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The Third Great Number War! Back in Action!


Choose your side!  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • The Positive Guard
    • The Negative Mercenaries
    • The Neutralists (Can go either way)
    • The Other People. Chaotic beings, the lot of them.

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After the conclusion of the Second Great Number War, General Atomikku (of AtomicTech Inc.) declared war on the National Negative Union.

Evidently, War quickly broke out.

--[> Game Summary <]--

Battle for Negative Hill (Pages 1-14), Negative Victory

Battle for Neo Negative City (Pages 14-28), Positive Victory

Battle for NU Airforce Outpost (Pages 28-49), Negative Victory

--[> Summary <]--

In this game, there are two teams: Negative and Positive.

Their goal? Negative wants to count to -75, Positive wants to count to +75.

Starting from 0, each team member either adds 1 or -1 the current number to reach ±75.

Once ±75 is reached, the winning team is awarded a point, and the current number is reset to 0.


    Player: any KSP Forums user.

    Game Master: specific KSP Forums users responsible for organizing and managing the game.
    Current Number: the numerical value of the game's objective.
    Action: the act of adding or subtracting a value from the Current Number (henceforth referred as CN). Valid Actions are adding (+1) or (-1) to the CN.

    Move: a post clearly stating an Action and the correct resulting CN. If incorrect, the Move is made invalid.

Game rules:

    At the beginning of a round, the CN is set to 0.

    A player may make a Move if the previous Move was made by a player other than himself.

    If a Move is invalid, any player can report it as such by accurately quoting both the invalid Move itself and the last valid Move made before it, reverting the CN to the value stated in the latter.

    The player must not edit his Action after another player has made a Move. If this is proven to have happened, the altered Move is to be made invalid. Editing the post's CN to correct it, however, is allowed.

    The CN may be redefined by a Game Master in case of disagreement about it.
    When the CN reaches +75 (Positive) or -75 (Negative), victory is declared to the respective team, which gets awarded a point (+1 for Positive, -1 for Negative.), the current round ends and a new round begins.

    Any victory may be reverted by a Game Master in case of violation of the rules.


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