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  2. Tullius

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    Ehm, yes they do: For their fingerprint, they use the IP-adress and an user ID (Steam ID, Xbox ID, etc.), even though they scramble them them using SHA-256. They are hoping that hashing these personal information makes them not personally identifiable anymore, and that therefore the GDPR doesn't apply anymore. This is a rather interesting interpretation of GDPR.
  3. FireKerb

    How do i select 1 item in a group?

    It appears that the image isn't loading. Can you please try to reupload it?
  4. Atkara

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Getting back to my usual routine, after a rather long break, due to a fatigued GPU that would lose it's VRMs under thermal load. With this resolved, A rescue ship arrived from Duna, just in time to receive a new flight crew, get fueled up and join the rest of the flights to Dres. A bit later and after a bunch of correction burns on other ongoing flights, this happened: The 8-wheeler rover was already on site, along with a small hab. The mobile surface miner and the outpost are the newest additions. The hab's crew must've thought the agency has gone crazy, sending more Kerbonauts on a one-way trip. I'm sure they were more than relieved. when the newcomers broke the news to them: Their ride is in orbit and is getting ready to come down and get them out. Other flights are also in high orbit around Eve, having made a pit stop before heading to Moho. They'll get fueled up and sent on their way. This was a good day
  5. invision

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    woot finally right at 20min
  6. Nightguard

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    0.0 ooo airports ok imma download
  7. Rus-Evo

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    I am still stuck trying to build a plane that will not disintegrate on touching water. Is using structural fueselage as pontoons not a good idea?
  8. Alright, I'll wait for you log file and we'll figure it out. I just did a fresh re-install and it works fine for me with latest pre-reqs In preparation for a 1.4.x patch, I have updated the craft files. Please let me know if you find any issues with them. It should help those who are having issues with Cassini-Huygens Sample Crafts v0.3: Currently going through @Gordon Dry's reported issues with Real Plume (Which I haven't used in a long time) and the SRB. Does anyone else have issues with the SRB jettison displaying incorrect ∆v? I have 3 such SRBs by my count, Voyager's Propulsion Module, IUE's motor, and Surveyor's retromotor
  9. Lisias

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Well.. I converted a modded X-1 style Juno powered craft: Into a stock only version for a challenge, and boy… This baby gave me a run for the money.
  10. JadeOfMaar

    [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Squad has not delayed anything. By still not doing so, they have made it clear (and long ago) that they don't plan to do that. Squad should also be quite aware of the amounts and varieties of mods that are available in this forum. In may cases that may be so, but not all. KSS is a shining example of the exception. It is already fairly known that KSS 0.7 and older will not work in KSP 1.4-- and is not guaranteed to operate well even in KSP 1.3.x with any Kopernicus version higher than 1.3.1-3 (due to whatever severe technical issue).
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  12. TiktaalikDreaming

    [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    Interesting (and just as well) it doesn't do it on a suicide burn. It "feels" like hitting a jelly trampoline. I've usually been able to recover. But only just.
  13. allista

    [1.4.3] Ground Construction 2

    I'm afraid I'll have to first recompile against 1.4.4 and then test it. Some progress on orbital construction...
  14. Reactordrone

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Light from a bushfire illuminating clouds from a few ears ago.
  15. Hmm, hadn't considered that. Reverting and launching time and again to tweak things, it's a pain the rear to have to separately 'launch' a kerbal in a pod on the launch pad and walk to the runway every time. I'll save that for the final launch.
  16. My cursor is on the very bottom corner piece. Yet it selects the entire line going to the left. How can i have it select/move just that one part, not the entire line?
  17. Oh man, just discovered this mod. Was searching for something that would add slime lights to the game.
  18. TWIN CROWN AEROSPACE WAVE 2 Twin Crown Aerospace Industries presents new contract bids for Kerbal Express Airlines, now finalized and polished after finding the time to so so, once those outsourced aircraft tests were finished. As with all TCA aircraft, they feature excellent ground performance, with all aircraft able to get wheels up by around 60m/s (generally lower) and fairly short takeoff and landing distances. They're also still unassuming in appearance (most of them, at least). Wave 2 features the 'Econo-Liner Series', a roster of aircraft with an extreme focus on economic operations and transport, but compromising minimally in all critical aspects. The only compromise made on Econo-Liner aircraft is the comfort, which can be deemed 'average at best'. You may be able to fit in-flight entertainment systems, but those seat sizes aren't getting any bigger in the most economic of configurations. They also declined to chase down the title of 'lowest buy-in cost', due to the pursuit of the ideal combination between efficient operations and being a functional aircraft. There's also a few specialized aircraft featured in Wave 2 not part of the Econo-Liner series, focusing on the complete opposite: passenger experience. Styles featured are: executive, luxury+business, and... well, whatever the wacky one is, it's somewhere between relaxing and thrilling. (Meta note: these were created with the intention of being graded on the upgraded judging sheet with proposed 'passenger experience' modifier rating; we should get back to discussing this.) As always, price displayed is empty of fuel. AG 1 will always toggle engines. AG 4 will toggle alternate engine modes on most aircraft, though some thrust reversers are linked to AG 2. AG 2 will toggle flaps if applicable. A-104-4B Aspen Empress: The Executive Aspen 23,036,000 ; 24 passengers max (executive layout) ; 167m/s (0.07 burn) @ 1600m = 2800km An executive version of the Aspen airplane, with upgraded airframe features. Features a sectioned off rear cabin. Seats up to 24, due to cabin reconfiguration. Those Military Application Division guys really like this plane. Contract bids to everyone! A-203-2A Flying Trimaran: The Vacation Starts Here 61,816,000 ; 40 passengers (?) ; 200m/s @ 1500m = 1300km (as fueled) When asked how this aircraft fit into ‘military application’, the Twin Crown Aerospace Military Applications Division spokeskerbal said ‘Profits are military-applicable!’ and refused to give further comment on the matter. On the A-203 Flying Trimaran, your vacation getaway starts as soon as you make it out to be! Enjoy the spectacular views from the open deck, or have a drink at the Lift Bar at the back! (TCA recommends use of tethers if mid-flight.) I figured if the Ikaros worked as a weird, unique, fascinating party plane for the rich and to impress investors, there was a place for a luxo-barge with great accomodations for enjoying the tropical regions. Okay, I know the rule was ‘make a cabin around command seats’, but rules are meant to be broken, as long as they’re broken creatively, and that was the motivator behind this design. A ‘how can I use command seats in an actually reasonable manned on a plane’ kind of thought. Didn’t really have a plan for the deck plan except place a bar ‘somewhere’, so I went with what seemed right. Passenger capacity is however you want to count it. 40 according to cabins, but unfortunately the amount of drag on the plane means it can’t hit that 220m/s speed for a small regional airliner. A-402: The Flagship Econo-Liner, a Small Economy Jet for the Masses 1A: 15,620,000 ; 40 passengers ; 220m/s @ 5600m = 4700km 1C: 16,720,000 ; 56 passengers ; 222m/s (0.05 - 0.06 burn) @ 5500m = 5100km - 6000km Executives at TCA realized that buy-in cost might be a small expense in the life of an aircraft, so unlike our competitors, TCA didn't try to design this aircraft to be the ultimate cheaply buyable aircraft. Instead it was designed with industry-leading operating efficiency. The A-402s do not have an ultimately cheap unit price as other competitors, but for a very slightly higher price, TCA has produced an aircraft that does not compromise in any critical performance category to achieve unequaled, industry-leading, maybe even industry-breaking, operating efficiency. The -C variant has an even lower entry cost than the A-401-1A with equal passenger seating, at the compromise of not meeting ETOPS standards. Engine failure and it’s going down! A-403-1A: Class-Straddling Luxo-Liner 58,192,000 ; 64 passengers ; 220m/s (0.12 burn) @ 5600m = 4100km It's not an economy liner in cost, but it's just as long-legged. Just 8 seats short of medium regional jet standards, A-403 was developed from the same prototype that led to the A-501. After much consideration and design tweaking, as well as the release of the 401 and 402 economy jets, TCA felt that the release of a relatively expensive small luxury airliner was finally reasonable, as opposed to when it was originally designed before becoming the A-501 airliner. It strategically sits at 64 maximum seats as to not be hampered by the 220m/s limit of the Lotus engines and the minimum 240m/s cruise speed of medium regional jets... A-503-1A: Medium Economy Airliner 76,712,000 ; 120 passengers ; 270m/s (0.20 burn) @ 6600m = 3900km Medium regional jet liner of TCA’s new ‘Econo-Liner’ series of aircraft. An aircraft so good, we even impressed ourselves. Especially since the development process for this aircraft's peculiar propulsion arrangement caused some difficulties. Not bad for the design that originally caused TCA’s multi-prototype-destroying hangar fire. A-609-1A: Twin-Powered Jumbo 166,377,000 ; 288 passengers ; 264m/s (0.44 burn) @ 6000m = 4000km While not as much as an overachiever for long range as the rest of TCA's aircraft, the A-609 does meet the minimum range requirement flying at a decent speed of 264m/s, as opposed to the A-606's 220m/s cruise speed. It's also very economic overall, flying on only two Goliath engines for less individual engine unit maintenance, while hauling 288 passengers. A-703-1A CREST (Commercial Rate Economic Supersonic Transport): Exactly What It Says It Is 29,439,000 ; 40 passengers ; 750m/s (0.44 burn) @ 12500m = 3000km Designed by the acronym/backronym-loving Twin Crown Aerospace Military Applications Division, the CREST is exactly what it says it is. It’s not too expensive, not flashy or fancy, goes far, goes fast, and generally does its job well. A -B variant with 48 seats is in consideration. Hey, I paid my dues. Also, again, the quirkier ones pertaining to special passenger accommodations are ideal tests for a 'special factor' on the upgraded judging sheet. We should get back to discussing that specific point, I think.
  19. The thing just sits on the ground, Kerbal walks up to it and boards the control seat, there's nothing special about this.
  20. RealKerbal3x

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Okay, good job! It is interesting though how your plane flew OK with mod parts but was unstable with stock parts. KSP physics can be weird
  21. Genuine question: how did you load the kerbal without using either a launch clamp or a mod? I have a tiny winged plane that manages to beat your climb numbers, but the only way I can get it manned and launched properly in my stock game is by using a launch clamp, which is explicitly excluded by rule 4.1, and we're not allowed mods other than autopilots.
  22. Lisias

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    I see your point, I had to heavily rework the craft! I managed to get it faster, but terribly unstable. Interesting, I need to better investigate the changes some mods do on the parts and/or game physics or I will err again. Anyway, here came my (proper) entry: ~611 m/s on a controlled descent, 565 m/s @ 5322 meters high (sort of) level flight - it's extremely hard to keep this babe flying straight, she's highly unstable above Mach 1.3 or 1.4, and Inertial Decoupling haunts us after that. Craft here (Kerbal-X).
  23. RealKerbal3x

    More/Better Rover Parts

    Yeah, MSL (Curiosity) on Mars has a top speed of something like 6cm/s (that’s like 0.06 m/s) so the KSP wheels are really fast. But that makes them more fun!
  24. Ladder riding to minmus. Pure Madness. I love it. OCTO before ports is ballsy, nice to see it did work. This serie is getting better and better and makes for a jolly read. I'm impatient to see your next move... minmus farming to interplanetary ? OTOH, you already have everything you need for a Duna flyby already...
  25. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Kopernicus (Release 2) - May 6

    Yeah man. Real discrete. Don't steal my work, please, because it really does make you look like an idiot. I would help, but at this point if you're not willing to put the work in yourself, there isn't much point.
  26. taniwha

    [1.4.4] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.1.0

    @Immashift: This is probably a silly question, but you are running KSP 1.4.4 and EL 6.1.0, right? (ie, not 1.4.3 (or any earlier 1.4.x) and 6.1.0 or 1.4.4 and 6.0.0). KSP shows its version in the lower right main menu screen, EL shows its version on every EL window. Having the full log would help, as both KSP and EL report their versions in there. The NRE is occurring where I expect for a version mix-up, but if the versions are not mixed up, something very weird is going on with the structure of the stock craft browser.
  27. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Yeah, we'll need to wait for Kopernicus to update. You are able to roll back to 1.4.3 using Steam, but for now, GPO won't work on 1.4.4.
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