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[1.12.x] DMagic's Evolved Mods - Tracking Station Evolved 7.0 [12-17-2021]


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Tracking Station Evolved: Download Version 7.0

Maneuver Node Evolved: Download Version 5.0


Tracking Station Evolved - 7.0



Download from Space Dock | Curse Forge

Download from GitHub



Source is available on GitHub.

Tracking Station Evolved adds alternate sorting and display modes for the vessel list in the Tracking Station, as well as a search function. A bar at the top of the vessel list controls all functions.



Several functions are available for all grouping modes:

  • The button in the top-right corner of each vessel button opens the vessel rename dialog
  • Vessels with maneuver nodes are positioned at the top of whichever list they are in
  • Several sorting options are available that will re-order all vessels
    • Vessel launch time
    • Vessel name
    • Vessel type
    • Celestial body
  • Each sort option can be toggled between ascending and descending order
  • A search box is available by clicking the search icon on the right side of the control bar
  • Toggle a vessel's orbit display using the orbit button on the right side of each vessel's button
  • Toggle all vessel orbits in a given group


Celestial Body Sorting:

  • Vessels are grouped by the celestial body they are orbiting
  • Moons are grouped together with their parent body
  • The total number of vessels for each body is displayed in the bottom-right corner of each celestial body button; moon vessel counted is shown as well for bodies with moons
  • Clicking on the celestial body icon will change the camera target to that body
  • Clicking on the celestial body button will collapse or expand the list of vessels for that body
  • Bodies are sorted by: Home body (Kerbin), then the sun, then the other planets ordered by distance to the sun
    • Click and drag on the handle on the right side of each planet for drag-and-drop re-ordering


Vessel Type Sorting:

  • Vessels are grouped by vessel type
  • Click on the vessel type icon to collapse or expand the list vessels for that type
    • Click and drag on the handle on the right side of each type for drag-and-drop re-ordering


The third sort mode is similar to the stock display:

  • Vessels are not grouped together
  • All search and sort functions work for this mode as well


The vessel list elements behave the same as the stock buttons:

  • Single-clicking will change the camera target to that vessel
  • Double-clicking will load that vessel
  • The text displayed is the same
  • Anything that causes the stock vessel list to update, for instance, a vessel being destroyed, an asteroid being tracked, etc... should cause the other list types to update



Change Log:


- Update for KSP 1.12.2
- Update for Unity 2019.4
- Fix hidden search and sort buttons at the top of the tracking list
- Trigger vessel list rebuild when stock vessel filter options are changed

- Toggle vessel orbit display

- Update for KSP 1.8

- Fix compatibility with RSS or any other planet packs that rename the home planet
- Allow for deeper layers of sub-moons

- Fix bug that prevented vessels from being focused on when their tracking station button was selected

- Added search box
       - Search for vessels by name from any of the available lists

- Vessels with upcoming maneuver nodes will always be at the top of their respective lists
- The "stock" vessel list is now sortable and searchable

- Fixed bug when destroying, recovering or stopping tracking of the last vessel in the list
- Make list updates less spastic when creating or destroying a vessel

- Add drag-and-drop re-ordering of vessel group elements
       - Use the drag handle on the right side of each top-level group
- Add sort options
      - Sort by vessel launch time (stock behavior)
      - Sort by vessel name
      - Sort by vessel type or orbited body
      - Toggle ascending or descending order

- All sort options and order data are persistent for each save file
- Fix bug related to drawing the celestial body icons
- Fix bug when displaying which vessel in the list is selected


Released under the MIT License


Maneuver Node Evolved - 5.0


Download from Space Dock | Curse Forge

Download from GitHub


Source is available on GitHub.

Maneuver Node Evolved adds several features to the stock maneuver node that are meant to make life a little easier.

There are five separate components of the addon, each affecting different areas of maneuver node interaction. The in-game settings menu can be used to adjust and/or disable these functions.


Creating a maneuver node:

  • Areas near the selection point on the orbit will be added to maneuver node panel
  • Select one of these to create a maneuver node snapped to that location
  • Apoapsis, Periapsis, Equatorial Ascending and Descending Nodes (disabled at extremely low inclination orbits), Target Relative Ascending and Descending Nodes, and Target Closest Approach Points
  • The tolerance for how far away these points are allowed to be from the selection point can be adjusted in the settings menu


Maneuver node selection and visibility:

  • A keyboard shortcut is provided to open maneuver nodes
    • Hold modifier key + N
      • The secondary key (N) can be adjusted only in the settings files generated in GameData/ManeuverNodeEvolved/PluginData/Settings.cfg
    • Node selection is determined by, in descending order of preference:
      • The currently focused maneuver node
      • The last activated node
      • The first node
    • Pressing the shortcut again will close the node gizmo
  • The scale of the maneuver node can be adjusted to make it more easily visible and the handles easier to select
  • Dynamic scaling can also be activated
    • The node will increase in scale as you zoom out
    • This helps to accommodate all of the additional map view icons that can sometimes obscure the maneuver node when zoomed out


Maneuver node orientation:

  • An option is available to allow for DeltaV changes to be made based on the post-maneuver node orbit orientation
  • The maneuver gizmo does not rotate to match the new orientation, but changes in DeltaV will be corrected to match that orientation
  • Pictures provide a simple demonstration of how this affects a simple inclination change when pulling on the orbit Normal handle


vs. stock behavior


There is an additional option available when the “Rotate Gizmo With Orbit” option is enabled, “Alignment Accuracy”. This allows for a tradeoff to be made for performance over accuracy in the calculation of the appropriate adjustments needed to the DeltaV. In general, this should not need to be changed, but if you notice any slowness, or stuttering when the maneuver gizmo handles are pulled all of the way, or when adding large increments to the DeltaV, you can lower this setting to 1 or 0.

For a longer explanation of what this does see below:


Maneuver Node Evolved uses a simple, geometry-based method to correct the DeltaV adjustment. The only problem is that orientation of the post-maneuver orbit must always be updated before changing the DeltaV. When the DeltaV is changed in relatively large increments (pulling all the way on a handle makes a 20m/s change per tick) the orbit orientation changes so much that error are introduced. A simple solution is to break up large changes into incremental updates, fixing the orbit orientation between each update. At the highest accuracy setting, any change of greater than 1m/s will be broken up into multiple updates. This means that the orbit orientation changes very little between updates and the error are minimal. This can be a bit processor-intensive with large updates to the DeltaV, so some people may need to decrease this settings, allowing for either 2 or 4m/s increments; the error at these levels is still relatively small.


The maneuver button circle has options for new functions to replace the Orbit +/- buttons

  • Cycle forward and backward buttons to switch focus to other maneuver nodes
    • This will also focus the camera on the new node
  • Two new windows to allow for finer control over the maneuver node
    • Each window can be pinned open
      • Options allow for closing the windows when right-clicking with the pin toggle off
      • Keeping the windows open in the flight view with the pin toggle on
      • Displaying connecting lines from the window to the maneuver node
    • These windows are designed to look like the stock Part Action Windows
  • DeltaV input window
    • This allows for manual input of DeltaV values for each component
    • Adjust the increment level using the +/- buttons for each component
    • Add or subtract that amount for each component
      • The final DeltaV value will be corrected for the post-node orientation if that option is active
    • Manually enter DeltaV values using the text input fields
  • Maneuver node snap window
    • This allows for manual re-positioning of the maneuver node
    • Options for new positions are generally the same as those discussed above for creating new maneuver nodes
    • Only valid positions will be displayed
    • Next and previous orbit buttons function the same as the stock buttons
    • Next and previous patch buttons allow for moving the maneuver node between different orbit segments
      • If you are in Kerbin orbit and have an encounter with the Mun, you can move the maneuver node between the two different orbit segments



A new tab has been added to the maneuver node widget panel in the bottom left corner

  • This allows for basically the same functions as the Maneuver Node Snap panel described above
  • Possible orbital positions of interest are displayed in the tab
  • This allows for simple positioning of the maneuver node along the orbit



Change Log:


- Update for KSP 1.8
- Add new maneuver node widget tab to the panel in the lower left corner
      - Use to snap the maneuver node to defined orbital points of interest
- Change the in-game settings folder name to "Maneuver Node Evolved"
- Clarify some of the settings functions

- Updated for KSP 1.4

- Fix some potential bugs allowing multiple UI windows to be opened

- Recompile for KSP 1.3.1

- Fix an error that prevented maneuver node windows from closing
- Fix maneuver node selection options when using localized versions of KSP

- Updated for KSP 1.3.0

- Text input fields available on the maneuver node input panel
      - Values can be directly entered for each component of the maneuver node

- Update UI to match new stock Part Action Windows
      - Add small section separators to each window

- Fix bug preventing the maneuver node gizmo from closing when clicking outside of the node
      - Add an option to undo this fix
- Fix some bugs with recognizing the mouse being over the maneuver node buttons
- Focus camera on newly selected maneuver node when using the next/prev node buttons
- New option to allow for maneuver node windows to stay open in the flight view

- Fix maneuver node scale sliders in settings menu
- Next Orbit button will not be displaced by Previous Orbit button

- Updated for KSP 1.2.2
- Fix for snapping maneuver to orbit locations
- Error checking to prevent problems when trying to snap maneuver node to an invalid location
- Option to turn off the connection lines between the windows and buttons
- Prevent text overflow in some of the maneuver node window fields

- Fix an error with the asset bundle (make maneuver node windows work) 

- Add buttons to cycle through available maneuver nodes
- Add manual position increment buttons to maneuver snap panel
- Properly account for orbits added or subtracted using the next/previous orbit buttons
- Add option to close unlocked maneuver panels when right clicking outside of the window

Released under the MIT License

Edited by DMagic
Tracking Station Evolved version 7.0
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Thanks @DMagic for continuing to provide the mods we didn't know we needed.

And because someone always brings up these things as causing grief for my mods...  Does it work with planet packs that move Kerbin to a gas giant?  Sigma Binary?

EDIT: Hmmm...  maybe the last one won't cause any issues, since it looks like @Sigma88 has jumped ship.

Edited by nightingale
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@pack.wolf I'm normally loathe to support multiple versions, but I think 1.3 might be doable with just a few line changes. If you look carefully you can see that the vessel list has a new little tab above it that says "Tracked Objects" (in mission mode there is another tab that allows for showing mission objectives, I think), that was different in earlier versions and may throw a kink into this mod because of the way it jams those extra buttons onto the top of the side bar.

@nightingale Speak for yourself, this has been on my list of things-that-shouldn't-need-doing forever. :sticktongue:

As for planet packs, it should work fine. It first runs through all of the planets to sort them and group their moons together, then it checks if any tracked vessels are orbiting those bodies. I'm not really sure what will happen with packs that add other stars, those might also break the little spinning planet icons, I guess we'll see.

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1 hour ago, nightingale said:

EDIT: Hmmm...  maybe the last one won't cause any issues, since it looks like @Sigma88 has jumped ship.

I havent.

I will still continue developing my mods regularly, and the updates will keep being released on github as always.


I just cut some of the extra stuff because it was becoming a chore to me having to update the forum and twitter and discord, etc...

I wasn't enjoying any of those things, so I decided to focus the part of my free time I keep for KSP on what I actually enjoy, which is making mods.


github is not the only reliable way to contact me for ksp related stuff. I will still log in the forums every now and then, but rarely

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@sjb217 It should already be there, though it may need to be marked as supporting 1.4.1 in Space Dock, since the option wasn't there yesterday.

Edit: All of the Space Dock titles have been marked for 1.4.1 support now, so they should show up in CKAN. I'm not sure how MH support is handled, though, but this should work fine in regular games or in missions.

Edited by DMagic
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Also, I just realized that the vessel buttons aren't quite working right. If you click on them the button doesn't change to the "on" state, where it looks pressed in (the header buttons, for the celestial body or vessel type do work if you want to see what I mean). It still selects and focuses on the vessel, and double-clicking will load it, but sometimes the control buttons on the bottom don't seem to activate. I've found that click twice on the vessel button (slowly) will activate the buttons on the bottom, even though the button still isn't in the "on" state. 

I swear that was working fine before.

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One thing i noticed yesterday is that when i recovered the one vessel I had from the tracking station, the groups it was in were not removed, instead they were just empty.


Edited by NoShotz
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