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  2. [1.3.1] Persistent Dynamic Pod Names release

    Is this only possible in the vab? Or can I use this on my ships already in orbit? I'm having trouble getting the mod to change the names of ships that I want.
  3. King of the Hill

    The time machine gets found by students. It's still operational. One of them travels to the ancient Rome and convinces IVLIVS CAESAR to make another calendar, without April. So, the original hill is now unpossessed.
  4. Ok, lets check the obvious first - Go into GameData/UntitledFailures/MM Patches and check you have a file called RCSFailures.cfg - if you don't, install it from the release zip again. Assuming that you do have that, can you please provide your output_log or player.log depending on your OS
  5. BDA Insanity

    Maybe make this a challenge for military SSTO's? on other planets? Or something lol. It's a bit too similar to other existing challenges
  6. Please help me choose mods for my next career playthrough

    BARIS has the most impact early in the game, for several reasons which are independent of the particular settings used. You're poor so each failure is painfully expensive Building redundancy into ships increases costs, which matters more when you're poor Repeatedly testing parts on the ground (as opposed to the hideously expensive Test Bench feature) gets expensive after a while but is a necessary investment Parts earlier in the tech tree is inherently less reliable than parts later on, so failures are more frequent than later in the game Your Kerbals lack experience so are less able to deal with malfunctions The most dangerous thing about BARIS is turning on launch failures, which actually means every time you stage, every part in the ship (that you've selected as vulnerable to BARIS) has a chance to fail. This goes right through to deploying the chutes at the end of the mission, so you'll find yourself doing them via right-click instead, just so as not to die at the last moment But in general, once you have some experienced Kerbals, the failure rate goes down significantly because they can prevent most malfunctions from actually happening. And by the time you get 2.5m parts, your rocket quality should be high enough that staging malfunctions become very rare anyway. Like going from 75% failed launches to maybe 10%. Be sure to test all your newly unlocked parts repeatedly. Build a framework of structural girders, mount all your new stuff on them with minimal fuel and very limited thrust, and launch, then stage. Some parts will explode and you'll burn a little fuel, but you can recover nearly the whole assembly, so each test doesn't cost all that much. You'll need to repeat this many times before your parts become reasonably reliable, then do it again when unlock more stuff.
  7. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships!)

    Yeah those are the berzerkers If you can host those battles, then sure. However, most people don't have computers good enough to run 1600-2000 parts, so the 1200 limit will stay as the 'general' guideline. Feel free to make giant capital ships, but just keep in mind that not everyone can host battles with them. I'm still working on the plane problem lol
  8. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Which logs would be most helpful?
  9. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Sounds like a bug Thanks for the report. I'll see through the logs and the sfs in the evening to know more.
  10. Thread to complain bout stuff

    2 things. 1st, it's MSN, in the 'technology' section no less; For shame. 2nd, the guy calls himself "Mad Mike"; You can stop reading right there. If he's got $8,000 in his pocket, that's more than enough for him to hop his sorry butt onto an airplane and keep going West. That's about what it costs to fly around the world, limited stops, no leaving the airport, just changing planes... coach mind you.
  11. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    TCA works with the stock ModuleEngines and the modules that directly inherit from it. If it doesn't see an engine at all, this means the module that actually generates thrust is implemented in a different fashion. Unfortunately, in many cases TCA uses ModuleEngines directly, without wrapping it into an abstraction layer. So currently it's not even possible to write a "driver" for a custom thrust provider. If this request gains enough support I would explore the idea of adding the "engine driver" API for other modders to use to add TCA compatibility to custom modules; but I already can tell that in terms of work it would cost a new major release.
  12. The Kerbal Star System Challenge

    Year 6, Day 66 Mission: Send a probe to Orbit Duna Mission outcome: Game crashed. Awaiting update...
  13. That would be much appreciated. You're certainly under no obligation--I just figured if that you couldn't design and fly a nearly optimal atmospheric portion, very few could. Also, while I was staring at the ceiling last night, I had the very same thought about thrust-limiting the Rapiers. FYI, I think you were right about designing the Tylo lander and working backward. So, hold off for a bit. 4 Nervs and 1 Rapier look much better, but that's never leaving Kerbin without tossing parts. Before my laptop expired, I had a very accurate spreadsheet for computing CALs. I was able to predict dV expenditures and halt over my landing area to about 2% So, I made a new one. Using approximate numbers for the SSTTs I've already got (around 55 tons in Tylo orbit), I attempted to calculate several varieties of CAL. I'm burning somewhere around 9-12 tons of LFO just for the CAL portion, and not counting the suicide burn. This is looking pretty bad. The numbers below are for 2 Rapiers and 3 Nervs. I can run the Nervs as high as 60 degrees off of retrograde and still be more efficient than the Rapiers. It's pretty tedious to change variables and track outcomes. I'm still trying to determine a combination of residual horizontal velocity and TWR to begin the suicide burn at. Prior experience says efficiency falls off badly after TWR 1.7. This would be better done programmatically. Since I'll be having kRPC doing the landing for me, I might as well do it in that. A handy diagram (3x vertical exaggeration):
  14. Modular Rocket Systems also has a radial-mount probe core with MJ.
  15. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Yes I have, but I don't understand what I'm seeing at all. On Gilly, when I'm at the builder ship, it just gives me a list of the ships on Gilly, aside from the ship I'm on. It shows me a tiny little ship I left there from missions past, which happens to have a lander can. That's a legit GC ship, even so, right? When I hop over to that ship, it doesn't give me a construction window choice. The toolbar button shows me the other ship landed on Gilly as another workshop. Also confusing me is that on Minmus, I happen to have a similar little science ship landed there too. It shows up on the list of workshops, but when I go to that ship, I don't get the "Construction" menu item either.
  16. Remote control? You mean probe core? The one that is there is scalable to 10m just like the other parts, you just need to unlock the tech tree nodes for unmanned. Also not that the SSTU pods all have SAS level 3, which means integrated probe core.
  17. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    I'm not sure what happens here. The part menu item should always be active if a part has the GroundWorkshop module. Good thing that you've posted the .sfs: I can read through your ship with my eyes, if not load it. Just checking, but have you tried to open the main GC window from the toolbar and access the workshop from there?
  18. Please help me choose mods for my next career playthrough

    Thank you both. I had completely forgotten about New Horizons and it looks really, really cool. I will probably end up using that one. If the doubling of planets doesn't bring my laptop to its knees. I'm particularly interested in MOLE, I can see that being useful early career... By the looks of it, though, I may turn off BARIS after a while. This could get interesting.
  19. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    HI, I've got a question regarding how to add new processes to a kerbalism profile. I've attempted to add a hydrogen liquefaction process to the default profile, and to have it MM patched to the ISRU units, by modifying the default.cfg in kerbalism/profiles: I added a Process {...} declaration to the Profile {...} node, a MODULE {name = ProcessController} section to the ISRU reactors MM patch, a SETUP {} under the MODULE Configure in that patch, and a RESOURCE_DEFINITION {} at the end of the file. However instead of the expected result of a new process being added to the pool of "Configure ISRU" options, what I get is displaying the toggle interface button for all previously existing processes, with the only notion of the new one in tech tooltip in R&D. what am i missing there?
  20. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Ahhh.... my bad. Too many mods. I'm used to seeing the "SKH" from Ground Construction and my brain was thinking "SP" from EL. Too many mods... too many acronyms. *heh*
  21. Please help me choose mods for my next career playthrough

    BARIS is..... interesting. It will definitely increase the grind, so choose your settings for it carefully. Also perhaps increase your cash and science rewards so you don't go broke. Well, I have now done careers in 3 planet packs: OPM, New Horizons, and Alternis Kerbol. Here are my thoughts on them. OPM is an extension of the stock system--everything from Jool inwards is the same. The new stuff beyond Jool is awesome but very, very far away, with travel times measured in decades 1-way. Thus, to do anything meaningful out there, you can't get bogged down with anything more than a few science-grab probes to the inner planets, and it helps to increase science rewards to accelerate your ability to go to the new stuff. if you run life support, you'll pretty much require a Kerbal-freezer. You'll also want some high-tech engines, either New Future or some sort of powerful nuke engines. New Horizons has Kerbin as a gas giant moon about as far from the sun as Dres is in stock. However, the sun there is brighter so solar panels still work as at Kerbin in stock. This has system has all or most of the stock planets but they're all rearranged. It also has many totally new planets and moons, some of which are in unusual orbits. Thus, it's got LOTS of places to go and things to see, many of which are new. Unfortunately, when I played it, events conspired to keep me pretty much pinned in the gas giant system so I never got to see all the other stuff except in the tracking center. Alternis Kerbol has the same number of planets as the stock system and they all have the same names. However, they've all gotten total makeovers and been rearranged. Also, it appears that the topography of the planets is different in each save, so there's more replay value. Kerbin is a moon of Jool, which orbits the sun at the same distance as Kerbin in stock. Ike and Gilly are long-period comets. I have only really gotten good started so can't speak for what's outside the Jool system, but it certainly looks interesting in the tracking center. Nothing is particularly far away--the system is about the same size as stock--but there are bigger gaps between the planets due to Kerbin, Duna, and Dres now being moons. As for part mods, other than those dictated by sheer distance, it depends on your taste. I myself have pretty much standardized on the following: MOLE and DSEV: I use these mostly because they have built-in fuel-switching and they work with the magic "wireless" resource transfer system of Wild Blue. That makes building bases SO much easier. Plus, the orbital labs of MOLE are useful early on for a continuous IV-drip of science. But I mainly use these instead of the stock 1.25m and 2.5m tanks, and it's nice to have a 2-seat pod early in the game. Also, the 1.8m and 2.5m multi-engine adapators and probe core/SAS units are VERY useful. Space-Y (and sometimes Space-Y Extended): If you have BARIS launch failures turned on, you really want to minimize the number of lifter stages. Ideally, it should be just a single LFO stack to orbit. If this isn't quite enough, slap some SRBs on it for the initial kick, so 2 stages max to orbit. But as payload mass increases over time, you'll need bigger lifter parts. Eventually, even 3.75m isn't big enough---you'll need 5m with 3.75m SRBs. Hence, Space-Y. And if you get even bigger, you'll need Space-Y Extended. Also has some 1.25m and 2.5m engines that have more thrust but less Isp than stock engines, which are quite useful early in the game, plus lots of engine cluster plates. Lithobrake. This has a number of VERY useful parts, such as a 3-seat lander can and some really beefy lander legs. Chop Shop: A very imaginative collection of odd bits and pieces that fill all sorts of niches you didn't know you had. All sorts of very useful stuff here for all sorts of purposes. Once you try it, you'll always use it. Pathfinder: Inflatable bases with magic "wireless" resource transfer, the ideal solution for Kraken-resistant bases. Plus, it comes with the excellent Buffalo rover (which can be a tilt-rotor) and the Jetwing. NOTE: pretty much requires KAS/KIS. Mk2 Extension: Because at some point I always want a few small spaceplanes. Lots of useful stuff in here for both SSTOs and atmospheric planes. Plus, it uses stock textures so not a huge memory hit. Kerbal Foundries Continued; Mostly for the airplane wheels with built-in electric motors. Pretty much necessary for off-planet spaceplanes. The wheels and tracks are cool but I don't use them much. TAC Self-Destruct: My all-time favorite mod. Causes stuff to explode gratuitously, no collateral damage. Essential for keeping LKO from getting clogged up with spent boosters (I don't buy the hype on stage recovery). Something that gives you more options for vacuum engines. Near Future Propulsion, Kerbal Atomics, or Space Tux Recycled Parts (which has Atomic Age in it). Something like that. You need a better option than the stock LV-N. DSEV includes a nifty fusion engine but it's more for monstrous mothershps---you need something to fill the large gap between it and the LV-N.
  22. What are the requirements for the Recolor GUI to affect things? It seems there are 3 colors available per part that can be set, but how do you define the mesh names for each of these colors?
  23. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    Ground Construction doesn't need SP's. Extraplanetary Launchpads does.
  24. [1.3.1] Ground Construction

    You mentioned "Matkits, Electric Charge", but not "SpecializedParts". Do you have a container with "SP" in it?
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  26. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I know how you feel we have to use a similar thing and I hate it
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