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What is your favorite mods?

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Planetary Base Systems and Airplane Plus are must haves for parts. I also really like Ven's Stock Revamp as it makes everything look at least 20% cooler. Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer are also pretty much mandatory for me as they give you info you really should have in the stock game, and well, mechjeb is always there if you're feeling too lazy to do that manouver.

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What do you want to do?    That's the question you should be asking, not what mods do I want, but what style of game do I want to play?   Once you have figured that out, then you can figure out what mods you want.   But as a newer player, there is also the option to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks for you. 

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There are hundreds of mods out there. If I tell you what my favourite is, that specific mod might not be your kind of tea.

But in general, the following mod suites are pretty awesome and tie into each other pretty well, which is why I like them very much:

  • The Near Future series of mods along with Heat Control, Cryogenic and Atomic Engines (all by @Nertea)
  • The Wild Blue series of mods (DSEV, Buffalo, Pathfinder,...) by @Angel-125

As far as more specific part mods, you need to look at Tantares (by @Beale) and FASA BDB (by @CobaltWolf).

For spaceplanes, go check out OPT and OPT Reconfig, being maintained / developed by @JadeOfMaar.

Of course then there's also the whole host of quality of life mods, my favourite being MechJeb 2 by @sarbian.

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