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  2. Thanks for the sharing dude, a lot of new infos. This guy Nate Simpson really made me confident they will do fine work on KSP2, he seems very aware of what's making ksp so unique
  3. The Artemis crew get their first fresh, hot pizza delivery in 30 months. In 30 minutes or less! This delivery boy has had his ship upgraded from four whiplash, two hemicuda engines to two whiplash, two RAPTOR engines. The tech base is a little steeper, but the overall performance of the craft benefits quite a bit. I think it's got a little bit more TWR and a little bit less delta-V on its orbital push, but I think I'm making the docking with about the same total delta-V remaining. Next the Artemis crew, including the rescuee, will all pile into the pizza boy's ship for delivery back to KSP. Also in 30 minutes or less, but they are packing extra vomit bags just in case. Maybe pizza BEFORE deorbiting wasn't such a great idea.
  4. What I hope is that they won't waste time on mechanics related to combat. Rocket parts are already very easy to weaponize. Mass drivers are even easier, if the devs decide to add them (with the focus on SF tech and colonization, highly likely). In multiplayer, this will inevitably happen. What I hope the devs won't do is carter to those kinds of players by adding features endorsing that kind of behavior. It'd be a huge waste of time, and the result would turn off exploration-minded players while likely not being much good as a combat game, anyway. There's already a realistic space combat game, much more realistic than KSP, in fact, called Children of a Dead Earth. Bellicose players can go try that (it needs more love, anyway).
  5. As excited I am for KSP2 I wont be buying it until it either 1) has RSS implemented by default 2) there's a mod to change it to RSS. It's that simple for me, don't care to play KSP anymore not in RSS.
  6. I've completely loss track of what the current status is. I'm as confused about what is going on as you are. Maybe @Galileo or @JadeOfMaar can give us an update.
  7. Could be a lot worse. On my very first interplanetary mission (Duna) I left a man behind in orbit of Ike.
  8. Exactly what the title says. Can't see the next topic that I'm going into on computer, tablet, or phone. Didn't it used to work so that you could check what the next thread you were clicking into was?
  9. Alright, while I won't have time until Monday to do a real write-up, I have tried things out and can post a teaser.
  10. excuse me what lag i barely see any I would kill for this sort of performance.
  11. Maybe it’s not fully n-body but a kind of restricted n-body - where they set up a simulation and take out ephemeris data and just have that in the game - it’s how trajectory analysis is done in real life (at least initially). That would allow for full n-body for all planets without simulating the physics in game. Only the affects on spacecraft have to be calculated, and there may be a “range of ignoring” where the physics calculation ignores bodies beyond a certain distance. Or perhaps have a selective system that selects which point masses to use for the gravity simulation.
  12. Saw an article who talked about around 1000 parts or 5 times better than KSP1 You could also set up burns so you could do them under warp who would resolve lots of the slowdown problems
  13. This. We already have enough games glorifying violence, KSP2 shouldn't be one of them. It should be one of the few that glorifies learning new things to gain a better understanding of the world around us. Just like KSP1.
  14. Pretty sure collonies will be build in an way who is an mix of VAB and build mode in the sims. First you put down an foundation as we saw all items was standing on, then put down various modules like habitats or tanks. Then you would put down mining facilities and ISRU until finally getting to the point were you can make parts. Makes me wonder if this unlock in steps, fondations and tanks are pretty easy to make as its just metal, habitats is harder and industrial systems like ISRU is even harder We might well get an KIS like system with containers containing parts for colonies. But could you recycle an rocket stage as an fuel tank?
  15. Alexander Skvortsov’s crew. I think they will all be on the ship. Skvortsov, Morgan, Parmitano. Otherwise there will be a situation when there aren’t enough lifeboats on the station.
  16. I hope not. Yeah we make military replicas, but at heart KSP is not a military game and should stay that way. Weapons are something I never want to see added at all. This is coming from someone who is involved in the KSP naval battle club too.
  17. One thing which I have really enjoyed about KSP is the fact that the devs have been right here with us the entire time. They will talk with us and take community input into consideration. Most games aren't like this and we have been extremely lucky in that regard. Will the community continue to be important in KSP 2, and will the new devs be as open as they have been in KSP? It would be a shame to lose such a great thing about the development of KSP.
  18. Writing a Sigma Dimensions config is easy. You might have missed it, but I just edited my previous post to show you how.
  19. I have some ideas and wanted to jot them down for the devs to consider. Dont know a better way to communicate. If anyone else wants to spark off this or chime in please do. In KSP1 Kerbals gain experience rank by missions which enables better abilities but a second mission within the same rank-range avails zero experience. I always thought it would be nice if there was experience to be gained by Kerbals becoming an old hand and running many missions within the same experience rank-range, so gaining a prestigious flight time record. The suggestion I have for this is to add another dimension to kerbal experience, lets call it proficiency, plus add training to the Kerbal astronaut complex, where experienced Kerbals can pass on their skills to new recruits in training facillities. The idea is, as Kerbals fly they gain proficiency points in the same way they would get experience points but they keep on getting them with every flight even if it is to the same location. Proficiency levels require significantly more points though. Then when they have a high enough proficiency they can teach other Kerbals some of what they know. Since no amount of theory can prepare astronauts the way actually flying does, it might be more credible if Kerbals who become trainers can only raise recruits to one rank less than the level of their own experience and only when they have enough proficiency and adequate facillities. To simplify it to mathematical language, max training rank is the smaller of (experience rank -1) or (proficiency rank). e.g. A level 3 pilot with level 2 proficiency could train Kerbal pilots up to level 2. A level 5 scientist with level 2 proficiency could train Kerbal scientists up to level 2. A level 4 engineer with level 3 proficiency could train Kerbal engineers up to level 3. A level 3 engineer with level 3 proficiency could train Kerbal engineers up to level 2. Naturally a trainer cannot be flying at the same time as training, so experienced Kerbals would only be able to train while assigned to astronaut complex duties. While time can always be warped in KSP it would also make gameplay sense if training rate was related to Kerbal recruit "stupidity" and trainer proficiency. So a trainer with higher proficiency would train Kerbals faster than a trainer with lower proficiency and Kerbal recruits with low stupidity would rise in experience rank while training faster than Kerbals with high stupidity. It also seems like a valid idea that adding (expensive) training facillities to the Astronaut complex would enhance the speed of training and perhaps raise the cap on the highest experience rank a Kerbal can reach through training alone. So a level three complex can train Kerbals to level 3 max for example. Further to this, it might be nice if proficiency rank can raise experience rank as well and enable better skills, meaning a Kerbal can never have higher proficiency than experience rank, but will take a lot of missions in the same rank-range to gain a proficiency rank. Hope that makes sense, hope you like it watjafink?
  20. They don't say, but the usual practice is: nobody onboard a station without a rescue seat, so probably somebody will be in the ship..
  21. 'Creative' (destructive?) use of every day items is fine, if that's how players want to use the stock 'tools'. What the 'stock'/'official' game should never have IMO is specific weapon parts.
  22. I meant x3.2 compared to stock size. Writing own config would take some time I hoped I could just adjust 2-3 variables to make it work
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