
  2. Named after the constellation known as "the altar," the Aerospace Research Agency (ARA) was founded with the goal of exploring and expanding kerbalkind into the Kerbol system and beyond. Its motto: "Constellations of Innovation" [This will be a new career with the Breaking Ground DLC and the main mods being the Unkerballed Start tech tree, Kerbal Construction Time, Galaxies Unbound, Modular Kolonization System, and Far Future Technologies (and other mods by Nertea). I've read that stock parts are more balanced for a 2.5x scale system, so Sigma Dimensions was used to change the size. Galaxies Unbound has a config but I had to manually edit the Sigma Dimensions config file to get it to work. The rotation period of Kerbin has changed to 7 hours and 30 minutes (1.25x longer), but the clock still measures days in 6-hour intervals. This is slightly annoying, but just divide the number of days by 1.25 to get a more reasonable value.] [update: I just installed the Kronometer mod which changes the date format based on the local day length. The dates have been corrected below. Note that there are more than 426 days in a year - 506 days (with the occasional leap day) lasting 7.5 hours each to be exact.] Table of contents Mod list (similar to quasinaut's "kinda ksp2" modpack but not the same), not including most dependencies: (last updated 2024-04-19) Y1, D5 to D28 - Suborbital first steps The first program of ARA would be known as Sagittarius (the archer), a designation for suborbital missions. A rudimentary launch complex nicknamed "Kaus" (the bow) was prepared to support this program. (It would eventually be upgraded and called the "Beta Arae" launch complex.) Y1, D7 Y1, D5 (6 h, 24 m) - The White Dwarf 1 (WD-1) sounding rocket (using a small 0.625 m "Mite" solid rocket booster and twisted fins to enable spin stabilization) launched Sagittarius 1 to a height of 25 km while transmitting temperature data. Almost 4 minutes later, it crashed into the ground. For captions, I use Historian Expanded with my config. (The Historian dates below are for a 6 hour day and not accurate) Y1, D15 Y1, D12 (5 h, 42 m) - The upgraded White Dwarf 2 (WD-2) sounding rocket (using the longer "Shrimp" SRB) launched Sagittarius 2 higher into Kerbin's atmosphere, reaching 42 km. In addition to temperature, it measured pressure. Y1, D24 Y1, D19 (5 h, 42 m) - The Brown Dwarf 1 (BD-1) sounding rocket used 4 small LV-T05 "Cogswell" liquid rocket engines and 1.25 m propellant tanks. It launched Sagittarius 3 past the designated boundary of outer space (91 km), achieving an altitude of about 150 km. Y1, D33 Y1, D26 (5 h, 42 m) - Sagittarius 4 demonstrated the first parachute recovery of a suborbital rocket. As a new rocket did not need to be built, this BD-1 was reused on days 34 27 and 35 28 for Sagittarius 5 (recovered from the ocean) and Sagittarius 6, which used Mystery Goo™ containers to collect even more scientific data.
  3. So I recently downloaded MKS along with a bunch of other mods by USI and have tried my hand at building an orbital shipyard. In the construction menu of the KS-500-O KonStructor - Orbital Shipyard it says I need resources like Alloys, Electronics and Prototypes. But I can find these resources anywhere. I know I can produce them with the Assembly Plant but when I try that it just tells me the parts cant be produced because they are "full" Does that mean that there is no storage space for these parts and if yes how can I get them?
  4. Hi ! I will post here significant log about this career, which has already started, not every flight tho, just the ones I find interesting to share ! The save is started already so for a while it will be getting up to date. The goal is to colonize every possible body, and establish permanent colinies as much as we can. Harvest everything. Every last piece of ore, the last picogram of space dust, the last bit of antimmater, even absorb the Sun, if we could. Incentive given on complex ISRU chains, on top of MKS (see below). And finally, to claim Kerbals superiority over the konwn Universe, and show the Kraken who is the boss. Also calm down maybe ? Additional career rules/ bits&bobs (see Gameplay mods used below too) : - science progression is heavely nerfed (custom patches), just to not be bored after Minmus. - no quickload on dumb mystakes, kraken emergency reload allowed - To add challenges, make the end game more interseting : I cannot launch "complicated" ressources from Kerbin (all Nuclear ressources except early tech, all charged particles, antimatter, maybe some epxensive gas as well, some manufactured MKS ressources maybe too). Meaning If have a KSPIE reactor I can launch it, but without fuel. To acquire theses ressources, I have to ISRU them (not from kerbin tho, too easy), and either use them in-situ, or ship them back to Kerbin where the amount recovered will be stored in the KSC warehouse (my notepad basically ^^), to be available for future launches. I believe this will open new interesting gameplay loops, and avoid the I-throw-funds-at-problems in regards to KSPIE, and also give each engine/situation a more unique feel, and a greater sense of achievement. - Custom Engines nerf : nerf all engines ISP at sea level by *0.6, thus forcing me to make at least a 2 stage rocket to reach orbit, contrary to stock where rocket SSTO is absurdly easy, and giving more value to near future stuff when unlocked. - Mods used (most noticeable ones) : - Current state of exploration / kerbal presence : - Chapters : See you in deep space !
  5. The main idea of this patch is to reduce the complexity of MKS while still keeping its main features. It makes MKS less difficult to use and more suitable for interstellar bases. Please notice, this is on very early development. The new production chain: Download GitHub (alpha, use at your own risk) Dependency Modular Kolonization System Support USI Life Support (Strongly Recommended) Extraplanetary Launchpads (Strongly Recommended) Stock-alike Station Parts Expansions Sandcastle Kerbal Planetary Base System Planetside License: MIT If anyone want to participate in the development, feel free to let me know!
  6. Ok guys, so I have a problem after using the Konstructor from the super awesome mod Konstruction. "So why don't you ask over there?", I hear you screaming at your screen. First of all, chill. Second, I'm not really sure Konstruction actually is the problem. So here goes. First, some formalities. Here's my mod list and here are my log files for my 1.12.3 install: KSP log en player log I thought I saw someone reporting something similar after the latest version of Konstruction (and the other USI mods) dropped, but I can't find it anywhere. So either my searching skillz suck, or I only dreamt it. Probably the second. I thought the (imaginary?) report said that Konstructing a vessel that had one or more Hab modules (so a MKS part or a part from another mod using a MKS patch) caused problems. When I tried exactly that, I had troubles indeed: building the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' (with parts from both SSPXr and Planetside Exploration Technologies, both 'enriched' by MKS) through the 'Konstructor' (the orbital shipyard from Konstruction) caused an infinite loading screen. Game stuck? Well, not really, because my KAC window was still available, and I could switch to another ship via that way. When I went to the map screen, I could see that the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' actually was build. When I tried to switch to it, I got a never ending loading screen again, so I had to escape using KAC again. I could switch to the Konstructor, however, and then use the 'swith to nearby vessel' key. Oh boy. The vessel instantly turned into spaghetti, back into a ball, stretched again, ...went into a rapid spin and acceleration, ...Total Mess. So was it the hab modules? Maybe, because the Konstructor works just fine when building other craft without hab modules. I can also build and load the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' from the VAB*. So it's got to be Konstruction right? Well, when I reverted to the previous version (the bleeding edge from October 2021), it did not solve the problem. Maybe another USI Mod (like MKS)? I reverted the whole USI suite, did not solve it. Looking at the logs, I see weird stuff (*like FlowGraph errors from the vessel I loaded from the VAB?), but examining logs isn't my strong side. So I turn to you, logfile nerds connaisseurs. Do you guys have any clue? The log files are from a session where I started KSP, switched to the Konstructor (time warped a bit), Konstructed the vessel, looked at the loading screen a bit, switched to another vessel, and closed to game. Anyway, it's not like my save (using it since 1.7!) is completely broken, everything works fine except Konstructing Hab modules, but an answer would be nice. Cheers!
  7. As you have probably know from the title I am working on a compatibility patch for MKS EL KPBS and OSE. I have most of the changes completed and have figured out that I could just run them through patch manager rather than needing to overwrite original configs. In this way it can also be completely optional but I'm not sure how to separate the patch into its own thing as I started by using the patch OSE.cfg in MKS, but I also noticed that MKS has a Patch Manager setup for EL so I started moving my changes over to the Patch Manager method so as stated before there would be no need to overwrite the original configs in their respective folders. To get more to my point would I be able to make my own mod folder to put into GameData and let Patch Manager make the changes from my folder rather than having to go through the folders of these other mods. It would contain the configs for part changes, the custom decals I made for the OSE containers, a ReadMe documenting all the changes (will probably also need help understanding licensing and requirements to even publish this) . It would use the Patch Manager folder structure as detailed in the MKS patches.
  8. Compatability Patch (v1.0) Attempts to fill the gaps in compatability between the following mods: Modular Kolonization Systems (Basically the whole USI Constellation) OSE Workshop Reworked Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Extraplanetary Launchpads ... Possibly More I will attempt to balance the resources between the different construction methods but cannot promise anything. Important Info -DOES NOT- do anything until the required mods are installed, and can be used without the entire collection of mods installed -Tested on KSP Version 1.12.9- Mod Dependencies = None (but does not take away the dependencies for other respective mods) Can optionally be controlled by Patch Manager if installed Only a few items aren't on the list yet, sorry theres alot I'm still working on finishing it During testing OSE does not consider B9 Part Switch as a dependency on CKAN but the tanks it comes with don't work without it, with it installed they will function and with this patch will also have the extra tanks Mods Affected Modular Kolonization Systems Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Extraplanetary Launchpads OSE Workshop Reworked B9 Part Switch Installation Just drop the folder DSGC into KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData and everything should be taken care of. Pics or No Clicks https://imgur.com/a/n4g8sMY the album only has 3 images showing some of the changes for compatability Download Link https://github.com/DSG-Cubik/DSGC-AIO-Patch Issue Tracker https://github.com/DSG-Cubik/DSGC-AIO-Patch/issues Giving Credit Where Credit is Due! For advice and insight easing the process of making this @Randazzo @Zer0kerbal (and an extra Thank You for the work making this page easier on the eyes) Legal Mod Licensed Under MIT Images used are under License (CC0 1.0) Credit for images Used All images were edited and changed in some form by me but still fall under the same license
  9. KSECA: Kerbal Space Exploration and Colonization Association ... Kerbin, KSC, Mission Control Gene: Good morning. (smiles) Wernher: (looks up, looking tired) What you look so happy about we've just been up all night. Gene: We just got the license to start launching Kerballed missions. Wernher: (shocked) Really. (steadies himself) Ok I'll get making some blueprints. You phone the others. (runs out) ... Basically this is a series of missions that will be centred around colonizing planets and moons using MKS and the Near Future Series of mods. With a few others from USI, Nertea and some others. I will post a mod list later. This will be done in 1.12.1 with both expansions. This will mainly be a series of missions with some story in-between. I will try to do this with some form of realistic progression but without testing. And skipping everything before Gemini I the ISS construction. Hope you enjoy ... Kerbin, KSC, Administration Building Jeb: Gene, I've already flown plenty of sounding rockets for you. (yawns) I'm not flying more. Val: (Ignoring Jeb) So what is it? Gene: What? Val: Why are we here, Gene? I was enjoying that holiday. Gene: Well, we have got... (Wernher and Mortimer walk in) Mortimer: A licence for launching manned rockets that's great. Gene: What a way to ruin my moment! (Walks out looking huffy) Val, Your flying the first rocket. Jeb: What have I done? (confused) Mortimer: Well goodnight. (leaves looking awkward) ... The headcanon is that Gene started a space program 50 years before recruiting his best friends to join him. But when they came to build new designs to land on the Mun they all failed and the government of Kerbin stripped the of their manned licence for safety reasons. Gene was too nervous to launch anything more than souding rockets. But then it was given back and a new age of space exploration will begin.
  10. So I'm using several mods in my game including MKS from USI, however I can't seem to be able to transfer enriched uranium between storage with docked vessels or even within the same vessel. I've seen a few posts about using 'maintenance' function to transfer it but I haven't been able to get this to work. I'm probably missing something really simple! Thanks!
  11. So I am testing out stuff with the Modular Kolonization Mod by RoverDude so that I can make it work when I go out on other planets. I am testing the drills currently and I am running into a problem with the Industrial Strip Miner. No matter how many radiators I put on the craft they don't seem to reduce the heat output. They work for only 1 of the operations being active, but after that the temperatures just keep going up no matter how many more radiators I add on the craft. I tested this with both Thermal Control Systems and radiators attached next to the drill. The info in the VAB says the drill needs 200kW of cooling. I am guessing that is per operation active so in total we need 200 * 5 operations = 1000kW which 1 Thermal Controls System large should be able to provide. However even with 10 of them nothing hapens. So what am I missing here?
  12. Hi. This mod aims to provide simple rocketbuilding capability to stock parts. New Thread This mod is now maintained and updated by @RealGecko. Special thanks to: @maculator, @taniwha, @Eleusis La Arwall, @Badsector, @cy-one for their contributions. No extra parts No RAM usage Added functionality for the Mobile Processing Lab in the late game Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve Requires: Module Manager After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, I had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets. Changelog: v3.3: Fixed a possible Launch Clamp bug with the help of @FizzerUK v3.2: Implemented some efficiency suggestions by @RealGecko v3.1: Updated to v1.2.1 of the game. Disclaimers: This mod contains @taniwha's Launchpad.dll from his Extraplanetary Launchpads. This mod re-distributes InterstellarFuelSwitch by @FreeThinker. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  13. As the title suggests I tried installing Modular Kolonization Systems and Life Support by Umbra Space Industries yesterday, but for some reason some parts didn't show up in the VAB but they were there when I looked in the folder. So I tried uninstalling mods and reinstalling them to see which one was the culprit and apparently it was ReStock and Restock+. I don't know what causes this problem maybe a patch from Module Manager I don't know. If anyone has any input or any ideas so I can have all of these mods work together please let me know.
  14. Ok, ages ago I wrote a simple set of MM patches to help integrate UKS with KPBS. Then it got noticed a bit, and a few of us made some big plans. Then 1.2.2 came out, USI updated everything, I couldn't run the latest versions, etc, etc, and it fell behind a bit. @TheRagingIrishman offered to take over the main effort, but stuff got put on hold until @RoverDude released his balance spreadsheet, which hasn't happened yet... So. I got a new computer for Christmas, and I'm interested in playing with both MKS and KPBS again. Nills277 isn't particularly interested in doing MKS integration himself (which is fine: if he doesn't play with it, it's a complicated thing to integrate correctly), and no one seems to be doing much with it, so I'm reviving my patch set. I've renamed it, in the hopes of eventually doing a 'real' release, and I spent some time today reorganizing and cleaning up. Current repositories: GitHub: https://github.com/DanStaal/KPBStoMKS GitLab: https://gitlab.com/DStaal/KPBStoMKS I like GitLab from what I've seen, but I know they aren't the big name (and aren't quite as stable), so I've got it on both. I may drop one or the other if keeping them in sync becomes to much of a hassle. Current Status: Current Release is 0.9.5, with logistics, power distribution, Ground Construction, and Kontainers support. https://github.com/DanStaal/KPBStoMKS/releases/tag/Release-0.9.5 Repository Structure: I'm trying to teach myself good Git usage using this as well, so I've got the repository structured for a 'Git-Flow' workflow. That means there are several branches: Release, where the main releases will be made to. If you just want to grab the last tested & stable version of the patches, go here. This still has the old version of the patchset. Development, where the main development occurs. Currently has most of the latest changes. Various 'feature' branches, which are focused development on specific features that may or may not be included in main development. At the moment there's really only one active 'feature' branch: MKS_Workshops. It's intended to house development for the big plans that got discussed ages ago, while the main development will be trying to get something that does basic integration. (There's also the old 'master' branch, which I may delete at some point.) Plans: Short-term: Next on our list is to get USI-LS support written up and functional. This will probably be two versions: A 'Basic' version for working with just USI-LS (which we'll be sending to Nils277) and a full MKS+USI-LS version which will stay in this pack. Check to see if Multi-Hub has a node at KPBS height, and if not add one. Long-term, I'd like to see support for the MKS industrial toolchain in the KPBS form-factor. We had an interesting idea of how to break that up back in the KPBS thread ages ago - I'll look up the links. It may not be possible with the current way MKS is structured, we'll need to take a new look at it. How You Can Help: I welcome discussion and PRs. If possible, please put the PRs on the correct branch - that's either 'Development', or a feature branch dedicated to the features you're working on. (At the moment that being the industrial toolchain workshops in the feature/MKS_Workshops' branch.) This should be fairly easy, as I've set up 'Development' as the default branch to look at. Also, while I can code fairly well, I have *no* modeling or texturing skills. I've tried. Really. I may try again in the future, but if you have some skills in either, they would be welcomed. Currently we could use: Textures for the tanks. (Small, medium, large) For any/all of the MKS resources. I can do without, or have a default, or just have a couple, but ideally we'd have all of them. License: MIT.
  15. Kolonization Class Suits Redux A set of suit textures for TextureReplacer to distinguish each class in stock and USI's Modular Kolonization System. Does not require USI's MKS but highly recommended for the additional classes. Works in 1.5.x and 1.6.x. If you want something compatible with 1.4, have a look at the original USI Kolonization Class Suits. Special thanks go to the following modders: GergroxMun for his Multicolor Suit Pack which forms the basis for this suit set. Scart91 for his original class suit set and icons. fast de la speed for his original USI Kolonization Class Suits which includes the icons for the MKS classes. A few icons are switched, many colours changed and a couple of new/modified icons when compared to fast de la speed's suit set. The icons were also moved from the convenient centre location as I am unable to find a viable way to place them there with the new half-helmet texture wrap used in KSP 1.5. Dependencies: TextureReplacer Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2035/[TextureReplacer] USI Kolonization Class Suits Redux License: CC BY-SA 4.0 Closer Suit Images: Now with veteran suits for each class. Based on GregroxMun's orange suits with coloured helmets, now with a veteran stripe, for easy identification from the back. Jeb assures us the stripe is not just orange duct tape.
  16. What am i missing for the FlexOtubes to work? I have been playing around with them lately, but I can't seem to connect them. https://imgur.com/a/Zf2YrrB
  17. I’ve been happily messing with KSP for several years now, regularly returning to start a grand new campaign with a slew of interesting mods. For one reason or another (real life, .exe instability, mod quirks) I’ve tended to hit a wall shortly after going interplanetary in previous attempts, but with the (relatively) recent arrival of the 64-bit client on Windows and a more mature crop of mods I’m gearing up to try once again. I intend keep a diary of sorts here, in part to motivate myself and in part to act as a sort of tutorial to others who are interested in playing with similar setups but are unsure how to bolt all the pieces together and convince them to play nicely. Situation I’ve chosen to start these reports a little way into the campaign, as there is already a wealth of material covering the first steps of a campaign. I have just unlocked the first KSPIE technologies, Nuclear Propulsion, Nuclear Power and Advanced Electrics. These nodes contain the earliest nuclear engines, reactors and beamed power parts respectively. There are currently small ‘Tortoise’ rovers carrying basic science equipment on both the Mun and Minmus (BonVoyage is my new favourite toy) crawling around doing science. In addition, the ‘Makellan’ series of early SCANSat satellites remain in orbit around Kerbin and its moons to act as makeshift communication satellites until more permanent infrastructure is in place despite having served their original purpose of mapping the surface. Going into month 5 (I’m working with 30-day months), there are two main projects I’m planning to work on. First and foremost, deployment of some lightweight interplanetary probes powered by the recently developed CANDLE engine in time to catch transfer windows to the Urlum and (possibly) Neidon. This might also require the deployment of a dedicated communications network around Kerbin to ensure continuous connection. RemoteTech's Root model (under which antennae can communicate at a range equal to the square root of the product of their individual ranges) means you don't need much of a network to get out to the moons provided you use the flight computer to make sure you don't miss your capture burns. Due to the immense range of the ground station at KSC, probes can maintain a connection for about 50% of the time. I am going to have to put at least a simple network around Mun in order to explore the far side with the munar Tortoise rover though. Secondly, and perhaps more interestingly in the long-term, development and deployment of a basic beamed power infrastructure around Kerbin, with the aim of using thermal receivers to launch lighter payloads to orbit more cheaply than currently possible. This is going to involve a fair amount of experimentation to find a sensible arrangement (I haven't messed with this area of KSPIE since it was reworked), but that's part of the fun, right? Mods My CKAN list currently shows well over 100 mods installed, before counting my personal tweaks and a few older mods that remain compatible despite their protestations to the contrary, so I’ll just provide the highlights here and leave the full list in a spoiler below. Interstellar Extended by Freethinker et al. I’ve loved the idea of this mod ever since I got it way back when Fractal was still developing it, and I’m looking forwards to playing with the new toys that have been added in the mean time. This is the mod I think people might find most interesting when covered as a tutorial, since the existing documentation is either scant, obsolete or simply absent. RESCALE 6.4x by Galileo Or more accurately a very slightly tweaked personal version that produces a Kerbin with a 12-hour day and a 540-day year. It makes orbiting a little more interesting and gives all those beefy advanced drives from KSPIE something worthwhile to do. MKS (and most of the rest of the USI suite) by RoverDude This has just gotten more and more enticing over time, and the integration of Extraplanetary Launchpads and Ground Construction provides some interesting possibilities for a budding space program. I’ve recently switched over from TAC-LS after finding it doesn’t mesh particularly well with Kronometer and after learning USI-LS now has habitation timers. Monthly Budgets by severedsolo I’m a sucker for strategy games and this mod provides both a pleasant bit of medium- to long-term planning and reduces the necessity of grinding contracts for funds. I have it set to decay reputation each month and have Play Your Way (Galileo) set to provide reputation with gathered science. The intention is that as I clear out Kerbin and its moons, I’ll need to set up other revenue streams (munar/asteroid mining operations perhaps). Kerbal Construction Time by magico13 This mod actually makes a campaign feel like a grand undertaking as you watch your space program grow over time. The broad customisation options don’t hurt either. SETI Rebalance & Unmanned before Manned by y3m0 I like what this set of mods changes about the game generally, and have had an interesting time with the new custombarnkit settings in the recent version. RemoteTech 2 by neitsa et al. Mostly because I haven’t dived in to learn the ins and outs of CommNet, and from first impressions RemoteTech is more intuitive and I’m already used to it. I have it configured so extra omnidirectional antennae do increase range and am using the Root range model. In addition to the above mods, the main other factor altering gameplay is a tech tree plugin of my own design that massively increases the cost of the more advanced tech nodes and adjusts the science available on each planet. At time of writing, the final tier of KSPIE technologies cost 100,000 science each. The intention is to force me off Kerbin and to avoid unlocking the entire tech tree with a few missions to the Mun and Minmus. Accompanying this are a variety of tweaks to where parts appear on the tree so I don’t, for example, need to finish a Joolean tour before being able to unlock thermal rocket nozzles. Full Mod List
  18. Hi everyone, I have recently installed mks and was playing around with it until I realized all the production modules (I have been using tundra modules), including greenhouses (inflatable + tundra) are all at 5% load, even though I'm making more that I need. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -Edit: I solved the problem, it was a mistake on my part
  19. Near my Minmus base, I have a Malemute rover equipped with a Klaw attached to a Resouce Lode. I left my base doing something else, then landed near it again. Now, if I switch to the rover, or if going on EVA with a kerbal and coming closer than 200 m, the rover explodes. In order to find out what's going on, I focused on my base and zoomed out until I could see the rover close up. It's lying on it's side, the rescorce lode seems gone (I guess it's already consumed) and it seems the Klaw is facing the wrong way. How can I fix that?
  20. Hi all, I’m on the vertical learning curve which is MKS (and enjoying it) I have a planetary logistics question. I have a base with a tundra logistics module and an ore miner with a resource converter. The containers at the base are half full and the ore miner keeps running and sending materials to planetary logistics (I can see them ticking up) on the dashboard BUT I can’t see them arriving in any other containers. Is there a magic planetary store where they go until needed?? if there is something I haven’t read please feel free to direct me to it with an rtfm. Thabks
  21. Per suggestion by @dboi88, this will be a place to discuss development of KSPedia and wiki documentation for @RoverDude's MKS.
  22. I just added the USI mod packs through CKAN and now when I launch vessels at the space center I am stuck seeing this gray fog, kinda like the ocean washed Instagram filter over my screen. It extends all over even in space, Please help it's not bad but very annoying. Thanks!
  23. Soo, I have MKS installed but planetary logistics don't seem to work, or I don't know how to access this part of the mod in kdp1.4.1, can you help me out please?
  24. Hello, I can't scan resources on asteroids with surface scanner module, What can be the reason ?
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