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Found 49 results

  1. Very WIP! Introducing the 'Otter' submersible from USI! Pick it up on GitHub: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  2. I want to download every Umbra Space industries mod as well as extra-planetary launchpads, but I need help. My biggest problem is that when I download all of the USI mods separately there are a lot of double files, so there are a ton of duplicated parts. Also, there are many parts where I can find the actual parts files when I look in the folder, but don't show up in the game. Is there a master file I can download that has all of these things? Like I just download a single thing and everything I need is there? Please help!
  3. Woollt_Owl

    Help with USI LS

    Hi guys, was wondering if you could help I wanted a life support mod which kills kerbals... but also wanted kolinization (it looks amazing) I figured i would get USI ls and configure it to kill kerbals (setting the effect to 5 in config for both vet and non vet when running out of supplies, ec etc...) I did this because i read that USI kolinization no longer supports TAC or doesnt work as well and i don't mind having resources grouped as "supplies" instead of individual resources too much. Anyway after setting it all up and testing in both career and sandbox mode i found that after the 15 days of "starving" the kerbals become tourists and do not die. Ive checked the in game settings which shows it is selected to K.I.A for both vet and non-vet... any idea why this is happening... i just want my kerbals to die! Any help is much appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm gathering mods for a cool project I'm working on but I have a small problem. I was looking for a mod that had airbags. I found one and later on figured out that it was now part of a pack by USI and @RoverDude . It's called USI survivability pack, and besides of airbags it addes other cool stuff: The problem is that the link it provides to download it does not work, it takes you nowhere: The mod is not very famous and this is the only page I've found to download it. It's not in the USI page or anywhere else that I could find. I really really want it. I would really appreciate any help.
  5. MKS is a complex mod - it has a lot of resources, and a lot of moving parts. And while it’s pretty awesome once it’s up and running, it can also be intimidating to a newer player. So I’ve been carefully considering the best way to overcome this hurdle without sacrificing the spirit of the mod, and after a lot of discussion and feedback, have decided to build out a lighter, friendlier version of MKS. Thus, I am happy to introduce MKS-Lite! It will give you a taste of a lot of the MKS subsystems, but uses a much simpler resource set and more forgiving mechanics. The best part is that when you’re ready to move onto the main MKS system and it’s more involved processes, almost all of the knowledge you learn in MKS-L will transfer directly over. You can get a feel for the specifics over on the Wiki. You can grab a release over on GitHub here: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely note that this is currently in BETA, so while it is pretty stable, I still anticipate some bugs I am also especially looking for feedback on the documentation, since this is intended to be a much simpler version, and I need to make sure the docs work for newer players. Note: This is not really suitable for use with core UKS because of balance issues (in the next release, the full UKS mod will explicitly hide MKS-L if present). Enjoy!
  6. As you can see from the title, I have been looking for a conversion and life support chart, for ksp 1.2.2. I was wondering if anyone has stumbled by them and can send me a link to the web page. Thank You!
  7. Dboi's Dev Thread This is where I will share updates of current development. As well as a cataloge of current and past projects. Cargo Freighter Licence- All Rights Reserved Reviews SketchFab Collection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cargo Freighter Original Concept Post
  8. Okay I have a question, and maybe the mod dev can answer this.. But everytime I use Umbra Space Industries Kolonization, Konstuction, and Life Support, I always seem to have issues. and it gets wrose when There's an Update for USI Tools I'm just wondering what is the correct way to install these m mods? I mean, what is the correct way to install these mods in Order? Should it be The Tools first, then the colornization then the Konstruction, or is there any particular order in General? Any insight would be helpful.. Space_Coyote
  9. Curie Orbital Akademy and Gas Station has taken between 3 to 6 launches, thus far depending on how you count. I'm learning / messing with MKS, hence the akademy module, and power distribution module. The original launch consisted of an MSL and Hitchhiker Can as a habitat, along with a set of Nom-o-Matics. While launching the second module of the Ada Lovelace Munar Kolony, I stopped by Curie to grab a couple of scientists, and also brought along a small truss with an inflatable mini-habitat, and the newly invented Docking Ports (not Jrs). I attached it with the Jr. Port on board. This truss also had an antenna, as I sort of forgot one on the original launch. Having accepted a contract to rescue some kerbals, I figured I could bring them down on my crappy SSTO which I have yet to successfully land. Crappy SSTO, "Reliant" I found after orbiting it at 72km, I didn't have the delta-V to get it up to 150km, where Curie lives. I was already getting ready to launch my first tanker, and figured I could rendezvous and refuel it en route. The tanker launch vehicle had extra lift capacity, so I included another Truss segment along with 4 de-orbit pods. The Truss had 4 docking ports around the middle. Turns out, my SSTO docking port was right at about the CoM, so instead of refueling it, I just attached it to the tanker's front docking port, and pushed it up to Curie. At that point, I realized I couldn't dock the SSTO to the truss docking ports, because there wasn't enough room. So I attached it to the end of the truss for now, with plans to bring up docking tubes in a later launch. On the 2nd tanker launch, I included hardware to de-orbit any other capsules I get on rescues (heat-shield, probe core + batteries, parachutes, and Konstruction Docking Port Jrs). The next big construction launch was to send up the MKS Akademy and required Power Distribution Unit (turned out to be overkill). This would be used to train up Kolonists for the Ada Lovelace Munar station and future Minmus kolony. I included 4 docking tubes along with an RCS tug to help put them in place and with future berthing operations. Here's an image before I de-orbited the last engine stage. I realized later I should have disassembled them for MKS parts, but oh well. So right now, I've got the SSTO berthed (on top), 2 fuel tankers with those great looking (high part count) inflatable tanks (replace when I unlock Mk. III fuselage), the Heisenberg Nuklear Tug below, and half of the Bohr Munar Bus (passenger trailer / aka "Short Bus") on the left. The drive section of the Bohr is picking up an empty 2 kerbal passenger compartment from a previous rescue, which I'll convert into a de-orbit vehicle for a tourist and rescuee. This was necessary, as I originally planned to bring them down on the SSTO in the lawn chairs in the cargo hold, but realized the tourist can't EVA to it. At this point, I realized I can't run the PDU for too long, while in sun, as the heat build up is too high. I included Konstruction Ports on the PDU with plans to attach trusses with Gigantor Panels once I unlock them to take the strain off the nuklear reactor. That should help make the fuel last longer. With the heat issues, I'll also throw on some more radiators.
  10. DowntownClown

    USI Power Couplers

    Repost from sub reddit Downtown: Hey folks, after reading about power distribution I wanted to plug my mining drone into my Duna Power Distributor. I managed to get the wireless receiver to work but I could not figure out how to connect 2 "Power Coupler"s together(one on source and the other thr destination). I assumed it was similar to the pipes you can link between things. Anyone have experience with these Power Couplers? RoverDude: I have a bit of experience. Power distribution requires an engineer. It will in turn allow any power coupler to connect to any power distributor. Downtown: Hi RoverDude, love the mods bud. I have an Engineer working in the Duna PDU. My confusion stems from the 2 power couplers(one wireless[2km range] and the other wired? Sorry i dont have the exact part names atm). I can get the wireless one to work just fine. Its the other coupler that I cant get working. I also have "linked" two vessels with a pipe. I assumed the wired coupler would work the same way but that isnt the case. Talking about the wired Power coupler specifically 1.) Do i need a coupler on the power source as well as the consumer? 2.) Will i see a cable between the couplers?(like the pipes) RoverDude: If you can do me a favor and move this to the forum thread with screenshots, that will help a lot
  11. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  12. Download via the [obsolete link removed to prevent confusion; see the last page of the thread] If you've ever been stuck on the mun with ten hours of oxygen left, or had an unplanned decoupling event leave your ship crippled in an eccentric orbit with no means of escape, then the D.E.R.P is for you! The D.E.R.P includes a series of parts, ranging from small monopropellant engines through various containers and tanks, allowing you to customize your escape craft. The core pod includes a parachute (capable of safely landing the D.E.R.P on Duna). A secondary service ring includes RCS thrusters and landing gear. SAS is achieved by slamming yourself really really hard against the pod walls. Features: 15 days Life Support Tiny power generation slug Monoprop-fueled forward thrusters RCS and a monoprop supply SAS IVA (reuses the small lander can) Parachute EVA-assembleable with KAS Resources are sealed prior to deployment to prevent accidental use Now includes airbags and floaties! LICENSE Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Additional Modules: This package redistributes FireSpitter This package redistribures Module Manager CHANGE LOG 0.1.3 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]KAS tweaks [*]Folder reorg to support package management [*]Science storage added to DERP pods [*]CRP/ORSX/DLL refreshes [*]Brought back the legacy DERP texture (you can still swap to orange or gray) [*]Changed COM/Drag properties back to defaults [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.1.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]The DERP, Airbags, and Floaties! What more could one ask for? [*]Derp evac fixed. [*]Derp now has two color schemes - safety orange and stock gray [*]Tweaked floaties and enabled tweaking buoyancy [*]Synced up CRP/ORSX/USI Tools [/LIST] [B]v0.1.5[/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed deflation issue on switching [*]Collider update [*]FAR MM Config [/LIST] [B]v0.1.4[/B] [LIST] [*]Converted engine to use monoprop vs lf/ox [*]added KAS support to assemble the DERP in-situ [*]Fixed an issue where returning to a previously inflated pod caused it to start deflated [*]Added a 5-unit KAS container to the capsule [*]Mass now properly updates when resources are unsealed [/LIST]
  13. Hi guys, do you know how to use those weldable ports correctly? I've tried to do this for last 6 hours, and I cannot find it out.
  14. So I've been streaming this mod's creation over Twitch for the past several weeks... and since things are wrapping up on an official pre-release, I figure I will just drop this right here Download: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  15. gary.townsend

    Landing UKS MKS Modules

    With th eedesign of the UKS modules for 1.2 i'm wondering how people are landing these modules on planets i can see the cradles but how are people landing multiple modules together to form bases. Is it just using vtol engines and then disassembling them after wards? Just looking for some ideas for inspirations short of landing them and tipping them over unless thats the only solution at the moment?
  16. Crabman

    [USI-MKS] Drill Calculator

    I did a little Drill Calculator to show the amount of resources gathered per second. I always wondered how it worked and now I know. If anyone have any question, just ask! How it works (after you download a copy, because it's set as read only on google sheets): Chose Yes or No if you want to mine Dirt; Put the resource concentration at the point you will mine; Select drill to use; Select level of most experienced Engineer inside your vessel (there is also an option to put if you don't have an engineer around); Profit. You can also wirte the desired amount per second and it will calculate how many of that drill you need and how much thermal controllers you'll need. Download link: Edit: I'm also doing a description of resources inputs and outputs of everything of MKS in a sheet to help managing production of things. If anyone wants something like this, just answer here and I'll post it in another topic.
  17. Hello, I'm wondering how to make a big base with MKS but now that only one Duna and one Tundra modules have planetary logistics distribution (only with things attached directly to it), how do you think it's a good way to do this? Sending a Duna Logistics module to every mining location to store supplies and the mined resources? (By the way, to make logistics work, does it need to have a pilot?) MKS 'Ranger' Scout-200 Power Pack can supply under full load can hold up to 1000 days, I think it's enough. But since it isn't rechargeable, and can't be grabbed (with kas) by one kerbal, I don't know if it is the best option. Thanks for any help!
  18. I am running a (somewhat) modded build, including USI Kolonisation Systems version 0.2.4, on KSP 1.1.3 (64-Bit). In both career and sandbox, many parts are missing from the VAB/SPH listings. These parts do appear (and can be sub-purchased in) the CTT, however there is some error whereby these parts cannot be listed in the VAB - I attempted to add them to a category manually, with the following custom category: The parts did not show in the custom tab, nor the normal tabs (including the USI one) nor on the search bar. All mods were installed manually, tell me if you need logs. If you need any more info, please tell me, otherwise I hope someone knows of a solution! (Or could be I'm just an idiot.... take your pick, just tell me the solution anyway)
  19. I recently bought a SpaceMouse Pro from 3dconnexion and got it to work. In my regular, heavily modded game, I then noticed a new bug that wasn't there before: when switching to IVA, the camera would be rotated 180° on the "pitch" axis, i.e. I would look at an upside down green kerbal face and the backside of the cockpit at hand (chairs etc). I could rotate from there with the SpaceMouse just fine, but the center would be this view and since rotation is limited to half a sphere, It wasn't very practical for flying vessels. After looking out of the window when on the ground, I also noticed that indeed the camera was fine, but the cockpit itself would be "upside down" i.e. point in the wrong direction when in IVA. On the external view, the cockpit is pointing "up". When switching to IVA, the camera is looking towards the sky. However the cockpit is not oriented towards the ground. Switching back to external view and everything is back to normal. So, then I did a bisection of all the installed mods to find out the one(s) responsible and I can reproduce the issue (or a very similar one) if all of the following conditions are met: @RoverDudes USI Tools mod is installed (on a fresh game from source The SpaceMouse is plugged in Prior to switching to IVA, I wiggle it around a bit to change the viewing angle on the exterior view. Steps to reproduce: Start new sandbox save create vessel with Mk1-2 command pod, small fuel tank and skipper engine launch use SpaceMouse to change viewport (rotate + zoom + translate) enter IVA (either by Keyboard "c" or by "View" on a protrait) observe the view outside the window being tiltet Logs: (note: I did enter the "Fly" mode twice because on the first attempt, I skipped step 4 and the IVA seemed correct then) Video to show the effect: (note: The bug is visible from 1:34 on. Also this is a slightly different effect than on my fully modded install: the ground is only tiltet and not completely flipped around. I wasn't able to reproduce the full 180° initial rotation yet) System details: KSP 1.1.3 x64 (Steam) 3DxSoftware (64-bit Edition) 3.18.0 Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1511 Intel HD Graphics 5500, Driver version
  20. In my most recent career save I've explored Eve, Duna, and Dres with probes and I have flotillas on the way to Jool and Eeloo to explore them. Since they're not due for another 2 years, I figured I'd send a manned ship to Duna to start a base there. I decided to make a multipurpose space ship rather than just a one-use rocket for the mission, so I built a pretty self-sufficient ship that should be able to house and feed four kerbals comfortably for a few years, with a modular nuclear drive section. With that in place, I decided I wanted to make bases on Minmus and Duna for replenishment for the first ship in a future fleet of interplanetary ships, but I haven't really looked at MKS much and it's looking to be much more difficult than it seemed at first. My plan was to send a robotic base at first to start harvesting resources and at least have all the infrastructure there so that when the crew arrived they'd have everything they needed to supply themselves with food and power. However, since I realized that all the converters need machinery to function, it seems like I would either need to send huge supply ships very frequently or set up large surface manufacturing plants that use technology I haven't unlocked yet. How do you all usually start with MKS? Is it necessary to set up giant supply chains or send shipments all the time, or am I just overestimating how much machinery they'll use? Pictures would be appreciated, since I'm also a little unclear about how to assemble all these parts.
  21. invultri

    Duna Express

    The bigwigs at mission control that there was enough dawdling inside Kerbin SOI and that it is time to do something grander. Without any budget consideration it was decided a crew of 6 kerbals was to visit Duna. Mission Profile: Leave at the first window (around day 230) 6 Kerbals to visit Duna and Ike Land on the surface in all biomes of Duna and Ike Create Duna SOI communication network 4 equatorial communication satellites around Duna 2 polar communication satellites around Duna 4 equatorial communication satellites around Ike 2 polar communication satellites around Ike 2 inner Kerbols communication satellites connecting to Moho, Eve and Kerbin Scan Duna and Ike for resources Get all the science in/around/on Duna and Ike Process research samples Mission Plan: Design craft Launch and dock everything together in LKO Launch 1 - Habitation module 1 + Commsats Launch 2 - Main truss Launch 3 - Habitation module 2 + Commsats Dock launch 1-3 Launch 4 - Drive section 1 Launch 5 - Life support + Lander Launch 6 - Crew Launch 7 - Drive section 2 Launch 8 - Drive section 3 Cleanup Launch 9 - Inner system relay 1 Launch 10 - Inner system relay 2 Grab Kerbin SOI science Depart Kerbin SOI Grab Kerbol science Mid course correction, set up for periapsis of 2880km, 0 degree inclination Enter Duna SOI Launch the 4 equatorial communication satellites (make sure to pick from left habitat) Deploy solar panels Deploy comms equipment Point a DTS M1 to the mothership Setup flight computer for insertion into circular orbit at periapsis Change inclination of mothership to 90 degrees Launch the 2 polar communication satellites (make sure to pick from left habitat) Deploy solar panels Deploy comms equipment Point a DTS M1 to the mothership Setup flight computer for insertion at periapsis, change Argument of Perigee -45degrees +45degrees respectively Change periapsis to 60km Get Duna high orbit science At periapsis start insertion burn, until 20dV is left in drop tanks At apoapsis lower periapsis to 20km Decouple drop tanks Raise periapsis back to 60km Get rest of Duna high orbit science (gravioli) At periapsis circularize Wait for communication satellites to arrive at their orbit Drop equatorial sats to a periapsis of 60km such that each is 90 degrees from each other Tune orbits Deploy left resource scanner to scan duna Deploy solar panels Deploy communication equipment Boost orbit to an apoapsis of 500km Circularize at apoapsis Deploy scanners Deploy upper relay Deploy solar panels Deploy communication equipment Set each 88-83 to Kerbin, Moho and Eve Set 2 DTS M1 to 2 opposed equatorial satellites Boost orbit to an Apoapsis of 45Mm at south pole Deploy lower relay Deploy solar panels Deploy communication equipment Set each 88-83 to Kerbin, Moho and Eve Set 2 DTS M1 to 2 opposed equatorial satellites Boost orbit to an Apoapsis of 45Mm at north pole Get Duna low orbit science Land at Duna biomes Refuel lander (don't forget the mono propellant) Switch scientist Decouple lander Land in biome Grab science Move science to lander Grab science again (for normal science return) Launch asap to an AP of 55km Fix relative inclination with the mothership Setup intercept Dock Repeat for all 5 biomes Setup polar intercept with Ike, setup for periapsis of 55km and an inclination of 90 degrees Move mothership to Ike Repeat Duna commsat setup for Ike, except a correction burn is needed to change the inclination for the equatorial communication satellites Enter Ike SOI Enter orbit around Ike, 55km Repeat resource scanner deployment for Ike Get Ike high orbit science Change orbit to 20km Get Ike low orbit science Land in Ike biomes, make sure to keep enough fuel for the return trip After use the lander can be crashed into Ike Evaluate if 1 or 2 of the drive sections can be crashed into Ike Ditch the monoprop Evaluate slingshot back to Kerbin by using Duna Plan return trip around year 3, day 240 Execute return burn Evaluate possibilities to enter Kerbin orbit If enough fuel perform a powered return Maximum safe aerocapture altitude is likely above 55km Might need an intercept before capture, make sure to put mothership on a collision course with Kerbin Launch return craft Intercept mothership Dock Transfer kerbals Transfer science Undock Land on Kerbin Mods used:
  22. KAL 9000

    Super Colonization

    I have a new (highly modded) install and I'm planning to colonize every celestial body (except for the Sun, the gas giants, asteroids, and Kerbin), and I have OPM, so even moar places to colonize! It's in Sandbox, because getting enough Funds/Science to do this would take forever.
  23. Greetings! I am new to the USI Koloization Mod, and honestly fairly new to the game. I am having two glaring issues with the Kolonization mod. These are issues that I have not been able to find any forums on or even videos on how to fix. Issue #1: The parts and modules that I have to build with look entirely different than what I am seeing in the creators website and on videos I have seen of people using this mod altogether. Meaning, I have paid attention to how many modules users have and I am seeing I have way less. I have a total of four modules and one or two bases Furthermore, the modules don't have the cool colors and such, just simple black and grey. Case and point, I do have as many cool modules, bases, and other USI Kolonization pieces as I am seeing other people have in their tutorials, videos, and photos. Issue #2: With expandable tubes, when I am building my modules and ships, the expandable tubes do not seem to lock in place on the modules when you try to attach them to the doors of the bases. I am able to get them to turn green indicating they will be attached yet they don't "lock" to the green dot and when I test connecting the tube to another module base it simply goes through the second module as if it's not even there. If I wanted (and I don't) to connect the tube to the top of the module it will "lock" to the green dot, but not when I connect it to the doors of any of my modules or bases. Advice for both issues would be appreciated. I am new to the forum, I tried to attach images for both issues but did not see anywhere to insert a photo other than from another website link.