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  2. Hi everyone, I created a texture for the surface of a planet that I'm trying to create, but its surface has this strange effect. How do I remove it? The texture is in DDS DXT1 format.!Apx9C9K7sjyIhGbsvCu0SbzHCcJP Sorry if I didn't upload a youtube link but it compresses so much the videos to make the issue invisible. Many Tanks
  3. Designing an F-1 before Apollo would have similar criticisms to SLS today: it was an engine to nowhere. Obviously R&D groups have a place for such things, but there would never be the funding to fix its combustion instability (perhaps using the Soviet solution of more combustion chambers). Perhaps a better example would be the Saturn 1 (aka "clusters last stand"). The thing had a first stage of 8 H-1 engines (apparently an on going design like the F-1) and fuel tanks from Redstone and Juno missiles. The upper stage was another cluster of 6 RL-10s (replaced by a single J-2 in the Saturn IB). All of these were clearly cobbled together from projects before the Kennedy speech, but the Saturn IB was still the primary means for putting men in orbit (when you don't need a heavy lift) until the Shuttle (used for Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz). Still, the project employed something like 50,000 people over 10 years (I assume there was a ramp-up and ramp-down on the total), even a combination of trying to play "KSP with real parts*" and developing those parts into exactly what they needed took mind boggling amounts of labor. One thing the Smithsonian emphasises at the Enola Gay exhibit was that designing/building the B-29 that dropped the bomb (and had already flattened much of Japan) was a *bigger* project than the Manhattan Project itself. I can only imagine what it took to build the B-52 (and civilian jets as well). As an engineer, I'm fairly surprised that Elon Musk could try to use Silicon Valley style engineering and management for aerospace and auto development, but it appears to work. I suspect that Paypal had to be significantly more secure than your typical web page or windows app, and he insists on a stronger engineering foundation than typical in San Jose. In any event, it certainly understands "rapid development and deployment" in a way that aerospace (and particularly the military-industrial side of things that typically runs space projects in the USA) has largely forgotten. * "KSP with real parts" appears to be Orbital/Northrup's main line of work. Just look at how they've made rockets since Pegasus.
  4. G10wer

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Are there any ways to run OPT_recolour without loading textures from the Stock_recolour folder? I have Re-Stock and textures causes a total blackness of the stock parts
  5. I agree that this is the most difficult way I've ever seen to control a rocket in KSP @Willbl3pic. Amazing work, mate! Unfortunately your link does not seem to include the source code (which is a requirement according to the add-on posting rules) and has been temporarily removed. Please make sure your OP above includes a clear link to source code before re-adding. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  6. First off, I'm glad Yeet got his copy of KSP from his parents. Congrats, buddy! I hope you stay on the forums and show us what you build. Second, I don't know how many of you are parents on this forum. Not that your opinion isn't valid until you're a parent (I used to hate that condescending attitude from parents before I became one), but having a kid engaged a whole new level of protectiveness in my brain I never knew I had in me. I have a daughter. Loskene and Foxster pretty much nailed it here. If my daughter gets interested in something I'm unfamiliar with, I'm going to do my own research on it, and that is probably not going to include contacting a fan of that activity by phone, especially not one who offers to buy stuff for her. A personal conversation with a fan isn't going to tell me anything I can't find out in an internet search or YouTube video of said activity, and then I'm going to make my own decision over whether it's appropriate for my kid. I'm going to try to paint some imagery for you to help illustrate my point. Imagine you're standing in line at a McDonalds and you have your (hypothetical or real) child with you. You're buying an unhealthy lunch for her as it is, and on top of a hamburger and fries, she begs you for a McDonalds ice cream. You say no to the ice cream. A man behind you in line says, "oh, you really should buy that ice cream for your daughter! It's some of the best ice cream I've ever had. I like it more than Dairy Queen and it's even less fattening! Here's my personal cell phone number -- you can call me any time to talk about the nutritional facts. Here, tell you what, I'll buy an ice cream for her!" What's your reaction gonna be? Because mine is "who are you and why the heck are you talking to me about my parenting decisions? And no, I will not let you buy her anything." and I'm going to get as far away as possible from this creepy dude.
  7. KerbolExplorer

    How many Users do you Ignore?

    0 But i was really close of doing so with a user that was rude with me in a threat i made
  8. YUS!!! NEW VERSION!!! Was it the 1.7 version of the game that had that massive improvement to memory handling? This mod is quite large and could use that optimization. Talking about optimization, I'm working on a thing that prunes out redundant parts. With procedural parts, there's hardly any need for a lot of stuff in the game, which could save people a ton of time loading the game and prevent crashes, but would make sharing vessels a hassle. Currently is only a script that deletes parts on a list. Very similar to AutoPruner, but it deletes stuff instead of changing their names and is aimed at Realism Overhaul. My goal is to eventually make a fully fledged program with an UI that lets people preview the part and decide if they want it in the game or not with a click. Then it moves the part to a separate folder the game won't waste time looking at, so if the user decides he wants that part, he can revert with another click. Problem is I have no idea how to make it. I'm a very noobish coder. So if anyone is looking for an idea for a project, feel free to use mine. For now, the best of my abilities is to manually delete every part I think I don't want and upload the pruned folder somewhere. BTW, is the problem with the bumpy runway fixed on Real Scale? I'd pay good money for an official DLC with the real, to scale solar system. BTW2: Another thing I want to work on is implementing contracts for BD Armory, so you can earn some cash on the side developing military aircraft. Should be simple, really. All I need is a custom contract maker compatible with BDA parts. The parameters are "have X weapon(s) on the aircraft, reach a speed of Y m/s at Z height and a Delta-V of W (a shortcut to estimating combat range)". Perhaps even "weight less than M and cost less than F".
  9. Mikenike

    Aliens ask you a question

    Thank you!! Now mine would be freedom. I don't know what would happen if I didn't have it
  10. PolecatEZ

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.7.0]

    Just the ModuleScienceContainer would be good enough, yes, that's what I edited onto the wedge. I guess if you had TarsierSpaceTech you could also add the TSTScienceHardDrive part. Its shows up in my game because of MJ, but that's a bit redundant because the new MJ release has a patch to add it to all command modules. Giving that cool computery part a new (and useful..and sciency) purpose was the idea.
  11. Bej Kerman

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    So we should trash every planet beyond Minmus? Maybe put them in a shredder?
  12. proteasome

    What is the craziest mission you have EVER done?

    SSTO Space Helicopter to Laythe and back. Electric propeller meant unlimited atmospheric flight. Used a Karbonite fusion engine for everything else.
  13. Daniel Prates

    Infernal Robotics - Next

  14. Gordon Dry

    [1.7] Real Expansion, RealNEOs is out!

    You can use this stuff as you like. It's image files generated by the game / the mod.
  15. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Hyperdrive test succeeded.
  16. Outer Planets Mod v2.2.4 This version of Outer Planets Mod has been built to work for KSP version 1.3.1 - 1.7.*. About The Outer Planets Mod is a mod that expands the outer edges of the Kerbol system to create something akin to the real Solar System's. It adds Kerbalized versions of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as several of these planets' moons. These faraway planets provide a challenge rarely encountered in Kerbal Space Program; you'll have to figure out new transfer windows, manage your power supply differently, provide your spacecraft with more Delta-V and be ready to travel years or even decades. This mod is being developed and maintain by a group of collaborators, alongside and following the initial development of the mod creator, CaptRobau. Features Explore 15 new highly detailed planets and moons, all in a stock-a-like artstyle. Discover never before seen worlds, such as a sub-satellite, Trojan moon or a set of binary bodies. Collect science in over 140 biomes, with almost a thousand unique science blurbs. Custom terrain textures and improved ground scatter has made planets and moons never look so good up close. A full set of KSPedia entries for OPM's various bodies helps you to navigate the far reaches of the Kerbol system. Includes a Level 4 Tracking Station upgrade (requires CustomBarnKit) to boost your communication range out to the furthest reaches of the system without requiring additional modded antennas. Extensive third-party mod integration means you can play OPM with a whole range of other mods. Download You can either manually download and install Outer Planets Mod via the link and installation instructions below or by installing it automatically by selecting and installing it via CKAN (first-party support of CKAN is provided and new releases should automatically be indexed by CKAN in due course). Installation Instructions Extract the GameData folder found in the downloadable .zip directly into your Kerbal Space Program install directory. If located correctly, the OPM and CTTP directories should be found at: \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\OPM & \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CTTP Dependencies The following KSP mods must be installed prior to using Outer Planets Mod (ensure you install the correct version of the dependencies for your version of KSP): Kopernicus - Module Manager - Community Terrain Texture Pack - bundled within OPM Supported Mods Custom Barn Kit - Community Resource Pack Distant Object Enhancement PlanetShine Research Bodies Screenshots The scale of the OPM system compared to the orbit of Jool: Sarnus overview: Urlum overview: Neidon overview: Plock overview: Changelog Please expand the 'spoiler' box below to view all changelog details: Credits Please expand the 'spoiler' box below to view the accreditations for Outer Planets Mod: License Outer Planets Mod is being maintained by a collaborative group. The mod is still licensed under the original Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. ------------- *Thread currently under development*
  17. Disparia Books

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Hey Kerballing (and others), Hmm, of all the reasons for scheduling to be hard, I think living in Hawaii is definitely the best possible reason. Lucky I will give plenty of notice and definitely try to work around the varied schedule of everyone around here. I'm in Mountain time, so you're way behind me. As for dates, I'm thinking July or August for the first one. That will give me and everyone else enough time to get a few people together for it and make sure I'm not rushing my publisher. Like I said before, if any of you have questions bout it or want to make time/date suggestions I'm open. Cheers!
  18. ASET Props are not in the correct folder. Both ASET_Avionics and ASET_Props need to be in the ASET folder, like this ASET + + ASET_Avionics + ASET_Props MechJeb2 MOARdV Squad SquadExpansion MAS can't find the props, because they're not where they should be. Also, be aware that only a couple of stock IVAs are changed by this mod - the Mercury-alike Mk1 command pod, a very partial Mk1-3 command pod, and the Mk1 lander can. Which IVA? Right now, the advanced FASA Apollo IVA in MOARdVPlus includes it, although the released version needs updated. If you're looking for the props, they're near the bottom of the MAS collection in the PartTools menu
  19. Rover 6428


    The challenge is simple: Get the picture/video/etc of your first/oldest successfull rocket, and recreate it. Post pictures of before and after, aswell as a small slideshow to prove that you did the mission. Rules: 1) No intentional adjustments to the build. If the ship uses stock parts, you can't use any mods for the challenge. If you see obvious flaws with the craft, leave them in. 2) No cheating. You are not allowed to use cheats of any sort for the whole duration of the mission. (Unless the rocket was built before the atmospheric heating was a thing) Good Luck
  20. Rocket In My Pocket

    Breaking Ground DLC aircraft challenge

    This DLC is making me feel old, pretty soon I'll be like; "Back in my day we made stock hinges, in the snow, up hill both ways, and we liked it!" Looking forward to it though, and this great challenge!
  21. Rudolf Meier

    Infernal Robotics - Next

    Infernal Robotics - Next ... preparing a release for today! ... text, data and download will be available very soon... How To Get It this mod is ... ok, it is not, but it will be Download: ... contains only beta versions ... the release will follow as soon as it is ready Source: License: GPL-3.0 Info For Developers [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next
  22. The Surface Mounted Lights mod is the mod I was thinking of. I believe it uses its own module, which would also need to be removed from the stock lights. If you want to bundle the MM patch you're using and the KSP.log and put it on a site, I can take a look and see what's going on.
  23. Great stuff; just caught up on the thread and sounds like you're from Oz, @Yeet_TheDinosaur. No wonder - Aussies are all about outdoorsy stuff. Had a hell of a time as a kid Down Under myself, especially with parents who were definitely not into Tech. It all worked out for me in the end - I'm now a programmer for a very very recognised global brand in the gaming industry. And I still game in my spare time too That said, do try to keep a bit of balance. In retrospect I should have gotten out into the sunshine a bit more back then as well. Anway, hope you enjoy KSP as much as we all seem to, and that it gets you into the space industry which you mentioned you're keen on. There's at least a couple of people here on the forum that used KSP as a stepping stone into that industry, so it's not an unrealistic dream! Fly safe!
  24. LameLefty

    Have you ever collided with debris?

    Yep. If you routinely launch to the same parking orbits and don’t take care when staging to ensure your booster stages are suborbital when staging, and you don’t set the game to minimize persistent debris, that’s bound to happen eventually.
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