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Found 20 results

  1. Ok, ages ago I wrote a simple set of MM patches to help integrate UKS with KPBS. Then it got noticed a bit, and a few of us made some big plans. Then 1.2.2 came out, USI updated everything, I couldn't run the latest versions, etc, etc, and it fell behind a bit. @TheRagingIrishman offered to take over the main effort, but stuff got put on hold until @RoverDude released his balance spreadsheet, which hasn't happened yet... So. I got a new computer for Christmas, and I'm interested in playing with both MKS and KPBS again. Nills277 isn't particularly interested in doing MKS integration himself (which is fine: if he doesn't play with it, it's a complicated thing to integrate correctly), and no one seems to be doing much with it, so I'm reviving my patch set. I've renamed it, in the hopes of eventually doing a 'real' release, and I spent some time today reorganizing and cleaning up. Current repositories: GitHub: GitLab: I like GitLab from what I've seen, but I know they aren't the big name (and aren't quite as stable), so I've got it on both. I may drop one or the other if keeping them in sync becomes to much of a hassle. Current Status: Current Release is 0.9.5, with logistics, power distribution, Ground Construction, and Kontainers support. Repository Structure: I'm trying to teach myself good Git usage using this as well, so I've got the repository structured for a 'Git-Flow' workflow. That means there are several branches: Release, where the main releases will be made to. If you just want to grab the last tested & stable version of the patches, go here. This still has the old version of the patchset. Development, where the main development occurs. Currently has most of the latest changes. Various 'feature' branches, which are focused development on specific features that may or may not be included in main development. At the moment there's really only one active 'feature' branch: MKS_Workshops. It's intended to house development for the big plans that got discussed ages ago, while the main development will be trying to get something that does basic integration. (There's also the old 'master' branch, which I may delete at some point.) Plans: Short-term: Next on our list is to get USI-LS support written up and functional. This will probably be two versions: A 'Basic' version for working with just USI-LS (which we'll be sending to Nils277) and a full MKS+USI-LS version which will stay in this pack. Check to see if Multi-Hub has a node at KPBS height, and if not add one. Long-term, I'd like to see support for the MKS industrial toolchain in the KPBS form-factor. We had an interesting idea of how to break that up back in the KPBS thread ages ago - I'll look up the links. It may not be possible with the current way MKS is structured, we'll need to take a new look at it. How You Can Help: I welcome discussion and PRs. If possible, please put the PRs on the correct branch - that's either 'Development', or a feature branch dedicated to the features you're working on. (At the moment that being the industrial toolchain workshops in the feature/MKS_Workshops' branch.) This should be fairly easy, as I've set up 'Development' as the default branch to look at. Also, while I can code fairly well, I have *no* modeling or texturing skills. I've tried. Really. I may try again in the future, but if you have some skills in either, they would be welcomed. Currently we could use: Textures for the tanks. (Small, medium, large) For any/all of the MKS resources. I can do without, or have a default, or just have a couple, but ideally we'd have all of them. License: MIT.
  2. Version: KSP OSX 1.3 (Uncertain if 32bit or 64 bit) Mod List: Like some other reports, KSP is about at the end of the loading, when it crashes. A few mods seem to cause this, and a few examples seem to include BDArmory (but not Baha Turret), SM Armory (with SM Industries), and Modular Kolonization System (MKS). The above are the mods that DO seem to work, though adding any of the ones I just listed makes the game crash. I assume it isn't related to memory, because if I remove a big folder like the BoulderCo from Andromeda: Daydream and add BDA, it still crashes. Link to the Player.log
  3. MKS Documentation Development

    Per suggestion by @dboi88, this will be a place to discuss development of KSPedia and wiki documentation for @RoverDude's MKS.
  4. Summary - MKS flex-o-tubes don't show up in the parts list in the VAB. I think I have all required prerequisite modules. The part didn't show up. I checked the flexotube config file, it said I had to have tech advanced construction, and I do. The part shows as owned in the tech under the research tree. The docs for flexotube only said I needed KAS. I checked KSP.log, it said flexotube needed ConnectedLivingSpace. Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy. Checked KSP.log again and it now said I needed DeadlyReentry for that part. Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy. KSP.log doesn't report any further problems with flexotube but I still don't see it in the VAB. Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? This driving me nuts, I have a base on Minmus I'm trying to finish and the docking ports won't line up... Running: Steam KSP 1.2.2 000_AT_Utils 000_USITools 0.8.18 CommunityCategoryKit 1.2.2 CommunityResourcePack 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree 3.0.3 ConnectedLivingSpace DeadlyReentry 7.5.0 Firespitter 7.5.1 GroundConstruction KAS 0.6.2 KIS 1.4.3 MechJeb2 2- ModuleManager 2.7.5 USI MKS USI Konstruction 0.1.12 USI Kontainers (no version but was bundled with MKS) Thanks for any help!
  5. Curie Orbital Akademy and Gas Station has taken between 3 to 6 launches, thus far depending on how you count. I'm learning / messing with MKS, hence the akademy module, and power distribution module. The original launch consisted of an MSL and Hitchhiker Can as a habitat, along with a set of Nom-o-Matics. While launching the second module of the Ada Lovelace Munar Kolony, I stopped by Curie to grab a couple of scientists, and also brought along a small truss with an inflatable mini-habitat, and the newly invented Docking Ports (not Jrs). I attached it with the Jr. Port on board. This truss also had an antenna, as I sort of forgot one on the original launch. Having accepted a contract to rescue some kerbals, I figured I could bring them down on my crappy SSTO which I have yet to successfully land. Crappy SSTO, "Reliant" I found after orbiting it at 72km, I didn't have the delta-V to get it up to 150km, where Curie lives. I was already getting ready to launch my first tanker, and figured I could rendezvous and refuel it en route. The tanker launch vehicle had extra lift capacity, so I included another Truss segment along with 4 de-orbit pods. The Truss had 4 docking ports around the middle. Turns out, my SSTO docking port was right at about the CoM, so instead of refueling it, I just attached it to the tanker's front docking port, and pushed it up to Curie. At that point, I realized I couldn't dock the SSTO to the truss docking ports, because there wasn't enough room. So I attached it to the end of the truss for now, with plans to bring up docking tubes in a later launch. On the 2nd tanker launch, I included hardware to de-orbit any other capsules I get on rescues (heat-shield, probe core + batteries, parachutes, and Konstruction Docking Port Jrs). The next big construction launch was to send up the MKS Akademy and required Power Distribution Unit (turned out to be overkill). This would be used to train up Kolonists for the Ada Lovelace Munar station and future Minmus kolony. I included 4 docking tubes along with an RCS tug to help put them in place and with future berthing operations. Here's an image before I de-orbited the last engine stage. I realized later I should have disassembled them for MKS parts, but oh well. So right now, I've got the SSTO berthed (on top), 2 fuel tankers with those great looking (high part count) inflatable tanks (replace when I unlock Mk. III fuselage), the Heisenberg Nuklear Tug below, and half of the Bohr Munar Bus (passenger trailer / aka "Short Bus") on the left. The drive section of the Bohr is picking up an empty 2 kerbal passenger compartment from a previous rescue, which I'll convert into a de-orbit vehicle for a tourist and rescuee. This was necessary, as I originally planned to bring them down on the SSTO in the lawn chairs in the cargo hold, but realized the tourist can't EVA to it. At this point, I realized I can't run the PDU for too long, while in sun, as the heat build up is too high. I included Konstruction Ports on the PDU with plans to attach trusses with Gigantor Panels once I unlock them to take the strain off the nuklear reactor. That should help make the fuel last longer. With the heat issues, I'll also throw on some more radiators.
  6. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  7. Hi guys, do you know how to use those weldable ports correctly? I've tried to do this for last 6 hours, and I cannot find it out.
  8. How might one plan an interplanetary trip (2-way) to planets such as Moho, Eve (ive done Duna already and it was difficult), Dres, Jool system or Eeloo? Its easy in the base game without life support but with life support it adds extra difficulty as you have to haul along several years worth of supply containers with you, which in turn drastically reduces the total Delta-V for your ship. Even shipping it up in two parts was difficult for duna as there was literally only 830 m/s of dV from low kerbin orbit to get to duna and back. Please can someone give some tips if they know any? Thanks.
  9. Hi. This mod aims to provide simple rocketbuilding capability to stock parts. Mechanisms: Refine Ore into Metal in the ISRU. Print RocketParts in a Mobile Processing Lab. Launch rockets from a Construction Port. Features: No extra parts No RAM usage Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay. Requires: Module Manager Download: Released: SimpleConstruction After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, I had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets. Completed: ISRU converts Ore into Metal Mobile Processing Lab converts Metal into RocketParts Docking Port Jr. renamed as Construction Port and acts as a launchpad InterstellarFuelSwitch patch works correctly. Final testing. In development: Planned: Simplified Productivity parameters (locked into the .ddl for now.) Changelog: v0.1: A something. v0.2: Included a fuelswitch patch for testing purposes. Released on KerbalStuff. v0.3: Cleaned up folder. v0.4: Ore tanks can now switch between Ore, Metal and RocketPart capacity. Removed KIS parts. v0.5: Updated MPL and ISRU GUI descriptions. v0.6: Small fixes. Ready for release. Disclaimers: This mod contains tanihwa's Launchpad.dll from his Extraplanetary Launchpads. This mod re-distributes InterstellarFuelSwitch by Nertea. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  10. In MKS, you need electric charge, mulch and fertilizer to make supplies for your Kerbals. Electric charge is easy to get using solar panels and mulch is created by kerbals. However, fertilizer is the one where i cant seem to think of a way to get other than shipping it from kerbin. Is there a way to get Fertilizer when on a ground base? (there is mining in KSP now but i havent touched it much as i recently started a new modded playthrough so im yet to encounter mining). Maybe certain resources can produce fertilizer, but im not sure which ones do and what machine is needed to extract and process this into fertilizer. This might be a noobish question but like i said i recently started a new profile with life support and therefore havent had much to do with mining yet. Thanks.
  11. Hi. This mod aims to provide simple rocketbuilding capability to stock parts. New Thread This mod is now maintained and updated by @RealGecko. Special thanks to: @maculator, @taniwha, @Eleusis La Arwall, @Badsector, @cy-one for their contributions. No extra parts No RAM usage Added functionality for the Mobile Processing Lab in the late game Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve Requires: Module Manager After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, I had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets. Changelog: v3.3: Fixed a possible Launch Clamp bug with the help of @FizzerUK v3.2: Implemented some efficiency suggestions by @RealGecko v3.1: Updated to v1.2.1 of the game. Disclaimers: This mod contains @taniwha's Launchpad.dll from his Extraplanetary Launchpads. This mod re-distributes InterstellarFuelSwitch by @FreeThinker. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  12. I stopped the development of this tutorial because I didn't have time anymore and because all calculations change after minor updates, and it takes a lot of time to interpolate all values and generate all graphs and formulas. So I lost interest because it changed too muchm but I know this is with the best intentions of Roverdude to make this mod as balanced as possible. There are some awesome people updating the Wiki right now. If you want to help, this is the thread: ___________________________ I'm doing a MKS tutorial because there is no one updated to the lastest version and I think it's a hard mod but also very enjoyable. Note that all information listed here was tested at the day they were added. It's not a copy of changelogs or from any other place, everything was tested by myself. There is a changelog at the bottom of this post, so if there was some update/bug fixing on MKS mod and I didn't updated, please tell me. TL;DR: Cut machinery chain off if you are starting/learning how to play with this mod by sending Kontainers with it. You'll not need to worry about it if you just do this. Machinery production is complex (but consumption is slow, for example: with a big industrial workshop, working at 22500% load, you'll need about 8200 machinery per YEAR), so don't bother with it before learning how to do supplies production to your kerbals. If you agreed to do this and don't want to read the full tutorial, just use the Base planner 1 - Supplies. It will show you what is needed to feed how many kerbals do you need to. View/download link is below. I didn't added example crafts yet, but will later. 1. Concepts about Modular Kolonization Systems (MKS) a. Part's functionality b. Resources 2. Logistics a. Scavenging b. Planetary Logistics 3. Getting resources a. Orbital scanning b. Surface scanning c. Drill planner 4. USI - Life Support a. Supplies i. General concepts ii. Fertilizer (TBD) iii. Agroponics iv. Cultivate (S) v. Cultivate (D) vi. Recyclers (TBD) b. Base planner 1 - Supplies c. Habitation/Home (TBD) I. General concepts II. ColonySupplies d. Base planner 2 - ColonySupplies 5. Efficiency Parts a. General concepts b. Greenhouse (Updated to version 0.50.7, from November 23th) c. Crusher (Outdated) d. Smelter (Outdated) e. Workshop (Outdated) 6. Power (TBD) a. Power generation b. Power distribution 7. Production (TBD) a. MaterialKits b. SpecializedParts c. Machinery d. EnrichedUranium e. Base planner 3 - Machinery Link of the tutorial to view online:!2683&app=OneNote&authkey=!AOH7C-rNdg8Jx7s If you just want the Base planners, here are the links: Supplies: Link down for maintenance. Update (Nov. 24th): Math behind efficiency just got way more complicated after the last 3 updates of MKS. I got the calc to see how much machinery you should have to feed the number of kerbals you want with Duna and Tundra parts with efficiency, but I'm fixing the Fertilizer production now. The modifier of profession bonus is taking way longer than I wanted to figure out. Once I finish Agroponics, Cultivate (S), Cultivate (D) and Fertilizer production I'll release again. I just don't want to release a sheet that doesn't work at 100% of time. In other words, everything changed. None of calcs from before works now. Maybe in a week or so it should be re-fixed. ColonySupplies: (TBD) Machinery: (TBD) Base planner 1 - Supplies images: If you find any error of any kind, please tell me so I can fix. Worksheet with MKS data: Update 21/10/16: Added Spreadsheet. Update 23/10/16: I'll add the next module tomorrow with a little rework of previous chapters Update 26/10/16: Tutorial reworked to be on OneNote. Waiting to finish some parts before publishing. Update 26/10/16: Part of the tutorial published. Update 27/10/16: Added "Getting resources" chapter Update 2, 27/10/16: Added "Supplies" chapter Update 29/10/16: Added Base planner 1 - Supplies Update 2, 29/10/16: Added Efficiency calculation to Base planner 1 - Supplies Update 3, 29/10/16: Added Recycler calculation to Base planner 1 - Supplies Update 30/10/16: Added a TL;DR Update 24/11/16: Doing everything again after efficiency updates. Greenhouse efficiency updated at OneNote tutorial, but will take some time to retest it all.
  13. Landing UKS MKS Modules

    With th eedesign of the UKS modules for 1.2 i'm wondering how people are landing these modules on planets i can see the cradles but how are people landing multiple modules together to form bases. Is it just using vtol engines and then disassembling them after wards? Just looking for some ideas for inspirations short of landing them and tipping them over unless thats the only solution at the moment?
  14. [USI-MKS] Drill Calculator

    I did a little Drill Calculator to show the amount of resources gathered per second. I always wondered how it worked and now I know. If anyone have any question, just ask! How it works (after you download a copy, because it's set as read only on google sheets): Chose Yes or No if you want to mine Dirt; Put the resource concentration at the point you will mine; Select drill to use; Select level of most experienced Engineer inside your vessel (there is also an option to put if you don't have an engineer around); Profit. You can also wirte the desired amount per second and it will calculate how many of that drill you need and how much thermal controllers you'll need. Download link: Edit: I'm also doing a description of resources inputs and outputs of everything of MKS in a sheet to help managing production of things. If anyone wants something like this, just answer here and I'll post it in another topic.
  15. Hello, I'm wondering how to make a big base with MKS but now that only one Duna and one Tundra modules have planetary logistics distribution (only with things attached directly to it), how do you think it's a good way to do this? Sending a Duna Logistics module to every mining location to store supplies and the mined resources? (By the way, to make logistics work, does it need to have a pilot?) MKS 'Ranger' Scout-200 Power Pack can supply under full load can hold up to 1000 days, I think it's enough. But since it isn't rechargeable, and can't be grabbed (with kas) by one kerbal, I don't know if it is the best option. Thanks for any help!
  16. I am running a (somewhat) modded build, including USI Kolonisation Systems version 0.2.4, on KSP 1.1.3 (64-Bit). In both career and sandbox, many parts are missing from the VAB/SPH listings. These parts do appear (and can be sub-purchased in) the CTT, however there is some error whereby these parts cannot be listed in the VAB - I attempted to add them to a category manually, with the following custom category: The parts did not show in the custom tab, nor the normal tabs (including the USI one) nor on the search bar. All mods were installed manually, tell me if you need logs. If you need any more info, please tell me, otherwise I hope someone knows of a solution! (Or could be I'm just an idiot.... take your pick, just tell me the solution anyway)
  17. As a followup to this question, I've started using MKS Lite instead of MKS. I had my MKS base up and running smoothly, but I found that MKS Lite is more to my taste/gameplay. However, I cannot see the MKS launchpad anywhere? Is it not part of MKS Lite at all? Is it possible to "mod it over" somehow? Alternatively, what's the "best" way of building/launching rockets from my Munbase via MKS Lite/EPL? I've never used the EPL parts, as I liked the look and feel of the MKS-L replacement parts.
  18. In my most recent career save I've explored Eve, Duna, and Dres with probes and I have flotillas on the way to Jool and Eeloo to explore them. Since they're not due for another 2 years, I figured I'd send a manned ship to Duna to start a base there. I decided to make a multipurpose space ship rather than just a one-use rocket for the mission, so I built a pretty self-sufficient ship that should be able to house and feed four kerbals comfortably for a few years, with a modular nuclear drive section. With that in place, I decided I wanted to make bases on Minmus and Duna for replenishment for the first ship in a future fleet of interplanetary ships, but I haven't really looked at MKS much and it's looking to be much more difficult than it seemed at first. My plan was to send a robotic base at first to start harvesting resources and at least have all the infrastructure there so that when the crew arrived they'd have everything they needed to supply themselves with food and power. However, since I realized that all the converters need machinery to function, it seems like I would either need to send huge supply ships very frequently or set up large surface manufacturing plants that use technology I haven't unlocked yet. How do you all usually start with MKS? Is it necessary to set up giant supply chains or send shipments all the time, or am I just overestimating how much machinery they'll use? Pictures would be appreciated, since I'm also a little unclear about how to assemble all these parts.
  19. Alright, so I'm now at the point where my MKS-oriented munar base is almost self-sufficient (The crew shuttles bring a small amount of materials now and then, which is enough to keep life support running for years). The goal was to have this be a staging ground for crewed interplanetary explorations, and with time I'm hoping to do the same on Duna and Laythe with time. These bases will also be where I build the required hardware (ships, additional base structures, etc). So now that I've gotten the base up and running, i'm having some problems wrapping my head around Extraplanetary Launchpads and how it integrates with MKS, so my questions are: * What materials do I need (produced or flown in) to build ships? I've accumulated a lot of MaterialKits from recycling leftover dropships while building. How do I turn these into rocketparts? (From what I've understood, RP is what I need to build and launch the ships) * Which structures do I need? I see that both MKS and EPL comes with launchpads, so I must admit I'm at a loss what to bring to my base. * Any other pointers/tips?
  20. Sherbert Land

    I present the latest (and best documented) foray into kolonization! Without much thought, I started posting this on the MKS page, but it keeps getting longer and now I want to give thing it's own thread! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V If people like it, there will be more to come!