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  1. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. That's how I created Orbital Structures. Contains Apartments, Administration Deck, Science Deck, Biosphere Gardens and some structural Elements. Things to note: Assets Taken from original CivilianPopulation Fixed texture references in every model files Some textures were missing just duplicated from existing ones Parts Structural parts taken from latest CivilianPopulation Configs Following parts have internals commented out ApartmentsSmall.cfg ApartmentsLarge.cfg ApartmentsMedium.cfg TODO convert all textures to dds modify mu files to use dds MM patches Taken from latest CivilianPopulation All credits go to: A collective work of... @Pamynx that can be found here. @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Download:
  2. It's a busy day at the Space Center as the new T.R.A.P Engines arrive from General Universal and Kerbal-Tech. These engines were predicted to have a much better performance at a higher altitude than previous engines. Jeb's test flight was scheduled for the next day. This gave the engineers only half a day to mount the three new engines on three identical planes. The next day Jeb goes on his test flight, testing the "Mouse T.R.A.P" engine. Jeb reports that the engine is performing as expected at high altitude. Jeb tests the other two engines successfully. This is a mod which adds three new engines: The Mouse T.R.A.P, the Bear T.R.A.P, and the Rhino T.R.A.P. The engines all have the same model, that of the stock Rapier engine. The way they work is by having better performance at low altitude, at the cost of using more Intake Air, and better performance at higher altitudes by using more liquid fuel, but less Intake Air. These modes automatically switch, but you can also manually switch the modes. The engine switching works pretty much like the Rapier engine. I made the actual changes to the .cfg files, creating this mod, but the idea was all my friend @Lucast0909's. He's given me permission to publish this mod, and he says that I don't need to credit him, but as we all know, the idea is half of the mod. My idea for version 1.1.0 of this mod was to use the variant switching introduced in KSP 1.4 to enable you to have more than one model for the engine. The idea is that you can have the model of the Rapier, or say the Panther, even the Swivel, picking the look that works best for your plane. However, I found out that that is not possible. I will try to learn to model, to give these engines better textures. I think these engines are tech tree and cost balanced, but please let me know. Please give me any feedback you have. If anybody has a better name for the mod, please tell me. License: Unlicense Download: Spacedock
  3. Hello, and this will be the dev thread for my upcoming mod, Kerbobulus Space Industries, which strives to recreate near future spacecraft (not to be confused with @Nertea's wonderful NFT mods), such as the CST-100, and Orion (not the nuclear one, the one NASA is currently developing) in a porkalike style. Currently, I am working on the CST-100, and am about 3/4 of the way through with the service portion. Still, you should expect more coming in the near future. Without further ado, here is the current progress! Downloads: Kerbobulus Space Industries - Miscellaneous Parts Division: Spacedock Legacy dev pics
  4. BattleTech/Mechwarrior DropShip Parts Packs [WIP] Authors: @wenth Download Link (Current Version: A.01 "HYPER ALPHA RELEASE") Helpers: (people that helped my dumb kerbal butt figure this all out) -Damon (for helping me get the dam parts to show up at all) -Krakatoa (for helping me with smoke and flame FXs) -JadeOfMar (for generally always sticking his nose in and letting me know when im not even asking the right question) Mod Developers/Makers/Maintainers: (pepole whos assets we have used or used to make the game work) -Boots (Developer/Maintainer of the ESLD Jump Beacons Revived mod originally made by TMarkos) for allowing us to use his mod for a dependency in our Jumpships pack and answering any questions we had about dependency/part creation involved there in. Mod Integration/Dependency/Optional Dependency: -ESLD Jump Beacons Revived (approved) -TweakScale (pending permission) Work/Progress/Status Tree Phase One: Basic Thrusters, Manatee Parts and Art Standardization Phase Two: Bigger Bolder Rounder! Phase Three: UTILITY! Phase Four: To Boldly Go!/Jumpships add-on pack Phase Five: Polish a turd Bonus Phase: Plus Ultra! Planed Packs Core/Core Supplements Addons Opening: I have always loved the BattleTech universe and the Mechwarrior series that goes along with it combine that with my love of KSP and my predisposition to building massive drop ships for package delivery and habit of making giant payloads that can only really be dropped via skycrane It feels natural for me to try and bring the massive scale of battletech drop ships to KSP with a parts pack! With that in mind how ever this is my first parts pack and true attempt at modding AND my first time using these (3ds max student) modeling programs with only a background in 3D printing and CADD its slow going and any help is welcome! And no we will be focusing on more then just clan wolf they just happen to be my favoret/first clan. LOW POLY! This mod takes its style and inspiration from the entire world of mechwarrior/battletech but its model are more in the style of mechwarrior 2 (my first mechwarrior game and indoctrination into clan wolf) Parts Inspirations/goals: Our first Parts goal is to make a Spheroid drop ship (BUT WAIT SPHERES ARE HARD!) True but we are going to cheat here and make the Manatee first! Spheroid in classification only its more like a fancy fuel tank in design! At this point in time we have no goals to make actual mechs (sorry) our fallowing goals should we succeed in creating the Manatee is to move on to the Leopard Areodyne drop ship Parts/Ship Logic: Our first ship will be split into 3 or 4 sections for simplicity sake -Base (holding the thrusters and flat or snap points for legs to be designed at a later date) -The Hanger (taking up the bulk of the center section) -Fuel tanks (taking up the remainder of the center and forming most of the top -The Bridge (capping off the ship and holding the pilots/crew) Parts NOT included I have no intention to add guns or lasers or any thing like that sadly. HOW EVER! I do plan on leaving snap points for them so you may use any of the existing weapons mods or make your own should you feel up to the task! Help is welcome as this is our first attempt at a mod any one wanting to help cfg or model or test is welcome to do so! Impossible Fantasy (ya......not going to happen I dont even know what its called yet, but let me dream)
  5. I think developers should add berings to the game for propers and vtol it would make it easyer for everyone to be able to build them
  6. Having a consistent issue with a certain rocket using modded parts (primarily Procedural Parts) that causes my game to CTD when moving to the pad from the VAB. Checked out the output log but unsure how to read it: https://imgur.com/a/aF8oy82
  7. NOTICE: As of 2018-06-22, @linuxgurugamer has kindly agreed to take this mod over. Any applicable license to this mod is hereby transferred to him, exclusively. I'd assume he may/will start a new thread for this mod. I won't be supporting it any further. It's been fun and thanks for everybody's patience, assistance and kind words and encouragement. I will ask the mods to lock this thread. All future discussion should take place on the new thread. See the imgur album for screenshots. Thanks @Kottabos for doing a nice video review! The PEBKAC parts actually start around 2:30. Recompiled for compatibility with KSP 1.3.x I have not done any localization, nor do I plan to do so. If you want to create a localized copy, let me know and we will figure out how to make it happen. It seems to run OK with 1.4.1 but I have not examined any of the DLC yet. This add-on is a set of parts I created because I was a little dissatisfied by the stock Launch Escape System (LES). The PEBKAC Industries LES (PKI-LES) is designed to more or less simulate the Apollo and Mercury LES's used in real life. The LES for the 3-naut capsule features a totally non-functional Boost Protective Cover (BPC), launch escape motor, tower jettison motor and a small pitch control motor/nosecone and canard assembly. The canard assembly deploys roughly 8 seconds after the launch escape motor runs out of propellant and serves to help orient the escaping CM toward retrograde. It now includes a science experiment to simulate the "Q-ball", which contained atmospheric/aerodynamic sensors which were part of Apollo's "Emergency Detection System". The LES for the 1-naut capsule is modeled after the one from NASA's Mercury capsule. It didn't have any pitch motor or canards. The included plugin allows you to automatically conduct abort procedures. Just add the parts, hit the "ABORT" key and everything will take care of itself. Use staging to jettison the LES after a successful launch. Or you can add the jettison command to an action group if you prefer. I based all of the non-performance-related details (cost, tech-tree, etc) of the PKI-LES on the stock parts. Many of the other details were tweaked to be more realistic. One big difference is that the PKI-LES has a much total thrust than the stock part from Squad. The mass (and centers of mass) of the parts were extrapolated from the Apollo and Mercury LES and scaled to be proportional to a "stock" CM assembly. I tweaked the aerodynamic properties to be (IMHO anyway) closer to reality. The end result is a more or less realistic flight profile. From the launchpad, the included example craft should reach the ocean upon initiating an abort. Also included in this version is a LES for the 3-naut capsule which has no BPC. Aside from this visual change, the part should function identically to the other Mk2 LES. The plugin code to make is compatible with the LES for the SDHI Service Module System. It should be flexible enough to use with pretty much any other LES out there. If you find one you want to use and can't figure out how to use my plugin to automate it, drop me a PM. The download includes a sandbox save-game which has two example craft using stock parts showing how the PKI-LES is supposed to be assembled and configured. Finally, if you play career-mode, you should eventually get some flight-test contracts for the PKI-LES parts.
  8. Wyleg's Wonderful Workshop Parts for aircrafts. Mk3 HVC cockpit Heavy heat-shielded cockpit for reusable trans-atmospheric spaceships. Provides high visibility for its crew. Holds up to 4 kerbonauts. Now features working RCS! Cockpit is WIP - currently it lacks IVA and there's no cabin illumination. T-10 Air Intake This intake resembles the one used on Sukhoi Su-27 family of fighter jet aircrafts. It also should fit other replicas such as MiG-31 Foxhound and F-14 Tomcat with this distinctive shape with sharp edges and rectangle-ish frame. Intake is designed to fit stock 1.25m cylindrical jet fuel tanks. Changelog Imgur album: link Download: Spacedock W3 Fuselage Texture Custom texture for Procedural Parts designed for aircraft fuselages that fits nicely with stock parts and B9 Procedural Wings. Download: Spacedock
  9. A set of decal textures based on the icons designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien, the Semiotic Standard for Commercial Trans-Stellar Utility Lifter and Heavy Element Transport Spacecraft. In addition I also made a few icons based on the ones designed by Gavin Rothery for the 2009 movie Moon includes: The original set of 34 icons designed by Ron Cobb for the movie Alien Some more icons in the Semiotic standard's style for hydroponics and docking ports An additional set of 16 icons from the 2009 movie Moon designed by Gavin Rothery Each decal is 15x15cm and uses the part variant system introduced in version 1.4. This will not work in older versions of the game without being retrofitted to work with a mod like Firespitter possible future changes: more icons! alternate version where the figures in the icons are more kerbal-like Modulemanager patch to add the decals to other parts as MODEL{} elements Changelog: Downloads: Github Spacedock source: https://github.com/drewcassidy/Semiotic Licence: BSD
  10. I´ve made a large selection of parts from KSP in TinkerCAD https://www.tinkercad.com/things/2vTjJvCZg06
  11. Over the course of playing KSP I created numerous parts and patches for myself to improve the game experience. Time to start sharing. Ven's style Textures for Procedural Parts Credit goes to @Ven for his amazing artwork. I used his textures from the Stock Part Revamp to make these. Get Procedural Parts to use the textures. DOWNLOAD Ven's Style Textures for Procedural Parts Hazard Tanks Textures for Procedural Parts Procedural textures for tanks with hazards stripes. Give the badass look to your vessels! The play nicely with the Orbital Utility Vehicle by @nli2work Get Procedural Parts to use the textures. DOWNLOAD Hazard Tanks Textures for Procedural Parts Asphalt Tiles A useful set of three parts which are building bricks for offworld landing pads and roads. Made specifically for my Extraplanetary Launchpads base. Good for those who want to have the neat look of our KSC parking area even away from home. Works best when placed on flat area or welded with UbioZur Welding. Various pattern examples Easy to assemble in the field with KIS. Tiles can be attached to the surface. Luminescent stripes glow in the dark. Can be buit whole via Extraplanetary Launchpads. Archive contains an "Extras" folder with already welded examples (welded parts are independent from the UbioZur Welding mod). DOWNLOAD Asphalt Tiles Portable Science Crate Based on @RoverDude's part from the PackRat era. Useful for storing all the EVA gathered science on the fly. Can be sent back home on a probe without distracting the Kerbal from his other planetary activities. Serves the same purpose as the Stock Science Box. Great for rovers with External Command Seats and for small pods from other mods which deliberately don't have science storage in them. Requires KIS for the best experience. White texture available on demand. DOWNLOAD Science Crate Droptank "Wrapper" A curved wraparound droptank with an integrated decoupler. 4 way symmetry wraps perfectly around a 1.25m tank. Now has an aerodynamic nosecone. Now has its own thread Simple Mission Flags An assortment of flags to mark everyday missions. The archive contains the source .psd file for anyone who wants to roll his own shapes/colors. DOWNLOAD Simple Mission Flags _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stock 5m and 7m Fairing Looks like there are no bigger fairings in 1.1 for us. This patch adds a stock 5m fairing to the game. Made for those who love extra big launchers and stock fairings. Thanks to @Stone Blue for making an even bigger 7m config. Or download the ready config file and place it anywhere in GameData. DOWNLOAD The config for fairings. All content is under the Creative Commons 4.0 License More stuff in development
  12. Hi, I have a question about mod parts. I really like this centrifuge part from @Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts mod: However, I'm not that interested in the rest of the mod, so ideally I would just add this part to the game without needing to install the rest of the parts (which I won't use). I've seen people do it before, so it's possible, but how exactly do you do it? I assume I'll need the dependencies for the mod installed for it to work. Thanks (And moderators, please move this if it's in the wrong place)
  13. LATEST - Work In Progress Video Update 2, below main post. Kelland Kerman, affluent playboy billionaire and co-owner of global multinational corporation TKR, has found his true goal in life - to make sure everyone knows what a small-time, know-nothing charlie Elon Kerman truly is! "Duna? All he cares about is Duna! Who wants an electric toy car company on Duna?!" Kelland doesn't think small, he thinks BIG! And has set up a specialized company, Superluminal Space Industries, to take Kerbal-kind not just to Duna, but to Jool, Sarnus, Neidon, Urlum, and even the next star system! That means quickly advancing Kerbal technology to Deep Space Exploration and eventually faster than light travel...all whilst still adhering to Kerbin International Health and Safety standards, of course.. *coughs* Having set up SSI a few years ago now, the first fruits of his labour have begun to show themselves... Superluminal is designed to be a late game parts pack that aids in reducing part count and giving the player more options in using deep space exploration mods like USI, Keep Fit, Kerbalism, Interstellar, Outer Planets, Nertea's Near Future etc etc. Weekly Update Videos Update 2 Update 1 The "Normal" Part A lot of the stuff here is farther along than i've shown, and any help when i hit roadbumps (Like the Spacebus issue i had) will always be gratefully received and credit given when the mod releases in full. I mainly play KSP with (amongst a good many others) USI, Nertea's stuff, Outer Planets and Infernal Robotics. So i'll be mostly focused on getting them working with them in mind first (EDIT - Regarding IR - nothing will require IR but the VTOL engines. The centrispinnials will be standalone but IR -compatible-.) The centrifuges will b. But i will be making sure they're usable standalone and for the other more popular mods (like Interstellar). I also adore the idea of centrifuges (everyone says so, but barely any modders make them), so i thought i wanted to make a really big pack of them for me....*coughs* and by extension everyone else to play with. And i always glanced at the KeepFit mod and thought it such a cool idea (both realistically and adding another enjoyable level of gameplay challenge), that it deserved some parts. So this mod is my love letter to KSP and to get us some centrifuges. (mad rambling sentence below) To be honest, this entire thing span out of the simplest reason - When i was creating the new IXS a few months ago, i realized the schematics made it better suit the 5m ingame dimension rather than the 3.75m. So i thought "But i want a 3.75m command bridge!" and made the Enkeladus. Then i thought "Well, if im going to go into deep space exploration parts...centrifuges." and it kept getting larger and larger, and now ive thought of and designed most parts i think will make the set. So! To sum up... the mod will comprise of 5 sections. Superluminal Bridges - 11 Command Modules and Support Craft Centrispinnials - 11 centrifug...spinnial customizable modules Superluminal Hulls - 3 large hulls to customize your long voyage requirements after you've decided on what type/how many/how large your centrif..spinninals are. Superluminal - 4 warp ring sizes Misc - A few small parts that make quality of life improvements. Thanks for reading folks, and i hope you guys are up for some alpha/beta testing soon! Steve If you want to buy me a drink as thanks or just tip me for my hard work, feel free at Frequently Asked Questions What other mods will be required to make this/that work? - The Command Modules will need b9partswitch. The Centrispinnials will most likely use WildBlueTools. All subject to change. All parts will be made Infernal Robotics -compatible- but not required. The only part that will require IR will be the Priax VTOL engines, but even then, the Priax can double as a rover buggy without its engines. The aim is to make it work as much with the stock game as it can with the modded versions. IVAs on the Centrispinnials? - Yup! That's the plan! Rotating if possible, and thanks to some helpful people here in this thread its looking ever more likely. Will the warprings utilize Roverdude's warpdrive / KSP-Interstellar? - Yup! ModuleManager required, but they should work for both Roverdude's WarpDrive and KSP-Interstellar. What's the License on this mod going to be? - Creative Commons. As long as you don't make cash out of my hard work, you can play with it, fiddle with it, and abuse it however you see fit. I'm a firm believer that the Kerbal community should get the most support they can, because this is one of the best games ever made. Will there be testing? - The schedule of releasing and testing will go as follows : Alpha 1 - Functionality Testing - Will add the Command Modules and Support Craft Alpha 2 - Functionality Testing - Adds Centrispinnials Beta 1 - Functionality and Balance Testing - Adds Warp Rings, Main Hulls and Misc. Beta 2 - Final Balance Test before 1.0
  14. I'd like to gauge if there is interest in creating a community curated list of VARIANTTHEMEs, which would serve a function similar to Community Tech Tree, Comm. Resource Pack, Comm. Category Kit. The aims would be to prevent redundancy, avoid name collisions, ensure that different mods play well together, and present an overall consistent, well-organized categorization of modded variant themes to players, to achieve a better user experience. What are variant themes? With 1.4+ KSP has gained texture switching as part of the stock game, and the new VARIANTTHEME config node to go with that. Variant themes serve to group together the part variants of different parts, that have the same design theme (i.e. "look-and-feel"). This makes it convenient and user friendly for players to switch multiple parts at the same time, to achieve a particular look-and-feel for the craft they are building. With one click in the "Variant Themes" tab in advanced mode in the editor, the player can apply a theme to all applicable parts on the craft currently being edited, or to set that theme as the default for applicable parts when picked out from in the part palette -- rather than have to adjust each part one by one. These are variant themes. They can be accessed in advanced mode in the editor. The variant themes that are built-into stock KSP are defined in GameData/Squad/Parts/VariantThemes.cfg As an example: these panel parts from the Making History expansion each have three part variants. The part variants are defined in ModulePartVariants of the respective part's cfg files. Using the part action window in the editor, you can switch a part between its variants, but doing it this way only works for one individual part at a time. But each of the available part variants are also associated with a variant theme -- this is themeName or baseThemeName value in ModulePartVariants in the part cfg. Being associated with variant themes allows you to click on these icons: And it will "apply" the selected theme -- all the parts on the craft that have such a variant will be switched to that variant. It is optional to associate a part variant with a variant theme. But doing so is useful and user friendly when multiple parts have variants of the same "theme" (hence the name). Why should I care? If you reskin existing parts from stock or other mods. e.g. Back In Black You would obviously like to have a VARIANTTHEME that corresponds to the look-and-feel that you are creating in your mod. So, you set that up. Great! But wait, you're not done yet! What about the original look of the parts that you have modified? When you added your version, a "base" part variant was also automatically created for the original version of the part. You could just leave that as-is , but then the player won't have an easy way to revert multiple parts en masse to their original design. Okay, so let's create a VARIANTTHEME for that... what should it be called? Reasonable choices might include: "stock", "default", "original", etc. If different mods use different names/themes for the same purpose, it could result in a clutter of redundant themes in the UI, messy and potentially confusing. We should standardize. Furthermore, due to a technical limitation of Module Manager we cannot use a clever MM patch that will "add the 'default' VARIANTTHEME if it doesn't already exist". So, for multiple mods to be able to use the same "default" VARIANTTHEME for resetting parts to the original version, we need that to be defined in a community standardized config that gets included by the various mods as a dependency. Additionally, from a technical standpoint, how to ensure that your mod plays well with other mods? In particular, what if someone else also makes a reskin mod that touches the same parts? How can we prevent "Back In Black" and "Racy Red" from stomping on one another's MM patches? We should explore and develop best practices for how to do this. Electrocutor's guide is a good starting point. If you make (a) part(s) that have different textures to choose from. e.g. Hawkspeed Airstairs You might have different textures that are designed to fit in with stock parts, or various other mods. What should you name the different variants? For starters, do we say "stockalike", "stock-alike", or "stock-like"? Standardizing on a common set of VARIANTTHEMEs would avoid redundancy and confusion. Even if your mod has just one part -- since you don't have a natural "collection" of multiple parts to group together, it might seem pointless to set up your part config to use themes. But that's not true -- it is useful to be part of a standard set of themes, that groups different parts from different mods together if they offer the same "look" -- it enables easy texture switching by the player. And when it comes to textures for matching with other mods, there are further considerations. Consider my airstair part -- in addition to stockalike option, it comes with an alternate texture that matches the unique look of Firespitter bomber parts. Those parts aren't shipped with any variants, so okay, I go ahead and label my texture "Firespitter". ... but what if a reskin mod comes along and adds a new variant on top of the original Firespitter parts? They can call their new variant whatever they want, but if they file the original Firespitter look under "default", then we have one theme (the "look") split into two different themes (VARIANTTHEME) -- a player would have to pick "default" to reset the Firespitter parts back from the reskinned version, whereas for the airstair it is the "Firespitter" option. Not very intuitive. If you make parts that don't have alternative textures, but come "in a set" -- stockalike, or your own unique design. You might think this is none of your business, but hang on. If other modders create additional textures to reskin your parts, wouldn't you like to have a say over what the original look of your parts should be filed under? For instance, stockalike mods (e.g. Airplane Plus) may prefer to be grouped with other mods' parts under "stockalike" rather than a meaningless, generic "default". Whereas in the case of a mod whose parts have a unique aesthetic (e.g. keptin's original KAX textures) it may be appropriate to specify its own VARIANTTHEME. Although the mod itself doesn't ship with any variants, and thus doesn't initially have any use for the theme, it provides: a) a target theme for other mods to group their "compatible" variants under, and b) if someone else makes a reskin, then the original look can be placed under this theme, along with those from (a). - * - * - * - To kick things off, pinging a few people that this might be relevant or interesting to (based on threads/conversations I've seen elsewhere in the forum) @Electrocutor @XLjedi @Rodger Please discuss, etc etc.
  15. The mod is beautiful and I have it in my 1.4.2 install. It is a must have. I have something like 62 mods loaded in that 1.4.2 version and everything is smooth as silk frame rate wise. In 1.4.3 however, parts packs have cut the frame rate in half or more from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3. I did troubleshooting and it is parts packs, including this one ) that have made the drop from smooth 60 (capped) to 25 or lower, but I have the same setup (mods wise) and have even removed some mods for troubleshooting as well as lowering my options for the same purpose. This is not a bug report or a gripe, but is more of a question to people in the know and to an evidently highly skilled modder. The question is, what would make the parts packs effect the frame rate to such an extent from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3?
  16. So I like making small mods, but I don't like making a thread for each little thing so this is where I'm going to post my mods and mod making progress of whatever happens to suit my fancy until whatever I've been posting in this thread grows big enough to spin off into its own thread. Moar Mk1 Just a quick little part mod I made because the rocket revamp was pushed back to 1.2 and I didn't want to match the old fuel tanks with porkjet's new parts any longer http://imgur.com/a/FUbOn ^here's the pictures imgur or the forum staff broke something ChangeLog Version 0.3: 6 parts added. 4 LFO vacuum engines, 2 LFO lifter engines Version 0.2: 4 Parts added. 2 lengths of hollow structural fuselages, a hollow decoupler, and a hollow separator. Fixed upside down liquid fuel tanks. Version 0.1: Initial release. Only fuel tanks 4 LFO, 2 LF, 4 Mono Download spacedock Known Issues ver. 0.3 was packaged wrong don't copy/paste blindly the real MoarMk1 mod folder is not the one on the top Community Configs Tweakscale config by Deimos Rast Community living space config by String witch Licence CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0
  17. Hello! I just had an idea recently : I use KSP with FAR, procedural parts and procedural B9 wings. What if, instead of using stock cockpits and cabins etc. , we use to design aircraft with our own cockpits and cabins? We choose the shape, the diameter, the length, the texture and eventually the resources of the procedural part. The program calculates crew and resources capacities following the dimensions. Maybe even choose between a general aviation, an airliner, or spaceship IVA? While asking about such a thing, why not a procedural unmanned pod? Oh, my God, I am so excited about this! I know it could be VERY, VERY hard to create such a mod, though.
  18. After looking in to the internet, I couldn't find any info of what is a good CPU performance in KSP (measured in parts). I just want to know whats the limit of parts your CPU can handle until your timer becomes yellow.
  19. I think the new structural panels planned for MH expansion should be made available to all players. I would not be picking up the expansion just for objects as simple as these, the expansion is about its historically-inspired engines and capsules. Not to mention the mission builder! These shapes are fundamental building blocks that I think every player should have, they work with any kind of design, historical or futuristic.
  20. The LCA project (Full name Lateral cargo arrangement). V1.2 1. Added five-segment SSRB 2. Added details of "Energia", based on the eponymous rocket, with these details you can reproduce in KSP a number of rockets associated with this space system. V1.2.1 1. Removed Kuran details (except for the nose), and RS25 is now just a cfg file, the model has a name in the game "" S3 RS-25m Liquid Fuel Engine "". 2. Added ET payload container. Energia save blocks tutorial in "GIF" files. Recommended add-ons: 1. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2. Cormorant Aeronology WARNING!!! SSME is taken from Squad, but it gives more balance on this do not use the original KS25 !!! Questions and requests are welcome. DOWNLOAD: https://spacedock.info/mod/1540/LCA project I recommend installing already ready ships, so it will be easier to deal with add-on.
  21. Since the update to 1.4, the icons for the parts in the first rows in each category are not showing the top half. MacOS: 10.13.3 KSP: (Steam) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ATXLa Starting a new career or sandbox does not fix the issue. I have removed all mods to test, it still happens. Does anyone else have this issue?
  22. DK Salvage is proud to present Structural Tubing. This mod adds a few structural components for ruggedizing your various crafts. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9whvrrs39sauaoa/StructuralTubes1.0.6.zip?dl=1 Features: -24 different tube sections, etc. -FireSpitter TextureSwitch support. -Tweakscale support. -Agency and Flag. KottabosGames Review of v1.0: License: Much like the mod itself, the license encourages you to do whatever you want (albeit, in a more colorful manner): License: WTFPL . However, be sure to observe Wheatons Law. Support/Bugs: I'm a friggin noob at this, but I'll do my best. Luckily it's just structural pieces. Don't expect cargo bays from me anytime soon . Feel free to bring up any issues in this thread. Credit: @SpannerMonkey(smce) for modeling, making sweet rovers, and including FSTextureSwitch support. He did pretty much all the important stuff, really. @BureauJaeger for the addition of new textures for Firespitter users. The USI-alike one is my new fave.
  23. Hello, We're using Kerbal as part of an after-school science activity with high-school students. At the moment this is a work-in-progress--trying to actually get some learning in amidst blowing things up. The students come from a very wide range of abilities, so our goal is to just give them an intuitive sense of how spaceflight works without any math. We've been using Sandbox mode because we want to focus on getting to orbit and not dealing with science or funds. However, sandbox mode really has too many options, and the kids get either overwhelmed or distracted. Keeping them focused while in the rocket parts candy store is hard. Right now I have created a bunch of saved games in at various stages in a mission so that we can all start in the same place each session: 1. In the VAB 2. With a functional rocket on the launch pad 3. In orbit 4. In transit to the Mun 5. In Munar Orbit 6. Landed on Mun etc. However, what would be great is to be able to customize the available parts. I'd like to start them off building a simple orbit-capable or Munar capable rocket with only a select set of highlighted parts. I'd also like to delete the pre-fabricated rockets and planes within the pre-saved game (as opposed to deleting the actual files and messing up the program). This would cut down the distraction and keep them on task. Is this possible? Or are there mods that will accomplish this? Thanks.
  24. I have installed 1.4.1 and the DLC as instructed in the ReadMe file. I can access Missions and Mission Builder in game but I cannot see any of the new parts and when I try to start a mission that uses the new KV-series pods I get an error message saying the files cannot be found. I looked for the files and found them but Squad has changed the folder organization in the DLC and it no longer resembles the vanilla install folders. Unfortunately I cannot make any changes to the DLC folders as they are write protected. This is frustrating because I have the files on my computer but cannot figure out how to get the game to see them...
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