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  2. Oh, right, I just remembered something. @Chakkoty@juanml82 and everyone else who might have thought that "the thrust on these is too high/too low" or "they should be more/less fuel efficient", or even "they use too much/too little EC"... did you know that the mod has you covered out of the box? It's a little-known feature, but inside the Patches subdirectory in the NF Propulsion mod folder, there is a tweak patch that lets you change these things. And the best thing? You need to know nothing about how to write Module Manager patches, or how the custom engine modules of NFP work under the hood, or how utterly weird the interaction between Isp and fuel mixture becomes when one of the propellants is massless... and so on. All you need to do is adjust one (or more) of three provided multipliers, and save the file. Fully documented, completely reversible, arbitrarily combinable, breaks nothing if removed later-on, maintains the mod's pre-set balance between its engines. So if 0.6 TWR ain't enough? Crank up that thrust multiplier, and enjoy! Or halve the power draw, so you can mount two engines per reactor. Or whatever floats your space-boat. Note: the patch was written a while ago, Module Manager has changed a bit over time, and almost nobody knows the patch exists or uses it. It is possible (though not likely) that something may be broken. If you do use the file, I would greatly appreciate if you could report back here whether or not you get the expected ingame behavior. If it's broken, I'll fix it.
  3. Im really wondering if/how will special relativity be taken into account as the speed ships will be travelling at will be significant fractions of the speed of light
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll give that a shot. Are there any other exacerbating factors that I should look to avoid in order to mitigate the effects? @Scoopapa mentioned gravity in the OP, although I have to say my latest experience with it is on Phobos in RSS, which is about as low of gravity as you can get. I'm a little bummed at this bug, and I might just swear off robotic parts entirely for anything that's going to touch the surface.
  5. I haven't actually tried it - but I have a hunch that switching the order of the docking ports in the config file might be enough for MechJeb to get the 'right' one. If it doesn't, then switching the 'top' and 'bottom' naming probably will.
  6. I updated the mod using CKAN. After the update, the game crashes to desktop. Went back to version and everything is back to normal.
  7. Thank you so much for the detailed and thoughtful reply! You are correct I made the mistake of not flipping textures when exporting as dds - and now that I know about the UV exporter I am super excited to get home and try it!
  8. Looks like it's: 0 <= lon < 360; 0 <= lat < 180 Cribbed from SCANsat/scanutil.cs line#404 and lines#474-481
  9. I'd imagine the manuever nodes and flight planning should help tremendously with this; though it wouldn't be a bad thing if approching a black hole required some planning. It would get across the fact that these are incredibly dangerous objects with unique considerations. I think the real benchmark is going to be where escape velocities become a signifigant fraction of C; we know below the schwarzchild radius they >C. But an escape velocity of even 20%-40% C could actually doom even the most advanced ships in KSP2 to drift endlessly around these objects. Which would also make gravity assists even more interesting; since you can't just go "The closer the better" as your rule of thumb. You have to balance the performance of your ship with the escape velocity at a given distance.
  10. Yeah that's fine so long as you don't use those two nodes on the science car.
  11. Thanks guys! I quite enjoyed building it, and I am glad you like it as well! I might even do another one: I made a prototype with gold-foil Restock parts for the mirror and that one looks absolutely stunning.
  12. I'm going to post this, while it isn't exactly fan-art, It's a showcase of this Saab Lansen (and Draken) turbojet part I modeled for a mod idea, it haven't made the textures yet. and yes, I plan on making more, maybe I'll even go ahead and make a mod with this and other parts I plan on modeling.
  13. I thought I had enough of this when I made an mk2 rover/lander with a full science loadout which had over 5,000 dV and could land in all low gravity moons. It had a garnet nuclear reactor and a bunch of the GW3 (I think) argon thrusters. I'm now trying to stick to a personal rule of "No NFP nuclear-electric landers" - they are just too overpowered.
  14. As said, when MechJeb takes control it thinks the Construction port is facing backwards, so - well it's been a while since I first discovered that, but it goes all kinds of wrong. I don't have any idea why this occurs, @DStaal's explanation certainly sounds plausible - MJ is very mysterious and occasionally prone to breaking, but I see myself as an engineer rather than a pilot, so I tend to use it a lot... I'd certainly be interested to see how that works, I can't quite picture it myself... surely you need some sort of vehicle that moves the 'bottle'?
  15. ksp.log is in the KSP directory. All the other log files are in the Windows Appdata folder which can be reached by just copying the link I gave (%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program) into Windows Explorer address bar
  16. I posted the career report last night, but forgot to post here. My career continued to progress. The most significant accomplishment was a larger Kerbinport Station in HKO, plus some tourists to Minmus, Mun & a brief hop into interstellar space. Science is becoming an issue to advancement, but I should get a nice boost once the Dres probe arrives in orbit. Kerbinport station with its first crew and first expansion - an crew module with quarters for 8 6-seat MiL-6 Mun/Minmus lander Interplanetary tourists returning home, near the already splashed-down NERV stage. I'm really surprised that a NERV floats - the empty fuel tank sure, but the NERV itself?
  17. You sir, are a very very patient man And absolutely gorgeous design! Grats! General update on my mission progress: finally had time to do some proper (hyperedited) testruns, and managed to succeed at the second part of STS-9, grabbing and landing of the asteroid (would suck to complete everything before it and find out it can not land) Next up: Full run to actually capture one in its natural orbit with enough fuel left to get to aerobrake altitude, first test runs already done. To be continued!
  18. I'm trying to make a mod to find the highest peak on every celestial body and log it to a text file in both lat/lon and DMS formats but pqsController.GetSurfaceHeight keeps throwing an index out of range exception even tho I'm converting degrees to radians. obviously my input of 0 to 360 degrees is wrong, so what's the correct input?
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  20. To answer the original question, I don't think it would be hard to use kinetic energy to calculate damage in Elite: Dangerous. Missile velocity is presumably being tracked at some level, because they needs to home in on and follow its target. The models in Elite Dangerous are fairly accurately scaled relative to one another, so one presumes that the distances between them are equally accurately scaled. Given all that, calculating and tracking missile velocities in real-world units, doesn't seem impossible. However, in a setting where dogfighting occurs at a few hundred metres per second and where ships come equipped with shields of unspecified (and probably unphysical) properties, it's a waste of time. Elite Dangerous spacecraft technology is so far into the pure fiction end of science fiction, that trying to retrofit it with 'realistic' weaponry is pointless realism-for-realism's sake. In the same way that worrying about relative orbital velocities of 100km/s is pointless in a setting where spacecraft drives idle at 30km/s and can cruise at several hundred times the speed of light. Plus, getting one-shotted, or nearly so, at extreme range by a projectile that's moving too fast to respond to, does not make for engaging gameplay.
  21. Two questions: a) what causes that arc spanning the screen? It's visible at all altitudes. Can I make it go away? b) Duna's valleys are too misty for my taste. What knob do I need to tweak in order to get a clearer view? That's Scatterer v0.0540 on KSP1.7.3, by means of installing SVE & TVE through CKAN. This is what i see on the default configuration as it came out of the box. I haven't tampered with the settings yet, mostly because I don't understand them.
  22. @bd1323 Firstly, I suspect your problem relates to the texture formats and how they are handled by the game more than anything else. The original texture files in pWings are png and I suspect you probably exported your textures as a form of dds. The game will convert png to dds during load and in doing so it will flip the file vertically. If this is the case (as in you are exporting to dds without any flipping), simply flipping the textures inside the graphics editor you are using before exporting will likely result in everything working as you expect. A lot of the time, the UV isn't really necessary to see from the texture where you want to map out colours. I worked on projects without them for a few years. That's not to say they are not helpful though, in fact, these days when working on these projects the first thing I do after opening the main texture when creating a project in GIMP is import the UV of the various meshes just so they are there. Sometimes, they'll give clues to odd parts of the texture which are being reused by other parts of a model. Now, how to get UV maps? Textures Unlimited features a UV exporter. Open up the "GeneralConfiguration.cfg" and look at the UV_EXPORT section. Simply changing the false to true will result in all models located within GameData having their UV maps generated as scalable vector graphics files to a folder within the root of your KSP install. You can specify an alternative directory away from your install if you wish. For example, I point mine to a location where I keep all my recolour projects, "E:\Creative\KSP\KerbPaint\exportedUVMaps". When working on a specific texture you can then import these files as layers to your project. If you're working on pre flipped files for exporting to dds, you'll need to flip the UV map to align correctly. That's basically all there is to it. Some notes: The game will seem to hang during load while it dumps all the information for the meshes if you have hundreds or thousands of extra parts from mods, this will take quite a while. You'll want to enable the exporter, load the game, close it once you reach the main menu, then disable the exporter. It might be possible to enable TU's debug mode which used to enable an icon in the games toolbar, from here, there used to be a button to export UV maps too. I've not done this for a while though as there were some changes to the general setup of TU that meant my "TU_Debug_Enable.cfg" no longer works. I think you can probably enable debug from within the difficulty options of the game save now though, but I have not done this as I have previously exported all the maps I need for the projects I'm working on prior to this change in TU. The pWings config has moved on a bit and now looks more like this... Technically, I could upload it right now but I've been holding out for TU itself to receive an official update to 1.8 before unleashing more configs. They should however be pretty agnostic to versions of KSP and TU aside from the parts that may or may not exist within the game, within reason.
  23. Apparently it’s an entire telecom company.
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