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  1. Hey guys, my idea here is to add parts to construct actual planet bases, with a life support system. I know you can get both of these things in mods, (In fact I'm running a mod that gives me planetary base parts) but I think they should add a life support system and base parts to make them stock. One because it would add so much more to the game, two because I know for some people mods can slow their game down, and I think something like this should be in the game anyway. Plus as I found out with an earlier idea, that the game developers try to keep the game realistic (Which I totally understand) and this would not really be detracting from the realism of the game, in fact a life support system would make it more realistic (if people new to the game found having to add a life support system to their ships to hard for them the game developers could make the life support system an option when a person is creating a new game) Any comments?
  2. Very WIP! Introducing the 'Otter' submersible from USI! Pick it up on GitHub: https://github.com/BobPalmer/SubPack/releases Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  3. The stock of engines and other parts available to me in my build of KSP RSS RO RP-0 (still 1.1.3, can anyone help me out here?) has become boring. Engine mods provide many of the real engines, but more obscure engines (e.g. the HM4, MGM-5 Corporal engine, Wasserfall engine, AJ-260, et cetera) are nowhere to be found, and I want to make fictional engines for my spaceflight-related fictional universes and alternate histories (like engines burning supercooled 100% ethanol and liquid oxygen, hydrofluor, et cetera). I am also bored of the non-editable historical probes, thermophobic RCS, and the lack of generic heat shields beyond Lunar-rated, though not as much as I am about the engines. I have no intention (currently…) to develop mods for other people. I also have no intention to create new models, animations, plumes, or sound effects, just to use those already in existence scaled according to size.
  4. Ive noticed I use 2 parts of one mod and 3 of another but the rest i don't use. I tried simply deleting the parts but it messes with the parts I wanted to keep. Anyone know how to het around this or if there is a tool or mod?
  5. About This Thread was Created in The wrong place you can find the real Thread here, my apologies. Link - [1.3] Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack
  6. Parts would have minimum temperatures, and some would passively radiate heat. When minimum temperatures are reached, the parts wouldn't explode or anything. They would merely stop functioning. However, based on a setting in the difficulty options, if a command module or spacesuit reached minimum temperatures, the kerbals could be at risk of freezing to death. Different kerbals would have different time limits for staying below minimum temperature, basically like gee tolerance. Something else that should be added would be parts specifically meant for heating the spacecraft. Drills, converters, fuel cells, RTGs and active engines would passively generate heat. Liquid fuel tanks and idle liquid fuel engines would have an incredibly low minimum temperature. Landing legs and airbrakes, as well as xenon tanks and ion engines would have a fairly low minimum temperature. Wings (whose aerodynamics would simply not work quite right when too cold), command modules and passenger modules would have a medium minimum temperature. Probes, batteries, solar cells and reaction wheels would have a high minimum temperatures. Finally, surface temperatures. Planets would all have ground temperatures, including the ones without atmospheres. However, part temperatures would be affected by the ground much more slowly than by the atmosphere. Therefore, you could probably last on Eeloo or Minmus for days without a heating system. You wouldn't have to worry too much about Jool's moons, as they are heated by tidal forces. With Duna you would probably want a heating system, seeing as it has an atmosphere. Also, unlike atmospheric temperature, surface temperature would change depending on whether it was day or night.
  7. Large Structural Components Redux for KSP 1.1.3 by udk_lethal_d0se Introduction This mod adds re-designed parts from the Large Structural Components Addon (created by myself in 2013) to the game. Each part is available in Career mode and can be unlocked via the tech tree, the parts mainly being contained under the Specialized Construction node. There are also a few new parts, not belonging to the original pack and have been designed to work with TAC Life Support, and Kerbal Inventory System. I've also added a little plugin which also creates a new category for the parts. Contents The pack contains 13 parts in total, and a few more are in the development pipeline. - UDK-RDX "Abode" - UDK-RDX "Aisle" - UDK-RDX "Cradle" - UDK-RDX "Crossroads" - UDK-RDX "Crossroads Mk2" - UDK-RDX "SS-01 [Science]" (Compatible with: KIS) - UDK-RDX "SS-02 [Food]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support) - UDK-RDX "SS-03 [Water]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support) - UDK-RDX "SS-04 [Waste]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support) - UDK-RDX "Foyer" - UDK-RDX "Lobby" - UDK-RDX "Peekaboo" - UDK-RDX "Nucleus" View the collection on Sketchfab here. Screenshots Additional mods that are required, supported and recommended by this pack. - Module Manager by @sarbian (included in download, but also available here). - TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu and kept alive by @JPLRepo (available here). - Snacks! by @tgruetzm (available here). - USI Life Support by @RoverDude (available here). - KeepFit by @timmers_uk (available here). - Kerbal Inventory System by @KospY (available here). - Contract Pack: Bases and Stations by @severedsolo (available here). - Mission Patch Manager by @udk_lethal_d0se (available here). Reviews (YouTube) - KottabosGames (14th September 2016) Downloads - Spacedock - Addon is also listed on CKAN. Note: Plugin source included in download. Changes & Updates 12th October 2016 - 1.3.2: - Removed category plugin, which is incompatible with the new version of KSP. - All parts now fall under the Utility category, no other changes have been made. 17th September 2016 - 1.3.1: - Implemented Module Manager configurations for Snacks, by @tgruetzm. - Implemented Module Manager configurations for USI Life Support, by @RoverDude. - Implemented Module Manager configurations for KeepFit, by @timmers_uk. - Updated purchase price of Food Container, from 4000 to 250. - Updated purchase price of Water Container, from 4000 to 250. - Updated purchase price of Waste Container, from 4000 to 250. - Updated purchase price of Science Container, from 4000 to 250. - Updated purchase price of Peekaboo, from 4000, to 1000. - Updated purchase price of Cradle, from 4000 to 2000. - Updated purchase price of Crossroads Mk2, from 4000 to 5000. - Modified crew capacity of Aisle, from null to 2. - Modified crew capacity of Foyer, from 1 to 2. - Modified crew capacity of Lobby, from null to 2. - Modified crew capacity of Crossroads, from null to 1. - Modified crew capacity of Crossroads Mk2, from null to 1. - Added new part, the UDK-RDX "Nucleus", a redesign of the original inline generator. 12th September 2016 - 1.2.1: - Reverted configurations, and created ModuleManager patches to add the PatchDecal module only when MissionPatchManager is installed; rather than have PatchDecal hardcoded. 12th September 2016 - v1.2.0: - Added updated models and configurations to allow compatibility with Mission Patch Manager (new release by myself). 11th September 2016 - v1.1.0: - Added updated Crossroads from old LSC release, as requested; now called Crossroads Mk2. 9th September 2016 - v1.0.0: - Initial release, containing 11 new and improved parts. Licensing This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
  8. Hey there, KSP community! I posted a couple years ago a thread regarding my desire to create probe parts, as I felt probes in KSP were desperately lacking the love they deserve. Unfortunately, despite the kind words and encouraging comments, the process quickly overwhelmed me, as I was unsure how to process with the mod-creation process, and my texture work leaves alot to be desired. Well, that was two years ago, and now I ask all of you a seemingly simple question: which areas of the game do you believe need improving upon; what niche or niches need to be filled to make the game more of what it can be? Of course, Squad provides us with the results of their hard work and we appreciate what they give us, but there are many of us that are left wanting more. Perhaps we feel that the game should be more realistic, and thus we want more mods like FAR, DRE, RemoteTech, and Kerbalism. Or maybe we feel that our dreams cannot be fulfilled by the limited collection of parts, so we yearn for more parts. Whatever the reason, there are many who are left wanting more. And that is where this thread comes in. So, please, don't hold back, and tell me what you all would love to see. My main area is in 3D Modeling, with a little basic programming under my belt. What I don't know, I am willing to learn, so even if it seems complex, I will try my darndest at making it happen. Thank you for your time, and I can't wait to see what my fellow members of the KSP community have to say regarding this subject!
  9. WARNING: This not just a contract pack! It is a totally different way to play career mode. Do not install this on a currently-running career, or uninstall it once installed; I'm not sure what would happen. But if you DO try it, tell me what happens WARNING: This is an alpha release! What does that mean? It means if it screws up your career game, it's not my fault . Please report it but do not expect sympathy, only thanks for the bug report. You should NEVER install this and use it on a current career anyway, even when it's considered a solid release. This is for advanced users who want to modify some of the core gameplay mechanics of Kerbal Space Program's career mode. DESCRIPTION: This contract pack does 3 things: Screws up R&D to the point where you can't use it. Science - therefore - is meaningless in your career. You can ignore it, convert it via a Strategy, or whatever. Adds one contract per part, the cost of which is relative to the part's cost and the reward of which is the use of the part. There is no part testing, no going to Moho or traveling 1500m/s. No right clicking. You take a contract, pay the up-front cost, and get the part. Easy peasy. (You don't notice this in-game, but will see its effects) Sets up each part in it's own hidden tech tree node. This means you don't get to - or have to - unlock a set of parts. You only unlock those parts you need. For many of us, this could significantly lessen the visible parts while building in the VAB. Never use that micronode? Don't take the contract. Ever. It'll never show up in your list. NOTES: The basic starter parts are still available from the start. You gotta have SOMETHING to attach your test parts to! You should turn negative funds ON, or you may accidentally cheat by accepting a contract you can't pay for! The first time you load Mission Control the game may pause as it generates over 200 contracts, one for each part. It will be much quicker from that point on. You pretty much MUST use the new "All" tab that Contract Configurator provides. The Available tab will be way too crowded whenever you have a lot of money. If you have a low resolution, you may have to scroll to see all contracts even when everything is collapsed. There's not much I can do about this. Ironically, this was better before they added the new part categories. DOWNLOAD: Spacedock GitHub INSTALLATION: Within the install zip file is a GameData folder. Within that folder is a ContractPacks folder. Within THAT folder is a PartsUnlimited folder. Put that folder in your KSP GameData\ContractPacks folder that you got when you installed ContractConfigurator. See Requirements below. REQUIREMENTS: Contract Configurator (This is a set of configs for that mod, after all) Module Manager (but what doesn't these days?) COMPATIBILITY: This mod will hopefully be compatible with most if not all other part mods. I tested it quickly with KIS and it seems to work just fine. It may have trouble with any procedural parts mods that unlock size upgrades incrementally, but honestly I don't know how those mods work and don't use them. I'd love to know if they work or not, and if they don't work I'll see what I can do. CHANGELOG: 0.1: Initial test release - missing only balancing of part costs, agency art, and descriptions. Any and all mods should be supported unless they add their own part categories (like Utilities, Pods, Aero, etc) BUGS: You can accept contracts in many situations when you don't have the available money to pay for them. This is outside of my control, but I'm releasing anyway because in KSP 1.2 you can enable "Allow Negative Funds" and your funds show up in red. In previous KSP versions, negative funds was an option but didn't display in red so were confusing. Contracts do not auto-complete in Mission Control. You must exit out, let them complete, and then to back in. It's clunky, but not too bad as you generally won't be taking more than a few of these contracts at a time. TO DO: Balance part costs. Right now most of the contract costs are 30 times the part's cost to unlock in the stock game. I think that'll be okay but I want to balance it between being able to unlock things super quick (which is bad) and slogging through endless missions to earn enough cash to unlock an I-beam (which is also bad). Let me know if you think costs should be higher or lower, and I'll be testing this myself. Part images in the contracts. I don't know if this is possible but if it is, I'll find a way to do it If it's not, I'm working on a "descriptive.cfg" to modify those parts with particularly uninformative descriptions, to better describe what part they are and what they do. To keep the number of contract folders down, I may combine certain categories, like say Payload and coupling with structural. I'm not sure yet if this would be better or worse. Opinions welcome. LICENSE: GNU GPL3. THANKS: To nightingale. Not only for making Contract Configurator and making countless changes to it to accommodate my inane requests, but also for endless patience in helping me understand his frighteningly configurable mod. DONATIONS I do not need donations, but if you want to contribute, please donate to SpaceDock:
  10. I just came back to KSP after a very long break (since 1.0), and I'm loving the new CommNet mechanics! I just don't understand the Communotron 16S: I can't find any advantage it has over the non-S variant, same range, same energy consumption, same cost. Combined with the downside of not being combinable, I can't see any reason to use it, except for aesthetics. Am I missing something? Thanks for your replies!
  11. Hello KSP Community! So in the course of a science game of mine, I've become really, really tired of playing around in my own little corner of the solar system. I've built a Mun orbiting space station, landed a couple of times on the Mun, and flown more refueling probes to the Mun than I care to count. I want to go to Duna. The question is, what does it take to get there? Manned or unmanned, I'm interested in both types of mission... but what does a typical Duna mission look like, and is it complicated? Thanks in advance, I know y'all are an awesome community who'll respond in a helpful way. Grafdog
  12. Hi Guys,I decided to make a new wishlist as a master thread that has my own complete wishlist of new parts and some new features. I know a lot of these have probably been requested by many other players, but I thought it would be a good idea to showcase them all in one place. Feel free to add your own ideas below. Barely any of these are major things that definitely need to be added, I'm simply thinking everything I myself can think of that I'd personally like.Most, if not all of these can be solved with mods. However, I think some of these would be a very nice to have added the base game. Problem though, having all these parts may have an impact on the design simplicity of KSP, like I said most of the items on this list are by no means crucially important things to add and this will end up probably adding absolutely tonnes of not hundreds of parts (unless they be made procedural or tweakable). I know some of these are badly explained, I will try and make these more concise. Now do I start with the biggest one first and get it out of the way or do I leave it till the end... Oh well, better prepare thy selves this is gonna be huge, prepare for death by words (I do apologise): [all measurements are in metres] Structural parts overhaul, this one is quite extensive. I'll start with the I-Beams - currently they have quite an awkward size in terms of length - for me it's be great if they were redesigned keeping the 0.2x0.2 cross-section but having lengths of say 1, 2 and even 0.5m maybe even 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75m even procedural. It would be great if these had a tweakable so that they can be changed from an I-Beam, to say a hollow cylindrical tube or a tube with a square cross-section, it would also be great if their material could be changed from the metal (presumably steel/titanium) to the material found with aero parts (these should change their density and thus bouyancy, the metal should naturally sink whereas the aero material (presumably a composite material) should be excessively buoyant and should probably have lower impact and thermal tolerances. For structural panels I'd like to keep the existing ones but again, maybe add the tweakable material for them, besides that for me a 0.5x1 and a 0.5x0.5 would be good. The other thing I'd like to add are different shapes and configurations of structural panels, again these could be made procedural and have tweakables. The shapes I'd like to see are triangles (both right-angled and equilateral), hexagons, octagons and circles, conveniently sized to match structural panels and the radial size form factors. Back onto the tweakables for structural panels, I think it would be nice if there were windowed versions, either versions that are just plain windows or have windows embedded in them. All for the sake of allowing over-engineering of crafts to make them look more perfect. Better tweakables for changing the amount of fuel/authority limiters etc - I'd like to be able to double click the number by the slider and input a value in just to save the frustration of precisely moving the slider (which is still good for larger increments), sometimes it can be frustrating when it won't go to 0 and you have to go hunting in craft config files. Also, when I remove fuel in the editor I'd like this to be able physically change the maximum amount of fuel the vehicle can take, so when I fly it the fuel bar doesn't start partially empty - it should redefine the maximum fuel a vehicle can take (obviously make this an option, so players can start with reduced fuel loads and then top up to max as well as doing what I just described). A new set of aero engines, specifically electric propellers, I propose versions like the ducted fans seen on the Avatar helicopters, ducted fans like on most modern airships and ones styled like commonplace EDFs in RC models. These should have versions that are radially and attached via nodes where applicable and come to suite all current form factors, they should also have tweakables to define blade types (either like a conventional propeller, scimitar blades, or more gas turbine blade like), number of blades from 2 and onwards (similar to the fairings) and to have the duct or not. There should be an inline version as well with a rotor with blades lining it's circumference. The blades on most versions should be reversible allowing for reverse thrust, These should be adequate for both conventional and VTOL aircraft as well as watercraft. More wing parts, mainly for 0.625m parts with smaller wings and smaller control surfaces (I'm a big fan of gliding probes, but I can also see them being used for... other purposes). A 0.625m SRB that can be attached radially and inline (basically scaled down RT-5 or RT-10). Node-attached inline version of sepratron 1 with identical performance Omni-directional lights in 3 sizes A retractable version of the Pegasus 1 Functional pre-cooler (acts like a radiator - if it doesn't already) Rangefinder and camera/telescope science parts, for finding above ground level altitudes. Range should go from say 0-10km maybe more for slightly larger versions or whatever is more suitable. Stabilising landing legs, so that for example if you land on a hill, the legs will automatically extend/retract telescopically so that the thing they're supporting remains level - useful for the foundations of structures and bases. Tank steering options for wheels and if possible tracked wheels A permanent docking connector, should be as strong as connecting parts normally in the editor, isn't able to be decoupled, useful for orbital construction, should be shaped like the current 2.5m docking port but with smaller sizes (could be a tweakable option on current parts). Square solar panels and radiators, as well as flat radiators, new solar panels that conform to structural panels (don't replace existing, they're good for mounting around the current cylindrical tanks etc). 1.25m and 2.5m cargo bays and taller service bays. Horizontal and Vertical versions of the hitchhiker storage container and mobile processing unit (at the moment, they're aligned vertically with circular floors) I propose another version that's aligned horizontally, the external model won't change, but the IVA will - just because at the moment having them vertically orientated means they're at a different orientation to the command pods except the lander-cans Another Kerbal seat that doesn't have control functionality plus the ability to add Kerbals into seats from the editor. Another RCS system that uses compressed air from jet engines/APUs instead of mono-propellant Reworked cockpit IVAs (I'm looking at the non-functional MFDs here). Stock bearing parts (they are possible with current stock parts but it would be good if we could get a part as stock). These really don't need to be motorised because we already have good possibilities for actuation, though I imagine a motorised version is desirable for robotic arms - like everything here this is open for discussion Stock actuators and hinges (like in infernal robotics) with selectable ranges of motion, speed of motion and torque (as well as a realism option for you if you want high torque -> moves at lower speed or something). More suitable aircraft antennae or maybe a tweakable option for radomes A ballast tank with a super precise slider or the possibility of inputting values - this should contain a very dense and totally inert resource - isn't used up by anything (unlike ore) and have a super precise slider or alternatively be able to enter a value from the editor like I discussed earlier. More ladder sizes (or tweakable Kelus-LV) Covered 0.625 and 2.5m docking port Graphical improvement to T-1 "Dart" Toroidal aerospike, at the moment it seems too truncated, the cone (spike) should be extended to be made more spikey Graphical improvement to the S3 KS-25x4 "Mammoth" to match the S3 KS-25 "Vector" the Mammoth is just 4 of the latter engine mounted together, however the former has nozzles that are of poorer quality than that of the Vector and burns with an orange flame instead of the blue flame. Wet/Dry modes to JX-4 "Whiplash" Turbo Ramjet A more powerful 0.625m jet engine to complement the J-20 "Juno" jet engine with wet/dry modes (should either be a scaled down JX-4 or J-404) Graphical improvements to some parts that aren't maybe as good as the standard set by some other parts More airbrake variants (could just be control surfaces which a very large range of motion (60-70 degrees) in one direction only) The addition of the old style fighter jet like Mk.1 cockpit alongside the new Learjet like Mk.1 cockpit - I miss it dearly and would love to have both instead of just the 1 A linear toroidal aerospike in multiple form factors More air intakes for 0.625m parts, eg the shock-cone intake, the inline adjustable ramp intake and the radial adjustable ramp intake (kinda goes with the wing/control surfaces parts for 0.625m form factor) Circular 0.625m and 3.75m probe cores (scaled RC-001S and RC-L01 RGUs Have the grappling hook be able to grapple onto planetary surfaces not just parts and asteroids - will allow it to be used as anchors Optional life support system and applicable resource tanks for said life support Supersonic shock cone and boom effects Define exact part to autostrut to, but keeping the current attach to root part, heaviest part etc Tweakable option for J-90 "Goliath" to remove its structural hardpoint (unless it's already possible) A new structural hardpoint of different sizes to complement the current airliner style ones (they should be more like the older style ones but suitably modernised and in different sizes). Inflatable toroidal heat shields Inflatable airbags for buoyancy and cushioning landings. Fix mirroring issues on structural panels and I-beams at certain orientations Landing gear that retracts outward laterally (sideways) Animated cockpits and hatches Updated lights for runways and towers Flashing variants for lights with defined period and flash mode, as well as rotating beacon lights. Features have been discussed to death including: Multiplayer Atmospheric effects Multiple solar systems
 Give yourself a great big pat on the back if you made it through that! Cheers! Ollie
  13. SM Armory presents a continuation Promethium Experimental Weaponry Originally created by LordPrometheus PEW 122 Beta Promethium industries proudly presents the latest in conventional weaponry! Our catalog includes 38 missile weapons and unguided munitions! Place your orders today! Promethium industries is not responsible for any damage to any persons or objects of any kind and from any source that may possibly be traced to any of the items sold by our organization. All sales are final. Air to Air Missiles: AIM-54 Phoenix: the AIM-54 Phoenix was a long range air to air missile utilized by the United States Navy and Airforce and carried exclusively by the F-14 tomcat which was the only aircraft that had both the agility and strength to utilize them properly. They were replaced by the shorter range AMRAAM but remain in service with the Iranian Air Force. They use the same basic body as the AGM-65 Maverick and AIM-4 falcon. This missile is Radar guided and has a very high speed and long range. R-37 NATO Reporting name "Arrow": This very long range Russian air to air missile packs a large warhead and its modernized Radar guidance makes it a significant threat to any aircraft. R-73 NATO Reporting name "Archer": This short range Russian air to air missile is comparable to the AIM-9 sidewinder. You will find this missile to have a shorter range than but be more maneuverable than the sidewinder. It, like the sidewinder uses Infrared Guidance. R-77 NATO Reporting name "Adder": This medium range Russian air to air missile is a direct counterpart to the AMRAAM. This missile is a very good all around weapon and is incredibly maneuverable due to its fin design. It uses radar guidance like the AMRAAM. AIM-26 Falcon: nuclear air to air missile Yes i said NUCLEAR AIR TO AIR MISSILE. This exits because in the early days of guided missiles the proposed target was formations of strategic bombers and since there was no truly reliable guidance and having a single weapon take down all aircraft was a valid technique. Radar Guided. R-27 NATO Reporting Name "Alamo": a medium range heat seeking missile R-27ERT NATO Reporting Name " Alamo-C ": a medium range heat seeking missile Texture supplied by @RGBPeter Air to Ground Missiles AGM-84-SLAM-ER: This medium range GPS guided air to ground missile is based off of the RGM-84 Harpoon. This missile is shorter than its ground launched counterpart due to its lack of a solid rocket booster and has a shorter range but uses the same warhead and attack method of low altitude flight to the target. It is more powerful than the AGM-65 Maverick but much slower and less agile. AGM-109 Penguin: this cool little laser guided anti ship missile packs a punch! KH-35 NATO Reporting name "Kayak": This subsonic anti-ship missile is of such similar role and shape to the American Harpoon missile it is known as the "Harpoonski" by U.S forces. This is a GPS guided cruise missile at its core. Kh-29L NATO Reporting name "Kedge": This heavy Russian air to ground missile is laser guided like the AGM-65 Maverick but possesses a much heavier warhead at a proportionate loss of speed. Kh-31P NATO Reporting name "Krypton":: this ultra cool Russian Anti-Radiation missile is very pretty in my opinion but was a pain to make Kh-38 "NATO Reporting name not found : Say goodby to ground targets in a whole new way with this Heat seeking AGM. 9m120m 'Ataka' NATO Reporting name "Spiral-2": A short range Laser Guided Russian air to ground missile comparable to the AGM-114 hellfire but with a slightly smaller warhead. This is actually a fairly old missile but The version here is a modernized variant still used by the Russian army and air force. This missile also fits the Tunguska AAMT P-800 'Oniks' NATO Reporting name "Strobile": This very long range supersonic Russian cruise missile (warning do not use at close range or launch from supersonic speeds bad things happen!) is GPS guided and very very powerful as well as hard to defend against. Ground to Air 57E6BGM Produced by SM Armory a short range radar guided missile intended for use the the TunguskaAAMT anti aircraft turret assembly.Please observe the safety instructions on the missile in the latest low observability microfont weight saving ink Ground to Ground Missiles RGM-84 Harpoon: The RGM-84 harpoon is a medium range ship to ship missile powered by a turbojet and assisted by a small solid rocket booster. It flies relatively slow for a missile at around 250m/s but has a very high hit probability as it flies only a few meters above the water which allows it to more easily avoid detection and air defenses. It has a 228kg armor piercing high explosive warhead that is designed to rupture the hulls of warships and cause them to sink however it can be used against ground targets as well. It flies as a cruise missile using GPS Guidance. M-31 Artillery missile: A medium range GPS guided Missile for all your anti ground vehicle needs. BGM-109D Tomahawk Cruise Missile: my most frustrating weapon to make yet but i am very pleased with the end result and this GPS guided cruise missile works great. Available now in A C versions courtesy of @XOC2008 Please check details before arming Surface to Air missiles MIM-14 Nike Hercules Nuclear surface to air missile: The legendary missile comes to life to ensure the death of any aircraft within 1km of detonation. It is Radar Guided. RIM-174 ERAM: This is a V-launch surface to air missile used on NATO warships for defense against aircraft and heavy missile systems. It is a bit less maneuverable than the PAC-3 but much more powerful. It is Radar guided. RIM-162 ESSM: this radar guided missile falls somewhere between the RIM-116 and RIM-174 in terms of range and power. RIM-116 rolling airframe missile: the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile is a small surface to air missile utilized by the United States Navy for CIWS purposes. Often fired in pairs they are based off of the AIM-9 sidewinder however the newer versions are much easier to distinguish from the AIM-9 as they do not have a uniform width an are shorter. The missiles have a rolling airframe design meaning they rotate to create torque for yaw rather than use a dedicated control surface. They fly at high speeds but have a limited range and small warhead so more than one may be required to take down a larger or more durable target. It is IR guided. 9m311: A short range Russian SAM comparable to the RIM-116. This is used by the beast Kashtan CIWS unit and also launched from tanks and land based SAM systems. It is Radar Guided unlike the RIM-116 however. 9M96E2: This medium range Russian SAM hosts the highest kill probability of any system in existence. Don't let its smaller size fool you this missile has a 90% chance to hit any target within 120km. this compared to the 50-70% for a PAC-3 at the same range. It uses Radar Guidance. FIM/AIM-92 Stinger: This nimble little heat seeker is fast and lightweight. Decoys ADM-160A MALD: This small lightweight decoy is used to distract enemy weapons. it behaves like a cruise missile but does no damage on impact. GPS Guided. Turrets: larger slower shell than the Abrams 20% increased ROF 25% lower accuracy M3 Bradley IFV Turret: low rate of fire but deadly ( still no active launcher here, despite many attempts it's simply not going to work using the same model, and will require a new launcher and custom missiles) T-90MS MBT Turret: Lots and lots of explosive 30x165mm rounds Mk.19 Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher turret: SUPPRESSING FIRE! 2K22 Tunguska: ground vehicle air defense with two 30x165mm guns TunguskaAAMT An SM Armory overhaul of the P.E.W Tunguska twin barrelled 30x165mm AA turret. In the recent overhaul the structure was reworked and 2 Quad missile pods for short range radar guided air defense have been enabled This turret uses, as per specification, the newly released 57E6E Missile. Use of other missiles may result in R.U.D and possibly a scratch or bruise, maybe two. Phalanx CIWS: The long awaited return please don't complain about the scale this is how big it actually is! Bombs GBU-57A: This MOP (Massive Ordnance Perpetrator) is a 15 metric ton bunker buster BLU-82 'Daisy Cutter': The legendary Daisy cutter is a 6.8 metric ton dumb bomb with a large blast radius but surprisingly low blast strength. GBU-53/A Small Diameter Bomb: A very small but precise GPS Guided bomb Utilities AN/AWW-13: this is an external radar pod used by the US armed forces Sargent Fletcher class Drop tank: pretty self explanatory. NOTE Nuclear variants require NKD This version also requires CAL Community ammunition Library There may be bugs , there may be un found problems, we gave it a good shot at catching them all, but we can't think of every single eventuality especially after weeks and weeks of part and cfg bashing, it all gets a bit fuzzy. So be nice, if there's a problem that's easily fixed I'll try to get it sorted ASAP, but as is the fashion these days and something I support, if you don't make a sensible bug or error report, I'll ignore it, so things like " X dont do Y fix it" will not get you anywhere, Likewise failure to supply a log and if possible steps to reproduce your problem, will also result in no acknowledgement of your issue Stuff spoiler CC-BY-SA Thanks as always to @gomker @V8jester @XOC2008 and occasionally @colmo for testing bug hunting and sanity preservation
  14. Hi, I've had the demo version of the game for 3 months now. I decided to look through the files, because why not, and I saw that there are parts that I dont see in the game. For example, there is a heat shield file, but no heat shield in the game. Another part is the airbrake. is there something wrong with my demo, or what?
  15. Hi from the depths of Lag, i have a request for procedural parts to be revived and updated to ksp 1.2.2
  16. add it so you can switch versions like you can go to 0.16 also i would like 5 meter parts because they would be much more powerful and we could launch are creations and have less part count and it would be less laggy so you could fit the bigger payloads in fairings also you should add RSS in the game nathankell made i like it very much. and also clouds and scattering effects for planets and in astronomer's visual pack.
  17. So, i'm trying to build a craft and this problem arises every so often; I am wondering how to change the focal point of mirrored parts. Here's a shot because the few threads where I think this is the problem people are asking about, there is always a confusion on the interpretation of the question. The current mirrored rotation of these lights means they rotate with the small yellow arrows and "meet" on the yellow axis/arrow. I want the lights to meet and rotate outward from the blue arrow so that, if the blue arrow (by the VAB door) is 12 o' clock at this angle, the lights are sitting at like 2 & 10 (as opposed to 2 & 4, right now). Essentially, rotating the mirror focal point 90 degrees. Let this jankily drawn representation be the standard by which all understand this dilemma and hopefully find their answer.
  18. I know that there has been talk in the past of bringing back the old part models. I believe I have a method of doing so. Basically, some new parts with the old textures (smoothed out, but staying true to the original textures) would be added as cheap, low-tech items for an early space program. TCFF-01 A cheap but heavy fuel tank. Its designers insist that TCFF does not stand for "Tin-Can Full of Fuel." TCFF-02 The half-size little brother of the Tin-Ca-... I mean... TCFF-01. BR-1A One of the first rocket engines ever produced on Kerbin. It was quickly adopted by smaller space programs because of its cheapness and was used as first-stage propulsion and as a heavy-duty grill. BR-1B The gimbal-capable cousin of the BR-1A. It became popular as a cheap upper-stage rocket and carnival ride. X-01 Command Pod The original command pod. Because it was built in 2.5m size while most industries were focusing on 1.25m size, it was phased out. However, some rookie rocketeers have taken a liking to the old surplus pod and have been putting it to good use. APE-LAF The Atmospheric Propulsion Engine for Low Altitude Flight is the first jet engine ever produced for space programs. Its design was highly controversial since the APE series was not a rocket and its target industries focused on space travel. APE-HAF In response to the controversies surrounding the APE-LAF, the High Altitude Flight variant was developed. Its designers claimed that, while it still required oxygen to function, it was technically a rocket since it burned fuel directly as opposed to spinning a turbine. APIS After complaints of the APE series of engines sputtering and not working, the Atmospheric Propulsion Intake System was slapped together. It was fascinating to pilots because of the mysterious blue glow that it would emit at high speeds. ACM Mk1 When space programs began asking for a more permanent and aerodynamic alternative to command pods, the Aerodynamic Command Module was developed. Its designer insists that it is not a nosecone with controls and a window thrown into it. ACM Mk1b After slamming a plane into the side of a hangar and flattening the front of the ACM, it was accepted as a new variant. ACM Mk3 The chunky prototype of the Mk3 Cockpit. While heavier, the ACM Mk3 is cheaper and slightly smaller. C7 SLG C7's own Static Landing Gear. Intended as cheap, heavy-duty landing wheels. Not the most aerodynamic of aircraft equipment, but it gets the job done.
  19. Hi Guys, Just a little idea, it's by no means imaginative but has been something I for one have longed to have for quite a while. What I'd like to see (maybe even in the next release, pretty please? XD) is additions to the structural parts, specifically I'm talking about the M-beams and the structural panels. What I'd like to see are M-beam 200 look alikes but scaled to structural panels (say have 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 4m long versions) as at the moment nothing quite aligns the way I'd like to. The next idea is a few more sizes for structural panels - specifically a 0.5x0.5 and 0.5x1m panels to supplement the M-beam 650 and make making stuff more aesthetically appealing a fair bit easier. Here's the real dream though - panels that take the shape of a right-angled triangle, having 0.5x1, 1x1, 1x2 sizes (or make them procedural, like the fairings). As this would make some designs far easier by a simply hugelousTM amount. Cheers, Ollie
  20. Can I export a custom category, with the assigned parts to a new save? if is possible, do I need exactly the same mods in both saves? Thank you.
  21. Spacedock (Also on CKAN) This mod takes the vanilla radial xenon tank and creates a LF/OX version, as well as having a fuel tank version of the Probodobodyne RoveMate. MIT License
  22. Download via the [obsolete link removed to prevent confusion; see the last page of the thread] If you've ever been stuck on the mun with ten hours of oxygen left, or had an unplanned decoupling event leave your ship crippled in an eccentric orbit with no means of escape, then the D.E.R.P is for you! The D.E.R.P includes a series of parts, ranging from small monopropellant engines through various containers and tanks, allowing you to customize your escape craft. The core pod includes a parachute (capable of safely landing the D.E.R.P on Duna). A secondary service ring includes RCS thrusters and landing gear. SAS is achieved by slamming yourself really really hard against the pod walls. Features: 15 days Life Support Tiny power generation slug Monoprop-fueled forward thrusters RCS and a monoprop supply SAS IVA (reuses the small lander can) Parachute EVA-assembleable with KAS Resources are sealed prior to deployment to prevent accidental use Now includes airbags and floaties! LICENSE Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Additional Modules: This package redistributes FireSpitter This package redistribures Module Manager CHANGE LOG 0.1.3 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]KAS tweaks [*]Folder reorg to support package management [*]Science storage added to DERP pods [*]CRP/ORSX/DLL refreshes [*]Brought back the legacy DERP texture (you can still swap to orange or gray) [*]Changed COM/Drag properties back to defaults [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.1.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]The DERP, Airbags, and Floaties! What more could one ask for? [*]Derp evac fixed. [*]Derp now has two color schemes - safety orange and stock gray [*]Tweaked floaties and enabled tweaking buoyancy [*]Synced up CRP/ORSX/USI Tools [/LIST] [B]v0.1.5[/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed deflation issue on switching [*]Collider update [*]FAR MM Config [/LIST] [B]v0.1.4[/B] [LIST] [*]Converted engine to use monoprop vs lf/ox [*]added KAS support to assemble the DERP in-situ [*]Fixed an issue where returning to a previously inflated pod caused it to start deflated [*]Added a 5-unit KAS container to the capsule [*]Mass now properly updates when resources are unsealed [/LIST]
  23. Let's show Omicron pics here! doing stuff, posing to the camera! *Thread reserved to builds that use most Omicron parts, Mod from Climberfx
  24. Large Boat Parts Pack Get it on SpaceDock Get it on Curse This mod gives you a vast assortment of pre made parts you can use to build ships. Mods like VesselMover and WASD Editor camera or Hangar extender are recommended as your ships can get very big. Textures are easy to edit. They are in .png format and they consist of different flat colors. If I add any other texture than a flat one then the texture would look very stretched. A lot of parts are provided to make many different ships If you use BDArmory plus any of its mods then you are in luck. These parts were designed to take a beating. They wont explode easily. Feel free to comment what you think. I can do requests also. Have fun! Here are some old videos: Cruiser Vs Jet Aircraft Carrier Corvette Vs Spies
  25. I find that the way I design craft has changed gradually since I started playing KSP. There are times when I used to think that certain parts were essential, but I eventually phased them out when I realized that I was probably using them excessively. Sometimes this is motivated by changes to the game that force me to reevaluate my design (like when career mode was introduced and I needed to adapt to not having certain parts yet,) other times I just find that my understanding and play style have changed. What are some of the parts you used to use all the time that you do not anymore? To get started, one thing I used to use a bunch of is Seperatrons. I would stick them on everything that had to get separated. But these days, I find them too complicated and finicky to deal with, getting the positioning just right and trying to track their staging became a pain. Now I use offset tools to carefully position parts I need separated to ensure the leverage of the detachment bolts is enough to ensure a clean separation. I rarely have to deal with anything so massive and unwieldy that it needs the extra force generated by Seperatrons.
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